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Dux Computer Works/Digest Privacy Policy
Last updated: 12/12/03

This is the Privacy Policy for the Dux Computer Works/Digest Internet web site.  Visitors to our web site may use our Information Request/Feedback Form to obtain information on how to opt-in or opt-out of the use of their information.  Customers of our Online Store may obtain this information without leaving the store by clicking Contact Us in the Information menu in the Online Store. We can also be contacted by mail at the following address:

Dux Computer Works/Digest
9 Vermont St.
Sanford, ME 04073

Out telephone number is: 1-207-490-1985

Problem ResolutionReport specific privacy and other problems, such as possible errors in this page, in our Online Store by clicking Contact Us in the Information Menu in the Online Store and elsewhere with an Information Request/Feedback Form.

Data CollectionWe collect the following data on our web site:

Access log information.  Our web site is hosted on an Apache HTTP web server.  The server collects basic information such the Internet Protocol (IP) address (which is not an E-Mail address) of the visitor, the Internet address of the web page from which the user was referred, search terms used to find our web site, browser, operating system, server errors, and places it in the server log.  Collection of this sort of information is a common practice on the Internet.  We use this information for statistical analysis of our web site traffic and provide gross numbers to third parties such as our advertisers and publish some of it in our Web Site Statistics.  This information does not specifically identify visitors to our web site, but may be used to track-down a visitor via his or her service provider in cases of abuse of our web site.  This information is not optional.

Specific User Information.  Specific visitor information, such as the visitor's name, E-Mail address, street address,  and phone number, is collected on this web site when a Visitor wants to:

The specific kinds of data collected from the visitor by these sections can be viewed at the corresponding links, above.  All of it is opt-in and may be opted-out by the user directly or with an Information Request/Feedback Form or with its equivalent available in the Store.  With the exception of gross demographics data, which does not specifically identify the visitor, all of this information is used exclusively in-house by us and those employed/contracted by us to help us in the normal operation of the web site and store, and to distribute our Newsletters.

Cookies.  Cookies are used to associate and tailor information presented on a Web site to a visitor. A cookie is an element of data that a Web site can send to a visitor's browser, which may then be screened by the browser and stored on the visitor's computer. You can set your browser to notify you when you receive a cookie, giving you the chance to decide whether or not to accept it.  Our Forums and Online Store make use of cookies if a visitor decides to become a member of either of these services.  Cookies are not used at either location unless the user opts to be a member.  Membership is required to post messages in our Forums and to complete the purchase of merchandise from our Online Store.  Browse-only capabilities that do not use cookies are still available at these parts of our site.  Visitors can read messages in our Forums and window-shop in our Online Store without becoming members, and cookies will not be used. Cookies are used for the following purposes:

  • Cookies are used by the Forum software to manage forum sessions and for the optional automatic login feature. Cookies will allow other forum uses to see the handle name (an alias name chosen by a member) of members who are online in a list showing all members and the total number of guests who are on line.  There is an additional cookie that is associated with the System Administrator's account and is used only in conjunction with that account.
  • Cookies are used in a similar fashion by our Online Store.

Third-Party Internet Sites.

Links. This site contains links to other sites. Dux Computer Works/Digest is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such Web sites.

Advertising.  Dux Computer Works/Digest uses the services of  third parties to serve ads to this site.  We also on occasion use other outside ad companies to display ads on our site. Ads may contain cookies, and appear to be coming from our site, but in reality they are coming from our partners who are serving ads on our site.  Currently, the following companies are serving ads to this web site:



Tribal Fusion, Inc. http://www.tribalfusion.com/www/about/privacy.html

Financial Transactions.  Presently, this web site does not collect credit card information or similar information specifically needed to do financial transactions. Our Store Customers can pay for merchandise and services by mailing us a money order or check or by using PayPal to process credit card, etc. information.  Our Customers have to be members of PayPal to complete a PayPal transaction.  All credit card information is handled by PayPal through a secure Internet link between between the customer's computer and PayPal's computer(s).  Our web site is not in that link.  PayPal's Privacy Policy.

Security.  This site has security measures in place to protect the loss, misuse and alteration of the information under our control.

Compliance.  Summaries of more specific W3C P3P-Complient Privacy Policies for the Forums, Store, and the remainder of the web site are available at those locations from within the view privacy of the Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6 or greater browsers IE6).  Furthermore, this web site has implemented Compact Privacy Policies of those parts of the web site that make use of cookies (see below) in the http headers of the affected pages.  The specific privacy policies and compact privacy policies were generated with the IBM P3P Policy Editor (Beta 1.10, generated 2/19/02).  The compact privacies were validated with the editor and are considered satisfactory (by it) according to the rules defined by IE6.  IE6 will accept cookies accompanied by these policies under the High, Medium High, Medium, Low, and Accept All Cookies settings.  In other words, this web site is W3C P3P-Complient and IE6-complient.

Caveat The concept of a Compact Privacy Policy and the implementation of it by IE6 are seriously flawed.  By being compact it summarizes a site's policy in a very granular way, which may obscure the finer points of the policy.  Our Compact Privacy Policy is a summary of our overall and specific policies as interpreted by the IBM P3P policy editor, and nothing else.  We have no control over IE 6 and any interpretation it makes of that Compact Policy and the User's browser settings.  That is an interpretation made by those elements, not us.  We are not therefore responsible for any results that it may produce and such results may not exactly match our written Privacy Policy contained herein.  It certainly doesn't and can't match it verbatim.  The Privacy Policy summaries viewable from IE6 have a similar weakness, but, perhaps, to a lesser degree.  Therefore, any interpretation of our Privacy Policy beyond this document or out of the context of this document should not be construed as the official Privacy Policy of this web site.  That policy is contained in this document and nowhere else.

Notice: Dux Computer Works and Digest will not give, sell, or otherwise transfer e-mail addresses maintained by this web site or online service to any other party for the purposes of initiating, or enabling others to initiate, electronic mail messages.

Copyright, Disclaimer, and Trademark Information Copyright © 1996-2006 Larry F. Byard.  All rights reserved. This material or parts thereof may not be copied, published, put on the Internet, rewritten, or redistributed without explicit, written permission from the author.