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Current Weather Conditions at the
Dux Computer Digest
Downtown Sanford, Maine, U.S.A.

As of: 01/22/08 2:04p EST

Temperature: 33.2 F
Humidity: 55 %
Wind: --- at 0.0   mph
Barometer: 30.003   in and Falling

Sunrise: 7:09a      Sunset: 4:41p

Updates every 15 minutes when my computer is on and running the software.

The Weather Underground has additional data, readings, and shows them in English and metric units.

A Better Way to Calibrate a Davis Instruments Anemometer.

A cheap way to extend the Davis Instruments junction box cable... This is the cable that goes from the junction box into which all the sensor cables plug to the Weather Monitor II. I used a straight- thru, CAT 5 twisted-pair network cable. Works great without any modification. Mine works at about 120 feet and may work with even longer cables. I didn't actually extend the cable that comes with the Weather Monitor II; I replaced it with an existing network cable.

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