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Tech News, Etc.
Last updated: June 2008

Monday, June 30

Windows XP Officially Retired By Microsoft. Microsoft will no longer make Windows XP available to large computer makers, such as Dell, Lenovo, or Hewlett-Packard, or to software retailers.

Cable TV Spec Could Revive Living Room PC

Accidental Fungus Leads to Promising Cancer Drug

In the Center of the Trifid Nebula

Friday, June 27

AMD Brings Back All-in-Wonder Card. AMD's ATI division brings back the All-in-Wonder card line that it killed in 2006.

Bill Gates Bows-out (Mostly) at Microsoft. He's cutting back, for sure, but his tenacity, intellectual intensity, passion for technology, and competitiveness will now be applied more fully to saving lives.

Coming (not too) Soon: Wireless Set-top Boxes. Cox exec says plans afoot to embrace multiple networks.

North Pole Could be Ice-free this Summer

Thursday, June 26

Excitonic Transistor Switches Optical Signals. The excitonic transistor accepts optical signals at its input, converts them to excitons which can be switched electronically, then automatically regenerates the optical signal at its output.

ICANN Opens Way for new Top-level Domains. ICANN will press ahead with plans to introduce new top-level domains, including some so-called Internationalized Domain Names written in Chinese and Arabic scripts.

Intel's Next Processor Details Leaked? Taiwanese publication claims to have the first details on the upcoming Intel processor. It's a hot one, pun intended.

Head-to-Head: Printer Manufacturers' Ink vs. Cheap Third-Party Ink. Prints made with manufacturers' ink looked better and lasted longer than those made with third-party replacement inks.

Giant Memory Thanks to Tiny Capacitors. German-Korean research team produces a permanent memory using a new procedure and thereby sets a memory density record.

Zero-day Flaw Haunts Internet Explorer. An unpatched cross-domain vulnerability in Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser could expose Windows users to cookie hijacks and credentials theft attacks.

Is Fructose Fuelling the Obesity Epidemic?

Wednesday, June 25

Home Net Chip Does UWB, coax, Ethernet. Consumer systems will use the chip to ship data and media around a home over coax at distances of up to 330 feet while streaming content wirelessly within a room at distances up to 20 meters.

Tech jobs, Wages Growing

What is Hanny's Voorwerp?

Tuesday, June 24

Trojan Horse Takes Pictures of Mac Users. The malware can steal your passwords, avoid detection, log what you type and even take your picture.

Should Apple Let PC Users Run OS X? It's time for Apple to change its strategy and seize this golden opportunity to vastly expand its market share.

Open Source Data Recovery Tools to the Rescue. When disaster strikes,open source apps SystemRescueCD, dd, Partedmagic, BackTrack, Security Tools Distribution, Helix, and TestDisk can recover data and bring dead systems back to life.

Storage Power Costs to Approach $2B this Year. IDC projects that data centers worldwide will spend $1.8 billion this year and more than $2 billion in 2009 for energy to power and cool spinning disk drives.

Hybrid Haulage Could Save Fuel and the Environment

Monday, June 23

PC Population Reaches a Billion. The number of computers in the world is set to double by 2014 but disposing of old machines safely is an increasingly pressing environmental problem

The Quotable Bill Gates: In His Own Words. He never really said that about 640KB of memory being enough, by the way.

The International Space Station Expands Again

Friday, June 20

IBM, Intel Take Steps in Solar. This month, several of the world's biggest technology and manufacturing companies -- including Intel Corp. and International Business Machines Corp. -- made major moves into the burgeoning solar power business.

Security Vendors Report 'Critical' Trojan Exploit for Mac. SecureMac and Intego are separately reporting the existence of a new security threat for Mac, claiming the existence of multiple variants of a new Trojan horse in the wild that affects Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5.

Antec System Cases Roundup. Six models.

Thursday, June 19

Sprint's iPhone Rival Will Cost $129.99. Sprint's would-be iPhone killer—the Samsung Instinct—will cost less than the new 3G iPhone.

Firefox 3 Vulnerability Found. Tipping Point ranked the severity of Firefox 3's vulnerability as high, but said users would have to click on a link in an e-mail or visit a malicious Web page before being affected.

Apple iTunes Music Sales Top 5 Billion Songs. Visitors are renting and purchasing more than 50,000 movies each day.

House Adds Extra Shuttle Flight to NASA Budget

Trash-fed Generator Deployed in Iraq

Woman Found Dead in Front of Her TV - After 42 Years

The Star Streams of NGC 5907

Wednesday, June 18

Firefox 3.0 Downloads Surpass 7 Million. The download counter has just passed 7 million downloads and is increasing at a rate of around 6,800 downloads a minute.

Toshiba Offers Lightweight Notebook With 128-GB Solid-State Drive. The machine's storage component is the highest capacity SSD available for notebooks

Picowatt Chip Sets Low-power Record. The world''s lowest-power integrated circuit consumes 10 times less juice when active and better than 30,000 times less power in sleep mode.

Tuesday, June 17

Firefox 3 Debuts with Web Domination in Its Sights. New open source browser release boasts better performance, security and features as it aims to nab top-dog status.

Former 'Spam King' Must Pay MySpace $6 Million. A Colorado man has been ordered to pay $6 million in damages and legal fees for spamming thousands of MySpace.com users.

Eta Carinae and the Homunculus Nebula

Friday, June 13

Google, Yahoo Strike Ad Deal. Yahoo ends talks of a possible investment with Microsoft and signs a 10-year deal to feature Google advertising alongside Yahoo search results.

Intel to Launch Lower Price Quad-core CPU. Intel is planning to launch a Core 2 Quad Q8000 CPU series, offering entry-level prices to counter AMD's triple-core CPUs in the mainstream market.

Digitize Your Records and Tapes. It's not too late to resurrect your cherished analog media and convert it to MP3 and digital video.

Thursday, June 12

Big-Screen GPS Devices. The sprawling screens on these GPS devices are a sight for sore, road-weary eyes.

Businesses Saying a Stronger No to Vista. With time running out for XP, a major Wall Street firm finds that support for Vista has slipped substantially.

Microsoft Says Internet Explorer 8 Will Be More IT Friendly. The software vendor will add a number of features to Internet Explorer 8 for IT departments beyond those already offered in IE7.

Intel CTO Calls for Graphics Shift. The raster graphics pipeline used by companies like AMD and Nvidia needs to go in favor of a better way to render graphics using ray tracing

Surprise, Surprise: Nvidia Pushes GPU Computing. Graphics chip maker hosts Tech Editor's Day devoted to CUDA programming language, parallel computing on graphics processors.

Brewing Ethanol from Algae

Ultraviolet Glow Betrays Impending Supernova

Wednesday, June 11

Tech Problems Force Yahoo to Roll-back Mail Features. Yahoo is rolling back security and anti-spam enhancements to its Webmail service because they interfered with users' ability to retrieve POP e-mail from external accounts.

Google: Four Trends Will Move Applications to the Web. Four key trends will hasten the adoption of Web-based applications and cloud computing.

Scientists Close to Reconstructing First Living Cell

Dextre Robot at Work on the Space Station

Tuesday, June 10

iPhone 3G First Take. There's a lot to like about the new iPhone. By adding 3G support and GPS, Apple has positioned the phone for a new class of users.

iPhony Price Drop? At first glance it appears that the price of owning Apple's new iPhone 3G is drastically reduced. But look again--you'll pay more.

The Truth About Last Year's Xbox 360 Recall. Microsoft's $1 billion global recall of the Xbox 360 resulted from it's own faulty graphic chip that was designed after it dropped a traditional ASIC vendor.

Apple Patches 5 Critical QuickTime Bugs. Apple has patched five critical vulnerabilities in the Mac and Windows versions of QuickTime. The update to QuickTime 7.5 was the fourth this year for the problem-plagued media player.

U.S. Tech Workers Keen to Telecommute. It sure helps ease the number of times you buy gas.

Are My Tomatoes Safe?

Algae Oil Promises Truly Green Fuel

Monday, June 9

Military Supercomputer Sets Record. New machine, which processed more than 1.026 quadrillion calculations per second, is more than twice as fast as the previous fastest supercomputer, the IBM BlueGene/L.

Toyota Develops Improved Hydrogen Fuel-cell Vehicle. Toyota it has developed an advanced fuel-cell vehicle that can run for 830 km (516 miles) on a single tank of hydrogen.

Apple's WWDC ’08 the Most Significant in Years. With Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) only days away, industry analysts are putting this year's conference on a par with the release of Mac OS X and the Intel transition in terms of importance for the company. Apple Watchers Salivate Over 3G iPhone Rumors.

Will Flash Memory Cards Emerge as the Next CD?

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