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July 2008

Thursday, July 31

Netbook Shipments to Exceed 8 Million This Year. Global shipments of netbooks, the popular new category of mini-laptops, will likely reach 8.02 million this year and then more than double in 2009

FBI Warns of New Storm Worm Variant. FBI and its partner, the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), warned against a new email campaign being used by the creators of the Storm worm botnet.

Ancient Greek Eclipse Calculator Marked Olympics. Antikythera mechanism linked to Archimedes' home of Syracuse.

MIT Claims 24/7 Solar Power

Tuesday, July 29

T. Boone Pickens Dumps Yahoo Stake. Frustrated with the Microhoo saga, corporate raider T. Boone Pickens has sold his entire stake of 10 million shares in the Internet pioneer.

Cuil? Not So Much. Trying to access the new search engine Cuil proved to be frustrating and unrewarding for users yesterday, who took their gripes to message boards. I did not think much of it either.

Sony Q1 Profit Down, Matsushita Up. Sony posted a bigger-than-expected 47 percent fall in quarterly profit and cut its outlook, hurt by its struggling mobile phone joint venture with Sweden's Ericsson, while rival Matsushita nearly doubled its profit on rising flat TV sales.

Adobe Ships Photoshop Lightroom 2 For Windows Vista, Mac. The update features dual-monitor support, streamlined search capabilities and localized image correction.

New Semiconductor Lasers Herald Wide Range Of Applications

Common Use of Plug-in Hybrids Years Away

Monday, July 28

Gateway to Stop Selling PCs Through Web Site. Gateway said it would stop selling PCs through its Web site, instead focusing on selling PCs through third-party stores and other online retailers.

Ain't It Cuil? New Search Engine Challenges Google. A new search engine created by a team of ex-Googlers and an IBM veteran could upset Google's apple cart.

The DNS Bug and You. You know a bug is Big News when it makes National Public Radio's "All Things Considered", the network's afternoon drive-time show.

Sirius, XM Get Blessing to Merge. Two satellite radio players now become one.

FCC May Fine Comcast For Wrongly Blocking BitTorrent. Comcast maintains that its network management practices do not violate government guidelines.

Intel Slashes Chip Prices. Intel Corp. dropped the price of seven processors by up to 31%.

Friday, July 25

Intel Introduces First System on a Chip. Combining four chips into one reduces power and space, allowing it to put the Intel Architecture in entirely new product areas.

Escaped 'Spam King' Allegedly Kills Self, Family. Bodies of Eddie Davidson--who was serving prison time for a spam conviction--his wife, and their 3-year-old daughter are found in an SUV in Colorado.

The Demise of Name-Brand PCs. Thanks to belt tightening, recession, and cheap netbooks, generic PCs might become the most popular systems of the future.

'Fuel Battery' Could Take Cars Beyond Petrol

Mystery of Why Northern Lights "Dance" May Be Solved

Thursday, July 24

Attack Code Released for New DNS Attack. Hackers have released software that exploits a recently disclosed flaw in the Domain Name System (DNS) software used to route messages between computers on the Internet.

US Poised for Broadband Explosion, Says Gartner. U.S. broadband penetration will increase over the next for years after having fallen behind recently.

A Tale of Two "Spam Kings." One put behind bars as another escapes from prison.

Cancer Expert Issues Warning On Cell Phone Risks. In particular, Dr. Ronald B. Herberman's advisory urged children to limit their use of cell phones.

Wednesday, July 23

CherryPal Attempts to Redefine PC. A new "green" PC that consumes only 2 watts of power.

Nissan Says Electric Cars Will be Quickly Profitable. Capabilities of Nissan's electric cars, to be introduced in 2010, will vary by country but none will have range-extending gasoline engines.

Electronics Giants to Create Wireless HD Standard. Sony, Samsung and other consumer-electronics heavyweights are uniting to support a technology that could send high-definition video signals wirelessly from a single set-top box to screens around the home.

With DNS Flaw Now Public, Attack Code Imminent. One day after a security company accidentally posted details of a serious flaw in the Internet's Domain Name System (DNS), hackers are saying that software that exploits this flaw is sure to pop up soon.

'Spam King' Soloway Given 47-Month Prison Sentence

Micro Air Vehicle: Three Gram 'Dragonfly' Takes Flight

Quest for the $1 Watt

High Cliffs Surrounding Echus Chasma on Mars

Friday, July 18

Judge: SCO Owes Novell $2.5M for Unix Infringements. United States District Court ordered SCO to pay $2.5 million to Novell for improperly claiming and collecting royalties for the Unix operating system.

IT Jobs Will Drop in 2009. IT staff jobs are at increasing risk -- both for contractors and in-house workers -- according to a survey of top CIOs by Goldman, Sachs & Co released last week.

Hector Ruiz Gets Off the AMD Roller Coaster. A tumultuous six years at the helm of AMD comes to an end, and while Ruiz has several accomplishments to tout, AMD lost an amazing amount of money during his reign.

Wormlike Malware Transcodes MP3s to Try to Infect PCs. A new variety of malicious software could pose a danger to those who download music files on peer-to-peer networks.

Chemical Breakthrough Turns Sawdust into Biofuel

Wednesday, July 16

NY Spammer Hit with 30-month Prison Sentence. Brooklyn man receives jail term for sending unsolicited marketing messages to the e-mail addresses of nearly 1.3 million AOL subscribers.

Sony Cuts Price on High-End Playstation 3. Sony unveiled new hardware packages for each of their systems during their E3 Press conference on Tuesday, including a new 80GB PlayStation 3 bundle for $399.

Solar Thermal Technology Heats-up

Makemake of the Outer Solar System

Tuesday, July 15

Intel Shows Off New Centrino Notebook Chips. "Montevina" makes its debut with WiMAX at the heart of the world's largest chipmaker's updated notebook line.

Stolen Bank Data Gets Cheaper On Web. Prices charged by cybercriminals selling hacked bank and credit card details have fallen sharply as the volume of data on offer has soared, forcing them to look elsewhere to boost profit margins, a new report says.

A Million New iPhones Sold in the First Weekend. The original iPhone, introduced in late June 2007 in the United States only, sold about 270,000 units in its first two days.

Lenovo to Push SSDs in More Laptops. Lenovo will start including SSDs (solid-state drives) as a storage option in more laptops to meet increasing user demand

'Warcraft' Maker Wins Round in Exploit Bot Lawsuit. Court deals setback to man behind MMO Glider software, which helps characters cheat at World of Warcraft and is the subject of a lawsuit with WoW maker Blizzard Entertainment.

Nanoelectrodes Boost Electrolysis to Cut Hydrogen Fuel Cost

Thursday, July 10

Windows XP a Hot Item on Amazon. The phased-out operating system is now No. 15 among software products. The highest selling version of Vista is No. 41; of course.

Microsoft Warns of Attack Exploiting ActiveX Flaw. The company issued a security advisory, warning users of a "targeted" attack exploiting a vulnerability in its ActiveX control for the Snapshot Viewer.

Laser Analysis Tested to Restore Paintings

Wednesday, July 9

Memristors Ready for Prime Time. Memristors, the fourth passive circuit in electronic circuit theory, have moved a step closer to prototyping with the harnessing of a substrate material that could yield a new memory device by 2009.

Botnets Winning Spam Wars. By the time anti-spam systems have identified compromised PCs and servers, most botnets will have shifted to using new machines.

First Reviews: iPhone 3G Improved, But Still Flawed. Reviewers fault battery life, 3G coverage and service plan costs. But sound quality and download speeds are much improved.

Microsoft Offers Free Vista-to-XP Downgrade Help. Microsoft will offer free technical help to small businesses that buy new PCs with Windows Vista in the next three months.

Chemical Used in Chips, LCDs Under Fire. Nitrogen trifluoride or NF3, is a potent greenhouse gas, with 17,000 times the global warming effect of carbon dioxide.

Coal-generated CO2 Captured in Australia -- a First

Tuesday, July 8

Microsoft Readies Pay-as-You-Go Business Apps. Enabling telecommuting is likely to be a selling point for the productivity and "deskless worker" tools in the Microsoft Online Services lineup.

AI Beats Human Poker Champions. Humanity was dealt a decisive blow by a poker-playing artificial intelligence program called Polaris during the Man-Machine Poker Competition in Las Vegas.

Microsoft: The Vista Bullying Stops Here. Windows Vista has been dragged through the mud by the bullies with which it competes, but those bullies are about to get hit with some long overdue retaliation.

How GPS Works. When determining your exact location from space, there are so many measurements to be made over such vast distances that cutting-edge tech is crucial.

GM Turns to Volt to Blunt Fears of Financial Woes

Hate Gasoline Prices? Wait Until Your Heating Oil Bill

NASA Sets Date for Final Shuttle Mission in 2010

Monday, July 7

Toyota Plans Prius with Solar Panels. Automaker plans to install roof solar panels to power the car's air conditioning.

'Please Remove Your Laptop' May Go Away. Removing laptop computers from their cases at US airport security checkpoints may end soon, as federal inspectors finalize details easing the restriction.

Microsoft Says It Would Deal with New Yahoo Board. In a statement Monday, Microsoft confirmed that it would be interested in resuming talks with Yahoo with a new board of directors, both to buy the search business or the entire company.

Citibank Debit Card Fraud Highlights ATM Vulnerabilities. Most Americans perceive ATMs as safe stewards of their banking information, but the multitude of possibilities raised by a rash of Citibank ATM thefts this year indicate that such safety is an illusion -- or even a joke.

MEMS Microphone Measures Two Millimeters Square

Are We in the Peak of an Oil Bubble?

Thursday, July 3

Firefox Grabs Official World Record for Most Downloads in a Day. Firefox 3 was a shoe-in to set the Guinness World Record for most software downloads.

Opera Patches Multiple Bugs in Flagship Browser. Opera Software has patched the newest version of its flagship browser, releasing Opera 9.5.1 to fix several flaws.

Block Lifted on Solar Applications for Public Land. U.S. government will review proposals for solar energy installations on protected land that it had planned to put on hold until 2010.

Wood Density Holds Key to Stradivarius Sweet Sound

Wednesday, July 2

Mac OS X Market Share Surges 32% in One Year. Vista grows by 256% in the same period, but Windows is down overall

IE 8 to Have Anti-malware Protection. In preparing for the second beta, Microsoft announces security enhancements to Internet Explorer 8 expected in August.

Intel Adds MPU Market Momentum, but AMD Makes Long-term Gains. About half of AMD’s long-term growth came at the expense of Intel, iSuppli reported, adding that the remainder came out of the market-share of smaller suppliers.

ISO Approves PDF as an International Standard. The International Organization for Standardization has approved Adobe Systems' widely used PDF (Portable Document Format) as an international standard, and is now in charge of any changes made to the specification.

Blockbuster Says "No" to Circuit City Purchase

A Lot of Hot Air!

Tuesday, July 1

AMD Debuts Three Quad-Core 'Phenom' Desktop Processors. The processors are billed as energy efficient and ideal for small and sleek PCs that can help cut down on energy consumption.

Intel Says to Prepare for 'Thousands of Cores.' Chipmaker is now thinking well beyond the traditional processor in a PC or server.

Astounding Number of Laptops Lost in Airports. Keep laptops close at airports, because they have a startling tendency to disappear in the blink of an eye, according to a new survey.

OCZ to Crash SSD Party With $259 64GB, $479 128GB Models. NAND flash manufacturers have been promising lower prices for solid state drives (SSDs) for quite some time now.

Apple Plugs 25 Mac OS X Security Vulnerabilities

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