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January 2008

Thursday, 31 January

Internet Failure Hits Two Continents. High-technology services across large tracts of Asia, the Middle East and North Africa were crippled following a widespread Internet failure which brought many businesses to a standstill and left others struggling to cope. Net Outage Hobbles India's Outsourcing Industry.

Office SP3 to Auto-Update. Next MonthMicrosoft is giving users 30 days advance notice of its plan to automatically push out Office 2003 service pack 3 through its Microsoft Update service.

Sony Claims 25 Megapixel Camera Breakthrough. Expect mass production as early as this year.

Ah, That's the Spot: Why Scratching Brings Relief

Atlantis Set for Feb. 7 Launch

Screen-printed Solar Cells in Many Colors and Designs, Even Used in Windows

Friday, 25 January

Best Buy Sold Infected Digital Picture Frames. Computerworld, IDG Best Buy Co. Inc. sold digital picture frames during the holidays that harbored malicious code able to spread to any connected Windows PC.

Microsoft Confirms Office for Mac 2008 Snafu. The productivity suite incorrectly assigns ownership of some files, creating an opportunity for security problems.

Vista SP1 Due Out in Next Few Weeks, Sources Say. The wait is nearly over for Vista SP1, according to sources close to Microsoft.

Nintendo Posts Strong Results, Boosts Outlook. Holiday sales of the Wii and DS game consoles help company more than double fourth-quarter operating profit.

Stocks Climb on Microsoft Profits

Scientists Create Synthetic Genome

Tuesday, 22 January

Ditching Vista: How to Downgrade to Windows XP. You can replace stiff, awkward Vista with the comfy, compatible old slipper that is Windows XP.

Apache Sites Scalped by Hack. 10,000 sites infected.

Friday, 18 January

AMD Reports Fifth-straight Quarterly Loss. It's been struggling to get its newest processors to market on time.

Dell Laptops Give You Jolt. Shocking news.

Seagate Again Reports Strong Profits. Seagate's net income nearly tripled during the last quarter and revenue climbed 14 percent as demand for storage equipment.

Excellent Technology Doesn't have to Cost a Bundle. Some sure-to-please gadgets, and none ring up for more than $100.

Linspire Offers $199 Linux-Based Desktops. Through SearsLinspire CEO Larry Kettler says deal shuold encourage VARs to take another look at Linux-based desktops.

New Battery Tech Could Let You Talk for Days. A new technology using silicon nanowires boosts the ability of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries to store a charge by as much as a factor of 10.

Transonic Merging Diesel Engines with Gas

Mature Human Embryos Created from Adult Skin Cells

Wednesday, 16 January

Sun to Fork-out $1 Billion for Open Source Firm MySQL. Sun Microsystems will plunk down $1 billion to buy MySQL, the maker of a popular open-source database.

Refurbishing Offers New Life to Old PCs. For years, people have proposed updating and reusing old PCs. Carbon taxes and other factors finally may make the idea realistic.

New Material Pushes the Boundary of Blackness

Monday, 14 January

IBM Earnings Beat Estimates. Strong results and currency benefits in Asia, Europe, and emerging markets push profit up 24 percent.

Why XP Must be Saved. The clock is ticking: Microsoft will end OEM and shrink-wrapped sales of Windows XP on June 30, 2008, forcing users to shift to Vista.

Toshiba Launches HD DVD Player Fire Sale. Toshiba fights bad news with lower prices.

Friday, 11 January

Microsoft to Provide Virtual Access to Library of Congress. Microsoft will provide the technology that allows visitors to the U.S. Library of Congress to first take a virtual tour of historic documents and map out what exhibits they want to see.

Plastic Fibres to Bring Cheap, Super-fast Broadband. Homes and businesses across Europe may soon receive ultra-high-speed broadband over cheap plastic optical fibres.

Windows Vista, Office 2007 Expelled From British Schools. A British Educational report suggests the upgrade would increase costs and create software compatibility problems while providing little benefit.

Another QuickTime Code Execution Flaw Surfaces. A security researcher has unearthed a buffer overflow remote code execution vulnerability that affects QuickTime on both the Windows and Mac platform.

Trolling the CES Booths

Thursday, 10 January

Logitech Shares Surge On Talk Of Microsoft Bid. Shares in Swiss-based computer peripherals maker Logitech gained up to 12 percent amid speculation Microsoft would launch a takeover bid, traders said.

Colombian Man Pleads Guilty to Computer Fraud. A Colombian man pleaded guilty Wednesday to a 16-county indictment involving an identity theft scheme in which he installed keylogging software on hotel business center computers and Internet lounges.

New York Launches Antitrust Probe into Intel. State attorney general says formal investigation will focus on whether Intel coerced customers to exclude AMD processors.

HD Format War Seen Dragging On. he high-definition DVD format war between HD DVD and Blu-ray has not been won, at least not in the minds of the retailers.

Wednesday, 9 January

Vendors Look to Ease Recycling Costs on Users. Major vendors including HP, Dell, and Sony are working together to push through a legislative mandate in the U.S. that will make it easier for users to recycle their consumer electronics.

Gadget extravaganza in Las Vegas. CES 2008 is in full swing.

Microsoft Patches Flaw that Could Trigger Worm Attack. Microsoft fixed a critical flaw in the Windows operating system that could be used by criminals to create a self-copying PC worm attack.

New Rootkit Uses Old Trick to Hide Itself. Over the past month, a new type of malicious software has emerged, using a decades-old technique to hide itself from antivirus software.

Hubble Upgrade on Hold

Grass Makes Better Ethanol than Corn

Tuesday, 8 January

Sears Sued Over Privacy Breach. Sears faces a class-action suit seeking damages plus an accounting to determine whether the Managemyhome.com site was misused by criminals.

Microsoft to Patch Windows Password Flaw. Flaw that affects affects Windows 2000, XP, and 2003 Server could give attackers access to passwords on a victim's system.

Paramount Could Drop HD DVD Exclusivity Support. Paramount has clause to back-out of HD DVD support deal.

Monday, 7 January

The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Starts in Las Vegas

Toshiba: HD DVD is no Loser to Blu-ray. Will users put up with this format war much longer?

Toshiba Regroups After Warner Reneges on HD DVD. Toshiba executives had a tough moment, when they had to face reporters after its HD DVD movie disc format was dealt a potentially fatal blow by the defection of Warner Bros. Entertainment to a rival technology.

Intel, AMD Toss-in Their Chips at CES. Intel has 16 new processors to show off in the desert, while AMD plans to trickle out a few details about its upcoming notebook processor tech.

Mass Hack Infects Tens of Thousands of Sites. Then they serve visitors multiple exploits, including October RealPlayer attack.

Sony BMG to Drop Copy Protection for Downloads. Sony BMG became the last of the big four majors to drop copy protection software on music downloads, also known as digital rights management (DRM).

Sunspot Marks Start of New, 11-year Solar Cycle

Friday, 4 January

Microsoft Promises Free Game After Online Woes. Microsoft said it will offer a free downloadable video game to users of its Xbox online gaming service after the network was plagued with connection troubles over the holidays.

HP Goes High-definition with Pavilion HDX Laptop. HP's new multimedia notebook has a 20.1-inch screen that plays back true 1080p HD-TV and gives users the option of an HD DVD or Blu-ray Disc drive to play high-definition movies.

Microsoft Moves 4.3 Million Xbox 360s in 3 Months

The Scoop on New Air Travel Battery Rules

Brief, Intense Meteor Shower Set for Thursday Night

The Milky Way at 5000 Meters

Thursday, 3 January

Office 2003 Update Blocks Older File Formats. Latest service pack for productivity suite renders older file formats--including those for Word, Excel, PowerPoint--inaccessible.

New Airline Battery Bans: Complicated, but Not Brain Surgery. New rules limit lithium content in batteries carried on aircraft.

Palm-sized 'Pico-projector' Enabled by MEMS. Microvision debuts its pico-projector technology at the Consumer Electronics Show using a single digital micro-mirror based on a MEMS chip.

Netflix, LG Team-up to Bring Movies Straight to HDTV. Online DVD-rental pioneer Netflix Inc. and LG Electronics said Thursday that they're developing a set-top box that will allow consumers to stream movies and other content directly from the Web.

Asus Unveils Terabyte Laptop. Asus' M70S laptop, sporting new dual 500GB drives from Hitachi, will be released at next week's Consumer Electronics Show.

RIAA Goes After "Personal Use" Doctrine. No longer content to sue MP3-downloading students, the RIAA is targeting customers who rip purchased CDs to their computers.

Cable TV Operators Forced to Change. U.S. cable TV operators are expanding their services as telecommunications companies nip at the pay-TV market.

New Malware Demands Pay-By-Phone Activation Fee. A Web search of the 900 number shown to U.S.-based victims is associated with a porn site registered to Global Voice S.A.

Why Fish Oil is Good for You

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