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September 2007

Friday, 28 September

Microsoft to Extend Windows XP Sales as Vista Concerns Mount. The software company said it will make the full version of Windows XP available to personal computer manufacturers and retailers through June 30, 2008.

3Com Sells Itself for $2.2 Billion. Private equity group, Bain Capita,l has teamed with Chinese equipment vendor, Huawei, to acquire 3Com.

Windows Home Server: Worth the Wait. Microsoft's Windows Home Server offers solid storage, backup, and remote-control abilities for your home network.

Apple Starts Killing Unlocked IPhones. And legitimate ones as well, unfortunately.

Thursday, 27 September

Stealth Updates Stymie XP Repairs. Microsoft's background update blocks patches and fixes from installing after XP is restored with the 'repair' option.

Vista 'Out of Memory' Errors. There have been a number of issues that Vista users have reported relating to copying and moving data, especially large numbers of files.

Halo 3 Takes Industry to New Heights. First-day sales of Microsoft's Xbox 360 space adventure totaled $170 million in the USA. It was the most successful video game rollout in history and, the company boasted, topped the $151 million Spider-Man 3 made at the box ...

Vonage Loses Appeal in Verizon Patent Case. Company loses its patent appeal and now faces hefty damages and a possible shutdown of its service.

LED-Backlit Laptops. New LED technology promises vivid color, sharper images, and improved battery life—and it's available in these laptops.

Hitachi May Sell Stake in Hard Disk Drive Unit, Sources Say. Hitachi, Japan's biggest electronics conglomerate, has not posted a profit in its hard disk drive business in any year since buying it from IBM for $2 billion in 2002.

Ion-Powered Spacecraft to Orbit Two Worlds

NRG Energy Files First New U.S. Nuclear Power Plant Application in 30 Years

Wednesday, 26 September

Wake Up America: Who's Watching out for EMI? Motherboard manufacturers will do anything to save a buck, and they'll do it at the expense of your electronics...

Sony: 250,000 PSPs in Four Days. The electronics giant sold about 250,000 units of the new version of the PlayStation Portable in Japan in the four days since its launch, according to a report.

DRM Troubles Drive Ex-Microsoft Employee to Linux. Former Microsoft security expert may switch from Windows Media Center to LinuxMCE over frustration with Microsoft's DRM.

Media Player Exploits: New Vectors, New Threats. Two separate exploits involving the Apple QuickTime and the Microsoft Windows Media players could continue to plague computer users.

AIM Vulnerable to Worm Attack. Web-based graphics are the root of... maybe not all evil, but this one at least.

Tuesday, 25 September

Cutting Solar Panels' High Price Tag. Industry luminaries gather at the annual Solar Power 2007 to celebrate booming business, but high costs remain an obstacle.

Presenter to Light-up Copper Wire. Global Communications unveils Video over Untwisted Pair, which can digitize light to deliver broadcast-quality content.

Apple: Unlocking iPhone Does Damage, Voids Warranty. Mac maker releases a statement warning iPhone owners not to use unlocking programs available across the Internet, saying it can do irreparable damage to the software.

Microsoft launches Halo 3. Microsoft launched Halo 3 today, with people lining up in front of some retailers in the U.S. to be the first to get the long-awaited action game.

Blu-ray/HD DVD War to Run Another 18 Months: Report

Printing Living Organs

Splitting Water with Sunlight

Monday, 24 September

X86 War Cuts to the Cores. The latest maneuvers in the chess match between AMD and Intel find the rivals advancing toward similar architectures.

Review: Halo 3. It builds on 'Halo 2' in ways you'd expect, but new modes and options also send the series in exciting new directions. Early Halo 3 Limited Edition Owners Plagued by Scratched Discs.

Euro Think Tank Recommends Unbundling Windows from PCs. Globalisation Institute, which usually practices a hands-off approach to business regulation, urges EC to take its thinking to a 'logical conclusion.'

Toward Pure White Light: Next-generation LEDs Show Bright Promise. Scientists in India are reporting an advance toward discovering a Holy Grail of the illumination industry — a white LED, a light-emitting diode that produces pure white light suitable for interior lighting of homes, offices ...

Vista Ultimate Buyers Fume Over Missing Extras. Microsoft fails to deliver premium add-ons by 'end of summer' deadline. Microsoft Provides XP Downgrade for Unhappy Vista Users.

Online Biometrics Flaw Gives Hackers a 'Fake Finger'

Friday, 21 September

China Exports Nearly US$153 Billion in High-tech Goods in 1H07. Rising by 23.8% on year.

Home Printer Spits Out Counterfeit Cash. Bogus $100 bills fooled casinos.

PDFs Put Windows XP at Risk. Popular Adobe file format is so dangerous, busy researcher doesn't dare post proof

Samsung USB Monitor. More.

Scientist's Laser Engine May Revolutionize Space Travel

Thursday, 20 September

SCO Says There is 'Substantial Doubt' it Will Survive. In SEC filing, company cites cash problems, Chapter 11, legal setbacks.

Gartner: PC Shipments on Track for Growth This Year. Lower prices and the improved performance of laptops will fuel continued growth in PC sales this year and next, despite concerns a recession could be on the horizon for the U.S.

HP Expects its Notebook Shipments to Outgrow That of 2007

Kilogram Mysteriously Losing Weight

Neutrons Not So Neutral After All

Wednesday, 19 September

Tuesday, 18 September

IBM to Offer Free Word Processing, Office Software. The move directly challenges Microsoft's Office suite.

AMD Plans Three-core Processor. AMD said it will ship before April a three-core version of the quad-core Phenom desktop processor.

Blended-Wing Design of Boeing's X-48B

Monday, 17 September

Stolen Tape Had Data on Agencies for Hartford. Calling it an “unfathomable” breach of security, Gov. M. Jodi Rell of Connecticut said that a computer backup tape stolen in June contained bank account and other sensitive financial data for nearly all Connecticut state agencies.

Computer Science Grad Convicted of Hacking into Texas A&M. The alumnus faces five years for embedding malware in the university's system that stole data on 133,000 students and employees.

European Court to Microsoft: You Lose. The European Union's Court of First Instance early Monday upheld virtually all of the EC's ruling against Microsoft, including nearly a billion dollars in fines.

Online Crooks Getting More Professional. Online crooks are quickly enlarging an already vast sales and distribution network to propagate spam and send malicious software in hopes of infecting millions of computers worldwide, according to a new report.

SCO Files for Bankruptcy. ...a lawyered-up copyright troll trying to shake down Linux -- the free, open-source operating system built by idealistic hackers working for the common good.

Friday, 14 September

Microsoft Updates Windows Without User Permission, Apologizes. Over the last few weeks, without user approval, Windows Update has updated nine small executable files in both Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Fears of Spending Slowdown Spook the IT Sector. Tightening of credit in the U.S. is expected to dampen business and consumer spending, but the notebook market continues to grow.

Hacker Stole Data on Millions of TD Ameritrade Customers. The online brokerage is blaming the database breach on "unauthorized code" that was found in the network.

Japan's KAGUYA Spacecraft Blasts-off to Explore the Moon

Thursday, 13 September

Sun to Install Windows Server OS On its Hardware. In a strengthening of the Microsoft-Sun interoperability agreement, Sun will start selling its 64-bit servers with the Windows Server OS preinstalled.

Lenovo Announces Solar Power Capable Desktop. Lenovo this week announced its latest ThinkCentre A61e ultra small form factor desktop with greater emphasis on green computing.

A Third of IT Projects Exceed Budget. Research finds that poor forecasting, increases in scope and conflicts between multiple projects result in overspending.

FCC OKs Digital TV Rules Pushed by Cable Operators. Extends the "viewability requirements" to February 2012.

Wednesday, 12 September

NTP Launches New Patent Suits. The BlackBerry case behind it, NTP now is going after a number of wireless giants over use of e-mail services.

AMD Winning Price War. AMD's strategy of winning market share by lowering prices is paying off, according to Q2 figures.

Microsoft Releases Fixes for Four Flaws. Four security bulletins issued patch four vulnerabilities in Windows, Visual Studio, and the MSN and Windows Live Messenger software.

Black Screen of Darkness to Haunt Vista Pirates. Buy the software or suffer the consequences.

Monday, 10 September

Heavy Internet Users Unplugged by US Cable Company. Comcast has punished some transgressors by cutting off their Internet service, arguing that excessive downloaders hog Internet capacity and slow down the network for other customers.

Triple Layer, 51GB HD DVD Approved by DVD Forum. HD DVD can now boast a 1GB storage advantage over Blu-ray Disc.

1 million iPhones Sold. The slick and much-lusted-after phone hits the mark much faster than the iPod, and Steve Jobs is looking forward to many happy holiday returns.

DRAM Contract Price Shows First-time Drop Since June. The price of 512Mb DDR2 dropped by almost 9% on a sequential...

AMD Finally Launches Barcelona Server Chip. AMD is betting its Quad-Core Opterons will take on quad cores from rival Intel by offering better performance while consuming less power.

Intel Boosts Forecast. Chip maker nudges its third-quarter sales guidance upward, pointing to stronger-than-expected demand for computing products.

NASA: Mars Rovers Survive Dust Storms

Building Galaxies in the Early Universe

Friday, 7 September

Apple Apologizes, Offers Credit to iPhone Buyers. Apple apologized to customers who bought the device at a higher price and offered them a 100-dollar credit with the company.

Four Guilty In E-Mail Pump-and-Dump Case. Four men are each facing five years in prison after pleading guilty to participating in a stock manipulation scheme involving 15 different companies that netted $20 million.

Photos: HP's Blackbird Comes Out at Night. High-end gaming PC is the first product to come out of HP's acquisition of Voodoo PC. Review.

White House Seeks Changes to Patent Reform Proposal. President Bush issued a statement supporting patent reform, but he opposed caps on court damages for patent infringement contained in the House bill up for a vote today.

Texas Instruments Announces 3-D DLP Technology

Lenovo beats Acer for third place in global PC market in 2Q

Study Finds Cell Phone Risks in Hospitals

Thursday, 6 September

Sony Inadvertedly Reveals Declining BD Sales. Sony lets its Blu-ray numbers slip show at CEDIA.

Get More Than Directions. These GPS devices offer sweet extras such as weather reports, traffic information, AAA integration, and even Zagat Guides.

Dell: We Won't Ditch AMD. Michael Dell has signaled that his company will continue to use AMD processors in its products to offer customers options and improve its own supply chain management system.

Apple Unveils Wi-Fi, Touch-Screen IPods, Cuts IPhone Price. Apple cut the price of the top iPhone by $200, discontinued the low-end model and unveiled a new version of its popular iPod media player with wireless Internet access...

Intel Introduces New Quad-core Processors

Wednesday, 5 September

Convicted Software Pirate Gets 30 Months In Prison. Prosecutors say the man was part of the "warez scene" -- an underground community where pirated software is bought and sold in large quantities.

ATX Power Supply Units Roundup. Part VII. Review of 15 power supply units with the wattage below 1000W.

Apple and Best Buy Giving It a Second Try. Eight years after California-based Apple stopped selling its computers in the retail megastores.

Sony Prepping Video Download Service. Sony to launch PlayStation, Bravia video download service to compete against Apple, Microsoft.

Nanopantography May Make LCDs Obsolete

Tuesday, 4 September

Geotagging Links Photos to Locales. An array of maturing technologies is poised to add a new dimension--geography--to the digital photography revolution.

Cisco Blesses Wireless-N. Cisco unveils plans to ship new high-speed wireless gear for enterprises later this year.

IPhone Outsells Smartphones in July

Unaveraged July chip Sales Soar 11.3% Annually

First Individual Genome Sequence Published

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