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Tech News, Etc.
October 2007

Wednesday, 31 October

Apple's Leopard on Rampage. The Apple faithful have snapped up more than 2 million copies of the computer maker's Mac OS X Leopard operating system since its debut Friday, the company says.

Security Geeks Say Leopard Needs Fixing. Leopard's new security features are often implemented incompletely and leave users vulnerable to attack, researchers say.

Wireless Slowly Dies After Leopard Upgrade. Mac users are reporting a number of problems with their wireless connections after updating to Leopard, according to traffic on Apple's support forums.

HD DVD Price War Begins at $198, $170 on Black Friday. The long-awaited high definition format wars are in full swing and they’re about to heat up even more with HD DVD prices dropping below the $200 mark.

Solar Wing Damage Adds to Space Station Troubles

Tuesday, 30 October

Leopard Hacked to Run on PCs. The OSx86 Scene forum is offering full instructions on how to install the newest Mac OS on Windows PCs.

Salary Survey: They're not rock stars, but EEs earn satisfaction
In the greater scheme of things, engineers--especially in North America--have it pretty good.

Waste Wafers Give Solar Power a Silicon Boost. A simple method of recycling refined silicon from microchips could help ease the shortage of the material for photovoltaic panels.

Cheaper Broadband? U.S. residents pay far higher rates for cable and broadband services than in many other countries. That could change this week if the FCC ends a monopoly.

2 Canadian Astronomers Say There is No Dark Matter

Why They Called It the Manhattan Project

Scientist Who First Synthesised DNA

Longest Living Animal?

How Tibetans Enjoy the High Life

Friday, 26 October

Leopard Uncaged. The new version of Apple's operating system hits the stores with a wide array of new features.

CPU Sales Steam Ahead. IDC report shows continued strength in mobility, especially on AMD's part. Its server business, however, needs a kick.

Senate OKs 7 More Years of Tax-free Net Access. But it's not going to the president's desk yet, as the House still has to approve the changes. The current ban is scheduled to expire next week.

88 Million Copies of Vista Shipped. Despite underwhelming consumers and being snubbed by enterprises, Windows Vista's numbers keep growing, with Microsoft saying that it has now shipped 88 million copies of the operating system, almost double the number of copies of XP in the same amount of time at its launch.

Windows Update Controversy Takes Another Bizarre Turn. Microsoft has zeroed in on the cause for recent issues with Windows Update automatically downloading and installing patches on users' PCs.

Astronauts Add New Room to Space Station

Thursday, 25 October

Hourly Tech Pay Hit Near All-Time High Last Quarter. Yoh Index of Technology Wages shows hourly pay rose nearly 6% for the quarter ended Sept. 30.

Congressman to Comcast: Stop interfering with BitTorrent. Rep. Rick Boucher becomes the first U.S. politician to take a public stance against cable giant's blocking of BitTorrent file sharing.

Worldwide PC processor Shipment Hits Record Levels in 3Q07, Says IDC. Worldwide PC CPU shipments grew 14.3% sequentially to reach record levels in the third quarter of 2007.

Atom Smasher Unleashes New Isotopes

Apogee Moon, Perigee Moon

Wednesday, 24 October

Wildfires Force Closings for San Diego's Tech Firms, Including HP. The heat is on, but employees won't face the flames alone

1Gb DRAM Replaces 512Gb as Mainstream PC Chip. The 1Gb DRAM (dynamic RAM) chip has replaced 512Gb DRAM as the mainstream memory capacity in the PC industry as of October.

Password-cracking Chip Causes Security Concerns. A technique for cracking PC passwords using off-the-shelf graphics cards is causing a stir in the computer security community.

Verizon Speeds Up Web Connection. The company known mostly for its phone services prepares to challenge cable companies for their share of the Internet market.

Tuesday, 23 October

Hitachi Pulls Out of Home PCs. Hitachi said on it is withdrawing from the home personal-computer business amid sluggish sales.

Hitachi Unveils Superskinny LCD TVs. Tokyo-based electronics company is aiming for "pure luxury" with its new TV line, which debuts in the U.S. early in 2008.

"Transformers" on HD DVD Sets All Sorts of Sales Record. Transformers is best-selling movie on both standard and high-definition.

Apple Profits Soar 67% as Mac Sales Jump

Space Shuttle Blasts Off

Monday, 22 October

Dude, You’re Getting a Mac. Analysts are looking for shipments of 1.3 million iPhones and 2.2 million Macs, adding to an expected 38 percent increase in profit.

Largest TV Piracy Site Shut Down, Staff Arrested. TV-Links.co.uk rankled the media industry for long enough according to British authorities...

Staples To Sell Dell PCs, Printers, LCDs. Dell's entry into the U.S. office retail space follows rivals including Apple, Lenovo, Hewlett-Packard, Acer and Gateway.

Friday, 19 October

The Solid Future of Solid-State Disks. When prices drop, there will be no stopping SSDs in replacing platters.

Microsoft Shaves Down Kernel for Windows 7. The core code for Microsoft's Windows OS is undergoing a rewrite to make it slimmer for use in a wide range of future products, including Windows 7, the OS that will succeed Vista.

DRAM Pricing Shows No Signs of Improvement. Taiwan makers see intensifying cost pressure.

AMD Posts Q3 Loss, Revenue Soar. Strong product sales and manufacturing improvements lift margins.

More States Join Call for Extended Microsoft Policing. In surprise move, attorneys general in four states that previously said antitrust agreement was working now argue Redmond's "Microsoft's Windows monopoly is indisputably resilient."

Google Profits Soar 46 Percent. Shift to online advertising helps Internet giant exceed expectations

Comcast Blocks Some Internet Traffic. Comcast actively interferes with attempts by some of its high-speed Internet subscribers to share files online.

IE Users Beware: RealPlayer Zero-day Flaw Under Attack. Hackers are actively exploiting a zero-day hole in RealNetworks' RealPlayer media player, a software program installed on tens of millions of Windows computers worldwide.

Xbox 360 Beats Wii in September Console Sales. Halo 3 juggernaut launches Xbox 360 to be top selling console.

Sony PS3 Price Cuts Intrigue Home Theatre Owners. PlayStation 3 price cuts may inspire some end users to upgrade to bigger home theatre systems.

Thursday, 18 October

Apple's Leopard Ready to Steal Windows Vista's Thunder. Apple hopes new productivity enhancements and security tools will push Mac OS X deeper into the business computing world, where it's largely been shut out by Microsoft.

Sony Forks Over Chip Production to Toshiba. Sony announced a plan to sell its loss-making multimedia microprocessor operations to Toshiba for an undisclosed amount, hoping that its trusted joint venture partner can do a better job of supplying the brains for the PlayStation 3.

Sony to Launch Cheaper PlayStation. Sony will launch a cheaper model of its PlayStation 3 in the United States, hoping to attract more buyers as it goes up against rival game consoles from Microsoft and Nintendo this holiday.

Couple Swarmed by SWAT Team After 911 Hack. A Washington state teenager is facing 18 years in prison on charges that he used his PC to access Orange County, Calif.'s 911 emergency response system and convinced the sheriff's department into storming an area couple's home with a heavily armed SWAT team.

Best Buy Ditches Analog TVs. Best Buy says "So Long, Farewell" to analog televisions.

The Elephant's Trunk in IC 1396

Wednesday, 17 October

Apple to Open iPhone to Third Party Apps. Apple confirmed plans to roll out a software development kit that will allow for third party applications to be used on the iPhone.

Intel Tops Q3 Estimate. Sees strong growth ahead.

Drug-resistant Staph Infection Appears More Widespread Than Previously Thought

The Case of the Aging Galaxy

Monday, 15 October

AOL to Layoff 20 Percent of Workforce. AOL sends e-mail to U.S. employees saying on Tuesday it will begin cutting its worldwide workforce by 2,000.

Porn Spammers Get Five Years. Two words "porn" and "spam" have been forever linked ever since e-mail became a mainstay in our digital lives.

P2P Users, Beware: You Will Be Tracked. Jammie Thomas was the first P2P victim, but with the RIAA's decoys trolling the Net, she won't be the last.

AMD Brings New PC-to-TV Kit to Market. The new products, which will be available shortly at Best Buy, allow users to record all sorts of TVs straight to their PCs in glorious high definition.

Xbox 360 Arcade Console Appears on Store Shelves with HDMI Output. Even the baby of the Xbox 360 family now sports HDMI.

Holiday Spending Looks Positive

Carbon-Impregnated Plastic: Strong as steel! Thin as Cellophane!

Friday, 12 October

A First Look at IBM's Symphony Office Suite. IBM is challenging Microsoft with a game of "anything you can do I can do." Its new Lotus Symphony office suite -- now available as a public beta -- does much of what the $400 Standard edition of Microsoft Office does, only at a much better price: It's free.

U.S. Trade Body Launches Hard Disk Drive Probe Against Five Companies. Complainants requested that the ITC issue a permanent cease-and-desist order against the companies.

The Whale and The Hockey Stick

Thursday, 11 October

Microsoft Bows to Criticism, Will Fix Window's URI Security Flaw. Security experts have said Windows could do a better job checking links to make sure they were not malicious -- Microsoft finally agrees.

The Great iPhone Hack, Round 3. Round 3 goes to the hackers, who have figured out a way to 'jailbreak' Apple's latest software update and permit third-party applications on the iPhone once again.

Ultimate Gaming Machines. Whether you prefer PC, console, or mobile gaming, these devices are favorites for just having fun.

Most First-tier Motherboard Makers See Revenues Up in September. With the traditional back-to-school demand in September, first-tier motherboard makers, except for Gigabyte Technology, saw a boost in their September...

House Panel Votes to Extend Net Tax Ban. A U.S. House of Representatives committee has voted to extend an Internet tax moratorium for four years, but declined to make the tax ban permanent.

Word Exploit Loose, According to Microsoft, Symantec. Attacks may be more widespread than thought; Mac users also at risk.

Warm Winter Predicted For United States

Inauguration Day for Alien Signal-Hunting Telescope

Wednesday, 10 October

Power Outages on MacBook Pros. Apple could be getting ready to replace MacBook Pro power adapters, one report says, while on Apple's Web site, other MacBook Pro users complain about battery life.

Gap Narrows Between Plasma, LCD. A comparison of LCD versus plasma 720p and 1080p high-definition TVs shows that the only real differences come in the display format, contrast ratio and brightness.

'Storm Worm' Exploits YouTube. Spammers are exploiting YouTube's "invite your friends" function to send spam containing a variant of the "Storm worm."

HD DVD More Than Twice as Popular Than Blu-ray Disc at Netflix. One often overlooked statistic when comparing the two main high-definition optical formats is rentals.

New Linux Kernel is Out. Lots of new cool stuff.

Telescope Detects Space Dust

Tuesday, 9 October

Microsoft Wants Red Hat Linux Users to Pay Up. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said his company expects payment from computer users who run Red Hat Linux because the open source operating system violates Microsoft's intellectual property rights.

iPhone Unlocker Throws Brick Back at Apple. The ability for a consumer to unlock a phone and use it on any wireless service provider network may get a serious shot in the arm if a California man and his class action lawsuit attorney have their way.

DRAM Price Falls 25 Percent. A glut of DRAM (dynamic RAM) on the market and sluggish demand due to a holiday in China caused the price of the most widely used computer memory chip to fall 25 percent in a matter of weeks.

Gateway Ends Lenovo's Packard Bell Hopes. Gateway said it has formally tendered a binding offer to acquire Packard Bell , effectively putting an end to efforts by China's Lenovo to purchase the European PC maker.

AMD Announces Price Cuts on Desktop CPUs. The cuts range between 5-28%.

Google, IBM Promote Cloud Computing. Google and IBM have teamed up to offer a curriculum and support for software development on large-scale distributed computing systems, with six universities signing up so far.

Tomorrow's Tech, Via Today's Retirees. Companies targeting a large retiree market with money and time to spare could result in better features for all.

Hard Disk Pioneers Win Physics Nobel Prize

Microbes Can Survive 'Deep Freeze' for 100,000 Years

Next-Generation Telescopes Excite Astronomers

Friday, 5 October

Jury Orders Woman to Pay RIAA $222,000 for Illegal Music Sharing. A federal jury in Duluth, Minn., ordered a Minneapolis woman to pay $220,000 to six music companies for illegally downloading and sharing copyrighted music over a peer-to-peer network.

Fuzzing at 18: Still Crude, Still Effective. Throw garbage at an application and what happens? In plenty of cases it'll crash.

Starburst Cluster in NGC 3603

Thursday, 4 October

Sun Issues Patch for 'Highly Critical' Java Flaws. Sun has shipped patches to fix a batch of "highly critical" vulnerabilities in Sun Java JRE (Java Runtime Environment). The flaws affect Windows, Solaris and Linux users.

Nintendo Gets Touchy with New "Zelda." Nintendo has reworked one of its most beloved franchises in a new "Zelda" video game designed to appeal to a broader audience.

Microsoft Releases New Reliability Update for Windows Vista

Chili Pepper Cocktail Blunts Pain

Wednesday, 3 October

Businesses Will Need to Revamp Data Centers, Gartner Says. During the next five years, most large data centers will spend as much on power and cooling as they will on hardware infrastructure.

Gamers, Start Your Controllers. More than 700 gamers will gather this week in Seattle for what some call the Olympics of video game play.

Microsoft Unveils New Zune Players. The software giant fires another salvo at Apple's iPod with an 80GB and two flash-based Zunes.

Verizon Hopes to "Kill the iPhone" with Voyager. Verizon's murderous thoughts toward the iPhone are manifest in its shiny, faster Voyager phone.

Tuesday, 2 October

Top Enterprise Choices for x86 Servers. Surprising third place finisher in survey of enterprise customer's preferred vendors.

Online Job Ads Up in September, Demand for Computing Experts High. The Conference Board says advertised job vacancies online rose to 4.27 million in September, up 165,000 from the previous month.

America's Techiest Cities: Silicon Valley No. 1, but Who's No. 2?
Hint: It's not Boston or Seattle, according to Census Bureau stats.

Global Chip Sales Remain Hot in August. August marks the third month in a row that global chip sales have been higher than norms, indicating holiday sales of electronic devices are expected to be strong.

Neanderthals Trekked All the Way into Siberia

Monday, 1 October

Dow Breaks Record. The index hits an all-time high as investors bet that the worst effects of the credit squeeze may be over.

GPL Defenders Say: See You in Court. The Software Freedom Law Center files suit--and could roil the waters for more folks than just the single defendant.

Vista SP1 Offers No New Features, Focuses on OS Tweaks, Security. Unlike XP's SP2, this service pack offers mainly under-the-hood changes.

Laptop Theft Exposes Gap's Data Security Gap. A thief stole a laptop computer containing unencrypted personal information of 800,000 people who applied for jobs at Gap.

Sony to Launch World's First OLED Ultra-thin TV

The Small Cloud of Magellan

Sputnik's 50th Anniversary Recalls Dawn Of Space Age

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