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November 2007

Friday, 30 November

HP, Acer Beat-up on Dell in Q3 Laptop PC Rankings. HP expanded its PC market share lead over Dell, and Acer snatched the No. 2 ranking in laptops away from its beleaguered rival during the third quarter

Police Swoop-in on New Zealand Botmaster. The suspect, seized as part of the FBI's Operation Bot Roast, is alleged to have had illegal control over 1 million computers.

PlayStation 3 Outsells Wii in Japan During November. PlayStation 3 wins monthly sales race for the first time in Japan.

As Google Ponders Storage, Amazon Scores with VARs. The online data backup market has been heating up lately as a host of vendors and service providers, large and small, enter the fray.

Massive Canadian Oilfield Could Be Exploited Using New System

Wednesday, 28 November

Online Shoppers Spent $733M on Cyber Monday. Even with current exchange rates, that's a lot of wrapping paper.

AMD Thrashed by Intel. You probably weren't expecting this.

Carbon Transistors Touted as Outperforming Amorphous Silicon. Georgia Tech researchers claimed to have perfected a method of making room- temperature transistors as fast a amorphous silicon by fabricating their channels from thin films of carbon-60.

Million Book Project Sprints Way Ahead of Target. The Million Book Project has eclipsed its name.

Look Out X-rays, T-rays Will Change Domestic Security

Tuesday, 27 November

Windows XP Outshines Vista in Benchmarking Test. Vista with the beta Service Pack 1 fails to keep pace with its predecessor in a series of productivity tasks using the Office 2007 software.

Google Reportedly Plans to Offer Online Storage Service. The product would be a kind-of umbrella service for the storage Google already offers with some of its Web-based applications, such as e-mail and photo sharing.

US Plans GPS Satellite Navigation Upgrade to Rival EU

Monday, 26 November

Online Holiday Shopping Starts Strong in the U.S. The U.S. holiday shopping season got off to a hot start online with significant increases in e-commerce activity, according to several reports.

New QuickTime Bug Exposes XP, Vista to Attack. Security experts warn that exploits are probably in the works for an unpatched flaw in Windows versions of Apple's video player.

Wednesday, 21 November

Christmas Spending Projection Still Looks Positive. On average, Americans plan to spend $866 on Christmas gifts this season, similar to last year.

Studies Show Online Holiday Spending Uncertain. Researchers at comScore are expecting a solid online shopping season, but another research group isn't so sure.

Personal Data of Millions Lost in U.K. Security Breach. A British agency's loss of discs containing banking records and other information for half the country has the nation in an uproar.

Zune overtakes iPlod on Amazon. Ballmer's brick in the fast lane.

Tuesday, 20 November

Vista Adoption Far From a Done Deal. Days after a researcher predicted a coming upswing in IT shops' Windows Vista adoption, a second survey draws markedly different conclusions.

Hackers Jack Monster.com, Infect Job Hunters. Attack shows links to Russian Business Network; site takes pages offline.

DailyTech Black Friday Deals Roundup. Dude, you're getting a list of Black Friday stuff you can print out...

10 Reasons Why HP Revenues Hit $100 Billion. HP made all the right moves to reach record revenues.

'Milestone' Stem Cell Advance Reported

Monday, 19 November

AMD "Spider" Crawls Up the Water Spout. AMD announces its Spider Platform in what could be its biggest launch of all time.

Americans’ Economic Pessimism Reaches Record High. Almost 8 out of 10 Americans say economic conditions in the United States are getting worse, the highest such level of pessimism since Gallup began asking this “getting better/getting worse” question in 1991.

Software Licensing Costs Predicted to Fall. Gartner says vendors' profit margins will drop as saas, open source, and outsourcing give buyers more bargaining power.

Dell Reveals XPS One All-in-One Computer. After teasing the public for a while, Dell on Friday revealed an all-in-one computer that combines the monitor and CPU in one box. Dell XPS One.

Microsoft DNS Bug Long Known, Familiar to Researchers. Problem goes back at least a decade, say security pros.

LEDs Shine as Replacement for Lightbulb

Microbial Hydrogen Production Threatens Extinction for the Ethanol Dinosaur

Friday, 9 November

Cisco Woes Spook IT Sector. The network-equipment giant sparked widespread concerns after it said sales to U.S. enterprise customers dipped during the quarter.

17 People Indicted in Massive Identity Theft Bust. New York company is charged with running an ID-theft and money-laundering operation that raked in more than $35 million over four years.

Blazing Quad-Core Rigs. These fast new quad-core desktops blow away the competition and destroy the speed records on benchmark tests.

AMD Unveils FireStream 9170 for High-Performance Computing. The microprocessor package features up to 500 GFlops, or 500 billion floating point operations per second.

Blu-ray Heads for the Gulag. Sony boss tries to sound upbeat, fails.

DOJ Cracks Down on Internet Pharmacy. Six men face charges of illegally distributing drugs through an Internet pharmacy, and the Department of Justice is seeking forfeiture of more than $40 million in profit from the operation.

Microsoft Makes Refurbished PCs Its Latest WGA Anti-piracy Target. In its ongoing quest to make sure that no potential Windows revenue source is left untapped, Microsoft is expanding its tentacles deeper into the refurbished PC marketplace.

Fuel Without the Fossil

Astronomers Use Lick Observatory to Find Planet

Highest-energy Cosmic Rays Linked With Violent Black Holes

Friday, 2 November

Sony OLED HDTVs May Come to America This Year. Sony says OLED HDTVs could see America stores this year depending on Japanese demand.

Microsoft Sues More Resellers In Antipiracy Blitzkrieg. Microsoft continues to track down software pirates, and this week filed a batch of lawsuits against resellers for selling counterfeit software.

Mozilla Fixes Firefox Regressions, Releases Version One of the five bugs is not completely patched.

Wii Trims Lead Over PS3 in Japan

Three Nebulae in Narrow Band

Thursday, 1 November

HD DVD Player to Break $100 Mark on Friday. Believe it or not Wal-Mart is advertising that it will sell the Toshiba HD-A2 this Friday for $98.87.

Favorite Starter Cameras. These inexpensive digital cameras are flexible, easy to use, and take great pictures

GPS on Steep Ramp in Cellphones. The number of cellphones with global positioning satellite capabilities will more than quadruple between 2006 and 2011.

Digital TV Shipments to Total 101 Million Units in 2007. Global shipments of digital TVs are expected to reach 101 million units in 2007, up 38% from the 73 million units shipped in 2006.

Lenovo has Another Strong Quarter. Lenovo's PC shipments rose 23 percent, but it wasn't enough to stay ahead of Acer.

Revolution Ahead in Data Storage. The world's smallest hard drives have already shrunk to the size of a postage stamp, but nanoscale computing may soon make that achievement look elephantine.

FCC Bans Exclusive Broadband Condo Deals. The federal agency approves a rule nullifying existing exclusivity provisions and prohibiting any new ones, saying the deals are unfair and prevent new competitors from providing service in many apartments and condos.

Intel Pushes Forward with Updated Dual-core Itanium 2. Intel is shipping an updated version of its dual-core Itanium 2 server processor, called Montvale. But don't expect to see a dramatic improvement in performance from the new chips, despite the addition of several new features.

Leopard Suffers the Post Release Blues . Leopard debuted to some really glowing reviews written by some of Apple’s biggest and most widely read fanboys, but now that the OS is in the hands the people that really matter, the feedback is far from glowing.

New Trojan Hijacks OS/X. Installs twisted DNS.

Peculiar Arp 87

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