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Tech News, Etc.
May 2007

Thursday, 31 May

'Seattle Spammer' Arrested. After being indicted by a federal grand jury, Robert Alan Soloway pleads not guilty to 35 counts related to junk e-mail.

Dell, Intel and Microsoft to Promote Flash Memory for PC Platforms. Dell, Intel and Microsoft today announced the formation of the Non-Volatile Memory Host Controller Interface (NVMHCI) working group to develop a standard software programming interface for PC-based NAND flash memory.

Layoffs Hit IBM, Motorola and Tundra. Following cut made by Avago Technologies, Nokia Siemens Networks and Transmeta earlier this month, thousands of further job cuts were announced this week across the tech industry.

Gartner Slashes Semi Industry Outlook to just 2.5% Growth

New High-speed Memory Card Format Ready for Mass Market

Cosmologists Predict Static Universe in Three Trillion Years

Forecasters See Active Atlantic Hurricane Season

Inflatable Fresnel Lenses as Concentrators for Solar Power

Wednesday, 30 May

Vista, XP Users Equally at Peril to Viruses, Exploits. Vista brings only marginal security advantages over XP.

Global Chip Makers Cut 2007 Sales Outlook. The world's top chip makers have cut their sales growth forecast for the global chip market in 2007 following a weaker-than-expected first quarter but still expect solid growth in 2008

Microsoft Unveils Table-top 'Milan' Computer. Milan uses wireless autosync and touchscreen technology to let users interact with files and apps using a flat, table-top screen.

Home Theater Hawtness. Although there's still room for improvement, streaming video content around your house (and beyond) has never been easier.

Street Level Maps from Google. Google have expanded their Google Maps service to include new street level views of major US cities.

NHK Demonstrates Ultra HD Signal; 16 Times Better Than HDTV. Super Hi-Vision makes 1080p HDTV appear as clear as a Vaseline smear.

Laser Fusion

Tuesday, 29 May

Microsoft has Sold More than a Million Zunes. Microsoft has beaten its goal of shipping over a million Zune digital music players by June.

Antigua Eyes Gambling Sanctions. Caribbean nation asks Beijing and E.U. to support trade action against U.S.

Shiver Me Timbers! Scam Unleashes Trojan with Movie Ticket Lure. A new spam scam is teasing users to open a malicious attachment with promises of free tickets to see Pirates of the Caribbean 3.

The Best Point-and-Shoot Digital Cameras

Astronomers' New Discoveries Increase Odds of Earth-Like Planets

Bright Spiral Galaxy M81 from Hubble

Friday, 25 May

Standards Group OKs E-Mail Validation Spec. Domains can validate each other with a private key, which will hopefully increase trust and reduce phishing and scammers.

Malicious Software Plays on Legal Fears. Websense warns: Hackers are distributing harmful program through e-mail purported to come from the Better Business Bureau.

Keylogging Trojan Dodges Anti-virus Detection. A new variant of the Russian Trojan Gozi is circulating on the Web, this time armed with a keylogging function and the ability to scramble itself so it is difficult to detect by anti-virus software.

Sony's Blu-ray Sued Over Disc-coating Patent. A California company has filed a lawsuit alleging that Sony's method of coating optical discs infringes upon a patent involving silver-based metal alloys.

U.S. Online Ad Spending Up 35% to $17B in 2006

Researchers: Starch, Enzymes Release Hydrogen from Water for Fuel

Thursday, 24 May

Wal-Mart to Sell Sub-$700 Dell Desktops. Wal-Mart announced that it will sell Dell Dimension desktops in its retails store beginning on June 10.

DRM vs. Hackers: Time to Surrender? Industry experts question the future of digital rights management in the face of the latest assault on AACS encryption.

Unpatched Symantec Flaw Leads to University Data Breach. An unpatched flaw in a Symantec anti-virus management console resulted in the compromise of a server containing the names and Social Security numbers of nearly 45,000 students at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Web Site Posts Collection of U.S. Military Records. It includes unit roster lists, draft registration cards, news reels, POW lists.

Microsoft Makes Windows XP Downgrades Tough. Systems builders say Microsoft has made it difficult for new PC buyers and channel partners to use Windows XP downgrade rights -- and they're giving the software giant an earful about it.

Global HDD Storage Industry to More than Quadruple Capacity Shipped by 2011, Says IDC

Wednesday, 23 May

Promising Antispam Technique Gets Nod. High Impact Internet Engineering Task Force approves a technique designed to put junk e-mailers out of business forever.

HP Elbows Past IBM In Servers. The battle for top spot in server share is almost neck and neck.

Flat, Flexible, Wireless Power Source Can Go Anywhere. A team of Japanese researchers has created a novel wireless power-transmission device that is thin, flat, and flexible. Based on a sheet of plastic, the device can be put on desks, floors, walls, and almost any other location, delivering power to electronics placed on or near it without the use of cables or connectors.

Lenovo Fires on All Cylinders in Q4. China-based PC maker Lenovo, which altered the personal computer landscape with its purchase of IBM's personal computer line, returned all of its operations worldwide to profitability in the fourth quarter, including the first-ever profit for its U.S.-based business.

Major Low-light Digital Photography Breakthrough. New image sensor chip developed that allows digital cameras to capture vibrant images without a flash in dark spaces.

Micron Predicts Flash Memory Will Replace Disk Drives

Adult-formed Brain Cells Important for Memory

Tuesday, 22 May

An Emerging Solar Technology Hits Snag. Companies that hope to make solar cells out of copper indium gallium selenide have had to delay commercial production.

Linux Users Say 'Sue me first, Microsoft.' Over 250 users of Linux and other open-source software are inviting Microsoft to put its money where its litigators' mouths are, signing a public wiki that includes an invitation for the company to deliver on its threatened lawsuits.

Chemistry of Neutron Stars Modelled for First Time

Wal-Mart to Get Hybrid Big Rig

Monday, 21 May

Stepping-up to 10G. Solution providers say 10-Gigabit Ethernet is gaining ground as businesses look to upgrade their network backbone to handle bigger applications and rising traffic.

IBM Claims Fastest MPU Ever Built. IBM has introduced what it calls the "fastest microprocessor ever built," a 4.7GHz, dual-core POWER6 processor that doubles the speed of the previous generation POWER5, along with a new benchmark-setting server to leverage the chip's features.

Apple Sued Over "Grainy" MacBook Displays. Apple has been hit with a class-action lawsuit by MacBook owners who claim the company falsely advertised the quality of the displays used in the Apple MacBook notebooks.

Motorola's Solar LCD to Charge Your Cell Phone. Requires relatively small amount of light.

New and 'Improved' Gozi Trojan Version on the Loose. A new, stealthier version of a previously known Russian Trojan horse program called Gozi has been circulating on the Net since April 17 and has already stolen personal data from more than 2000 home users worldwide.

Belgians Find Tomb of Ancient Egypt Courtier

Friday, 18 May

Microsoft Says PCs May Need DRAM Upgrade. computers may need to adopt error-correcting code (ECC) memory to combat rising system crashes from single-bit memory errors.

Video Game Sales Up 20 Percent in April. Strong demand for Nintendo's Wii console and new Pokemon games for Nintendo's DS handheld drive sales.

FCC Approves iPhone. The Federal Communications Commission approved Apple's iPhone, clearing the way for the combined phone and music player to hit the shelves. Apple expects to begin selling the phones in late June.

Microsoft Buys Ad Company for $6 Billion. The software giant pays an 85 percent premium to catch up with Google, Yahoo and AOL in the online ad space.

Thursday, 17 May

Blu-ray, HD DVD Player Price Wars Heat-up. Panasonic offer sub-$600 Blu-ray player, Toshiba offers $100 instant discount.

IE7 Goes into the Ditch on Some PCs. Some users are having problems with Internet Explorer 7 since installing this month's security updates.

Google Reaches for 'Universal Search.' [May 17, 2007] Infrastructure changes allow for more complete results of multiple media types from Google's homepage.

Can Microsoft Beat the Set-Top Box? Microsoft is setting the groundwork to challenge cable companies with Home Server, Vista, and the Xbox video game console, which can play Internet content and high-definition DVDs on a TV.

Fujitsu Shows-off Latest Color E-paper Screens. After several years of development, Fujitsu has improved its electronic paper technology to the point where it has begun exploring its commercial use in displays.

New Nano-glue Likes it Hot. Composed of a thin sandwich of molecular chains, this high-tech adhesive works at 700°C, and could be used to build computer chips, as well as coatings for turbines and jet engines.

Wednesday, 16 May

PS3 Bleeds Sony. Analysts predict game console woes could prompt biggest quarterly loss in 4 years. Sony Loss Widens. Battery recall, cost of PS3 launch take toll, but more-efficient production techniques, sales growth brighten forecast.

New York Sues Dell for Defrauding PC Buyers. Dell denies the charges that it used fraud and false advertising to increase profits on PC sales.

Dell to Diverge from Direct Sales with Major Channel, Retail Push. Dell is set to turn the page on 23 years of history by launching a major effort to engage commercial resellers and retail channels.

Motorola Launches RAZR 2. It's slimmer, sleeker and more powerful, but will it become the next ubiquitous Motorola handset?

Amazon Store to Sell Music Free of Copy Protection. Amazon.com said the company will launch a digital music store later this year with millions of songs, free of copy protection.

Two-stage Malware Attacks Levels Vista. An independent security researcher shows how easy it is for non-privileged code to replace shortcuts on the Start Menu and take control.

Linus Torvalds Responds to Microsoft's Patent Claims

SATA Could Displace ATAPI for DVD-ROM, DVD burners in 2H07

Dark Matter Ring Modeled Around Galaxy Cluster CL0024+17

Tuesday, 15 May

One-Third of All Software Installed in 2006 was Pirated. Global piracy losses increased in 2006 by 15% over 2005.

The Great Internet TV Race, Part 1. The interactive nature of IPTV, as well as the unsettled state of devices, formats and standards, stands in stark contrast to the passive nature of traditional TV viewing.

Microsoft Says Vista Sales at Nearly 40 Million

Prices for 42-inch LCD TVs Close to US$1,000

Our Ancestors had Pea-sized Brains

A Giant Takes On Physics’ Biggest Questions

Monday, 14 May

Microsoft Says Open Source Violates 235 Patents. Top Microsoft lawyer alleges in a magazine interview that the Linux kernel and OpenOffice.org violate hundreds of the company's patents.

Patent Troll Targets U.S. Cable. Rembrandt Technologies has U.S. cable operators in the crosshairs with a series of patent-infringement lawsuits that could fundamentally change the way digital cable programming is offered.

Disney CEO Speaks on Blu-ray Exclusive Support. House of Mouse leader says HD DVD and Blu-ray format war is a matter of perception...

Friday, 11 May

What Is Obvious Not Always So in Patents. To understand the row between Verizon and Vonage over patents, one has to look at what's obvious and then make sure it's clear.

Heart Stopping iPod News. Study says music player can cause pacemakers to malfunction.

Unrest Bubbling Beneath Venture Capital's Top Tier. Things are not so cheery behind the scenes.

AMD Demos Next-Generation Platform. AMD demonstrates 'Barcelona,' 'RD790' and 'R600' in California.

NASA Touts Aging Hubble Telescope's Successor

Satellites Solve Mystery of Low Gravity Over Canada

Thursday, 10 May

FAA Memo Reveals Concern Over Vista Hardware Specs. Windows Vista's hardware requirements is a major reason why the government agency may pass on upgrading its computer systems to the new operating system.

45% of Workers Steal Data when Changing Jobs. With data heading out the door over remote connections or on thumb drives tucked away in pockets or bags, nearly half of IT workers blame poor security.

Air Conditioners Kill Hard Disk Drives. Blowing hot and cold.

Numbers Follow a Surprising Law of Digits

Scientists Directly Target Cancer Cells

Wednesday, 9 May

Microsoft Goes All-critical to Patch 19 Bugs. Microsoft has released its May security updates, fixing major flaws in Exchange and the Windows DNS Server.

Comcast CEO Shows Off Super Quick Modem. Roughly 25 times faster than today's standard cable modems.

More Using Vista, but Some Concerns Increasing. More users are starting to evaluate and deploy Windows Vista, but they are showing more concern over perceived performance and patching improvements and the operating system's hardware requirements.

Intel Details Santa Rosa Processor. Centrino Pro processor, formerly codenamed Santa Rosa, would provide improved notebook PC performance when combined with with new and faster Intel Core2 Duo processors.

Cox to Introduce Anti Commercial-Skipping Technology

Massive Fire in the Sky Awes Astronomers

Monday, 7 May

Playing The Gaming PC Market. System builders are still finding that the gaming PC market has plenty of headroom as power users refresh their systems.

Microsoft Delivers Hotmail Upgrade. Microsoft has closed the public testing period for Windows Live Hotmail and has begun a months-long process of migrating users to this major upgrade.

Dell Joins Microsoft, Novell in Linux Pact. Dell has joined a business collaboration with Novell to allow open-source Linux software to work with Windows.

Man Sentenced for Selling $1 Million in Counterfeit Software on eBay. The Michigan man bought counterfeit software and then resold it in 49 different auctions on eBay.

Know Your Network. Spiceworks 1.5 provides detailed scans of the devices on your network with an intuitive interface.

Original Barebone with Great Functionality: Thermaltake LANBOX Review. A look at a great compact system case from Thermaltake that permits the use of full-size hardware.

Eight things to Know About Intel's Quad-core, Penryn, Silverthorne & Mobile Plans

Navy Heats-up Cold Fusion Hopes

Friday, 4 May

Jobs Takes Top CEO Pay Spot, Makes $646M. Great work if you can get it: $310,576 an hour on a 40-hour week.

The Real Casualty in High Def DVD Revolt. Sitting on retail shelves today are perhaps hundreds of PCs that, unknown to their prospective buyers, may be unable to play high definition DVDs as advertised.

Microsoft Eyeing Yahoo Deal. Microsoft has stepped up its pursuit of a deal to buy Yahoo.

Comprehensive RAID Performance Report. This article compares a large set of RAID performance data and perhaps debunk some storage myths.

Several Jupiter-sized Planets Found to Have Only Weak Earth-like Gravity

Mercury May Have a Molten Core

Thursday, 3 May

Apple Confirms First LED-based Macs Coming in 2007. Apple has confirmed that it plans to launch Macs featuring LED backlight technology in 2007.

A Bigger Slump for Graphics Vendors. The first quarter is usually slow, but this year saw an even bigger decline than usual.

Hot Town, Fiber in the City! Verizon dishes up a lovin' spoonful of connectivity to one editor's urban apartment.

IBM Pokes Holes in Chips to Boost Speed, Efficiency. Computer chips, it seems, work better if they're more like Swiss cheese than American cheese.

Judge Approves $1.53 Billion Verdict Against Microsoft. Microsoft said it plans to challenge the ruling which found its Media Player software violated digital speech patents.

$299 Blu-ray Drive to Arrive in June. Pioneer comes out with combo BD/DVD drive.

Why the DRM Flap is Like Goverment Secrecy

What's Killing North America's Honeybees?

European Planet Hunters on Brink of Earth-sized Prize

Wednesday, 2 May

IBM Said to Cut 1,315 U.S. Jobs. Big Blue has reportedly initiated a slew of more than 1,300 job cuts, stoking some U.S.-based workers' fears of more off-shoring by the tech giant.

Next Target of Cell Phone Industry: Navigation. After hitting alarm clock makers and camera manufacturers, the cell phone industry has a new target -- personal navigation device makers.

Free Desktop Publisher Scribus Is Worth a Look. The open source application Scribus is particularly interesting because low-cost desktop publishing programs aren't as easy to find as they once were.

Vonage Cites High Court Ruling In Appealing Patent Fight with Verizon. Vonage petitioned the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in Washington to vacate and remand the lower court ruling that it lost last month.

HP Touts New Mold for Chip Industry. HP and Nanolithosolutions unveil machine that will help produce chips sporting wires measuring a few atoms wide.

New Evidence for the 'Solar Oxygen Crisis'

Tuesday, 1 May

Dell Embraces Ubuntu. Responding to user pressure, Dell confirmed it will preinstall the Ubuntu distribution of the Linux operating system on some of its computers.

Google Targets a More Personalized Web with iGoogle. With Gadget Maker and other services, Google puts personalization front and center.

Sober Worm, with New Variant, Makes a Comeback. Researchers saw a new variant of the virulent Sober worm being heavily spammed out a few days ago.

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