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Tech News, Etc.
Last updated: February 2007

Friday, 30 March

New Virus Comes Disguised as IE 7 Download. If you receive an e-mail offering a download of Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2, delete it. A new virus is making the rounds that comes disguised as a test version of Microsoft's current Web browser.

WTO Ruling Favors Online Gambling Interests

Is Dark Energy an Illusion?

Thursday, 29 March

Intel Outlines Processor Roadmap. The world's largest chip maker plans on manufacturing its 45-nanometer Penryn processors later this year and its next-generation architecture, called Nehalem, will appear in 2008.

TJX Data Heist Confirmed as Largest Ever. TJX Companies confirmed in its latest filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission that the network intrusion carried out on its systems resulted in the loss of 45.7 million consumer records.

Top Execs: 3D May Transform Films. Viewers are willing to pay a premium for 3D movies.

Online Gambling Gone Wild: U.S. Crackdown Sparks Offshore Boom. Far from slowing its growth, a government crackdown on online gambling has sent many sites offshore, and many others underground.

Wednesday, 28 March

Asustek to Ship Motherboard with HD Interface. Asustek Computer plans to launch a PC motherboard in April with an interface that will allow users to watch high definition (HD) movies on either the Blu-ray Disc or HD-DVD formats.

Complicated PS3 Discouraging Second-tier Game Developers. Sony's PlayStation 3 (PS3) platform is too complicated in comparison with Microsoft's Xbox 360...

Intel, AMD Ready Steep Price Cuts. Intel and AMD next month plan to unveil significant price cuts on their current fleet of processors as they prepare to go to battle in the quad-core market.

Xbox 360 Elite Goes Official. 120GB HDD, gets HDMI plus cable included

NGC 1365: Majestic Island Universe

Tuesday, 27 March

IBM Claims World's Fastest Optical Chipset. IBM’s is claming a prototype optical transceiver chipset capable of reaching speeds at least eight times faster than optical components available today.

Code Posted for IE6 Attack. Users of internet Explorer 6 who didn't apply the most recent round of Microsoft patches may be at risk from an exploit.

Samsung Says 64 GByte Flash Drive Will Replace Hard Disks. Samsung has developed a 1.8-inch 64GByte flash solid state drive that it says is designed as a drop-in replacement for laptop hard disk drives.

Few System Builders Benefit From Vista Sales Surge. Microsoft says Windows Vista in its first month sold more than double that of Windows XP in its first month back in 2001, but system builders are still waiting for the windfall.

Friday, 2 March

Dell Fourth Quarter Earnings Slide. Dell's fourth-quarter profits plunged 33 percent because of weak sales of laptops and notebooks.

Judge Rules for Microsoft in Alcatel-Lucent Suit. A U.S. federal judge dismissed Alcatel-Lucent's patent claim against Microsoft.

Two Oil Giants Plunge into the Wind Business

$10 Wok Replaces a $20,000 Satellite Dish

Thursday, 1 March

Lenovo Recalls 205,000 Notebook Batteries. Months after joining other PC vendors in a massive recall of faulty notebook batteries, Lenovo Group has found a different problem with some models, and will recall 208,000 notebook batteries worldwide

New Computer Virus Threatens Biz Nets. Technology security firm warns the latest strains of the RINBOT or DELBOT virus are starting to multiply rapidly.

AMD Tips Quad Core Performance. AMD's upcoming Barcelona quad-core processor will sport floating-point performance 42 percent higher than Intel's current top-of-the line CPU.

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