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Tech News, Etc.
June 2007

Friday, 29 June

Disk Drive Consolidation as Western Buys Komag. Western Digital to buy component maker Komag for about $1 billion in cash.

Hydra-headed 'Storm' Attack Starts. A greeting-card spam making the rounds and enticing users to visit attack sites relies on a sophisticated multipronged, multiexploit strike force to infect machines, according to security experts.

IPhone Launch Day Arrives. After six months of unprecedented hype, thousands of people will get their hands on the iPhone.

iPhone Supply May Not Meet Demand. Prospective buyers may be disappointed when the highly hyped smart phone goes on sale today.

Mars Rover Ready to Enter Crater

Russia Launches Genesis 2 On Converted SS-18 ICBM

Boeing 787 Dreamliner Rolls Out

Thursday, 28 June

Dell Says Goodbye to Dimension Desktops. Dell drops Dimension line after nearly 15 years of service.

DOJ Alerts Users to Spam Hoax. The phony e-mails are set up to appear to be notifying recipients that someone has filed a complaint against them or their business with the Department of Justice.

Fake Microsoft Security Bulletin in the Wild. If you receive an e-mail about a zero-day exploit affecting Microsoft Outlook do not, under any circumstances, click on the links embedded in the message.

Gartner: Businesses Should be Wary of iPhone. Handset could breach corporate security if adopted before it's put to the test in the consumer market, analyst says.

Microsoft Moves Against California, Florida Pirates. Microsoft filed lawsuits against 23 companies in California and Florida, alleging distribution of counterfeit software.

Vibrations Good for Harvesting Electricity

Wednesday, 27 June

11 iPhone Gotchas. From a slow data network to a sealed battery, here are some of the drawbacks to consider.

Two Plead Guilty to Selling $6 Million of Counterfeit Software on eBay. Each defendant faces up to five years in prison, a fine of $250,000, and three years of supervised release.

Good, Bad News from Electronics Equipment Industry

Giant Microwave Turns Plastic Back to Oil

Report: Hot Rocks Keep N. America Afloat

Neon Saturn

Tuesday, 26 June

Web Radio Sites Go Dilent in Protest. New licensing fees could doom Internet radio, but webcasters are fighting back with a 'Day of Silence.'

Data Breaches Start at the Gas Station. Analyst warns against POS terminals that collect and store data, putting users at greater risk for data theft than shopping online.

Two Men Convicted of Spamming Pornography. Both men now face up to 30 years in prison and half a million dollar fines.

IBM Breaks the Petaflop Barrier. Souped-up computer.

Monday, 25 June

A Sunny Hiring Season for Job Seekers. Big companies are competing fiercely for the best talent among recent college graduates.

Single-core Athlons to be Phased Out. AMD has begun to phase out its single-core Athlon processor lineup and will launch five new 45W Sempron processors in September to cover the entry-level single-core processor market.

Leader of Net Piracy Gang Jailed. A Briton has been jailed for 51 months after pleading guilty to software piracy charges in the US.

Xbox 360 HD DVD Add-on Sells 155,000 Units in U.S. 155,000 Xbox 360 HD DVD add-ons have been sold in the U.S., making it the “biggest-selling accessory” ever sold for the console.

The International Space Station Expands Again

Friday, 22 June

Microsoft Better at Patching XP than Vista. Microsoft has patched 12 out of 27 disclosed Vista vulnerabilities in the first six months after it shipped.

PlayStation's New Chief Seeks to Lift Sony's Game. A second disappointing holiday season could set the PS3 permanently.

Nintendo's Wii is the Best Product Ever. Nintendo hits a home run while Sony gets caught looking with the execrable PS3.

Harry Potter and the Horrible Hacker. A hacker claims to have posted key elements of the seventh and final Harry Potter book--including the ending.

Flu Could Hitch a Ride on Banknotes

Thursday, 21 June

Dell Replaces Displays on Nine Notebook Models. Dell is offering free replacements of the displays on nine popular notebook PC models.

Ohio Gov.: Stolen Tape Had Taxpayer Info. A missing computer backup tape containing personal information on state employees also holds the names and Social Security numbers of 225,000 taxpayers.

Don't Wait for Vista SP1, Pleads Microsoft. I'm waiting.

Sony to Give PS3 a Shot of Adrenaline. 380 new games coming for the PS3 this fiscal year...

E.U. Demands Compensation from U.S. For Internet Gambling Ban

22% Efficiency Solar Cell

Wednesday, 20 June

AMD Looks for Fix During Rough Year. The company is pinning its near-term hopes on Barcelona, a quad-core server chip that AMD hopes will allow it to shore up the eroding prices of its server chips.

DVD Group Proposes Copy Ban. The DVD Copy Control Association will vote on an amendment to its bylaws that would explicitly forbid OEMs from selling systems that make copies of movies.

AT&T $10 DSL. For new users, online only, one-year contract.

Gateway Recalls Thousands of Laptop Batteries. Gateway recalled 14,000 batteries used in its laptops after four customers reported that their computers had overheated.

Microsoft to Change Vista Desktop Search. California AG Jerry Brown said Microsoft had agreed to make the "significant changes" in Vista stay in antitrust compliance.

U.S. Newspapers Adjust Web image as Print Dims. Publishers tout their online strategies and efforts to rein in costs as print advertising revenue falls.

Nanotube Adhesive Sticks Better than a Gecko's Foot

Hybrid vs. Diesel vs. Flex-fuel

Tuesday, 19 June

Notebooks Drive PC Forecast Up. iSuppli has raised its 2007 PC forecast a couple notches based on stronger than expected demand for notebook computers.

Toshiba Blames Recalled Battery for Laptop Fire. Eight months after recalling potentially flammable notebook PC batteries, Toshiba is again urging its customers to trade in the defective units, saying one of its notebooks caught fire on May 24.

Massive Web Exploit Emerges. More than 10,000 compromised servers are redirecting unsuspecting visitors.

Seagate, Samsung Begin to Ship 1TB Desktop Hard Drives

Do Black Holes Really Exist?

Monday, 18 June

Microsoft Updates, Renames IPTV Platform. Microsoft updated and renamed its IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) software, now called Mediaroom.

Sony's HD Player a Tough Sell. Don Reisinger of CNET's new blog network says the price of the BDP-S300 is still too high for most consumers.

Blockbuster Backs Blu-ray DVD. Video chain says Sony’s high definition DVD more popular than Toshiba’s HD DVD.

Best Places to Work in IT 2007

Friday, 15 June

Disk with Ohio State Worker Data Stolen. A disk carrying the Social Security numbers and other personal information on all 64,000 Ohio state employees was stolen from a state worker's car last weekend.

Acrobat, Creative Suite Give Adobe a Boost. Design software maker's quarterly profit rises 24 percent year over year, helped by the upgrades to its two big product lines.

Intel Takes Back Some of AMD's Market Gains. In the picky, performance-sensitive workstation market, the Xeon 5100 has beaten back Opteron.

No Fix Yet for Space Station Computers

Jet Engine Tested at 10 Times Speed of Sound

Common Bats Not Blind After All

Messier 96

Thursday, 14 June

Kodak Lets the Light Shine In with Fourth-pixel Image Advance. Kodak unveiled what it says are "next-generation color filter patterns" designed to more than double the light sensitivity of CMOS or CCD image sensors used in camera phones or digital still cameras.

Intel Readies Massive Multicore Processors. Researchers work to mask the intricate functionality of chips that have as many as 80 cores.

FBI Nabs Three 'Bot Herders.' The FBI said its "Operation Bot Roast" anti-botnet sweep has identified more than 1 million hijacked personal computers and resulted in the arrest of three men.

Sanyo Demos Short Throw Projector Technology. The LP-XL50 will project an image with an 80-inch diagonal size from only 3 inches away.

Wednesday, 13 June

Google, Intel Target Efficient PC Power Supplies. The PC power chain has to got to get in shape, according to a group of technology companies.

SIA Cuts Chip Forecast for 2007. The SIA lowered its forecast for 2007 global microchip sales growth from 10 percent to 1.8 percent.

Microsoft Unleashes a Slew of Critical Fixes. Six bulletins, 15 fixes, most of them critical.

19th-Century Weapon Found in Whale

Hurricane Satellite Nearing Last Gasp

Tuesday, 12 June

Poker Match Pits Man vs. Machine. A poker-playing computer program developed at the University of Alberta will battle against a pair of poker kings in a $50,000 contest this summer.

Maritime Industry to Get Web and Phone Access Around-the-Clock. A new satellite service is designed to promote ship operations efficiency, expand on board business to more closely reflect the home office, and boost crew morale.

California Man Gets 6-Year Sentence for Phishing. Jeffrey Brett Goodin faced a maximum of 101 years behind bars but received only 70 months during his sentencing for e-mail fraud.

PCs to Hit Billion Mark Next Year. Two billion by 2015.

Toshiba Cuts Its HD DVD Sales Forecast by 44%

Researchers Seek DNA Link to Lost Colony

Astronauts' Stay Extended for Thermal Blanket Repair

Friday, 8 June

Apple to Announce Sun File System in Leopard OS. In advance of Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference, word has leaked that Sun's open-source ZFS technology will become the file system in Leopard.

Microsoft Slates Six Patches for Next Week. New advance alert format reveals Vista faces three fixes, two 'critical'

Dell to Sell Notebooks at Sam's Club Stores. Dell will start selling consumer notebook PCs at more than 500 of Wal-Mart's Sam's Club wholesale club stores starting next week.

E.U. Grappling with Galileo. Search fails for private funding for Europe’s version of GPS system.

Thursday, 7 June

Sony Launches More 1,080-Progressive Displays. Sony announced 14 new high-definition televisions with cutting-edge features, slimmer cabinets, and HDMI 1.3.

Wireless Power Could Have Cellphone Users Beaming. A new device can send power across a room using magnetic induction - it could soon be used to recharge electronic equipment remotely.

House Approves Second Anti-Spyware Bill. SPY Act would mandate opt-in regime for downloading software that collects personally identifiable information.

Weather Improves for Friday's Shuttle Launch

Wednesday, 6 June

First Look: Asustek's $199 PC. Budget Eee PC 701 grabs spotlight at Computex 2007.

Chinese Users Sue Symantec Over Update Blunder. At least two lawsuits against Symantec have been filed in the wake of their disastrous virus update last month, which crippled thousands if not millions of Chinese users' PCs.

Flexible Displays Creep Closer to Market. Consumers hoping to enjoy their favorite comics or Harry Potter book in digital form could soon have a flexible alternative to clunky laptop computers.

How to See the Shuttle Off

Tuesday, 5 June

Computex Taipei 2007 Expected to Draw 132,000 Visitors. Computex Taipei 2007, currently the world's second and Asia's largest IT exhibition, is taking place at the Taipei World Trade Center from June 5-9.

Opportunities Abound in Next-generation Gaming Platforms. A comparison of gaming platforms shows just how far gaming has come, what the future holds and where the chip and software opportunities may lie.

Server Makers Show First Barcelona Systems. Servers based on AMD's upcoming quad-core chip are on display from Supermicro, Tyan, and Uniwide.

Apple Turns-out New MacBook Pros; 15-in. Models Get LED Screens. The laptops feature Intel's 'Santa Rosa' chip set, Nvidia graphics.

Fedora 7 Tips Hat to Developers. Red Hat's Fedora Project has released the Fedora 7 version of the Linux operating system, which features a new build capacity allowing for the creation of custom appliances to meet individual needs.

Nintendo Wii Runs Away from The Field in Japanese Console Sales. The sales gap widened last month, with the Wii outselling the PS3 5-to-1.

Intel, Asustek Announce Plans for Low-cost Laptop

Via's Little Motherboards

Monday, 4 June

iPhone to Go on Sale June 29. Apple will start selling its iPhone on June 29, a debut that will test whether the company's design success with Mac computers and iPod media players can carry over into mobile handsets.

Stealthy Attack Method Causes Concern. A new hacking method is causing concern for the lengths it goes to avoid detection by security software and researchers.

New Zero-day Bugs Crop-up in IE, Firefox. The IE flaw could allow attackers to run JavaScript code to hijack a PC.

Sony Drops Price of Incoming Blu-ray Player. Sony's BDP-300 shipping with $499 price tag.

Friday, 1 June

Fast TCP Accelerates Web. Now FastSoft Inc. claims to have redesigned network protocols—dubbed Fast TCP—so networks make maximum use of available bandwidth with existing routers and without new equipment.

Dell to Layoff 10 Percent of Workforce. Despite handily beating Wall Street's earnings expectations, the PC maker will let go nearly 9,000 people as it seeks to trim costs.

40% Efficient Solar Cells

Action in the Cosmic Suburbs

Where Now, for the Wind?

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