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July 31, 2007

Tuesday, 31 July

Businesses Having Second Thoughts About Vista Upgrade. Survey shows more businesses are planning to stick with the Windows they have, or turn to Linux or Mac.

Mario Bros. Game Really a Worm Attack. A malware author is tempting unsuspecting users to open a malicious e-mail attachment by offering up a romp down memory lane with Mario and Luigi.

Court Ruling Supports Claims that Microsoft's First OS Was Stolen

N.Y. Taxi Drivers Irked by GPS

Monday, 30 July

New 'Glamour' Trojan Demands Ransom. Single group is behind two recent ransomware Trojans that encrypt files and demand $300 ransom for a key to unlock them.

Gartner: Windows XP a Shaky Bridge to Windows 7. Gartner warns that businesses that decide to stick with Windows XP -- Windows Vista's predecessor -- until Windows 7 is available may be pushing their luck.

California Report Slams E-voting System Security. Security teams were able to bypass both physical and software security in every electronic voting machine tested.

U.S., EU Agree on GPS/Galileo Joint Design. The United States and the European Union have announced their agreement to jointly adopt and provide an improved design for their respective global navigation satellite system (GNSS) signals.

Friday, 27 July

Apple Grows, but So Does Channel Conflict. Apple's recent quarterly financial report shows blistering growth, but channel partners are starting to see conflicts grow as well.

See-through Transistor Fabricated for Future E-displays. Transparent transistors could help turn ideas such as e-paper, displays on sunglasses, and maps on car windshields into a reality.

Lawmakers Fret Over Digital TV Transition. On February 18, 2009 broadcasters are scheduled to shut off their analog signals.

NASA Announces First Flight of X-48B Blended Wing Aircraft

Thursday, 26 July

Microsoft Cuts Xbox DVD Player to $179. Price trimmed 10 percent for Xbox 360's HD DVD accessory, which now includes five free movies for those who buy in August or September.

Humans Deal Computer a Loss in Poker Challenge. The humans won and the computer lost in The World's First Man-Machine Poker Championship, which pitted two poker masters against a computer program called Polaris.

Windows Vista Sales Reach 60 Million

Wednesday, 25 July

Intel Closes-in on Optical Chips. New 40Gbps silicon laser modulator opens the door to creating chips that transmit data at high speeds using light instead of electrons.

Poker Hotshots Narrowly Defeat Bluffing Computer. Chess champions may have fallen to computer opponents, but the psychological component of poker means humans still rule.

AT&T iPhone Sales Disappoint Apple Investors. Apple is scheduled to release iPhone sales on Wednesday as part of its quarterly earnings report.

Kodak Rolls Sub-$100 Camera with CMOS Image Sensor

Monday, 23 July

Security Team Claims Successful iPhone Hack. A team of security experts said it has found a flaw in the iPhone handset that can be used to access private data stored on it.

Poker Pros to Face Off With Computer. Just as they already have in backgammon, checkers and chess, computers are expected to surpass even the best human poker players within a decade.

Information on 580,000 Military Personnel at Risk. A military contractor admits to the mistake after the information was transmitted online unencrypted.

Seagate Waves Goodbye to IDE Hard Disk Drives. Nearly all top end drives are likely to go the serial ATA (S-ATA) route by the end of the year.

Duke Now Says Cisco, Not iPhone, Caused Wi-Fi Snafu. Apple supporters blame school officials for rush to judgment.

D-Link Xtreme N Gigabit Router Review. A draft 802.11n compliant device that delivers up to 14x faster speeds and 6x farther range than 802.11g.

New Zoom Lens Technology is Created

Friday, 20 July

AMD Sales Rise 13% on Higher CPU Shipment. AMDposted strong sequential revenue growth for the second quarter and narrowed its net loss slightly.

Computer Develops a Brain for Checkers. It took 18 years to figure out all 500 billion billion combinations at checkers, but Canadian scientists have finally programmed a computer that can't be beaten at the 5000-year-old game.

Patent Law Changes Power Ahead in Congress. Sweeping changes to U.S. patent system have been approved by Senate and House committees. The high-tech industry is pleased, but others aren't.

Vista's Growing Pains Leave Room for XP. Because upgrading to Vista can create compatibility problems for some users, retailers and PC makers keep XP in their lineups.

Microsoft's Q4 Profit Dampened by Xbox Woes Sales. Nonetheless grew 13 percent, due to strength in Microsoft's client, business, server and tools divisions.

Thursday, 19 July

WiMax Goes Mainstream. Sprint and Clearwire unveil plans to build a national WiMax network.

Wii Sales in Japan Pass 3 Million. Sales are more than triple those for Sony's PlayStation 3, on the home turf for both consoles.

Worldwide PC Sales Up 12 Percent, Led by HP. HP shipments were up 37%; Dell's were down 5%.

New Phones Overwhelm Campus. Duke University's Wi-Fi network has a problem -- the iPhone.

Toshiba Begins Another Recall of Sony Batteries. Toshiba is recalling a small batch of laptop batteries that could overheat and burn users.

Craps! Neteller to Forfeit $136M. Neteller agreed today to forfeit $136 million in profits and return $94 million in American online gamblers' funds it is holding as part of a plea deal for violating U.S. gambling laws.

Inexpensive Solar Cell Technology Created. U.S. scientists have developed a technology to produce inexpensive solar cells that can be painted or printed on flexible plastic sheets.

Web 2.0 Vulnerabilties. The Ajax-JSON combo holds surprises even for cautious developers.

Disney Subcontractor Caught Selling Customer Data. Here's a goofy story that's not the least bit funny.

FBI's Secret Spyware Tracks Down Teen Who Made Bomb Threats

Abit IP35 Pro Mainboard Review

Space Junk Likely to Hit Earth

The Hercules Cluster of Galaxies

Wednesday, 18 July

Confessions of a Former Spammer. Retired spammer reveals his tricks of the trade and projects the spam business will only get worse.

Corn Biofuel 'Dangerously Oversold' as Green Energy

Tuesday, 17 July

Dow Hits 14,000 for 1st Time. Blue-chip average strikes milestone as a generally tame inflation report drives gains.

U.S. Could Reach GPS-Galileo Agreement this Week. The United States and the European Union are close to signing an agreement that would allow their satellite navigation systems to work together to provide more accurate images and information.

Gaming Laptops are a Complete Joke. A fool and his money...

Hackers Steal Government, Corporate Data.

Monday, 16 July

What Search Engines Store About You. Many users are in the dark as to how much of their personal information is retained by search engines, how long the data is kept, and what security measures they can take.

Italy Arrests 26 for Phishing. Italian authorities are bringing charges in a scam involving fraudulent e-mail to bank customers. Italy has become the latest country to clamp down on phishing.

Friday, 13 July

Microsoft Upgrade Stuffed My Computer. Happy Friday 13.

Dell Faces Overclocking Issue on Quad-core Desktops. The company has to temporarily stop taking orders for its XPS 720 H2C high-end computer, which 'overclocks' an Intel Core 2 Extreme chip for extra processing power.

iPhone Sales Near Million Mark. Just two weeks since June 29 launch, as many as 950,000 of the gadgets have been sold.

Logitech Takes Mouse Off Pad. Logitech has unveiled a laser mouse that uses motion-control and wireless technology so users can click, scroll and perform other control functions while holding the unit in the air from across a room.

Game Expo Thrill Gone as Focus on Business. Seeking to make this week's E3 Media and Business Summit more business-friendly than in previous years, organizers have locked out most of the gamers.

World's Largest Optical Telescope to See First Light

Thursday, 12 July

Microsoft Sued in Xbox 360 Class Action Lawsuit. Microsoft sued for its Xbox 360 making rings, but not of the red variety.

Pause TV is Coming. Get ready for Pause TV, a television receiver equipped with flash memory that lets TV viewers pause for a fridge break or rewind in mid-broadcast for instant replays.

FBI: Expect More Spam Prosecutions. U.S. Internet users should expect a growing number of prosecutions for sending spam and related activities, such as creating botnets, officials with two U.S. law enforcement organizations said.

Court Denies Webcasters' Stay Appeal. With a looming July 15 deadline to pay new rate hikes, webcasters turn to Congress.

Experts Warn of Lightning-Strike Injuries with iPods

Rising Prices Could End Wasteful Gas Flaring

Tuesday, 10 July

AMD Releases Two New TV Wonders. New PCIe x1 and USB 2 tuners for desktop and mobile users.

Storm Worm Masquerades as Phony Virus Warning. If you receive an e-mail warning you that a virus or spyware has been detected on your system, just delete it.

Botnets, Spam Used in Stock Scheme. SEC says two Texas men allegedly hijacked computers and cheated investors out of more than $4.6 million.

Software Consultant Who Stole Data on 110,000 People Gets Five-year Sentence. He later attempted to sell the info.

An Electronic Cure for Cancer?

Small, Yes, but Mighty: The Molecule Called Water

Three-Armed Robot to Work on Space Station

Monday, 9 July

Sony Cuts Price on PlayStation 3 by $100. Sony cut the price of the PlayStation 3 by $100, or 17 percent, in the United States, a move that should boost the video game console's lackluster sales.

N.H. Gov. Signs Bill that Rejects Federal Real ID Law. Says financial, personal costs too high for state's residents.

AMD Cuts Prices on Its Desktop CPUs. The chipmaker puts the pressure on Intel by chopping prices so that all its dual-core Athlon 64 X2 processors will cost less than $200.

Boeing Unveils the First 787 Dreamliner to the Public

The Most Distant Sun

Ford Pushes Plug-in Vehicles

Friday, 6 July

Microsoft Plans $1 Billion Charge for Xbox Repairs. Microsoft said "an unacceptable number of repairs" to its Xbox 360 will force it to take a charge of more than $1 billion.

AMD: Barcelona Based on Customer Input. Feedback on power consumption and ability to upgrade was key to the design of the quad-core processor, says chipmaker.

Half of Americans Have Home Broadband Access. Report finds increased high-speed Internet use among minorities and the poor.

Bright Galaxy NGC 2903

Thursday, 5 July

New Generation of Lighter Displays to Take on LCDs. New screens that glow on their own are taking on their clunkier liquid crystal display rivals, which require powerful backlighting.

Gates Passed as World's Richest Man. Mexican telecom tycoon Carlos Slim has surpassed Bill Gates as the world's richest man.

AMD Barcelona Not Fast Enough to Beat Intel Core 2. "AMD's performance estimates are based on a leisurely 2GHz clock speed, which is lower than expected and suggests room for significant gains."

Huge Sucking Sound from Gadgets. Computers, flat-screen TVs, digital radios suck more electricity out of the grid than earlier gizmos did.

Tuesday, 3 July

Video Games Interfere with Homework but Not Family. Children who play video games spend a third less time reading and doing homework, but still find time for friends and family.

Database Administrator Blamed for Stealing Info on 2.3 Million Consumers. Civil charges have been filed against a man officials claim stole the information and then sold it to a data broker who then sold it to market companies.

IPhone Parts Cost About $200. The prices for materials, however, are initial estimates, according to analyst firm Portelligent.

Console Service Center Refuses to Repair Xbox 360 RROD. Micromart, which used to repair the Xbox 360, has posted a notice on its website that it “has now withdrawn from offering a repair service for the dreaded 3 Red Lights fault.”

Monday, 2 July

Some iPhone Customers Put on Hold. Some iPhone customers are having activation problems.

Under the Hood: Inside the Apple iPhone. Semiconductor Insights dove inside the iPhone to find out what technologies and companies Apple relied on to create what has become the single hottest consumer device on the planet.

Apple iPhone: Fun, Fabulous and Flawed. The most over-hyped product of the decade is a sublime media player and a flawed phone.

Hands on: Five Things I Love, and Three I Don't, About the iPhone. It may not be perfect, but it's darn close.

IPhone Used as Bait for Malicious Web Site. The malicious site is set up to use 10 different ActiveX vulnerabilities to install a rootkit that turns the infected machine into a bot.

Boffo Box Office for iPhone. Apple sells about 525,000 iPhones at Apple and AT&T stores in first weekend.

Retailers Estimate Xbox 360 Failure Rate High as 33 Percent. Nearly one in every three Xbox 360 consoles fail, according to retailer reports...

Wii Outsells PS3 in Japan 6 to 1. Nintendo's game console led Sony's fourfold in April and fivefold in May. Wii maker now one of Japan's 10 most valuable companies.

Motherboard Maker Asustek to Split into Three. Asustek will separate its name brand product business from its contract manufacturing operations.

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