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Tech News, Etc.
January 2007

Wednesday, 31 January

Workaround Discovered for "Clean Install" with the Vista Upgrade. Microsoft internal documentation reveals workaround for Vista Upgrade DVDs with no need for a previous version of Windows.

Sony Looks at Further Price Cuts on PS3. Although Sony is blaming its faltering profits partly on PlayStation 3 price cuts in Japan, a senior executive said that further slashing prices may be in store.

HDTVs: Super Bowl of Low Prices? The Super Bowl could drive prices of high-def sets lower than ever.

Calif. Mulls Law to Ban Incandescent Lightbulbs

Heavy Fusion Comes to the Laboratory

Tuesday, 30 January

Slide Show: Vista Is Here! Microsoft enlisted acrobats, drummers, laser lights and executives offering lofty predictions for Vista to celebrate the launch of its new OS in New York City January 29-30.

Apple Starts Selling 802.11n Software for $2. The software activates the 802.11n wireless hardware in most Intel Core 2 Duo- and Xeon-based iMac, Mac Pro, MacBook, and MacBook Pro computers.

Startup Powers Novel Route for Notebook Batteries. Startup Boston-Power debuts a lithium ion battery for notebook computers that promises a faster charge time and a lifespan three times that of existing batteries.

12% Semiconductor Growth Predicted for 2007. Future Horizons believes the worldwide semiconductor market will grow at 12 percent this year.

PS3 Price Cut Pulls Down Sony Profits. Sony's core electronics business more than doubled profits in the last quarter of 2006, but failed to offset price cuts to its PlayStation 3 game console...

Microsoft Windows Vista: Look Before You Leap. Vista offers a lot of improvements over Windows XP, but most of them are conveniences rather than essentials.

Hubble's Main Camera Permanently Hobbled

Thor's Helmet from CFHT

Ancient Village Unearthed Near Stonehenge

Monday, 29 January

Microsoft Debuts Consumer Vista. Redmond giant rolls out first consumer version of its operating system in five years.

No More Clean Installs Using Upgrade Discs With Windows Vista. Microsoft adjusts its policy for user with Vista upgrade CDs...

Adobe Relinquishes: PDF To Become Formal Standard. Adobe Systems said Monday it plans to turn its PDF specification over to an industry association.

Microsoft Warns of New Zero-Day Flaw. The software maker looks into a flaw that allows perpetrators to target users via Microsoft Word 2000.

Verizon: New Fiber Rollout Isn’t Cheap. Verizon will spend $17.5 billion to $17.9 billion on capital expenditures in 2007–most of allocated to bring fiber into homes.

Friday, 26 January

Symantec Reports New Zero-Day Word Bug. Attackers are using a critical, unpatched vulnerability in Microsoft Word -- the fourth known unfixed flaw in the popular word processor -- to hijack computers.

Will Online Gambling Return? Don’t bet on it, but a WTO decision in favor of tiny Antigua opens the betting window a sliver.

Microsoft Rivals Claim Vista Violates European Antitrust Rules. Elements of Vista violate a 2004 European Commission finding that Microsoft's bundling of applications and operating systems is anticompetitive, the group charges.

Sun Did Not Blow Water Off Mars, Study Finds

Fill It Up... with Electricity Please

Wednesday, 24 January

Microsoft Plans New Vista, Office Promos for Local System Builders. Microsoft aims to drive more Windows Vista and Office 2007 sales through the channel by throwing free HDTV adapters, flash drives, wireless routers and photo printers into system builder bundles.

Linux Desktop Gets a New (X) Face. It's not just about KDE and GNOME anymore.

DLP Pioneer Tells How TI did It with Mirrors

Ultracapacitor Power Cells: Silver Bullet or Lead Balloon?

Tuesday, 23 January

802.11n Spec Advances with 'Scanning' Option. The draft standard, approved 100-0 with five abstentions, will be known temporarily as Draft 1.10, becoming 2.0 within a month if no objections surface.

Intel Upgrades Centrino with 802.11n. The chipmaker will begin to identify which Intel-based laptops have the next-generation wireless component.

Intel to Push Development of Mini-ITX Form Factor Mini PCs, Say Sources. Intel plans to push the market for mini PCs by promoting sales of motherboards based on the Mini-ITX form factor developed by VIA Technologies.

Latest McAfee Upgrade Jams-up Lotus Notes. The latest upgrade to McAfee's VirusScan Enterprise security software is causing hiccups for some versions of IBM's Lotus Notes.

Vista Service Pack 1 Set for 2H'07 Release

Winged Dinosaur Glided Like Biplane

Monday, 22 January

AMD Cuts Prices for Mid- and Low-end Processors. AMD has announced price cuts for its mid- and low-end Athlon 64 X2 processors amid earlier reports that Intel plans to slash prices for its older Pentium D CPUs.

Intel Reclaims Spot in Sun Servers. With the move, Sun becomes the last of the four tier-one server sellers to rely jointly on x86 processors from Intel and AMD.

Microsoft Steps-up Efforts to Ensure Users Are Legit. Cori Hartje, director of Microsoft's Genuine Software Initiative, said she was "absolutely shocked" at how fast volume license keys for the company's software can be spread to illicit users...

BestBuy.com Shows LG's Hybrid Blu-ray/HD DVD Player In Stock. $1,199.

Counterpoint: Does OS X Really Outshine Vista?


Friday, 19 January

Storm Worm Rages Across the Globe. Worm baits people with timely information about a real-life front in Europe, creating one of the larger attacks in recent years.

SEMI Reports Strong December Book-to-Bill. North American-based manufacturers of semiconductor equipment rallied to end 2006 on a positive note.

AT&T Offers Combo Plan for Home, Cell Calls. AT&T plans to announce today that it will offer unlimited calling between its residential phone customers and nationwide Cingular Wireless phone customers.

10 Key Licensing, Pricing Changes for Vista, Office 2007. Microsoft has instituted at least 10 pricing and licensing changes for Windows Vista and Office 2007.

Swedish Bank Suffers biggest Internet Heist Yet

Ball Lightning Explained?

Thursday, 18 January

Chelsio Rolls 10GBase-T Adapter Cards. The first server adapter cards are beginning to flow for sending Ethernet packets at 10 Gbits/second up to 100 meters over standard copper cables.

T.J. Maxx Parent Says Customer Data Stolen. Operator of T.J. Maxx and Marshalls retail chains does not yet know extent of theft or number of customers affected.

Apple Posts Record Q1 Revs. The consumer electronics giant has announced record-setting revenues and profits for Q1.

HP Extends Lead Over Dell. Two studies show race for top spot in world PC sales market clearly going to Palo Alto. US Loses Ground in Global PC Sales League.

Intel's Shrinking Margins Signal AMD's Rise. Industry analysts say continued margin pressure in the microprocessor arena is one of the clearest signs yet that AMD is gradually prying loose Intel's grip on the market.

Microsoft to Promote Online Purchase and Upgrade of Vista.
Microsoft announced today that it will allow consumers to purchase, upgrade, or add additional licenses of Windows Vista online.

Wednesday, 17 January

TI Moves on Solid State Lighting. Texas Instruments has adopted solid state lighting sources for its latest digital light processing (DLP) flat-panel display technology.

More Than 130 Million HDMI Devices to be Shipped in 2007. More than 130 million devices featuring high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) are expected to be shipped in 2007.

Digital Music Sales Double in 2006. Digital music sales doubled in 2006 thanks to better distribution, but the rise hasn't made up for the decline in CD sales.

PCI Express Turns 2.0. Group announces faster version of tech used to plug everything from video cards to InfiniBand adapters into computers.

Intel Profit Drops 39%. Net income fell 39 percent in the fourth quarter amid a prolonged and bruising price war with rival AMD.

Attack Code Out for 'Critical' Windows Flaw. Computer code that exploits a recently disclosed flaw in the way Windows handles Vector Markup Language documents has been published on the Internet.

Cheap, Safe Drug Kills Most Cancers

Tuesday, 16 January

HP Claims Advance in Semiconductor Nanotechnology. Researchers at HP have devised a way to make a specialized type of computer chip up to eight times denser using nanotechnology.

Seagate Announces World's Fastest Hard Drive. Seagate claims that its newest 2.5-inch 15K-RPM hard drive is the fastest in the world.

Flaming Batteries: Dell Hit with Class Sction Suit. Complaint filed against Dell Canada alleges company knew of notebook problems but continued to sell the machines.

Netflix Launches Direct Download Service for PCs. Netflix aims to roll out online movie viewing to all users by the end of June.

U.S. Detains Gambling Execs. Neteller, the e-processor built on Internet gambling, said its two founders have been picked up by authorities.

Six Rootkit Detectors Protect Your System. While many security suites have a basic level of detection, these standalone tools will do a search-and-destroy on the rootkits that may be hiding in your system.

40,000-Year-Old Skull has Modern Human and Neandertal Traits

Friday, 12 January

AT&T to Phase-out Cingular Brand. Will begin to extinguish next week the brand of cellphone operator Cingular, built up with billions of dollars over a few years, to imprint its more-than-century-old name firmly across its services.

Silicon Valley Burglars Busted. Two men are accused of orchestrating at least 12 late-night computer burglaries of tech firms around Sunnyvale, Calif.

Canon to Buy Toshiba's Stake in Display Unit. Canon said it will buy-out Toshiba in their flat-panel display venture to resolve a patent dispute with Nano-Proprietary Inc.

Partners Claim Gigabit Crypto. A quantum cyptography developer has teamed with an Australian cypto company to create what the partners claim is the world's first gigabit secure network, combining uncrackable quantum keys with classical encryption.

Intel countersues Transmeta. Firing back against Transmeta's October patent infringement lawsuit, Intel has denied any wrongdoing and made patent infringement allegations of its own.

U.S. Trails in Tech Exports to China. Europe, Japan were the leading exporters as China purchased a record amount of technology in 2006.

Money for Vista, IE Bugs. VeriSign's iDefense Labs will pay $8,000 for the first six confirmed vulnerabilities.

AMD Warns on Q4 Outlook. Chip maker cites lower average prices as it competes with rival Intel.

Latest orbiter sees '97 Mars Pathfinder

Thursday, 11 January

Cisco Sues Apple Over iPhone Trademark. Cisco claims Apple used a front company to try to obtain rights to iPhone name for cell phone.

iPhone on the Trailing EDGE. Apple’s phone breaks new ground for its cool features, but as a network device it falls short.

Excess Chip Inventory Keeps Growing. Surplus semiconductor inventories in the global electronics supply chain rose again in the fourth quarter of 2006.

Lack of Interoperability Stunts Powerline Networking. The lack of interoperability in powerline networking products used in homes is dramatically slowing down potential growth.

Adobe Patches Acrobat Security Flaw

Nature’s Frugal Glues Provide Insight for Optimized Adhesives

2006 Hottest Year on Record for U.S.

Wednesday, 10 January

AMD Develops Open Specification for Small Form Factor PCs. AMD said that it is developing guidelines for computer case and motherboard design that will allow the creation of improved small form factor PCs (SFF PCS).

Analyst: iPhone too Expensive, Won't Top Razr. Touch screens have proved to be less effective for text and data entry...

10 Hot Products from CES

NGC 602 and Beyond

Tuesday, 9 January

Jobs Unveils Apple Phone. "Today Apple is going to reinvent the phone, and here it is," company's CEO says at Macworld of newly unveiled iPhone.

SCO Bankruptcy Called Imminent. Groklaw reports that SCO's bankruptcy is "inevitable" and "imminent." If this is the end, it seems to leave Novell in a curious position.

Cisco Patches Secure ACS Vulnerabilities. Cisco has patched five vulnerabilities in its Secure Access Control Server (ACS)...

CEA Forecasts $155B in Consumer Electronics Revenue. Consumer electronics will to exceed $155 billion in 2007, thanks to TVs, gaming consoles and MP3 players.

FTC Goes After Payments Processor. InterBill, harmacycards.com allegedly debited $2.4M from consumers' bank accounts without permission.

Retiree Data Lost in Laptop Theft. Laptops stolen from Manhattan-based Towers Perrin offices.

CES 2007: SanDisk Introduces 1GB MP3 Player for $60

Monday, 8 January

The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Starts in Las Vegas

AMD ATI TV Wonder Digital Cable Tuner. AMD unveiled the industry’s first device that enables users to watch and record high definiton digital cable content, such as HD ESPN and HD HBO, on their PCs.

CES 2007: Intel Rolls Out Quad-Core Desktop and Server Chips. Intel launched its first quad-core desktop processor for mainstream PCs and two quad-core chips for single-socket servers.

Competitors Unimpressed with LG's Super Multi Blue. LG Electronics unveiled a dual-format high-definition DVD player at CES supporting both HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc formats.

Gates Unveils Vision for a Connected World. Microsoft's chairman introduces at CES new products that promote the idea of a 'connected' digital home.

Sharp Announces 108-Inch LCD TV. Sharp revealed a prototype of the world's first 108-inch LCD at its press conference.

Tiny New Cable May Spur Big Technological Advances

Friday, 5 January

The Second Xbox 360 Revealed. Code named Zephyr, the console have a 65nm processor, HDMI port with 1080p resolution, and a 120GB drive.

Terabyte Wars: Hitachi Aims To Beat Seagate To Market With 1-Tbyte Drive. A day after Seagate announced plans to ship a 1-Tbyte hard drive in the first half of this year, Hitachi said it would release its first 1-Tbyte drive within three months.

Consumer Electronics Retailers Post Strong December Sales. The nation's two biggest consumer electronics retailers, Best Buy and Circuit City, reported strong December sales on Friday, a bright spot in a month that was weak for many other retailers.

Sonic Unveils Anti-copying Technology for Movies Burned to DVDs

Thursday, 4 January

SanDisk and Samsung Want to Replace Hard Disks in Laptops with Flash Drives. SanDisk sought to trump Samsung with a 32-Gbyte solid-state disk drive (SSD).

Storage Companies Push Flash-Embedded Drives. Patience may be a virtue, but when it comes to getting faster boot-up times for computers, no one will complain.

LG to Show Dual HD DVD/Blu-ray Player. The player will be unveiled at next week's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Online Spending Tops $100 Billion. Driven by a strong rise in holiday spending, U.S. retail Web sites collected $102.1 billion in 2006, marking a 24 percent increase over last year.

2007 Predicted to be World's Warmest Year

Wednesday, 3 January

Apple Sees Mac Sales Surge. Apple saw revenue from sales of Macintosh computers rise 19 percent during the second quarter and 18 percent for the year ended Sept. 30, with notebooks leading the way.

VIA is Looking for New C7 Markets. The C7 was a magnificent step foward in terms of design and manufacturing. Its die size is a mere 31 mm2, making it the smallest x86-based processor in production today.

Apple and HP to Launch LED-based Notebooks. US-based brands such as Apple and Hewlett Packard (HP) are expected to launch notebooks using LEDs as the backlight source.

Home Net Hang-ups Persist. Interoperability, quality and ease of use top the list of hang-ups for engineers trying to build the digital home.

Acrobat Reader Plugin Vulnerable to Attacks. Security researchers are poring over what one vendor has called a "breathtaking" weakness in the Web browser plugin for Adobe's Acrobat Reader, used to open the popular ".pdf" file format.

New Year, New Look For PC-BSD. The desktop version of FreeBSD gets a makeover.

The Amiga is Dead. Long Live the Amiga! AmigaOS 4 launches after last Amiga compatible dies.

MySQL is on Track with New Storage Engine. The alpha version of Falcon should be available for download within a week

Amazon Forest Relies on Dust From One Saharan Valley

Tuesday, 2 January

Welcome Back Ma Bell! The biggest telecommunications merger in U.S. history just received federal approval...

Chip Industry Posts Another Record Month. Global sales of semiconductors reached $22.7 billion in November, marking the fifth consecutive month of record sales.

Media, Tech Companies Probe Possible High-Def DVD Hack. The companies behind an encryption system for high-definition DVDs are looking into a hacker's claim that he has cracked the code protecting the new discs.

The Other Guys in Digital TV. Not long ago, Polaroid, Vizio and Westinghouse were footnotes in television manufacturing. That's no longer the case.

Worm Wishes You Happy New Year. Beware the postcards of doom.

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