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Tech News, Etc.
Last updated: February 2007

Wednesday, 28 February

Analog TV Nears sign-off as DTV Mandate Approaches. U.S. retailers will be taking analog TVs off their shelves at midnight Wednesday (Feb. 28) when a government mandate takes effect requiring all TVs sold in the U.S. to include a digital TV tuner.

CompUSA to Close More than Half of U.S. Stores. On heels of similar announcement from Circuit City, CompUSA said it will close 126 retail shops in coming months.

AMD Announces New ATI Chipset For Windows Vista. AMD has announced a new ATI-based chipset that is optimized for Windows Vista and offers support for 3-D graphics, Aero user interface, and built-in support for DVI and HTMI as well as Direct X9.

Atom-thick Carbon Transistor Could Succeed Silicon. Unlike similar experimental devices, these easy-to-make nanoscale transistors can control the flow of individual electrons at room temperature.

States from Maine to Oregon Brace for Daylight-Saving Time. Computer Bug. State IT leaders have been bombarding subordinates and end-users with memos and bulletins outlining their concerns.

Military Wireless Net Kills Garage Door Openers

Stars, Dust and Nebula in NGC 2170

Tuesday, 27 February

Tinkerers Treasure Tiny Motherboards, Photos. As the Mini-ITX turns 5, here's a look at some creative places that modders have found for it. Think accordians and waffle irons.

Lenovo to Cut 1,000 Jobs. Lenovo, the world's No. 3 PC maker, has approved a preliminary plan to slash more than 1,000 jobs to cut costs as price competition remains intense.

Faster LCD Panels Are Next Front in TV Battle. Latest buzz in LCDs is around technology that doubles the rate at which images are displayed.

Cell Phone Spammer Slammed with $200,000 Fine. After a year-and-a-half-long legal battle, Verizon Wireless wins a permanent injunction against Specialized Programming and Marketing and its owner.

160GB Flash Drives Appear. Adtron intros ultra-fast 2.5" flash HDDs.

Practical Fusion, or Just a Bubble?

Hail Damages Space Shuttle's Fuel Tank

Monday, 26 February

Sony Announces Cheaper Blu-ray Player. The BDP-S300 will cost $599, yet will have the same capabilities as the $999 BDP-S1 Sony is currently selling.

Hospital Laptop Stolen; Info On 7,800 Patients at Risk. Austin, Texas, police are investigating after security cameras captured video of the thief carrying out a laptop and a projector from a Seton Family of Hospitals office.

Problems Arise with Vista Validation. Users who paid for a retail key being told that their copy is "no longer genuine" and that the key is in use.

PC Makers' Changing Faces, Apple's Coming 'Bypass Vista' Campaign. Leopard and its surrounding applications have been focused almost specifically to take Vista out at the knees.

Lockheed's F-22 Raptor Gets Zapped by International Date Line. When the group of Raptors crossed over the IDL, all of their computer systems crashed.

Friday, 23 February

European PS3 Will Play Fewer Old Games. The European version of PlayStation 3 will play fewer PlayStation 2 video games compared with models launched earlier in Japan and America, Sony said Friday.

Gartner: x86 Server Sales Growth Slowed in Q4. Sales growth for x86 servers slowed in the fourth quarter of 2006 as buyers adopted virtualization technology and waited for quad-core processors, according to a Gartner report.

PC Speakers that Rock. From subwoofers that throttle to satellites that sparkle...

Microsoft Ordered to Pay $1.52 Billion for MP3 Patent Infringement. Alcatel-Lucent draws big buckets of blood in continuing legal battles with Microsoft.

Humans, Chimps Split 4 Million Years Ago

U.S. Solar Use Growing Despite Manufacturing Woes

Scientists Build a Better Rocket Engine

Thursday, 22 February

Google Apps Go Pro. Is this the beginning of the end for Microsoft's desktop dominance?

NEC to Cut Jobs, Etc. While lowering its full-year financial estimates, NEC Electronics said it will slash 600 jobs, shift 400 engineers...

Apple, Cisco Settle iPhone Dispute. Cisco and Apple have settled a dispute over rights to use the iPhone name. Under terms of the agreement, both companies have the right to use the name.

Nintendo Wii Outsells PS3, Xbox 360 During January

Mystery Over Australia

Teen Stumbles Upon Huge Fossil Find

Einstein + Bacteria DNA = Organic Computer Breakthrough

Catalysts May Save 'Stranded' Natural Gas

Wednesday, 21 February

Google Desktop Vulnerability Fixed. Google has fixed a serious vulnerability in its popular Google Desktop software that could allow remote attackers to access confidential files and gain full control over affected PCs.

Used Hard Drives Offer Treasure Trove of Private Information. A wise IT manager will double-check to make sure those hard drives are wiped clean before they go out the door.

Feds Finally Extradite Alleged Warez Kingpin. Former head of DrinkorDie piracy group charged with conspiracy, criminal copyright infringement.

HP Beats Street. Strong notebook, consumer PC sales bolster HP as it turns its sights on software.

Online 911 System Proposed. University of Maryland researchers have proposed the creation of an online 911 system that people could use to report information during a disaster or to work together to save lives.

Patent Dispute Could Shut Down Vonage. If broadband phone company Vonage Holdings loses in court to Verizon Communications, it could shut down.

Australia Makes Move From Incandescent to Fluorescent Lighting

Cleaner Coal Is Attracting Some Doubts

Tuesday, 20 February

DRM vs. ERM: The Battle for Control of Your Data. There is a secret battle raging within your enterprise and in your home: control of electronic data.

'Bank Raid' Risk for Web Users. Up to half of home broadband customers may be susceptible to a type of attack known as 'drive-by pharming.'

Startup Uses Silicon Structures to Inject Vaccines. There is no painful "needle prick", and most substances can be administered painlessly.

AMD Introduces Energy-Efficient Chips. Dell's Alienware division, Fujitsu Siemens, Systemax, and Voodoo PC are all early adopters.

AMD Releases DTX Specification. AMD makes the official DTX specifications available to partners.

Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 Available for Free. The program allows Windows users to run multiple operating systems at once from a single physical computer.

Science Finds Ways to Regrow Fingers

Wednesday, 7 February

Amazon, TiVo to Test Movie Downloads to TVs. Amazon.com and TiVo on Wednesday plan to begin testing a service that lets users watch videos rented or bought on the Internet directly on televisions.

Internet Backbone at Center of Suspected Attack. Hackers may have targeted DNS servers that form the backbone of the Internet--but no damage was done, experts believe.

Video Games Can Improve Your Vision. Playing high-action video games for a few hours each day can improve your vision, according to researchers in the U.S. But an eye expert in the U.K. called their findings into question.

Is Kodak Starting an Inkjet War? Kodak 'bets the ranch' on new printers and cheaper ink, which analysts say will force rivals to respond.

Apple's Jobs Calls for End to Protected Music. Steve Jobs posted a "thoughts on music" essay on Apple's Web site, which encouraged record labels to put an end to DRM-encoded music.

Samsung LCD Boasts 100,000:1 Contrast with Local Dimming LED Backlights. Backlighting technique gives LCD screens contrast capabilities that rival high-end plasma TVs.

Scientists Devise Test for String Theory

Monday, 5 February

VA Investigating Another Missing Hard Disk Drive. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is investigating a missing hard drive containing the personal records of 48,000 military veterans, the agency said.

Excel Under Zero-day Attack. Spreadsheet-focused attack affects several versions of Office software, including one for Macs.

Microsoft Raises Support Fees for Windows, Office. Users of Microsoft software will to pay a higher price to get help. Per-incident support prices for Windows and Office just got a more expensive.

Friday, 2 February

Dell Faces Lawsuit Over Alleged Intel Pact. Complaint says Dell received as much as $1 billion a year in "secret" kickbacks from Intel to ensure Dell's loyalty, newspaper reports.

Dutch Spammer Fined $97,000 for Sending 9 billion Unwanted E-mails

Flame Nebula Close-Up

Thursday, 1 February

Highway to Dell. Michael Dell has reassumed the position of CEO.

Flat-panel TV Sales Doubled in North America in 4Q. Unit sales for flat-panel TVs in North America were up 101% on year in the fourth quarter of 2006.

Pandemic Flu May be Only Two Mutations Away

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