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Tech News, Etc.
December 2007

Thursday, 20 December

FTC Okays Google/DoubleClick Deal. The U.S. FTC says it will not block Google's acquisition of DoubleClick, saying the deal "is unlikely to substantially lessen competition."

Trojan Bumps Google Ads from Web Pages. Google may be powerless to stop a Trojan horse program that replaces its text ads on Web pages with ads from another source, posing a threat to the company's revenue.

Weekend Sales Help E-tailers Bounce Back. After a midweek slump, e-commerce sales picked up again over the weekend; but with only one week to go, the jury's still out for the overall season.

Moon is Younger and More Earth-like than Thought

Wednesday, 19 December

Google Toolbar Flaw Opens Door for Phishers. Google is already at work trying to patch the flaw, which could allow criminals to steal data or install malicious software on a system.

TorrentSpy Loses Copyright Case. A federal court terminates the case, ruling in favor of movie studios in a lawsuit against the popular BitTorrent indexing service.

Carbon Electrodes Could Slash Cost of Solar Panels. Transparent electrodes made of thin sheets of graphene could make solar cells and LCDs without using up rare mineral resources.

Nanowire Battery Holds 10 Times the Charge of Existing Ones. Stanford researchers have found a way to use silicon nanowires to reinvent the rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that power laptops, iPods, video cameras, cell phones, and countless other devices.

Senate Passes Energy Bill

Tuesday, 18 December

Nanosolar 'Prints' First Flexible Solar Cells. The San Jose company says it's aiming (eventually) to deliver solar electricity for less than a dollar per watt.

Price Makes GPS More Accessible. On Black Friday, shoppers were tripping over themselves to buy the heavily discounted portable navigation devices...

Apple Patches Tiger and Leopard. Apple plugs 31 security flaws across its current OS X lineup.

Internet Explorer Crippled by Microsoft Patch. Users complain about last week's security update.

Outlook for Holiday Shopping Remains Bright

Monkeys Perform Arithmetic as Well as College Students

Monday, 17 December

FireWire Speeds Set to Quadruple. Backers say a new electrical specification will see the speed of the data-interfacing standard rise from 800Mbps to 3.2Gbps.

Toshiba Shows First HD DVD-RW Laptop. Toshiba will begin selling later this week the first laptop computer to feature a rewritable HD DVD optical disc drive, the company said on Monday.

The ABCs of 1080p HDTVs . If you want the full high-def experience, check out some of these 1080p HDTV sets.

At 60, Are Transistors Over the Hill?

Dell Reinventing Itself, but Support Issues Linger

U.S. Makes Deals on Internet Gambling

Synthetic DNA Yields Advances

Friday, 14 December

Bugs at the Core Delay AMD's Next-gen Chips. CEO Hector Ruiz and other AMD execs fessed up that bugs in its new quad-core Barcelona server and Phenom desktop chips will delay these key next-generation technologies.

Intel Grabbing Chip Lead: Gartner. Laptop sales are seen helping the world's largest chipmaker.

Wii, "Call of Duty" Top U.S. Charts in November. Nintendo Wii held on to its spot as the No. 1 video game console in the United States in November, selling 981,000 units.

Tech Spending Will Slow In 2008. Businesses are expected to be particularly cautious with spending on big-ticket computer and telecom equipment.

New Trojan Attacks Clients at Four Worldwide Banks. The sophisticated form of malware allows attackers to infiltrate customers' banking sessions without accessing a user name or password.

Be Sure to See Tonight's 'Great' Meteor Shower

Thursday, 13 December

Northrop Grumman Creates One-Terahertz Transistor. It won't find its way into a CPU anytime soon, but the defense giant's new transistor could make for some interesting wireless devices.

Windows Vista SP1 Includes More than 300 Hot Fixes. Microsoft has made available a 47-page document that describes the fixes and says more may be added.

Release Candidate of Windows Vista SP1 Now Available

Bamboo PC

Current Melting Of Greenland's Ice Mimicks 1920s-1940s Event

Wednesday, 12 December

Windows Vista SP1 Includes More than 300 Hot Fixes. Microsoft has made available a 47-page document that describes the fixes and says more may be added.

Commodore 64 Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary. An Apple II PC being sold by Commodore International in 1982? It came very close to happening, but luckily for Apple, Commodore rejected the idea, instead going with its revolutionary Commodore 64.

Zero-day Flaw Haunts HP Laptop Models. A zero-day hole in several major HP laptop models could provide an easy way for hackers to take complete control of Windows machines,

Year's Best Meteor Shower Set to Dazzle

Tuesday, 11 December

D-Link Cuts Prices of Entry-level 802.11n Routers. D-Link has lowered unit prices of its entry-level 802.11n routers to below US$50

Microsoft Ramps-up Anti-piracy Efforts with 52 Lawsuits. The company filed a deck of lawsuits against alleged software pirates, seeking to stem the tide on a $40 billion industry.

HP's Hurd Pledges Increased Channel Investment for 2008. HP CEO Mark Hurd said that HP plans to invest more in the channel in 2008 as it seeks to improve sales coverage and grab more market share.

Voyager 2 Discovers Solar System is Bent

Sunshine-to-Petrol Project Seeks Fuel from Thin Air

Monday, 10 December

Toshiba to Make Solid-state Drives in Push for Flash. The world's No. 2 maker of NAND-type flash memory said its solid state drives would range in capacity from 32 gigabytes to 128 gigabytes.

CompUSA to Close All Stores After the Holiday Season. Massive losses and stiff competition lead to a battered and broken CompUSA...

Good, Bad and Ugly of LEDs

NASA Delays Shuttle Launch to January After Fuel Sensor Glitch

Friday, 7 December

Apple Leopard Users Hit With 'Green Screen Of Death.' The glitch may be caused by graphics card drivers not optimized for Mac OS X 10.5.

Gartner: Large Businesses Shouldn't Skip Vista. Planning to skip Windows Vista altogether, waiting for Microsoft's next operating system?

Hey, Best Buy! You're Getting a Dell. Best Buy has agreed to start selling Dell Inc. desktop and laptop computers in its U.S. retail stores within the next few weeks.

Ireland to Ban Incandescent Lightbulbs

Tuesday, 4 December

Price War Between Intel and AMD Winding Down. Pinched by microprocessor price wars, Intel. and AMD are trying to move away from competing over prices and toward competing on features and functionality instead.

Windows Flaw Could Steer IE to Hackers. Flaw in the way Windows looks up other computers on the Internet resurfaces and could expose some customers to online attacks.

Nokia's Unlimited Music Offer Turns Market on Head

Monday, 3 December

IT Spending to See Anemic Start in '08. The new year will see belt-tightening in the IT industry, as many customers look to hold down their technology spending, according to a study from ChangeWave Research.

Solid-state Drives Aim at HDDs' Heart. Based on standard NAND flash, SSDs constitute a new class of rugged, low-power systems that could threaten power-hungry hard disk drives (HDDs).

Computer Servers 'as Bad' for Climate as SUVs. Our growing data storage demands are as great a threat to the climate as fuel-guzzling cars or the global aviation industry, warns a new report.

Attackers Exploiting Unpatched QuickTime Flaw. The QuickTime vulnerability for which proof-of-concept code was revealed Thursday went into full attack mode over the weekend, with two campaigns underway.

Microsoft Partners: MinWin Could Soothe Vista. Headaches. Partners are impressed by MinWin, the slimmed down Windows core on which future Windows releases will be based. But some feel MinWin might cause companies to avoid Vista altogether.

It's the End of the Pay Phone as We Knew It. AT&T to end dwindling pay phone business.

All About Coal

Space Shuttle Atlantis Cleared for Thursday Launch

Chimps Smarter Than Humans in Memory Test

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