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August 2007

Friday, 31 August

Sony Pleads Innocent in Latest Rootkit Fiasco. Sony claims the rootkit-like behavior of a device driver used to run its biometric Micro Vault USM-F thumb drive was unintentional.

iPhone Clones Surpassing Original. Semiconductor Insights probed some Apple iPhone clones and found that the latest counterfeits are close to surpassing the original.

Atom Clusters Could Store Thousands of Movies. IBM researchers today said that they were able to probe magnetic anisotropy in individual atoms, potentially opening the development of a new kind of data storage devices.

Dell Profit Up 46 Percent Due to Cheaper Components. Dell reported a profit of $733 million for its fiscal 2008 second quarter, up 46 percent from its mark of $502 million for the same period last year.

Monster Data Theft Also Hit U.S. Government Job Site. Users of the USAjobs.gov Web site were among job seekers whose contact data was stolen by hackers.

NBC Ends Contract with iTunes

'Swiss Cheese' Universe Dispenses with Dark Energy

Thursday, 30 August

AMD Proposes New x86 Extensions. New instructions are designed to improve performance in HPC, encryption and multimedia.

New Games Tantalize Ahead of Holidays. The summer dry spell for video games came to an end last week with the arrival of "BioShock", the creepy underwater shooter that has won rave reviews and flown off store shelves.

Next Year's Notebooks: Worth Waiting for. The pace of hardware innovation is due to speed up in 2008, as notebooks get bigger, smaller, and a lot more useful.

Your House in a Box

Wednesday, 29 August

Venturer Electronics Promises Inexpensive HD DVD Player. Cheap HD DVD player coming this holiday season.

Microsoft Releases Two Vista Hotfix Packs. Microsoft quietly released two mega-hotfix packs for Windows Vista via Windows Update.

Wii Overtakes Xbox 360, Becomes No.1. As predicted.

Tuesday, 28 August

Deja Vu: Sony Using Rootkits Again. A line of USB drives sold by Sony installs files in a hidden folder that can be accessed and used by hackers, a Finnish security company says.

Happy Days Are Over for DRAMs. Following a brief respite, the DRAM market is expected to take a turn for the worse in September.

VIA's One-Watt Processor. Eden chip is an x86 design that can get by on one watt of power.

Microsoft Piracy Check Snafu Mislabels Authentic Windows Copies. Windows Genuine Advantage, which validates copies of Windows XP and Vista, encountered problems over the weekend.

TVs, PCs Fight for Living Room Space at Berlin Tech Fair

Monday, 27 August

Report: Chinese Firm Eyes Disk Drive Maker Seagate. The possibility has resurrected issues of economic competitiveness and national security such as were raised three years ago when Chinese computer maker Lenovo bought IBM's personal computer business.

Acer to buy Gateway. Taiwan PC maker says it will acquire the struggling U.S. competitor for $710 million and pass Lenovo in global market share.

Lenovo's Plan for Packard Bell Hit by Acer-Gateway Deal. Acer agreement to acquire Gateway has foiled Lenovo's plans to buy PC vendor Packard, and could leave Acer owning both Gateway and Packard Bell.

Airlines Body Bids Farewell to Paper Tickets

Evidence for Unified Theory May Lie in Black Holes

Gaping Hole Found in Universe

Wednesday, 15 August

Vulnerability uncovered within Yahoo Messenger. A new vulnerability in Yahoo's instant messenger program can potentially cause unwanted code to run on a PC, according to security researchers.

Like eBay For Malware: Computer Crime Is Slicker Than You Think. Online crime has become by some estimates a hundred-billion-dollar industry, and it shows.

Interactive: List of Toys Recalled as Hazards

Toronto Blogger Turns-up NASA Climate Error

Tuesday, 14 August

Unusual 'Pump-and-Dump' Spam Run Continues. Prime Time Group, hit by a major pump-and-dump scam last week, is the target of yet another spam blast reaching in-boxes today.

Microsoft Releases Super Bundle of Security Patches. Microsoft has released what security experts are calling one of it most significant security fixes this year.

Nokia Hit by Battery Fears. Over half a billion pounds was wiped off Nokia's stock market value this morning after it admitted that 46m of its mobile phones are at risk of overheating.

DRAM Dumping Observed in Spot Market. Weak DRAM transactions in the recent spot market have prompted some industry players to start dumping their inventory.

New Computer Chip Cooling Method Created

Paper Battery is Rechargable

More Toys Recalled

Milky Way Over the Grand Tetons

Monday, 13 August

R.I.P. SCO? District judge issues summary judgment ahead of Sept. 17 trial, but SCO isn't worried even though it should be.

NASA Awards Ares First-stage Contract

The Trifid Nebula in Stars and Dust

Friday, 10 August

Vista Prevents Users Playing High-def Content. Researcher outlines numerous features that harm system performance, calling Vista's content protection rules 'the longest suicide note in history.'

Universal to Sell Songs without Copy Protection. The company will allow the sale of thousands of its albums and tracks available in MP3-form without copy-protection software over a trial period.

DRM: The Hearse is Right on Schedule. Universal Music Group on Friday said that it will sell "thousands of its albums and tracks" without DRM for a limited time as the DRM-free movement gains momentum.

Counterfeit Parts, Legitimate Woes. In an alarming trend, counterfeit parts are on the rise and threaten to harm the semiconductor industry.

Halo 3 Pre-orders Hit Record. Halo 3 has officially become the most anticipated games release in history with pre-order copies in the US alone exceeding one million.

Iphone Screen Problems May Worsen. Dead zones may become more common.

Toshiba Issues Further Recall on Sony Laptop Batteries

Flash Memory Replacement Coming This Year?

Swan Nebula

Thursday, 9 August

Vonage Flounders Amid Slowed Subscriber Growth. The company's legal troubles have cost it dearly and things just seem to keep getting worse.

VoIP and 911: Emergencies Lost in the Fog. Dial 911 for emergency assistance, and you could be out of luck, as some well-publicized lawsuits have shown.

Cheap GPS Cell Phones. Dedicated navigation systems can be pricey, but these GPS-capable phones can help you stay on track for less than $100.

Microsoft Software Pirate Slapped with Prison Sentence. Prosecutors alleged that a Georgia man made unauthorized duplicates of the Windows operating system and pocketed more than $226,000.

Xbox 360 Premiums Now Shipping With HDMI Port

Wednesday, 8 August

Giant 'Pump-and-Dump' Spam Scam Hits Computers. Spammers have unleashed one of the biggest online stock manipulation campaigns in history in the last 24 hours, increasing global spam levels by 30 percent.

Leaked Vista Hotfix Packs Now Official, Ready to Download. Microsoft has released two Windows Vista updates that leaked to the Internet late last month, but it still won't say when it will push them out to users by way of Windows Update.

Inventory Ills Continue. It's almost certain that third-quarter inventory levels at component suppliers will exceed levels seen in the first half of the year.

Apple's Mac Set to Soar. The stars have aligned for Apple's share of the computer market to explode.

Wall Street Up on Cisco Earnings. Cisco said its quarterly profit jumped 25 percent.

Space Shuttle Endeavour Fuelled for Launch. The shuttle's external tank has been filled with 2.3 million litres of fuel ahead of its planned lift-off on this evening.

Life in an Earthship

Tuesday, 7 August

Lenovo Says in Talks to Buy Packard Bell. According to a report in the Hong Kong Economic Journal, Lenovo is battling with Taiwan rival Acer Inc. to buy Packard Bell.

Microsoft Discloses Price Cuts On Xbox 360. The 20-Gbyte version of the Xbox 360 will carry a $349.99 price tag and the high-end, 120-Gbyte Xbox 360 Elite system will retail for $449.99.

New Web scam: Pssst... wanna buy a house? Long-lead grift targets would-be property buyers, mines sites for info.

Eight-million-year-old Bug is Alive and Growing

Sweet Debate: What is Chocolate?

Monday, 6 August

DoS Attack Feared As Storm Worm Siege Escalates. The massive Storm worm attack has built a botnet of 1.7 million computers -- large enough to unleash a highly damaging denial-of-service attack, researchers fear.

Data Centers Sucking Energy. EPA report says energy consumption by servers, data centers has doubled since 2000.

NASA: All Systems Go for Wednesday Shuttle Launch

Microsoft Gives 3D Look at Space Shuttle

Three Ways to Levitate a Magic Carpet

Friday, 3 August

Semiconductor Sales Fall on Lower Prices. Demand for consumer products such as cell phones and PCs is growing, but dollar amount of overall chip sales dropped 2 percent.

Microsoft Halves Vista Retail Price in China

Thursday, 2 August

Dell Buyers Steaming Over Laptop Delays. Ship dates shifted out, orders abruptly canceled drive XPS M1330 buyers to the brink.

Lenovo Sees Q1 Profits Soar on Higher PC Shipments. Lenovo Group's fiscal first-quarter profit jumped more than tenfold on higher PC shipments.

Sony to Exhibit High-Speed Cell Computing Board at Siggraph.
The board is designed for computers that handle multimedia applications, such as graphics and video, and scientific computations that require processing of massive amounts of data.

Sony Recalls 416,000 Cameras. Sony sales are becoming just loans.

Federal Agents Target Game Pirates. Federal U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents raided 32 businesses and homes today, searching for game consoles that allow gamers to play pirated video games.

Consortium Claims Solar-cell Efficiency Record. 42.8 percent, compared with 15 percent for conventional solar cells.

Wednesday, 1 August

Laser Printers May Pose Health Risks. Toner particle emissions from laser printers can be as unhealthy as cigarette smoke, according to Australian university research.

AMD Software Let Defective Graphics Cards Slip into the Channel. AMD's official graphics card diagnostic and validation software was recently discovered to have a bug that failed to detect defective ATI Radeon HD 2400 and 2600 graphics cards.

Perseid Meteors Set to Dazzle

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