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Tech News, Etc.
Last updated: April 2007

Monday, 30 April

Samsung Making Bigger, Faster Flash Memory Chip. Samsung has started mass producing flash memory chips that both hold more data and work at higher speeds than competing chips.

Standard Boosts Disk Drive Performance. The LBD sector standard will move from 512- to 4,096-byte blocks.

Apple Warns of 'Deformed' MacBook Batteries. Many of Apple's MacBook batteries are failing to work and are "visibly deformed", the company has admitted.

Energy-Saving Bulbs a Turnoff

Friday, 27 April

Anti-Spam Company Files Billion Dollar Spam Lawsuit. Unspam Technologies is seeking damages based on the CAN-SPAM Act.

Wal-Mart Shoots Down Cheap HD DVD Rumor. Wal-Mart denied rumors that it had placed a substantial order with a Taiwan supplier for ultra-cheap HD DVD players.

Lawmaker Bets on Legalizing Online Gambling. New bill proposes to allow Americans to wager online through licensed sites.

Book Excerpt: Installing and Upgrading Windows Vista. This complete chapter from Que's comprehensive new reference on Windows Vista walks you through the installation process.

Economic Growth Slowest in Four Years. Latest reading shows just 1.3% growth, far less than forecasts, hurt by weakness in housing, business spending.

Acer Passes Lenovo in Q1; Next Up: Dell

Rapid-fire 'Spark Plug' May Bring Fusion Power Closer

M81 in Ursa Major

Thursday, 26 April

Acer Recalls 27,000 Sony Laptop Batteries. The recall affects some 27,000 units in Acer's TravelMate and Aspire lines sold in the United States and Canada from May 2004 through November 2006.

Get Ready for New Amigas. Amiga Inc. said that the first Amiga computers since the 1990's are on their way.

Wednesday, 25 April

Intel Lowers Prices on x86 Parts. In response to AMD's recent price cuts, we see Intel making everything a little more interesting.

Dell Adds Solid-State Disc Option for Two Laptops. Dell began offering a 1.8-inch, 32GB SDD option on its ultraportable Latitude D420 and its semi-rugged D620 ATG model.

Beyond AMD's Barcelona Hype--the Fine Print

Dow Surges Past 13,000 for First Time

'Goldilocks' Planet May be Just Right for Life

Stellar Views from the Hubble at 17

Tuesday, 24 April

Flat-panel TV Prices Continue Falling Sharply in 1Q. The decrease in LCD TV prices was 8.1% on average in the first quarter of this year, while that for PDP TVs was 10.2%.

OEM Business Slipping Faster At Lexmark. Lexmark's OEM business, once considered to be a key business driver, is now dragging down other parts of its business

Sony Seeks to Outshine Blue-violet Laser Rivals. Sony initially boosted laser diode capacity to meet internal demand for its Playstation 3.

“Kryptonite” Discovered in Serbian Mine

H2CAR Could Fuel Entire U.S. Transportation Sector

Russia Plans World's Longest Undersea Tunnel

Monday, 23 April

Wal-Mart and HD-DVD. News flying around the Internet indicates that Wal-Mart has ordered 2 million HD-DVD players from a Chinese company. More.

Feds Say Accenture, HP, Sun Kickback Scheme Involved Millions Over 10 Years. The federal complaints claimed the defendants paid or received kickbacks from dozens of companies in violation of federal law, while denying that they had such arrangements.

Sixth Samsung Exec Headed for Jail for DRAM Price-fixing

Record Plastic Solar Cell Efficiency Set

Friday, 20 April

Wii Still No. 1 as Game Industry Sales Soar. Game-related sales, including software, hardware and accessories, rise 33 percent year over year in March to $1.1 billion.

Via Details Credit Card-Sized Motherboard. Via Technologies released details of its upcoming motherboard, which opens the door to very small PC designs.

Sound and Physics are the Buzzwords for AMD's R600. GPU stands for Graphics Processing Unit, while R600 can be shortly described as GSPPU - Graphics, Sound and Physics Processing Unit.

RIM xplains Its BlackBerry Outage. Cascading software and system problems caused interruption.

Dow Nears 13,000

AMD Posts $611M Q1 Net Loss, 30% Sales Drop

Thursday, 19 April

Dell Brings Back XP on Home Systems. After adding it back as an option for small businesses, direct seller is offering older OS on consumer machines in response to demand.

Industry Heavyweights Support U.S. Patent Reform Proposals. The bipartisan, bicameral Patent Reform Act of 2007 proposed in the United States Congress has garnered support from a bevy of industry players including Intel, Microsoft, Qualcomm and Broadcom.

Lenovo Cuts 5 Percent of Workforce. One day after company falls to fourth spot in PC industry it lets 1,400 people go.

Free Wi-Fi Software Eliminates Need for Routers. Research scientists are making available new software that links nearby Wi-Fi-enabled computers without using a router.

HP Increases PC Market Share; Dell Declines

Super-tough Material Mimics Metal and Crystal

Wednesday, 18 April

RIM Returns After Overnight Outage. BlackBerry users are on the phone again after service is restored.

Vonage Tells SEC It's Considering Bankruptcy. While rumors swirl that the company may be on the auction block, Vonage admits to big trouble if legal problems persist.

Modified Ink Printer Churns-out Electronic Circuits. A standard office printer loaded with silver nitrate and vitamin C can produce mobile phone antennas, circuits, inductive coils and RFID antenna.

Microsoft's Impressive Web Page Editor. Expression Web is the app to use for modern, efficient Web sites. It's also the first—and only—standards-based editor that creates CSS-style Web pages automatically.

Yahoo Shares Fall 11-Plus Percent, Results Disappoint. Yahoo shares fell more than 11 percent Wednesday after the Web media company reported earnings that missed Wall Street targets, reflecting a growing market-share gap with rival Google.

New Technique Will Photograph Earth-Like Planets

Device Uses Solar Energy to Convert Carbon Dioxide Into Fuel

Barred Spiral Galaxy NGC 1672

Tuesday, 17 April

Intel to Mass Produce 128-Mbit Phase-change Memory. The part has six times the write performance of today's NOR flash and is much more "robust," lasting for at least one million write cycles.

Internet Radio Loses Rate Hike Appeal. The gloomy pronouncement comes just one day after the U.S. Copyright Royalty Board upheld a March 1 decision to nearly triple the royalty rates for music played over Internet radio stations.

Botworms Exploit Windows DNS Bug. Rumors of a pending assault on a known 0day bug in Windows DNS Server Service were borne out late in the day as researchers around the Web confirmed scattered sightings of botworms attempting to exploit the hole.

Friday, 13 April

Storm Worm Variant Ignites E-mail Virus Deluge. Malicious software can be contained in e-mails with "love" and "Worm Alert!" subject lines, security company Postini warns.

Samsung to Launch Dual Blu-ray HD DVD Player. Samsung becomes the second company to adopt the idea of a dual-format player.

Cybercrooks Exploit New Windows DNS Flaw. Attacks target Windows 2000 Server and Windows Server 2003 through a flaw in the Domain Name System code.

Apple's Leopard OS Slips. Apple is delaying the launch of its Leopard OS until October, citing the need to shift resources to development of its forthcoming iPhone.

Prehistoric Relic Lurks in the Chicken Yard

Thursday, 12 April

Vonage CEO Resigns Amid Cuts. VOIP company plans to cut its costs by $140 million after losing copyright infringement case.

Who Is Drawing Out the High-Def DVD Stalemate? If Blu-ray and high-definition DVD fail to take off as the successor to standard definition DVD, there will be fingers flying from both sides.

Finetech Japan. Several advanced display technologies are drawing attention at the on going Finetech Japan, the world's largest exhibition of flat-panel displays.

Sony to Discontinue Lower Capacity PlayStation 3. Sony said it will discontinue its lower-capacity PlayStation 3 in North America, noting it has been outsold by the higher-capacity model.

IBM Details 3-D Chip Stacking Breakthrough. Big Blue’s “through-silicon vias” technology is meant to allow different chip components to be packaged much closer together for faster, smaller, and lower-power systems.

The LED - Older than We Thought. If you look in an encyclopaedia, the LED was invented by four independent American research groups in 1962. But it was actually discovered by a little-known Russian genius around 40 years earlier.

Lost and Found. Revived silicon-making technology could be a boon for solar.

Quantum Secrets of Photosynthesis Revealed

'Sterile Neutrinos' Laid to Rest – for Now

Wednesday, 11 April

Consumer Spending to Drive Semi Demand Up 18% in 2008. Strong end market growth and stabilizing ASPs will combine to drive 2008 semiconductor revenue to $316 billion, according to market researchers at Objective Analysis.

Microsoft Patches Vista Bug that Snuck Through Beta Test. All together it offered fixes for eight different vulnerabilities.

$10 Handset May Be Next Supercheap Phone. The next step may be the super ultra-low cost handsets if plans at UC-Berkeley become reality.

Motherboard Makers See March Shipments and Revenues Up. MSI and ECS announced strong shipment and revenue figures for March; Asustek and Gigabyte Technology also reported rising revenue and shipment figures for the month.

Game Developers in the Multicore World. It's been a slow process for game developers trying to figure out how to write software for multicore chips, but they are making progress.

Signs of Water Seen on Planet Outside Solar System

Tuesday, 10 April

Sony Launches its First Laptop with a Flash Drive. Sony is refreshing its lightweight Vaio Type-G laptop and has begun offering a solid-state flash drive as an option.

No End in Sight for 'Warcraft' Hijacks. "Tens of thousands" of gamers' accounts have fallen victim to a keylogging exploit.

DRAM Price Drop Narrows Down in 1H April. Although contract prices for DRAM suffered a drop in the first half of April, the magnitude of drop showed signs of weakening.

Lost Disk Puts 2.9 Million Georgia Residents At Risk For ID Theft. The disk, which had been in the possession of contractor ACS, held names, addresses, birth dates, and Medicaid numbers, in addition to social security numbers.

Microsoft Launches Messenger on Xbox 360

AVG Gives Away Free Anti Rootkit

New Thinking on the Death of Sunlike Stars

Monday, 9 April

Vista Slower than XP at Start-up, Shutdown, Gripe Users. Au contraire, says Microsoft; Vista should be faster for most.

AMD Lowers Q1 Sales Forecast. The second-place MPU maker now plans to report Q1 revenue of just more than $1.2 billion, down from the $1.6 billion to $1.7 billion originally expected...

Intel Launches Quad-core Chip for Desktop Gamers. Intel is continuing a barrage of new products the company has announced in the past week.

Apple's iPod Sales Hit 100 Million. iTunes has sold more than 2.5 billion songs.

Tom's Hardware Sold. Deal closes this month.

Friday, 6 April

Judge Puts Vonage On Ice. Company barred from signing new customers following loss to Verizon in patent case.

‘Electronic Paper’ Now a Reality? E Ink and other companies are seeing surging orders.

Microsoft Prepares Five Fixes But Has More to Do. Four Windows bulletins to be issued, but Office vulnerabilities remain unpatched.

Russian Satellites to Challenge America's GPS Monopoly. Russia's system, called GLONASS (Global Navigation Satellite System), is expected to begin operations over Russian territory later this year.

Thursday, 5 April

IRS Still Losing Laptops. A new report finds that that the Internal Revenue Service has had almost 500 laptop computers lost or stolen over the last three years, many of which were loaded with sensitive taxpayer information.

Semi Sales up 10% to $263B in 2006. Intel once again pulled the top rank for the year.

New Google Map App Lets Users Chart Their Own Course. Google has unveiled a way for users of its popular Maps application to create and share maps they make themselves, creations that can include all sorts of digital content including videos, text and photos.

Doggy DNA: Scientists Have Dog Size Mystery Licked

Wednesday, 4 April

FBI Goes Virtual to Investigate SecondLife Casinos. American authorities’ clampdown on online gambling has taken the FBI into cyberspace.

Don't Use WEP. The Wi-Fi security protocol WEP should not be relied on to protect sensitive material, according to three German security researchers who have discovered a faster way to crack it.

Laser TV to Take On Plasma and LCD. Laser TV will be here within a year to best plasma and LCD picture quality...

A Physicist's Guide to Texas Hold 'Em

Tuesday, 3 April

Will Large-size LCD Monitors Eat-away LCD TV Market? While LCD TVs are moving to larger sizes, the screen size of LCD monitors is also growing significantly in the market.

Chip Sales Dip. Sales for February are 6.5 percent lower than January, although higher than a year ago.

British Hacker Loses U.S. Extradition Appeal. A British computer expert accused by Washington of the "biggest military hack of all time" lost to extradite him to the United States.

Blu-ray Disc Java is Coming this Fall, and it May be Incompatible with Some of Today's Machines

Monday, 2 April

Feds Weigh-in on Windows Security. A White House directive could have ripple effects well beyond Washington in the fight against cybercrime.

Apple Will Sell DRM-free Music. Apple's iTunes store will sell the entire digital catalog from EMI Music without any digital-rights restrictions and at a higher encoding quality for a 30 cents per song premium.

With Attacks Increasing Windows Patch Coming Early. More than 100 Web sites are serving malware to tap the bug.

Wii are the Champions? The anticipated battle between Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 for videogame console supremacy has become a sideshow to the unexpected rise of Nintendo's Wii as the new-generation game console of choice.

Largest Particle Accelerator is Completed

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