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Tech News, Etc.
September 2006

Friday, 29 September

Data Over PowerLline Kicks into High Gear. IDF HomePlug AV boosted to 200 Mbps.

Another Zero-day Threat Hits Windows. Sample code that exploits a yet-to-be-fixed Windows flaw is circulating. Microsoft plans to deal with it on the next Patch Tuesday.

Zune Set to Hit Store Shelves. The so-called iPod killer will be available to U.S. customers on Nov. 14, just in time for the holidays.

Prices for 40-inch LCD TVs fall below US$2,000 in N. America

Dell, Toshiba Recall More Notebook Batteries. Sony Batteries Back in the Hot Seat.

NGC 5905 and 5908

Thursday, 28 September

Intel Shows-off Many-core Microprocessors. The company will launch a powerful new chip featuring four microprocessors this year, and has plans to develop one with 80 processors by 2010

HP in the Hot Seat. Former HP Chairwoman Patricia Dunn, CEO Mark Hurd to testify. Hewlett-Packard's general counsel resigns, investigators refuse to answer questions from Congress.

Dell Dips Into No-Charge PC Recycling. Dell will launch its free computer recycling program in the U.S. on Friday.

China Claims Fusion Reactor Test a Success

Wednesday, 27 September

Court Rules in Intel's Favor Versus AMD. Ruling limits the scope of AMD's antitrust case to the U.S.

Online-gambling Bill Stuck. Efforts to win congressional passage of bill to ban most forms of Net gambling hit a roadblock.

Digital TV Shipments Totaled 15.5 million in 2Q06. Global digital TV shipments rose 22% on quarter to 15.5 million units, accounting for 37% of TV units and 80% of TV revenues.

Kodak Zooms-in on Camera Phones. Kodak expects camera phones to become the dominant consumer picture-taking device.

LCDs Get Triple View. Sharp unveils an LCD capable of showing three different images at same time.

Co-founder "Woz" Tells His Side of Apple Story. His book, iWoz is out this week.

HDTV Isn't for Sissies

Explaining the Methane Mystery

Tuesday, 26 September

Tech Job Growth Strong. The U.S. tech industry added 140,000 jobs between January and June 2006, a 2.5 percent increase, for a total of 5.81 million jobs, according to study by the American Electronics Association.

IEEE tackles 100-Gbit Ethernet. An IEEE study group met for the first time to explore the possibility of a standard for 100Gbit/s Ethernet.

Lehman: Intel Hot on IDF, But AMD Hotter. The Lehman Brothers previews this week's Intel Developer Forum, yet continues to favor AMD's stock despite a host of expected announcements from Intel.

Intel's Microcore Future Shown in Pictures

Global Warming Nears a Million-year High

European Space Probe Unmasks 'Face' on Mars

Three-Year-Old Boy Makes Bid, Wins Car on eBay

Honda Showcases Next Generation Automotive Power Plants

Monday, 25 September

Intel's Quad-Core, Xeon 3000 Launch Excites Partners. At its developer forum this week, Intel is expected to announce that its much-anticipated quad-core desktop and server processors are slated to ship in mid-November.

Sony's Next-Gen Console Takes Spotlight at Tokyo Game Show. Japan's biggest game exhibition kicked off with a peek at the next-generation video game consoles before they hit the stores later this year.

Sony Battery Found in Lenovo Laptop Fire. Is a Lenovo recall just around the corner?

Suppliers Feel the Chill, Brace for a Big Fall. A mounting number of industry indicators are trending downward, feeding fears of a possible slowdown.

Japan to Invest $3.1 Billion in Maglev Trains

Snooze Your Way to High Test Scores

Home Prices: 1st Drop in 11 Years

Friday, 22 September

FTC: Rambus Should be Barred from Enforcing Early Patents. Federal Trade Commission attorneys contend that Rambus should be barred from enforcing its pre-1996 patents on standard memory products.

Samsung Exec Heads to the Slammer. An executive at Samsung Semiconductor agrees to plead guilty and serve jail time for participating in a global conspiracy to fix DRAM prices.

Sony Cuts Price of PlayStation 3 after Taking a Beating. Sony, who has finally addressed the crazy price tag of its PS3, cutting in it by 20 per cent.

Sony's 20GB PS3 to Feature HDMI Port. The forthcoming video game console will feature an HDMI 1.3 output, the company announces at the Tokyo Game Show.

Commerce Department Reports Loss of 1,137 Laptops. The U.S. Commerce Department reported that 1,137 laptops have been lost or stolen since 2001, with 249 of them containing some degree of personal data.

Dell to Set-up Manufacturing Unit in India in 2007

IBM Adds 3,000 More Software, Services Jobs In India

LCD Cheaper than PDP in 40-44-inch HDTV Market in N. America

Retailers Betting on LCD TVs, iPods for Holidays

Big Plane Could Leave Airbus a Smaller Player

Surprises from the Edge of the Solar System

Maglev Train Crash Kills at Least 15 in Germany

Hubble Finds Hundreds Of Young Galaxies In Early Universe

Man Builds 105 MPG Car

The Heart and Soul Nebulae

Thursday, 21 September

Flaming LAX Laptop Was a ThinkPad. Lenovo confirms that one of its laptops caught fire, but it doesn't yet know if Sony batteries were inside.

Yahoo Latest Dell Laptop Casualty. A Dell notebook burst into flames at Yahoo’s Santa Clara, California campus.

NASDAQ Sends Dell, Novell Delisting Notices

Shuttle Atlantis Lands Safely in Florida

Wednesday, 20 September

SIA Warns of Declining U.S. Production Capacity. The U.S. share of advanced semiconductor production capacity plummeted from 35 percent of global capacity five years ago to an estimated 11 percent in 2006.

Extensive Spying Found At HP. Feb. Report Sent to 4 Senior Executives...

XBOX 360 to Support 1080p Through Software Update

The International Space Station Expands Again

NASA Gives Green Light for Thursday Atlantis Landing

Engine On a Chip Promises to Best the Battery

Tuesday, 19 September

Toshiba Recalls 340,000 Sony Laptop Batteries. Toshiba says it'll replace about 340,000 laptop batteries made by Sony, the latest in a string of Sony battery woes.

Elevated IC Inventories Worry Analysts. Elevated inventory levels in the semiconductor supply chain have worried industry analysts for months, but none has used the dreaded "R word" to describe the buildup's worst possible consequence. Until now.

New AIM Worm May Prove Difficult to Combat. Sophisticated worm spreading via AIM sets up a botnet of remotely controlled infected computers.

Latest IE Zero Day Has XML Designs. Yet another zero-day exploit takes aim at the browser.

Microsoft Files 20 More Antipiracy Lawsuits. Microsoft has filed 20 lawsuits in nine states against resellers accused of distributing unauthorized copies of its software.

Mystery Object Delays Shuttle Landing

Monday, 18 September

Why Private Money Likes Chips. Philips Semiconductors went private this month. Freescale Semiconductor looks like it's headed in the same direction. Who's next?

Seagate Breaks Magnetic Recording Density Record. Seagate used perpendicular recording heads and media created with current production equipment to achieve a recording density of 421 Gbit/inch2.

Gartner Forecasts Trouble with Rootkits, ID Theft. Research analysts at Gartner are predicting a sticky web of security hazards for IT professionals over the next two years, ranging from targeted financial attacks to spyware to rootkits.

Laser-making Chip Promises Data Transfer Boost. Light could transfer data between computer components more quickly than wires, boosting computer and communication speeds.

Friday, 15 September

USB Flash Drives Are Failing. Fragmentation issues could deal a blow as drive capacity increases

Curbing the CO2 that Comes from PCs. Your desktop eats a lot of electricity--and keeps power plants busy. One start-up aims to trim that usage, without a lot of annoyance.

Gartner: PC Revenue on Decline. Even as PC sales continue double-digit growth, industry revenue is likely to decline 2.5 percent to US$198.5 billion in 2006.

Hackers Attack ActiveX Flaw in IE. IE 5.01 and 6 users warned to disable ActiveX while the software giant investigates.

International Makers Pushing Full HD Displays. Leading display vendors are highlighting a full range of new LCD TVs, PDP TVs and front projectors that support full high-definition TV (HDTV) signals at CEDIA EXPO 2006 in Denver.

Toshiba Readies New HD DVD Players. The devices, which will be available soon, will offer better picture quality than earlier models.

Online Gambling Exec Freed. Peter Dicks loses his job but regains his freedom as New York washes its hands of Louisiana case.

Ford to Cut One-third of Work Force

Water that Fights Cancer?

Amateurs Take On the Universe

Savants: Charting 'islands of genius'

Amputee Moves 'Bionic' Arm Via Thoughts

Thursday, 14 September

Dell: Exploding Batteries are Sony's Fault. Company chairman lays blame for the Dell's recent battery crisis firmly at the feet of Sony.

PC Sales Poised for Double-Digit Growth. Worldwide PC sales totaled 52 million units in the second quarter, and double-digit growth is expected for the remainder of the year.

M33: Spiral Galaxy in Triangulum

Wednesday, 13 September

Enough Evidence For Indictments In HP Case. Says California Attorney General Bill Lockyer: "We currently have sufficient evidence to indict people both within Hewlett-Packard as well as outside."

Microsoft to Offer Xbox 360 with Built-in HD-DVD Drive, Say Makers. Microsoft has started designing a new-generation of Xbox 360's equipped with an internal HD-DVD drive.

Dell Puts AMD Inside New Desktops. [September 12, 2006] Michael Dell introduces first desktops with AMD processors.

TiVo Makes HD Leap. The new Series3 lets you record and display in high def, if you're willing to put down $799 to get that quality.

Jobs Unveils iTV Device, Latest iPods. Product will bridge TV, computer; Apple also adds movies to iTunes.

Third Time a Charm for IE Patch? Microsoft issues a third version of a troubled Internet Explorer patch to fix a bug in an earlier update.

ECS to Make Motherboards for Intel

The Poker-Playing Physicist

See-Through Solar Cells Become Safer

Tuesday, 12 September

Dell Reports More Trouble. News of a widening federal probe of the computer maker's finances is leaving analysts concerned about management's ability to right the troubled ship. Dell Expects Nasdaq To Begin Delisting Process.

Canon to Recall Copiers That Can Catch Fire. Focus is on faulty power cord connection in three compact personal copier models made between 1987 and '97.

Samsung Introduces Working Prototype of PRAM. The company expects it to become the main memory device to replace high-density NOR flash memories within the next decade.

HP's Chair Steps Down. Chairwoman Dunn has stepped down from HP's board just a day after the U.S. Attorney's Office and the FBI have joined the investigation into the spying incident initiated by HP's board of directors.

Why We Love to Hate Our Cell Phone Company. Cell phone customers are unhappy with unexpected charges for everything from roadside assistance to new handsets--and they're calling their lawyers to complain.

A 'Genetic Study' of the Galaxy

Jupiter-Sized Extrasolar Planet Found Using Novel Small Telescope Network

Your Location Linked to Your Life Expectancy

Saturn at Night

Monday, 11 September

Man Gets 7 Years for Software Piracy. Web site owner receives the longest sentence ever handed down for illegally copying and selling software.

Apple to Debut iTunes Movies. Observers say the digital music ‘kingpin’ will launch its long-anticipated movie download service Tuesday, following the debut of a rival service from Amazon.com.

Record Number of Phishing Sites Seen for July . They also hijacked a record number of brands to do their work

Analysis: How Sony Killed the PlayStation 3

Shuttle Docks in Orbit

Dark Energy and Dark Matter – The Results of Flawed Physics?

Thursday, 7 September

Blue Laser Glitch Forces Another Delay for Sony PS3. Under the latest plan, 500,000 units will initially be available, including about 100,000 in Japan and 400,000 in the U.S. By year's end.

U.S. Detains Another Gambling Site Exec. BettingSports CEO held by DoJ as world's largest gambling company suspends stock trading.

VARs, MSPs Bank On Intel's vPro To Reduce On-Site Service Calls. Intel rolled out its vPro desktop platform, which VARs are banking on to help them reduce on-site service calls at small-business customers.

FreeDOS Finally Hits 1.0 Milestone. More than a decade after Microsoft released final standalone version of MS-DOS, open-source version is here.

The Ultimate Point-and-Shoot Digital Cameras. These dead-simple, point-and-shoots prove that digital cameras don't have to be complicated to take amazing pictures.

Microsoft Posts Free Office 2007 'Save As PDF' Add-on

Physicists Trap, Map Tiny Magnetic Vortex. In a research first that could lead to a new generation of hard drives capable of storing thousands of movies per square inch.

Giant Machine Set to Probe Secrets of the Universe

Laser-driven MRI Scanner Promises Portability

Wednesday, 6 September

Sony Delays PS3 Launch in Europe. European launch is delayed by four months to March, and Sony cuts target for worldwide shipments in '06 by half.

Testers: Vista RC1 Appears Stable. Early testers say Microsoft has a good chance of meeting its release date as the OS is more stable than expected.

AMD Upgrades Athlon X2 Desktop Dual-Core Lineup. AMD is boosting its dual-core family with the 2.6-GHz Athlon 64 X2 5200+ desktop processors, while Hewlett-Packard is set to take the CPUs to market.

Intel Suffers Market Share and Revenue Decline in 2Q. Intel experienced a dramatic decline in semiconductor revenues in the second quarter of 2006 and posted its lowest quarterly market share in more than four years.

Intel to Slash 10,500 Jobs. Embattled Intel has at last outlined its cost-cutting measures, including plans to cut 10,500 jobs.

Frist Pushing Internet Gambling Ban. As time becomes precious for lawmakers, Senate leader tabs issue as a top priority.

Apple Offers iMacs with Core 2 Duo Chips. Apple announced the immediate availability of new flat panel iMacs with Intel Core 2 Duo processors, including a new 24-inch model.

Samsung Introduces 40-inch LED Backlit LCD HDTV.

Siberia's Pools Burp Out Nasty Surprise

Vast Oil Pool Tapped in Gulf of Mexico

LCDs Get Brighter with nano Polarization Recycler

Launch of Space Shuttle from Florida on Hold

Pluto Under Suicide Watch After Planetary Status Stripped Away

Tuesday, 5 September

Panasonic Recalls Laptop Batteries in Japan. Problems with the battery pack's latch could lead to overheating, company says.

High Definition DVD Format Turns Competitive. HD-DVD is hardly ready to concede the formats war to Blu-ray.

Word Flaw Hit with Aero-day Attack. "Extremely critical flaw" in Microsoft Word 2000, which has no released patch, could lead to remote execution of code.

Tripping the Lights Organic

Big Bang's Afterglow Fails Intergalactic 'Shadow' Test

Friday, 1 September

Jobless Rate Dips in August. Hiring perked up as employers added 128,000 jobs, pulling unemployment rate down to 4.7 percent.

Intel Expected to Cut Thousands of Jobs. update Chipmaker's efficiency plan could hit as many as 10 percent of employees in announcement expected Tuesday.

A Desktop Edge for Intel? PCs with Intel's new vPro technology will debut next week.

High-definition DVD Market Facing Static. Hollywood is hoping high-definition DVDs will reignite a slowing market for movies at home, but they have drawn mixed reviews from retailers and analysts due to technical issues and a bitter format war.

Spammed Trojans Threaten Users. Spammed malwares are increasingly blasted out in high-volume, while dominating the current threat landscape.

Rootkit Changes Search Results. A new program that masquerades as a video codec could bring malware to your end users' devices.

Philips Semiconductor Changes Name to NXP. Philips Semiconductor unveiled its new name, becoming NXP after 50 years as the semiconductor division of the Dutch electronics conglomerate.

New Cordless Phones Let Skype Users Turn-off PC. Skype on Thursday announced cordless phones that do not require a running computer to use its Voice over Internet Protocol services.

Lockheed Martin to Build Orion Crew Exploration Vehicle

Re-inventing Nature for Cheaper Solar Power

Sharp Sees Solar Power Costs Halving by 2010

Fight Begins to Save Pluto's Planetary Status

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