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Tech News, Etc.
October 2006

Tuesday, 31 October

Consumer Giants Push 60-GHz Home Networks. Six top consumer electronics companies are defining a 60-GHz radio technology to bring high definition media to the home network.

HP Completes VoodooPC Acquisition. HP has completed its acquisition of VoodooPC, the gaming PC maker that will now add a lineup of high-end desktops and notebooks to its offerings.

LCD to Beat PDP in 40-inch-and-larger Panels. LCD TV panel shipments to overtake plasma panels at the 40-inch-and-larger segment as early as the fourth quarter, according to research firm DisplaySearch.

Japanese PS3 Launch Numbers Cut by 20%. Sony still being plagued by component shortages.

Microsoft Opens PHP Door. The company is investing heavily in PHP but .NET may still be a problem.

My Life with Scooba. Scooba, the floor-scrubbing robot from iRobot, can free you up from the drudgery of mopping. But who knew it's one of the best entertainment gadgets around?

New Windows Attack Can Kill Firewall. Windows XP machines running Windows Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) could be vulnerable to attack.

Microsoft Takes Harder Line With Anti-Piracy Litigation. Microsoft has filed more than 50 lawsuits and other legal actions worldwide against people it says sold pirated copies of its software using online auction sites such as eBay.

Astronauts to Visit Hubble for Service Call

A Spooky Nebula

Monday, 30 October

HP to Push Thousands of Named Accounts to Channel. HP plans to move thousands of named direct accounts to the channel as part of a new sales engagement strategy set to go into effect Nov. 1.

Microsoft Tries to Lure 'Mom and Pop' Companies. Office Accounting Express 2007, which is free, is for home-based businesses that "currently use pen and paper or spreadsheets."

Microsoft's New Browser is Haunted by an Old Flaw. Security researchers uncover another pop-up vulnerability in IE 7 that dates back two years.

Seagate Tries Again with Encrypted Drive. The Momentus 5400 FDE.2 will include a special encryption chip.

Massive Surge in Spam Hits the Internet. A massive surge of spam has hit the Internet in recent months that appears to be caused by spammers increased usage of botnets.

A Doomed Future for CRT TVs

Herds of Bison to Return to US

Friday, 27 October

Microsoft Clarifies Vista Licensing; Users Still Irked. Microsoft clarified its position on tranferring Vista licenses, but power users are still unimpressed.

Acer: Vista is an Excuse for Microsoft Price Increases. Microsoft is raising the price of its software as it prepares to launch Vista, according to one of the leading PC manufacturers, Acer.

Sending the Penguins Out with a Hot Foot. Charles Cooper says Ellison's open-source move is part of a bigger transformation under way at Oracle.

Firefox 2.0 Web Browser Balances Innovation With Ease of Use. When Firefox 1.0 was introduced two years ago, the goal of the Mozilla Foundation was clear: Take all of the innovations and strong features from the Mozilla browser suite and streamline them.

Fighting Back: Coalition Takes on Hollywood. New fair use recording battle simmers as coalition launches educational campaign.

LCD-TV Reshaping Electronics Supply Chain. An examination of iSuppli's vast library of research illustrates the significant impact LCD-TV is having on the global electronics supply chain.

Torrent Site Operator Gets 5 months for Copyright Infringement

Stocks Slip on GDP Data; Microsoft, Chevron Up

Industrial Design Takes Cues from Bugs, Leaves, Crabs

What Killed the Dinosaurs?

LED Headlights Find Their Way to High-End Automobiles

Thursday, 26 October

AMD to Tap ATI Graphics. Aiming to leapfrog archrival Intel, AMD said its Fusion program under which it will deliver a wide range of merged x86 CPUs with on-board graphics accelerators as part of its ATI acquisition.

Sony Suffers 2Q Loss On Battery Recall. Sony swung to a second-quarter loss due to the mounting cost of recalling millions of notebook PC batteries.

Top 10 HDTV Displays. Slideshow of the top-rated HDTV displays—big and small.

IBM to Chips: Chill Out. IBM Researchers develop a next-generation chip-cooling technology that they claim allows a twofold improvement in heat removal over current methods.

Zombies Control Half of Windows PCs. Report 'throws antivirus people under the bus.'

Secunia: Second Flaw in IE7. Danish security vendor is reporting another bug with Microsoft's newly released browser, the second in less than a week.

Bug Causes Microsoft to Push Vista RTM to Nov. 8. The bug caused a crash that required a complete reinstall of the OS.

Space Cube PC - The World’s Smallest Computer

Shooting the Moon

Another Step Toward Fusion Energy

Tuesday, 24 October

Another Battery Blast: Regulators, Sony Announce 340,000 More Recalls. U.S. regulators and embattled battery maker Sony are announcing one more round of battery recalls, saying more affected units have also been shipped to PC makers Gateway, Fujitsu, Toshiba and even Sony itself.

Wal-Mart to Push Tech Aggressively for Holidays. Company says it intends to be lowest-priced retailer for key electronics such as flat-panel TVs, MP3 players and game consoles.

Big Loss at BenQ, Some Assets to be Sold. Taiwan's BenQ said it lost $600 million in the first nine months of 2006.

Chip Segment Boosts TI Q3. Texas Instruments reports one of its best quarters in history.

Mozilla Releases Firefox 2. Open-source browser begins shipping on heels of Microsoft’s latest Internet Explorer.

Microsoft Launches Completed Version Of Windows Defender. Microsoft shifted Windows Defender from beta to final, and added limited free phone support to the no-cost anti-spyware software.

Knowing the Universe in Detail (Except for That Pesky 96 Percent of It)

The Antennae Galaxies in Collision

Monday, 23 October

Researchers See Privacy Pitfalls in No-swipe Credit Cards. Security of the cards, which can be read through a wallet or clothing, is startlingly weak, researchers say.

Consumers Poised to Spend Big This Christmas. Christmas spending could increase by 8% over last year.

IBM Sues Amazon Over 5 Patents for Web Operation. Amazon is accused of infringing on five IBM patents, including technologies that govern how the site recommends products to customers, serves up advertising and stores data.

Is Vista Ready? What do some of its toughest testers think?

Samsung Shows-off 12mm Thick AMOLED Display

Friday, 20 October

Wednesday, 18 October

Apple Shipped iPods Carrying Computer Virus. Some of Apple Computer's iPod digital music players shipped in the past month carry a computer virus.

Hackers' Project Hides Browser-busting Code. VoMM creates new versions of known exploit code to make it undetectable by antivirus software.

Volume Risks of MP3 Players Sounded-out. Choosing the wrong headphones and volume level can increase the risk of hearing damage, researchers claim.

Tuesday, 17 October

Sony Recalls Its Own Notebook Batteries, Reviews Earnings Outlook. Sony said it may change its full-year earnings forecast because of costly recalls of its notebook PC batteries and a price cut for its new PlayStation 3 video game console.

Consumer Electronics Market to Cash-in this Holiday Season. With MP3 players topping consumers' wish lists, CE gifts will account for a quarter of all holiday gifts with revenues reaching $21 billion this season.

Google Plans Huge Solar Project

Mars Orbiter Images Wow JPL Scientists

Monday, 16 October

Worm Eats into McDonald's Promotion. Winners of 10,000 MP3 players given away in a McDonald's promotion in Japan (only) got an unwelcome bonus: a worm in their prizes.

Microsoft Advises Users to Run Update Again. Windows users may have to update their PCs more than once to completely patch one of the vulnerabilities Microsoft fixed last week.

NEC Sells Packard Bell to Former e-Machines Owner. NEC Corp. has sold its Packard Bell BV unit to companies controlled by John Hui, the former owner of e-Machines.

U.S. DOJ Investigates Mitsubishi SRAM Sales. It's another step in the price-fixing probe of major chip makers

America's Population Is on Track to Hit 300 Million

In the Shadow of Saturn

Friday, 13 October

New Sony Walkman Looks to Challenge iPod Nano. Sony unveiled its latest Walkman music players in a bid to wrestle music player market share from Apple's iPod.

Sony and Sharp Accelerate full HDTV Deployment. Following the launch of six new 1080p Bravia LCD TVs from Sony in September, Sharp also said it will complete its full HD (high-definition) Aquos-branded LCD TV lineups in November.

Fujitsu to Offer Flash-disk Option with Laptops. Fujitsu will soon join two other major PC makers in putting on sale a portable computer that uses flash memory in place of the traditional hard-disk drive.

Sharp, Fujitsu Recall Batteries. The 79,000-notebook-battery recalls show the bad news isn’t over yet for Sony.

AMD Gets 2 Green Lights for ATI Purchase

Hubble Pictures an Emerging Super Galaxy

Thursday, 12 October

Market for 42-inch LCD TVs Ready to Boom. With prices for 42-inch LCD TVs fallen below that for a 40-inch LCD TVs in the beginning of October, shipments of 42-inch LCD TVs are expected to pick up significantly throughout the year-end.

Chip Set to Bridge Blu-ray, HD DVD Formats. NEC has developed a chip set for optical drives that would bridge the incompatible Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD formats.

Transmeta Wants a Piece of Intel. Chip company’s shares bounce on news of patent infringement suit against the chip giant.

A Sneaky Change in Windows Licensing? Buried in the fine print of Vista's licensing agreement is a dramatic change from Windows XP. Think you can transfer a retail Windows license to any machine you want? Think again.

The Laser TV Is Coming!

Justice Department Approves AT&T-BellSouth Merger

Mexico to Yahoo: Not On Our Pyramid

Tuesday, 10 October

Is a PS3 Shortage in the Offing? Limitations on PlayStation 3 preorder campaign by retailer GameStop suggest console could be in short supply.

IBM Cranks Dual-core Power6 Beyond 4GHz. IBM will go back to the future with its next-generation Power6 design by pushing raw speed rather than trying to pack more cores on a die.

Google Agrees to $1.65 Billion Deal for YouTube. Together the companies will try to generate advertising revenue from online video clips, and control copyright infringement.

Three Top Accounting Packages. You can't run a small business without a careful record of where the money comes from and where it goes.

Sony Releases 50GB Blu-Ray. "Click," the comedy starring Adam Sandler, becomes the first movie on a 50GB DVD, followed by two other high-capacity Sony Blu-Ray discs this year.

Microsoft Struggles with Patch. The software maker issues nearly a dozen bulletins, including critical Windows and Office fixes, but glitches prevent automated distribution.

Friday, 6 October

Windows XP SP1 Support Draws to a Close. Microsoft is recommending that all customers still running Windows XP SP1 immediately upgrade to Windows XP SP2, as the company's support for SP1 will end next week.

Gaming Firms Plan Counterattack. Tiny Antigua is center of international pressure on ‘protectionist’ U.S. online gambling law.

Hitachi to Recall 16,000 Sony-made Batteries. Company joins big crowd of PC makers that have recalled batteries made for laptop computers.

Microsoft Releases Windows Vista RC2. Microsoft reveals the last interim release of Vista before RTM.

Debris Strike Left Hole in Shuttle Atlantis

Global Warming Challenge to French Winegrowers

Thursday, 5 October

HP's Dunn, Four Others Charged. Felony charges include using false or fraudulent pretenses, wrongful use of computer data, identity theft, and conspiracy.

Apple Board Member Resigns Over Options. Former chief financial officer steps down from company's board amid an investigation into stock option grants.

EU Ready to Pounce on Intel? A looming formal complaint against the chipmaker, plus Microsoft's case, suggests Europe is turning into an antitrust battleground.

Google Rolls-out Search Service for Software Code. Google is introducing a new search service that only a geek could love.

Microsoft Likely to Ship Vista on Time, Says Goldman Sachs. Microsoft developers have made rapid progress prepping Windows Vista for an on-time release.

Nvidia Shares Surge Amid Takeover Speculation. Nvidia shares climbed more than 8 percent amid speculation the graphics chipmaker could be acquired by Intel.

Climate Change in the U.S. Northeast. Study: Hotter, Drier Region.

Single-pixel Camera Could Simplify Imaging

"Monster" Fossil Found in Jurassic Graveyard

Wednesday, 4 October

Russian Hackers Get Eight Years in Clink. Extorted money from British bookies.

Vista, Longhorn Get New Antipiracy Measures. Microsoft's new antipiracy system will force unauthorized or unregistered versions of Windows into a limited-functionality mode.

Intel Likely to Face EC Charges

Chemist's Nobel Prize for Gene-reading Breakthrough

Comet SWAN Brightens

Tuesday, 3 October

PlayStation 3 Concerns Deal Sony Another Blow. PlayStation 3 units on display at the Tokyo Game Show about 10 days ago operated erratically and had to be repeatedly reset.

Two New External HD DVD Drives Now On Display. HP and Toshiba show off new external HD DVD drives.

HP, Sony: HP Laptop Design Presents No Battery Problems. HP's system design and configuration prevents HP notebooks using Sony batteries from experiencing the same risks and hazards that other major laptop makers have, HP and Sony said.

Price War for 40-inch LCD TVs Intensifies in N. America. The ASPs (average selling prices) of 40- and 42-inch LCD TVs were US$1,899 and US$2,137, respectively, in the second half of September.

Toshiba Set to Build 55-inch SED TVs. Toshiba plans new 55-inch televisions using a technology it says will provide better performance at a price competitive with liquid crystal displays and plasma units. Canon to Build Ultrathin TVs in '08.

IBM Detours From Moore’s Law. Big Blue introduces three separate types of Power chips.

Fujitsu Shows a Larger Paper-thin Display. Prototype flexible display is the same size as a sheet of A5 paper.

Dow Hits All-time High as Oil Price Slides

Big Bang Theorists Scoop Nobel Prize for Physics

Monday, 2 October

Gambling Sites Folding U.S. Hand. Congress approved legislation requiring banks and credit card companies to block payments to the estimated 2,300 offshore gambling sites located outside of U.S. jurisdiction.

Open-Source Router Takes on Cisco. Startup Vyatta launches a router appliance to take on the networking giants.

Yahoo Opens-up Members' data to External Developers. Yahoo has introduced a mechanism for external developers to give their Web applications access to data that Yahoo members have stored in Yahoo services.

ICANN Beginning to Smell Control. Commerce Dept. loosens the reins on the network address coordinator.

Toshiba Unveils Slim HD DVD Write Drive. Toshiba unveiled a slim HD DVD drive for notebooks, the SD-L902A, that can read and write to HD DVD.

Gaming in Windows Vista. Microsoft is using the operating system as a launch pad for its new "gaming centric" focus.

Battery Woes Squeeze Sony Stock. Sony shares fell to a two-and-a-half month low after Toshiba and Fujitsu joined the list of PC makers recalling Sony-made laptop batteries.

Security Pros Patch Older Windows Versions. Third-party fix available to repair a serious flaw in Windows for which Microsoft no longer provides security updates.

Chip Sales Keep Up Record Pace. Semiconductor sales hit record levels in August, with US$20.5 billion worth of the chips being sold worldwide.

Manufacturing Growth Slows in Sept. A pair of indicators offered a mixed picture of the economy Monday as growth slowed among U.S. manufacturers while commercial construction showed surprising resilience.

JVC Rear-projection TV Hangs on Wall

Two U.S. Scientists Win Nobel for "Gene Silencing"

Software Revises Armstrong's Moon Quote

A Rising Star in Solar Power

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