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Tech News, Etc.
Last updated: November 29, 2006 14:04 EST

Wednesday, 29 November

Seagate Extends Warranty on Maxtor Retail Hard Drives. Effective immediately, Seagate Technology today announced a three-year limited warranty on every Maxtor branded Internal Hard Drive Retail Kit.

Microsoft CFO Sees Double-Digit Sales Growth For Fiscal '07. Microsoft's CFO said the world's largest software company expects revenue to grow 13 percent to 15 percent for the current fiscal year, when it will launch major upgrades to key products.

Microsoft Aims for Clarity with Latest Antipiracy Tool. Microsoft plans to roll out a new version of its antipiracy Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) Notifications tool for Windows XP over the coming weeks and months, following a barrage of criticism from users.

HP Gets Smart About Cooling. Dynamic Smart Cooling aims to save data centers millions of dollars.

Primetime-Worthy Video Projectors. Whether you're looking to expand your home theater system or just staying in to watch a movie, these video projectors won't let you down.

Apple Patches 31 OSX Holes. Some to go, though.

Why Do Stradivari's Violins Sound Sublime?

Ancient Calculator was 1,000 Years Ahead of Its Time

GM Designers Render a Hummer that Emits Oxygen

Tuesday, 28 November

Nintendo Sells 600,000 Wii’s. Game console reaches huge sales in first eight days but could also cause muscle strain.

Gamers: Wii has PS3 Beat . Since their debuts more than a week ago, two new game systems earn good grades from consumers - but the underdog Nintendo Wii is the early favorite over the pricier, sexier Sony PlayStation3.

Nanotechnology Comes Home for the Holidays. Nanotechnology will be everywhere this holiday season...

Lenovo Targets Business Users with Widescreen Notebook. Lenovo has launched a widescreen version of its ThinkPad line of notebook PCs, bidding to compete with Dell for business users.

Intel P965, Microsoft Vista to Boost Adoption of SATA Optical Drives

Unusual Starburst Galaxy NGC 1313

Monday, 27 November

Shift to Larger TVs Favors LCD Over Plasma. Plasma TV suppliers, already outnumbered by the rival LCD camp, are expected to lose further ground as LCD TVs encroach on the 40-inch-class market. Samsung to Mass-produce 70-inch LCD TV Panels Next February.

Sony Camera Recall. For the second time in less than two years, a packaging defect in its captively manufactured CCD image sensors has prompted Sony to recall multiple models of its digital still cameras.

E-commerce Companies Report a Busy Weekend. The 2006 holiday shopping period got off to a strong start over the weekend, according to several e-commerce operators.

Supreme Court to Examine Patents. Justices are expected to hear arguments Tuesday in a case that could have broad implications for the tech industry.

If It Ain't Broke, Play It. Old-school gamers, a small but loyal bunch, are reaching back for the Atari 2600 and NES.

Wikis: New Cultural Model? Buoyed by the growth of the online encyclopedia Wikipedia, the wiki model of shared writing and editing is spreading into surprising new realms

Humpback Whales Have 'human' Brain Cells

Wednesday, 22 November

Dell's Third Quarter Results Worth the Wait. Dell released its delayed third quarter results Tuesday, posting a stronger-than-expected profit but again warning the financials could change depending upon the outcome of both internal and external probes into past accounting practices.

DARPA Grants IBM, Cray $494M for Supercomputers. IBM and Cray are in, Sun is out.

Phishers Lurk For Firefox 2.0 Password Manager. Using password manager to keep passwords in Firefox? You could be at risk.

Digital Control Set to Revolutionize Power Supply Design. All AC and DC power supplies will be fully digitally controlled within four years.

First Super-cheap Laptops Roll-off Assembly Line. Children are standing by ready to bang away on their keyboards to see if they are rugged enough to stand the rigors of child use in countries around the world.

Ultra-short Laser Pulses Turn Metals Pitch Black

A Bucket-Wheel Excavator on Earth

Man eats 4.8 pounds of turkey in 12 min.

Tuesday, 21 November

U.S. PS3 Rollout Came-up Short. Sony delivered fewer than half of the 400,000 PlayStation 3 units it planned to offer in the U.S, last weekend.

A Weekend Full of Quality Time With PlayStation 3. Put bluntly, Sony has failed to deliver...

Holiday HDTV Sales Will Soar. More than 3.2 million flat-panel high-definition TVs will be sold in the US in the fourth quarter of 2006, which is more than twice the number sold in the fourth quarter of 2005.

Soaring Online Sales. Online retail sales this holiday season will reach US$27 billion in the United States alone.

Deal on International Nuclear Fusion Plant Signed

Big Magnet Ready to Face the Big Questions of the Universe

Friday, 17 November

PlayStation 3 Debuts to Crowds, Chaos. A week after it first appeared in Japan, Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.'s PlayStation 3 console went on sale in the U.S. and three other countries.

PS3 Debut Leads to Violence, Disorder. One fan waiting for Sony game system outside Wal-Mart shot in Conn. robbery attempt; police called in Calif. incident.

Sony to Lose Roughly $241, $307 Respectively on 60GB, 20GB PS3s. iSuppli calls the PlayStation 3 an "engineering masterpiece."

Korean Group to Light-up AC LED Sector. Seoul Semiconductor to bring on line volume production of a new kind of LED that can be directly connected to 110V or 220V AC outlets using a simple circuit, eliminating the need for a DC converter.

Former Elpida Exec Heads to Jail for DRAM Price-Fixing. D. James Sogas, a former executive at DRAM maker Elpida Memory, has agreed to plea guilty and serve prison time in the U.S. for participating in a global DRAM price-fixing conspiracy.

New Worm Counts On Lazy Admins. Virus creators reverse-engineer Microsoft patch and hope you haven't plugged the hole yet.

HP Triumphs While Dell Falters. HP’s sales and profit rise thanks to huge increases in its personal systems business.

Hubble Images Revive Einstein's 'Dark Energy' Theory

Thursday, 16 November

New York Hits Internet Gambling Operation. Law enforcement officials claim Web site was generating more than a $1 billion a year.

Take Your Network Anywhere. A secure VPN is the best way to access your network files when you're out of the office.

Chip Industry Grows 9%. Industry group predicts sales will reach $248.8 billion this year.

LCD, PDP Shipment Forecast Revised Upward. Accelerating an earlier forecast, market researcher DisplaySearch Inc. predicted global LCD panel shipments will reach 55.1 million units this year and 88.8 million units in 2007.

Planet Pays Price for Peeled-Scampi Odyssey

Leonid Meteors Set to Dazzle

Wednesday, 15 November

Security Group Ranks Human Error as Top Security Worry. The SANS Institute has some controversial advice for computer security professionals looking to lock down their networks: spear-phish your employees.

Toshiba Launches Second-generation HD DVD Players in Japan. The new HD DVD players are smaller and offer improved speed in loading and response times.

Face-Off in the Game Room: Wii vs. PS3

Neanderthal Genome Unlocks Secrets of Human Evolution

Tuesday, 14 November

Microsoft Offers Patches for Seven 'Critical' Flaws. Microsoft November patch round-up offers six security bulletins with fixes for nine separate flaws across several of the company's products, including its Internet Explorer Web browser.

AMD Announces Several New Hardware Solutions. It seems to be a big news day for the little green chipmaking company.

Intel Launches First Quad-Cores, with More to Come Soon. Intel's launch of quad-core processors will drive adoption of high-end Xeon servers and virtualization technology.

Intel's 35 Years of Chip Design Photos. Here's a look at how Intel chips have evolved--from the revolutionary 4004 to the teraflop-ready 80-core prototype of tomorrow.

Zune Player Enters iPod Market. Microsoft begins sales of Zune media player on Apple’s turf.

Ex-Computer Associates Sales Exec Sentenced to 7 Years in Prison

Asustek and Gigabyte Continue Seeing Weak Demand for Motherboards

Natural-born Painkiller Found in Human Saliva

Monday, 13 November

PS3 Lands, Flies Off the Shelf. About 100,000 units shipped In Japan and immediately flew off store shelves. PS3: Do or Die for Sony. The Sony PlayStation 3 Dissected.

Security Flaw Could Ground Wi-Fi Users. No Internet connection needed to be at risk from this bug, security researchers warn.

Microsoft Posts 'BSOD' Prank Software to Developer Site. Microsoft has apparently acquired an interesting piece of intellectual property -- the Sysinternals "Blue Screen of Death" screensaver.

Sun Set to Part With Java's Source Code. As promised in May, pieces of Sun's Java language will be made available to the open-source community, eliciting mixed reactions from corporate users.

AMD Cans Low-cost PC Project. The chipmaker's Personal Internet Communicator, an inexpensive PC designed for the developing world, is no more.

Why We Are All Urchins

Friday, 10 November

Hacker Goes to Prison for Trojan Blackmail. A hacker who used a Trojan horse program to take control of computers belonging to adolescent girls in the U.K. and Canada was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Packet Loss Problems Surface in Wi-Fi Networks. VeriWave Inc. engineers have discovered an unexpected problem with the physical layer convergence procedure in existing 802.11 Wi-Fi networks.

Mozilla Issues 'Critical' Security Fixes. Mozilla Foundation this week released patches for its Firefox browser, its Thunderbird e-mail client, and its SeaMonkey Internet application suite. Firefox has topped the 15 percent mark in browser market share.

Ray Ozzie: Vista Is Not Perfect. Microsoft’s latest operating system is ready to roll out, according to Microsoft’s Ray Ozzie. But it may not be perfect.

Carbon Emissions Rising Faster than Ever

Mercury and the Chromosphere

Wednesday, 8 November

Processing Vista: Is Your CPU Up to the Task? Vista will put more strain on your computer than anything else you've probably ever seen before.

Lowered Expectations at National Semi Paint Bleak Picture for Wireless. National Semiconductor’s lowered guidance is a sign of a generally poor close to the year for the wireless communications sector.

Geothermal Plants Could Consume CO2 While Producing Power

Tuesday, 7 November

Americans Spend Up Big on Flat Screen TVs. Who wouldn’t want a shiny new flat screen TV to adorn their wall or take the prime spot in the living room? As LCD and plasma prices fall, more Americans than ever before are going flat.

TVs May Wed LCDs, Carbon Nanotubes. LCDs are popular, and carbon nanotubes may turn out to be inexpensive. Will the two cutting-edge technologies hook up?

Microsoft to Offer Movies, TV Shows on Game Service. Microsoft on Monday said it would rent movies and sell television shows through Internet downloads to its Xbox Live video game service...

Finally, A New Microsoft Office. It's been a long time coming, but it's here at long last. Was Microsoft's Office 2007 worth the wait?

'Stration' Worm Spawns Sneak Attacks. Anti-virus vendors completely missed the fact that the most massive worm attack in months has a secondary payload that has sent millions of pharmaceutical spam messages.

Scientists Design a 'Silent' Airplane

Wave-powered 'Ducks' Could Purify Seawater

Janus: Potato Shaped Moon of Saturn

Monday, 6 November

Next-gen DVD War Pre-empted? Machines capable of playing both Blu-ray and HD-DVD disks will emerge next year to short-circuit the format war in next-generation DVD.

PC Makers May not be so Merry this Holiday Season. Computers may be the last thing left on the shelves this holiday season as the delayed release of Vista, laptop battery recalls and other challenges dent U.S. sales.

AMD Debuts Mac-Friendly Graphics Card. The chipmaker confirms its friendly relationship with Apple with its latest product offering, the ATI Radeon X1900 G5.

Microsoft Vulnerability Rooted in ActiveX Control. Microsoft describes how to disable the control that could allow an attacker to remotely take control of a computer.

Microsoft: Office 2007 Released to Manufacturing. Microsoft has released its revamped Office 2007 suite of software to manufacturing, and said U.S. and Canadian users can begin downloading it Dec. 1. It will not be available on retail shelves, though, until early next year.

Wal-Mart Kicks-off Holiday Season with $398 Laptop. Retailer has started selling lower-priced Compaq laptop and discount TVs in a bid to expand its consumer electronics business.

Gamers Give PlayStation 3 Rave Reviews

Friday, 3 November

Gateway's Direct Sales Drop 44 Percent. Gateway saw its direct sales plunge by 44 percent in the third quarter compared to the same quarter a year earlier.

Microsoft, Novell team up on Linux. Microsoft and Novell, once bitter rivals, have begun a groundbreaking partnership to make the Windows operating system work with Novell's open-source Suse Linux software. Linux Advocates Wary of Novell-Microsoft Tie. Linux community is concerned the deal may violate Linux's software license and lead to future patent lawsuits.

Global Front Projector Shipments Set Record. Combined worldwide professional and consumer front projector shipments topped 1.22 million units in the third quarter of 2006.

FCC Delays AT&T Merger Vote Again. The third time was not the charm as commission pushes decision past elections.

Biofuels Discovery Promises to End Dependence on Natural Gas

No More Seafood, Ever?

Thursday, 2 November

Vista, Office 2007 to Launch in U.S. on Nov. 30. After years of waiting, U.S. business customers will finally have a chance to get their hands on Windows Vista and Office 2007 when Microsoft launches the products on Nov. 30 at an event in New York City.

Microsoft Backtracks on Vista Licenses. Bowing to outcry from tech enthusiasts, Microsoft says it will allow retail Windows buyers unlimited license transfers to a different PC.

Intel's Quad-Core CPU Arrives...and Delivers (Sort Of). Intel pops two Core 2 chips into a single package, shipping the first quad-core CPU for desktop PCs.

Nintendo Promises Four Million Wiis. The Big N plans to actually supply the demand.

Intel, Verizon Team on Gaming. Connecting an Intel Core 2 Duo processor to a television with Verizon's broadband networks and Intel's Viiv technology, the duo aims to bring PC gaming to consumers' TV sets.

Broadband Access: A Hotel Must-Have for Biz Travelers. A struggle is taking place between frequent business travelers and hotels over high-speed Internet access, with guests demanding free access and hotels trying to recoup their costs.

Chip Sales Strong in September, Q3. Worldwide chip sales rose to $21.4 billion in September, an increase of 9.3 percent from September 2005...

Former CA Chief Kumar Gets Prison Time. Former CA CEO Sanjay Kumar was sentenced to 12 years in prison for his role in an accounting scandal that rocked Computer Associates.

Returns Fraud Plagues Retailers. Retailers stand to lose $3.5 billion from returns fraud during the holidays this year.

Microsoft Expression Web Gives Dreamweaver A Run For Its Money. Die-hard Dreamweaver fans aren't likely to switch to Microsoft's Expression Web, but some serious coders who aren't wedded to the longtime market leader are finding a lot to like in the FrontPage replacement.

Wednesday, 1 November

60-GHz Radio Not Ready, Says WiMedia Chief. The WiMedia Alliance is studying 60 GHz technology and concluded it could take another two years to be ready for the market.

First $100 Laptops to Roll-out This Year. The first $100 laptop PCs for the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) program will roll off production lines by the end of this year.

Transistor Uses Light to Transfer an Electrical Signal. Scientists from Hitachi have built a light-emitting transistor (LET) that transfers, detects and controls an electrical signal all on a single nanometer-sized chip.

Sony Warns of PS3 Scams. Sony issued a warning against false promotional offers for its upcoming PlayStation 3 video game console.

Irate Partners Blame AMD, Dell For Athlon Chip Shortage. System builders are irked about a severe shortage of Advanced Micro Devices Athlon 64 X2 processors and blame the chip maker's partnership with Dell.

Smartphone Buyer's Guide. Here's our in-depth investigation into the top smartphone vendors' strategies, plus a comparison of the hottest new models.

In Order to Shorten Load Times, PS3 Allows Game Installs to HDD. Blu-ray discs? Who needs 'em!?

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