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May 31, 2006

Wednesday, 31 May

Lenovo Puts Market Growth Ahead of Profit. No. 3 PC maker says it's ready to cut prices to keep up with rivals as it focuses on expanding market share.

AMD Live! Home Entertainment Platform Expanded with Services. The collection of services and applications is designed to make it easier to view, record, manage, secure, and store TV programs, photos, music and movies on Web-connected devices.

How Do You Make a Fuel Cell? Print it.

Arctic Once Felt Like Florida

Tuesday, 30 May

Microsoft Unveils Mac Desktop. Microsoft said it has produced a desktop specifically for users of rival Apple Macintosh systems.

AMD Moves to Quadruple Chipmaking Capacity. Fab 30 to be reborn with 300 mm wafers, 65 nm technology.

Password-Stealing Trojan Arrives in German Spam. Malware harvests log-in and password information for some banks' Web sites.

Symantec Patches Antivirus Vulnerability. Firm closes potential backdoor to malicious hackers.

Microsoft Looking for Contestants. Design a nifty app around the WinCE video functionality and win an Xbox 360 setup.

Superior Nanowire Transistors. Transistors made with semiconductor wires just nanometers or billionths of a meter wide can exceed the performance of current state-of-the-art silicon transistors by three or four times.

Online Advertising Jumps 38 Percent In Q1. Online advertising revenue continued its steady climb in the first quarter, reaching a record $3.9 billion.

"PS3 too Expensive," 88 percent say, as Wii Dominates Japan

Apple's iBook Bursts Into Flames

Over 10% of Monitors to be Widescreen by Year-End

Reflooding Restores Wildlife to Iraqi Marshes

Segway Finds a Niche with Police

Friday, 26 May

Serious Flaw Found in Symantec Antivirus. A serious flaw in Symantec's enterprise antivirus software could be used by hackers to create a self-replicating "worm" attack against Symantec users.

U.S. to Repeal Long-Distance Phone Tax. Treasury Department concedes dispute over the 3 percent federal excise tax and says $13 billion would be refunded to taxpayers.

Home Media Servers Set To Skyrocket. Media servers for home users are starting to emerge as a significant product category, with 50 million units to be sold in 2010.

Vonage Future Looks Troubled. The VoIP service provider has a tough road ahead as it tries to recover from a disappointing opening on the stock market.

Verizon Boosts Application Performance by 600%. The new Verizon service makes your apps scream, but at what price?

Google Knocks Microsoft off Dell PCs. New Dell computers will have Google's home page and search tools preloaded, not Microsoft's.

The Great Woz Tells All

Fifty-inch LCD TV to Become Mainstream

LED Backlighting for TVs Coming Faster Than Anticipated

Chocolate Increases Cognitive Performance

Thursday, 25 May

Lenovo Swings to Loss on Pricing Pressure. PC maker Lenovo reported strong sales growth for its most recent quarter, but its profit took a hit largely because of price wars in the U.S.

Microsoft Spotlights HD DVD at Tech Show. Microsoft has been banging the HD DVD drum at its Windows Hardware Engineering Conference (WinHEC) 2006 in Seattle.

Microsoft Shows-off JPEG Rival. New Windows Media Photo format promises images that offer better quality at half the size of JPEG files.

Canon to Stop Developing New Film Cameras. Japan's top camera maker, Canon, will stop developing new single-lens reflex film cameras as more people abandon film for digital.

Nintendo: Wii Won't Top $250 in U.S. Market. Between the fourth quarter of 2006 and March 31, 2007, Nintendo expects to ship 6 million Wii systems worldwide.

Software Will Not be Part of EU Patents. Sudden change of heart.

New Worm Tries to Score with World Cup Fans. World Cup soccer fans should be aware of a new worm being circulated by e-mail with the German-language message "WM-Tickets" or "Weltmeisterschaft."

Illegal Gambling Thrives on Internet. Being branded illegal by federal government authorities hasn't stunted the growth of online gambling, which will become a US$20 billion worldwide industry by 2009.

Where is the LCD TV Mainstream Heading?

Physicists Draw-up Plans for Real 'Cloaking Device'

Mouse Finding Violates Laws of Heredity

Wednesday, 24 May

Sales of LCD TVs Going Like Crazy. Shipments of liquid crystal display televisions jump in the first quarter, along with revenues.

40-inch LCD TV Segment Takes Lead in North America. The battle between the 40-inch and 37-inch LCD TV segments in the North American market has heated up since the fourth quarter of 2005.

Server Sales Fall as Shipments Climb. IDC describes the first quarter of the year as 'lackluster' for server sales; Gartner's take is no more enthuasiastic.

Dell Plans to Open Retail Stores. Stores will open in Texas and New York.

First Impressions: Motorola Q Smart Phone. With the Q, Motorola is trying to create a new hybrid that draws upon the best elements of the latest Treos and BlackBerry devices.

Microsoft to Take Another Swing at Small-Biz Accounting. Microsoft is adding eBay, Equifax and PayPal to the roster of online partners for its next Small Business Accounting software release.

Gigantic Fusion Reactor Gets the Green Light

Five Quasar Gravitational Lens

Tuesday, 23 May

Dell CFO Admits Service Blunders. Dell CFO Jim Schneider admitted the PC giant’s zealous cost-cutting led to missteps in its services and said the company is rejiggering its workforce to help restore its reputation.

Samsung Launches PCs with Solid-state Disks. Samsung it will deliver PCs embedded with a 32-gigabyte NAND flash-based, solid-state disk (SSD) starting next month.

Samsung Sees LCD Prices Dropping. Prices in second quarter likely to slip 10 percent below those in first quarter, according to company source.

Microsoft, Alcatel, IBM and HP Push Internet TV. Internet protocol television got a massive boost today when Alcatel and Microsoft announced a global deal with HP for servers that will support the next generation of television.

AMD Announces Availability of Socket AM2 CPUs. AMD today announced the immediate availability of the AMD Athlon 64 FX-62 dual-core processor and the AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+dual-core processor compatible with AMD's new socket AM2 platform.

Germany Nabs 3,500 in File-sharer Sweep. German investigators charged 3,500 people with illegal music sharing, in the biggest single sweep of its kind.

BSA: Software Piracy Costs $34 Billion. Losses worldwide are up $1.6 billion from 2004, IDC finds. About one out of every three software copies is pirated.

Monday, 22 May

US Says Personal Data on Millions of Veterans Stolen. Personal data on about 26.5 million U.S. military veterans was stolen from the residence of a Department of Veterans Affairs data analyst who improperly took the material home.

DOJ Questions Mitsubishi DRAM Sales. A U.S. Department of Justice Antitrust Division inquiry to Mitsubishi Electric proves that the DRAM industry’s scandal is far reaching and is far from finished.

Yahoo IM Worm Installs Bogus Browser. 'Safety Browser' leads users to pages mined with adware and viruses.

Microsoft to Test Pay-as-You-Go PCs. Microsoft will offer "prepaid" PCs in retail outlets in Brazil, Mexico, Russia, India and China beginning this week.

Verizon Touts Motorola Q and Palm Treo 700p. The "Q" will go on sale at Verizon's online store on May 31st and will be available in Verizon retail stores on June 5th.

US Experts Predict Another 'Active' Hurricane Season

Maneuvering in Space

Nuclear Fusion Plasma Problem Tackled

Friday, 19 May

Intel Drops on Fears of Gains by Rival AMD. Intel shares fell to a three-year low Friday after No. 1 personal computer maker Dell said it would begin using chips from smaller rival AMD, whose shares surged.

IBM Researchers Probe Nanometer-scale Memories. IBM Zurich has taken the wraps off its groundbreaking "Millipede" project to develop terabit memories based on MEMS technology.

E-mail Attacks Target Unpatched Word Hole. Antivirus companies issue warning about sophisticated phishing attacks.

Are You Ready for Vista? For the first time, your video card is a factor in determining Windows performance.

Skype Sick with Bad Bug, Must be Patched. Skype rolled out an update to quash a bug that can let attackers send a file to a recipient without his or her consent, and potentially obtain access to the computer and its data.

Two Get Jail Time for Music Piracy. Two people who admitted being part of a ring that distributed illegal copies of music were sentenced to prison terms of between six and 15 months.

Sony Shows-off New Projector for Digital Cinema. The 4K projectors promise richer color and better contrast that draws moviegoers into the image.

Nearly Extinct American Chestnut Trees Found

Wind Tower Uses Sun’s Heat to Generate Electricity

Thursday, 18 May

Thirty Photos a Second with a Compact Digicam? The chips inside cameras will soon be able to turn the average shutterbug into a stunningly prolific photographer.

Samsung Readies Hybrid Hard Drive. Samsung plans to unveil next week a prototype hard drive that can improve system performance and extend battery life on laptops.

Feds Indict Betting Site for Money Laundering. DoJ claims Antigua-based gambling site washed approximately $250 million in Internet bets.

Three New Planets Found Around Sun-like Star

New Research Suggests 'hobbit' Was Not a New Species

Revolutionary Japanese UV LED Makes Light Work

New Antibiotic Eliminates Superbugs

Seismologists Detect a Sunken Slab of Ocean Floor Deep in the Earth

Wednesday, 17 May

Sony Dominance in Game Consoles at Risk. Research firm says Sony is placing a serious bet that its inclusion of a Blu-ray drive in the PlayStation 3 will entice consumers to pay a premium price for the new console.

Bigger Not Always Better for Networks. Most businesses have outdated over-engineered, overpriced and underperforming networking infrastructures and that is not expected to change, according to Gartner.

AMD Challenges Intel with Notebook Chip. AMD aims to grab notebook PC business from Intel, launching a new line of 64-bit, dual-core Turion mobile processors.

HP's Sales Roaring Back. HP is on a comeback, reporting that sales of its laptop computers have soared and its profits are exceeding even the strong forecasts from industry analysts.

New Manufacturer Hopes to Corner LCD TV Market with Units Costing Half the Price

Tuesday, 16 May

Sun Promises to Open-source Java. Sun execs say the question is no longer whether the Java programming language will be open-sourced, but how it should be done.

AMD to Roll-out Low-Power Desktop CPUs. AMD plans to unveil a line of desktop CPUs with models that run more than twice as efficient as some of AMD's mainstream desktop parts.

Panel Makers to Push 42-inch TV Segment. The shipment volume of the 42-inch segment is expected to surpass that of the 40-inch segment in the second half of 2007...

Microsoft Readies Dreamweaver Rival. Developers will get a chance to test Expression Web Designer, a Web layout and design tool.

Microsoft Seen Overtaking Consumer Security Software Market. Microsoft stands poised to put the hurt on some players in the security software game as it rolls out its own defensive products and its Windows Vista operating system.

Apple Announces the 13.3" MacBook. Available in both black and white and starting at $1,099...

Americans Continue Buying Broadband at Record Pace

The International Space Station from Above

Monday, 15 May

WMP 11 Beats iTunes? The new Windows Media Player shows that Microsoft can get the jump on Apple in ease of use and visual appeal.

Details of Apple's iPod Cell Phone Plans Surface. Softbank and Apple Computer are planning to jointly develop mobile phones equipped with Apple's popular iPod music players.

Will SanDisk Sour Apple's Tune? The outfit's flash-memory factories and penchant for feature-packed, low-cost players may help its fight against the iPod juggernau.

Hitachi Stresses Chemistry on Perpendicular Drives. Company doesn't have the first perpendicular drive on the market, but it does have one with a slightly different recipe.

Worker Gets 10 Months for Spying on Boss. A former U.S. government security auditor admitted snooping on his supervisor's computer and has been sentenced to 10 months in jail and home confinement.

Supreme Court rules for eBay. Decision says no injuction against eBay's "Buy It Now" technology in patent dispute with e-commerce tech developer MercExchange.

20 Questions About Windows Vista

Rising Price of Oil Highlights Affordable Energy Alternatives

A Vast New Map of the Universe

Growth Factor Could Spur Eye Repair

Friday, 12 May

Search Engines Point to Malicious Web Sites. Around 285 million clicks each month go terribly wrong.

Ohio University Suffers Security Breaches. Data thieves may have plundered Social Security numbers and other private info belonging to students and faculty.

TV Market Shakeup Prompts Plant Closures, Product Line Cancellations. Wrenching changes in the TV industry brought a spate of announcements at the start of the year from companies that said they were exiting older low-growth businesses, such as CRT TVs, in order to focus on exciting new segments, like LCD TVs.

Apple Patches 43 Flaws In OS, QuickTime

Researchers Look Beyond the Birth of the Universe

Thursday, 11 May

Wednesday, 10 May

UK Judge Approves Hacker's Extradition to US. A British court approved a request by the U.S. for the extradition of an unemployed systems administrator who allegedly caused $700,000 in damage by hacking into U.S. military and government computers.

W3C: WS-Addressing is Good to Go. The World Wide Web Consortium makes an important Web services specification a standard.

Microsoft Patches Windows and Exchange Flaws. Trio of security updates includes two for critical flaws in Exchange e-mail server and third-party software in Windows.

Dell Completes Acquisition of Alienware. Alienware will operate separately as a wholly-owned subsidiary.

Hacker's Work Plagues PCs Two Years After Arrest

Verizon Considers Selling Phone Lines for $8 Billion

Dolphins Know Each Other by Name

Indoor Air Purifiers that Produce Even Small Amounts of Ozone May be Health Risk

Tuesday, 9 May

Sony Unveils PS3 Pricing, Availability. With a starting price of $499, the PlayStation 3 will set you back more than the Xbox 360. Sony 20GB PS3 Lacking Several Features.

Vista Set to Alienate Business Users. New security features will make for a disruptive user experience.

Latest Windows Live Messenger Beta Includes VoIP. Newly released public beta has expanded PC-to-phone calling capabilities and collaboration features such as the ability to drag digital photos to the messaging interface.

Toshiba's HD-DVD Laptop Arrives. If you're itching to watch hi-def movies on the go, check out Toshiba's new Qosmio G35-AV650.

'Botmaster' Busted . A computer hacker was jailed for nearly five years for hijacking around 400,000 computers, including military servers , and infecting them with malicious software.

Warner Bros. to Distribute Films on Web. Warner Bros. will become the first major studio to distribute its films and TV shows over the Internet using peer-to-peer technology developed by BitTorrent.

Dell Shares in Spotlight After Cut in Outlook. Shares of Dell Inc. took a beating after the world's largest personal computer maker warned it will miss its own targets for sales and profits during the first quarter because of ``pricing decisions.''

Deja Vu for Wells Fargo: Bank Loses Computer with Confidential Data. For the fourth time in the last two and half years, hardware containing confidential data about Wells Fargo customers has been stolen.

AT&T Expands Broadband Vision With Satellite Play. AT&T announced plans to expand its high-speed Internet service. The telecom giant will sell satellite-based access to customers in rural areas where traditional broadband over phone lines is unavailable.

America Online Reducing Workforce by 7%

ASP for 42-inch TV Panel Drops About 20% Since January

DTV Sales Up 100%

Rock Slab Growing at Mt. St. Helens

Monday, 8 May

SGI Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection. Struggling high-end computing vendor Silicon Graphics Inc. (SGI) on Monday filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

Intel Goes Core Crazy. Intel's new generation of 65nm desktop and laptop chips will launch this summer under the brand name 'Core 2 Duo.'

Surge in Mac Attacks. Mac users may have to start learning the language of vulnerability.

Beatles Lose Suit Against Apple Computer. A British judge ruled that Apple is entitled to use the apple logo on its iTunes Music Store.

Newspaper Circulation Down, News Site Usage Up. The paper business is dying, for sure, but the news business is alive and getting well.

Samsung Offers LED-Based DLP TVs. LEDs perform brighter and last longer, much longer...

Friday, 5 May

First Draft-N Routers Don't Impress. The newest crop of Wi-Fi equipment generally fails to outperform previous products--and there's no guarantee that gear from different companies will work together.

Paper, OLED Displays to Reach $10.2B Sales by 2011. The report also expects OLED televisions to reach $2.2 billion in revenue, taking a slice out of the LCD television business.

Applied Buys Applied and Gets into Solar. Applied Materials' latest acquisition underscores Silicon Valley's growing interest in alternative energy.

AOL Gets Into The VoIP Business with AIM Phoneline. New AIM Phoneline will give AIM users a free local telephone line at which they can receive incoming calls when they are online.

Microsoft Makes Massive Bet on In-game Ads. Software maker buys Massive, which serves up ads within games, to be key part of its online strategy.

Consumer Reports: Toshiba HD-A1KN and HD-XA1KN. The first high-definition DVD players.

Panel Claims CATV Bill Will Save Consumers Billions

GPS Becomes Ubiquitous

'Cyclic Universe' Can Explain Cosmological Constant

Jupiter's New Red Spot

Thursday, 4 May

House Panel Calls For Broader Gambling Ban. Bill bars credit card and other electronic payments to betting sites.

Consumer Alert: Ads That Look Like Bills. The U.S. Postal Inspection Service is conducting a review of Listing Corp., a company whose mailed marketing pitches look like domain-name invoices.

Tepid Interest Seen for Next-gen DVDs. Survey of high-volume DVD users shows that about one in five may buy high-definition DVD players or discs in 2006.

Wednesday, 3 May

AMD Delays Launch of 64-bit dual-core Processor to June. The push back of the launch date was due to a slower-than-expected demand in the worldwide notebook market caused by Microsoft's delayed launch of its Vista operating system.

Dell Joins AMD 'Green' Organization. The PC leader joins The Green Grid, an AMD/IBM/Sun group focused on unchecked datacenter power consumption.

Top PC Companies Support New VESA DisplayPort Standard. The specification addresses the industry need for a ubiquitous digital interface standard with a compact connector and a protected interface for access to high-definition movies .

802.11n Wi-Fi Draft Fails First Letter Ballot. Only 46.6% voting in favor of moving the draft to the next step in the process. 75% majority is required.

Feds Take Phone Record Firms to Court. Five online companies face FTC charges that they illegally sold confidential phone records.

Tuesday, 2 May

Microsoft May Delay Windows Vista Again. Gartner Inc. said Microsoft is likely to push back the release of its Vista operating system to the second quarter of 2007.

LG Named Top Plasma Display Maker. Hoiwever, plasma display shipments had the first sequential decline in the first quarter.

Google Launches European Coding Competition. Code Jam contest for engineers makes its Old World debut, with $38,000 at stake in cash and prizes.

Sony's PS3 Push Will Come More from Blu-ray than from Gaming. Wedbush Morgan Securities believes that Blu-ray on the PS3 is more important than gaming.

How to Pick a TV. Plasma screens. Flat panels. High definition. With a dizzying array of choices, here are factors - from price to size - you need to know to decide which television is right for you.

Apple Wins $.99 iTunes Tussle

Monday, 1 May

Dell Whacks Prices on Select Notebooks, Desktops. Stung by market share losses in first quarter, PC maker is slashing prices in an effort to draw customers.

DRAM Prices May Remain Firm Over Next Few Years. Over the next few years, users may have to pay more attention to the price of DRAM chips than they have in a long time, since a transformation to new factory technology could cause shortages.

The Sky is Falling

Coffee Helps in Persuasion

Stellar Jewel Box

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