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Tech News, Etc.
March 2006

Friday, 31 March

Toshiba Debuts High-Def DVD Player. Toshiba began selling the first players using the next-generation HD DVD video format today, beating the rival Blu-ray disc format to market in a high-stakes competition to deliver theater-quality movies to living rooms.

Office 2007 Delay May Affect Licensing Rights. Gartner cautioned Microsoft Software Assurance volume-license customers to check their contract expiration dates, which could be affected by the delay of Office 2007.

IBM Explores Atom-Scale Magnetism. IBM scientists have developed a new technique for exploring and controlling magnetism at its fundamental atomic level.

Tumor Risk from Cell Phones. Researchers at the Swedish National Institute for Working Life issued a report this week disputing two earlier studies that claimed cell phone use has no correlation to increased brain tumor risk.

3.6M Households Hit with ID Theft. New government statistics claim losses mounted to $3.2 billion in six-month period.

VoIP Sales To Hit $5.5 Billion By 2007. VoIP hardware and software sales will reach $5.5 billion by 2007, but will then decline, according to a new report by Juniper Research.

AT&T Going After Comcast's Cable Market. What happens when a phone company tries to offer television service where cable TV already operates? A turf war.

Peugeot's Turbocharged Diesel Hybrids

Satellite Data Reveals the Beginnings of the Universe

Thursday, 30 March

Arrests Made in Debit Card Fraud Case. The Secret Service has arrested several people in connection with the recent wave of debit card fraud as part of a broader crackdown against online identity thieves.

German Researchers Claim First Transparent OLED Pixels. If you've seen the movie "Minority Report" and marveled at the transparent computer screens used by Tom Cruise, you'll appreciate what German researchers have concocted in their labs.

Life Waxes and Wanes with Bobbing of the Solar System

Palace of Greek Warrior Ajax Said Found

More Evidence Chicxulub Was too Early

Wednesday, 29 March

Good News for Users: Flash, DRAM Prices Falling. Prices of NAND flash memory used in portable devices and DRAM chips used in computers are down, meaning it could soon be time for users to pick up some bargains.

Apple Releases Software to Set iPod Volume. Owners of recent iPods will now be able to set how loud their digital music players can go.

EU Warns Microsoft Over Vista Features. The EU is concerned over Microsoft's plans to bundle an Internet search function and DRM program with its OS.

AMD Opterons Get Number Changes. And a new socket.

Tuesday, 28 March

Supreme Court to Hear Landmark eBay Patent Case, The case is being watched closely to see if the high court will scale back the right of patent holders to get an injunction barring infringers from using their technologies.

PC Growth Declining, But Don't Blame Vista. Research report sees growth in notebooks, but overall PC sales slowing.

Intel Wants Interchangeable Notebook Components. Components including the optical drive, LCD screen, battery, power adapter and keyboard would all be upgradeable and can be swapped between notebooks.

Google Gains Search Share, Widens Lead On Yahoo. Google's share of search queries widened to 42%, up from last year's 36%, according to ComScore.

Groups Protest Lack of Net Neutrality in New Bill. 'This really ... would lead to the death of the Internet,' says one opponent of the measure.

New Broadband Wiring Tech Gets a Push. An industry group finalizes its own technology standard and begins certifying products.

The Blue Laser Wars: Episode I HD DVD

Animation of Asteroids Passing Near Earth

Monday, 27 March

AMD's Commercial Program Takes Off. Displacing Dell in contract bids is one of the most significant benefits of a growing commercial channel program from Advanced Micro Devices.

Quad Cores to Arrive in 1Q 2007, with Intel’s Kentsfield and AMD’s K8L. Intel has scheduled to launch its quad-core processor, codenamed “Kentsfield,” in the first quarter of 2007, according to sources at Taiwan motherboard makers. At about the same time, rival AMD will debut its K8L series, a quad-core upgrade of its K8 architecture.

2 Years of Chip Growth Ahead. 20 percent growth expected in 2006 and 22 percent expected in 2007, according to research firm Future Horizons.

Attacks on Unpatched IE Flaw Escalate. More than 200 Web sites -- many of them belonging to legitimate businesses -- have been hacked and seeded with code that tries to take advantage of a unpatched security hole in the Internet Explorer. Microsoft Tests Fix for IE Bug as Exploits Appear. Microsoft to include a fix for Internet Explorer security hole by April 11.

Lenovo Rejects Security Concerns Over U.S. Gov't Contract. Lenovo Group on Monday rejected an assertion that the use of its PCs by the U.S. State Department would be a threat to U.S. national security and said it welcomed an inquiry into the matter.

Fire Destroys Commercial Rocket's Maiden Flight

Ethiopian Skull Could Be Missing Link

Friday, 24 March

Microsoft Delays Consumer Launch of Office 2007. Microsoft said it would delay the consumer launch of Office 2007 until next year to coincide with the debut of its Windows Vista operating system.

US LED Market to Top $5 Billion by 2010. Environmentally friendly and longer lasting than filament bulbs, LEDs are slowly emerging as the popular alternative...

IBM Advances on Carbon Nanotube Front. IBM researchers build the first complete electronic IC around a single carbon nanotube molecule.

Toshiba May Delay HD-DVD's Launch Until April. Toshiba may delay the launch of its next-generation DVD player for several weeks to coincide with the April debut of movies that play in the new HD DVD format...

Latest IE Exploit Creates Security Scramble. A new exploit could defeat yesterday's Microsoft workarounds.

Alcatel, Lucent In $34 Billion Merger Talks. French telecom equipment provider Alcatel is in talks with its smaller U.S. rival Lucent Technologies to create a combine worth $34 billion.

FTC Smacks Spammer with $900K Fine

Flash Pet Collar Wins Invention Contest

Thursday, 23 March

Dell to Acquire Alienware. The PC giant, an Intel-only OEM, is buying PC maker Alienware, raising questions about whether the boutique computer company could be AMD's Trojan Horse into Dell.

Online, Everyone has a View on Vista. Around the Web, there are some warnings that the new January 2007 release date will put holiday PC sales in serious jeopardy. The Hard Lessons of Vista. Vista Delays And Multiple Versions: Cut Through The Confusion.

IT Spending to Increase 6.3 Percent in 2006. Global IT spending should grow by 6.3 percent in 2006, driven by software spending, but that growth would be smaller than the 6.9 percent in 2005.

Stolen Laptop Contains Data on 196,000 HP Staff. Fidelity Investments Institutional Services Co. is promising to reimburse HP employees and retirees for any losses that result from the theft last week of a laptop loaded with their personal financial data.

Warning on Malicious Bot Hitting Banks. Security firm claims 'Metafisher' has spread to a million computers and growing.

New Ultra-thin Plastic Could Replace Silicon

Inflating the Universe

Bird Flu Resides Deep in Lungs, Preventing Human-to-Human Transmission

Tuesday, 21 March

Big Ads Add to Adware, Spyware. New report targets advertisers doing business with 180solutions.

New Bug Can Crash IE. Microsoft is investigating a newly reported flaw in Internet Explorer 6 that could cause the browser to crash when viewing a malicious Web page.

Microsoft to Converge System Builder, OEM Divisions. Microsoft confirmed Tuesday that it’s working to converge its system builder channel and OEM organizations.

Samsung Offers Flash-based Hard Drive. The Korean memory giant is targeting the 32GByte drive at the notebook and other mobile computer markets.

Google Launches Financial Web Site. Google hopes to differentiate its site with better search functionality and a higher level of interactivity in its financial charts. It also has no plans to display ads on the site.

Networked Storage Heads for Homes. Storage companies are betting a technology once reserved for businesses will appeal to consumers dealing with large files shared by multiple PCs and a need for data protection.

Justices Take-on Question of What's Patentable

FCC Exempts Verizon from Business Broadband Regulations

The Coma Cluster of Galaxies

Monday, 20 March

Vista Run-Up to Slow PC Sales in 2006. The run-up towards Microsoft's launch of its next-generation Windows Vista operating system, among other factors, is expected to hold back PC sales in 2006

Carbon Nanotube TV Trials on Horizon. A few lucky beta users could get a glimpse of carbon nanotube TVs if Applied and Da Ling agree to terms.

Microsoft Launches Global Anti-phishing Initiative. The company will set in motion more than 100 legal actions against phishers in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) by the end of June.

FCC Near Deciding Verizon's Broadband Request. Telecoms regulator will decide whether to ease regulations on some of Verizon Communications' high-speed, broadband data services for lucrative business customers.

Dell will Double Staff in India to 20,000. Most of the company's employees there work in call centers.

Cyclone Larry Hits Australia 'Like Atomic Bomb'

Optical-speed Light Detector Promises Fast Space Talk

Wednesday, 1 March

A New Spin on Energy Efficiency. Inventor sees the spiral as a design that could transform PC computing, aeronautics and our drinking water.

Vendors to Raise DDR2 Prices Again. The current DDR2 SDRAM shortage is expected to persist through late March with vendors proposing further contract price hikes.

Intel's Clovertown Chip May Fall Short. Analyst warns that the upcoming quad-core processor may not offer a significant performance boost.

Media Center Laptops: A TV Lover's Laptop. Some of today's laptops can double as entertainment centers for storing and organizing all types of media files. You can even watch and record live TV.

Hooking up with Apple. Apple unveiled two products that aim to place it at the heart of home digital entertainment: a high-quality stereo system built to fit the iPod music player, and a low-cost Intel-based Mac that connects to televisions.

Microsoft Hands Out Free Flash Drives. Microsoft's giving away USB flash drives to users who fill out a simple form on the company's Web site.

Microsoft Updates IE After Patent Spat. Browser tweaks are response to ongoing patent infringement dispute with Eolas, University of California.

Drug Found to Reverse the Ravages of Alzheimer's in Mice

Navy Plans Flying Submarine

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