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Tech News, Etc.
June 2006

Friday, 30 June

Browser Bugs Hit IE, Firefox. Security experts warn of two flaws in IE, and in an unusual twist, one of them can be replicated in Firefox.

French Law Affects Copyright, DRM, Apple. French lawmakers approved a new copyright law, in a move that could have profound consequences for online music stores, open-source programmers, desktop Linux users, and peer-to-peer file sharers.

FBI Recovers Stolen VA Laptop. Preliminary forensics leave feds optimistic that identity theft chances are minimized.

Google to Rival PayPal in Online Commerce. Google is billing its latest service as a "checkout process that makes online shopping faster, more convenient and more secure for Google users."

Worm Appears as Microsoft Antipiracy Program. Security analysts have detected a new piece of malware that appears to run as a Microsoft program used to detect unlicensed versions of its operating system.

Getting Ready to Meet Intel Core 2 Duo: Core Microarchitecture Unleashed. Article contains all the info on Core microarchitecture that will give you to understand why AMD is going to have really hard times.

Silicon Laser Harnessed

Shuttle Team Worries About Another Flying Bird

Vt. Dairy Farm Harnesses Power of Cow Pies

Wednesday, 28 June

HD DVD & Blu-ray: Lessons from Format Wars Past. Give people what they want.

Exploding Laptop Reveals Burning Issues. You're balancing a box capable of reaching 600°C in a second on your lap. That could be even more serious on an airplane.

Vonage to Unveil Computer Phone this Week. Vonage is expected to unveil as early as today a plug-in device that will turn a computer into a phone.

Dell Expands Support Services for Business. Dell is expanding its services to provide a higher level of support for enterprise server and storage system customers.

What's Been Yanked from Vista, and When. Here's a list of the most prominent feature departures from Windows Vista, once called "Longhorn."

Taiwan Panel Makers Benefit from LCD TV War Between Sony and Sharp. Chunghwa Picture Tubes (CPT) and AU Optronics (AUO) to ship TV panels to Sony and Chi Mei Optoelectronics (CMO) and AUO to ship to Sharp.

AMD, IBM Climb in Latest Supercomputer Rankings. AMD and IBM are on the rise while Intel declined slightly in its dominance of microprocessor technology.

Apple Updates Mac OS to Squash Bugs. Operating system update includes fixes for several security flaws as well as general feature updates.

Western Digital Settles Dispute Over Hard-drive Capacity. Western Digital is offering free software to about 1 million consumers to resolve a class-action lawsuit alleging that its computer hard drives stored less material than promised.

Space Shuttle: NASA’s Risky, High-Stakes Gamble. NASA’s own director of Safety and Mission Assurance and the space agency’ chief engineer voted no-go for the July 1 launch.

Discovery of Key Protein May Help Prevent Hearing Loss

Hubble Camera Should be Back July 3

Earth to Get Huge Asteroid Flyby Next Week

Tuesday, 27 June

HP Expands Recycling, Dell Blasted by Environmental Coalition. HP announced an expansion of its computer recycling program that includes a seven-state swing where collection events will accept a range of products from any manufacturer.

Sony to Outfit Smallest Vaio with Flash Disk. Sony will replace hard disks with flash memory when it launches a new model of its Vaio U laptop next week.

Another Analyst Lowers Chip Forecast. IC market will now grow 5 percent in 2006, down from 6 percent in its previous forecast.

Microsoft to Face EU Action Over Antitrust Breach. The European Union's top antitrust regulator is set to issue a formal ruling that finds Microsoft guilty of breaking EU competition rules.

AT&T Launches TV Service. In its first official rollout of U-verse, company offers the service to thousands of consumers in San Antonio.

Microsoft Opens Office 2007 for Online Test Drive. In an unprecedented move, Microsoft will allow users to test the next version of Office online without having to download software.

Hospital, HMO Ratings 'Open' to Public. New York State adopts online scorecards allowing employers and consumers to review local hospitals and HMOs.

Internet Companies Team-up to Battle Child Pornography. Microsoft, Yahoo, AOL and two other U.S. Internet companies said they are joining forces to fight the distribution of child pornography on the Web.

MIT Researchers Work to Create Nanotube Based Super Capacitors

First Compilation of Tropical Ice Cores Shows Abrupt Global Climate Shift

An Electric Car as Fast as a Porsche?

Monday, 26 June

PC Failure Rates Down. PCs are becoming increasingly reliable, according to a recent survey by IT research firm Gartner Inc.

Prices of 50-inch HD PDP Modules to Drop Below US$1,000 by Year-end. Prices for 50-inch high-definition (HD) PDP (plasma display panel) modules are expected to fall to US$920 by the end of this year.

Blu-ray Player Sales Off to a Slow Start. Consumers adopt 'wait and see' approach in high-definition DVD war.

Showtime for Intel. Intel has AMD in its crosshairs with a long-awaited 'Woodcrest' server announcement.

IM: Why Businesses Aren't Yet Convinced It's for Them. Security is the biggest worry. But many also haven't had great demand from employees.

HDMI 1.3 Finalized Finally, PS3 Onboard. For the most part, the new standard is an increase of the single-link bandwidth from 165MHz to 340MHz.

Hubble Telescope Main Camera Not Working

Faulty Capacitor Prompts Pacemaker Recall

Japan to Fight Global Warming by Pumping Carbon Dioxide Underground

Starry Night

Friday, 23 June

Toshiba's Battle with Blu-ray. In a bid to get its own next-generation DVD players into consumers' hands, the Japanese electronics giant may be selling at a loss.

Another Cell Phone Hazard: Thunderstorms. People should not use mobile phones outdoors during thunderstorms because of the risk if they are struck by lightning, according to a group of doctors.

Another Government Security Breach. This is starting to cost a lot of money.

Three of Four U.S. Homes Have Broadband. The total number of home broadband users grew 30 percent to 102.5 million in May from 78.6 million a year ago.

AMD Chooses Malta, New York for Microchip Plant

Thursday, 22 June

Novell CEO Ousted by the Board. Jack Messman gets the boot as former COO Ron Hovsepian is given the CEO title.

Senate Ponders Analog Hole. A new proposal that would close “the analog hole” on digital video content " is a bad solution in search of a problem.”

Toshiba to Launch HD DVD Recorder. The recorder, the RD-A1, combines an HD DVD burner with a one-terabyte hard disk and can record and store up to 130 hours of high-definition broadcasts.

Earth's Temperature Is at a 400-Year High

Magnetic Fields Might Boost PC Speed

Wednesday, 21 June

Microsoft to Repatch June Patch. Microsoft announced that it will reissue one of the 12 security updates unveiled last week after the fix broke direct dial-up for some users.

LCD Panel Prices Drop to Record Lows. Panel prices dropped to record lows across all segments in late June, but PC panels may rise in August because of back-to-school demand.

Samsung Jumps into Networking Market. Move will mean direct competition for Cisco.

Computer Worm Lures Victims with Naked World Cup. Disguises itself as pictures from nonexistent soccer competition.

Blimp-borne Telescopes Could Rival Hubble

San Andreas Fault Set for the 'Big One'

Tuesday, 20 June

Blu-ray Movies Hit Stores Today. Sony home entertainment executive discusses Blu-ray movie quality and technology.

Way, Way Faster Than a Speeding Bullet. A new IBM silicon germanium chip ultimately may run at 1 terahertz; real-world testing produces speeds of 500GHz.

Draft-N Routers Fail to Deliver. The first three Draft-N routers to hit the market are plagued by sluggish speeds and poor performance.

Linux Kernel Gets an Update. Kernel 2.6.17 of the open-source operating system includes support for Sun's Niagara chips and some wireless-friendly changes.

Opera 9 Web Browser Released

Digital Camera Blocking Technology Created

Monday, 19 June

Static on the Line as Verizon Sues Vonage. Internet telephony provider Vonage faces the threat of being shut down by a judge, following a patent lawsuit filed by telecom giant Verizon.

Petty Thieves, Not Hackers, Are Driving Data Security Fears. Since June 2005, there have been at least 29 known cases of misplaced or stolen laptops with data such as Social Security numbers, health records and addresses of millions of people.

Computer with 13,000 D.C. Workers' Data Stolen. City officials said they were disturbed about how the data was stored and that the company waited to report the theft.

New HDTV Satellite Reaches Orbit

Friday, 16 June

Gates to Bow Out at Microsoft. Co-founder sets 2008 date for transition out of day-to-day role; plans to focus on charity work.

Phishing Scam Uses PayPal Secure Servers. A cross-site scripting flaw in the PayPal Web site allows a new phishing attack to masquerade as a genuine PayPal log-in page.

Ray Ozzie's IT Career Takes Another Turn. The creator of IBM's Lotus Notes is now chief software architect at Microsoft.

Samsung BD-P1000: Blu-ray Hands-on

Microsoft Developing a Rival to Apple's iPod

CMO's 32-inch LCD TV with LED Backlight Units Will Arrive in the Third Quarter

Missing Link In Bird Evolution Found

Thursday, 15 June

Samsung Ships Blu-ray Disc Player in U.S. Samsung said it has shipped the industry's first Blue-ray optical disk player to U.S. retailers for sale starting June 25... 1,080p HDMI output... $999.99 price tag, or twice the price of Toshiba's and RCA's HD DVD players.

Microsoft Offers IE Users an ActiveX Reprieve. Users who are unprepared for changes that Microsoft has made to the way its Internet Explorer browser handles ActiveX can get a reprieve.

Microsoft Issues Reminder for End of Windows XP SP1 Support. Microsoft reminded solution providers and end users Wednesday that support for Windows XP Service Pack 1 (SP1) will end Oct. 10.

Everlight Delays Volume Shipment of White LEDs. The schedule for volume shipments of white LEDs, used in notebooks and larger-size LCD TVs, will be pushed back.

Calif. Professor Wins Top Science Prize for Light Technology

Vampire Slayer Act of 2006 Approved by California Assembly

People Do Mellow with Age, Brain Scans Suggest

Wednesday, 14 June

Dell Expected to Use AMD Chip in Desktop PC. Analyst said that he and colleagues were basing this on information from PC component makers in Asia.

New LCD Technology Outperforms CRT. eCinema says it has a true CRT replacement.

Tuesday, 13 June

Microsoft Draws Fire for Stealth Test Program. Millions of Windows users may unwittingly be test subjects for an unfinished Microsoft antipiracy tool.

PC Shipments Strong. Despite three years of slowing growth in sales, worldwide PC shipments grew by a strong 12.6 percent in the first quarter.

AMD Sells MIPS-Based Processor Business. The company has sold its AMD Alchemy embedded processor product line and operations to Raza Microelectronics.

Yahoo Users Stumble Over Yamanner. Yahoo's Web-based e-mail service is the latest target of a malicious attack.

Monday, 12 June

Sony, Pioneer Blu-ray Players Delayed. Again.

Networking: Investors Eye Power-line Trend. Institutional and individual investors are eagerly examining prospects in the so-called broadband over power line (BPL) market and are helping finance proof-of-concept projects in the field.

Google's Gbuy Nears Launch. Google's online payment system, Gbuy, is expected to launch June 28, further pitting the Internet giant against industry titan and rival eBay.

Motherboard Shipments Decline in May. Weak demand and inventory issues.

LG. Philips to Reduce LCD Production. Inventory concerns and is looking "to better balance short term supply with demand."

Virus Spreads Data, Scandal Over Winny. The malware, called Antinny, finds random files on Winny users' PCs and makes them available on the file-sharing network.

More Dangerous Rootkits May Lurk on Horizon. Rootkits aren't inherently evil. But malcontents are getting better at using them, and rootkits are getting harder to detect.

Backdoors, Bots Biggest Threats to Windows. Of the 5.7 million unique PCs from which the Malicious Software Removal Tool has deleted malware, 3.5 million of them -- 62 percent -- had at least one backdoor Trojan.

Edge-On Galaxy NGC 5866

Friday, 9 June

Microsoft Won't Patch Critical Bug for Windows 98/Me. Microsoft again rang "last call" for Windows 98 and Windows Millennium, reminding users that support will vanish for the two operating systems as of July 11.

House Defeats Net Neutrality Provision. The U.S. House of Representatives has defeated a provision to require U.S. broadband providers to offer the same speed of service to competitors that's available to partners.

House Passes Bill to Open Cable Markets. If it becomes law, the bill will open the cable television market to further competition, allowing phone companies such as Verizon to offer subscription video programming.

Meizu Introduces iPod-Like Video Player. What video iPod fans have been lusting for, it's just not from Apple...

Apple Shuts-down Indian Support Center. Apple Computer Inc. earlier this week decided to shut down a technical support center in India it had established in April.

Is Green Tea the Next Miracle Drug?

Thursday, 8 June

PQI Introduces 64GB NAND Flash 2.5" Disks. 64GB flash discs will be available in PATA and SATA flavors...

Microsoft Releases Public Download of Vista. After months of limited testing, the software giant makes beta version of Windows publicly available for download.

Long Live Fiber. Fiber to the premises is a reality, even if it's just for a few lucky people.

AOL Users Object to E-Mail Ads. Even longtime customers push back when AOL puts ads into e-mail messages.

CPA Group Says Hard Drive with Data on 330,000 Members Missing. A hard drive containing personal data on 330,000 members of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants has been missing since February.

Brando USB 2.0 to SATA/IDE Cable Review. If you need to quickly and easily connect a HDD or an optical device to your system, there is no need to open up the case or look for a bulky external chassis.

Domain Name Price Hikes Come Under Fire. A proposal would let VeriSign charge billions more for .com domains, but some are skeptical about its continued monopoly.

Global Chip Sales Set to Soar. Sales of semiconductors will grow by nearly 10 percent this year as demand for smartphones and other consumer gadgets drive chip consumption.

What’s Next for Solder?

Star's Dusty Disc Could Create Exotic Worlds

Astronomers Find a Galactic Highway in the Sky

Extinction Linked to Meteor

Wednesday, 7 June

Microsoft Releases Windows Small Business Server to Manufacturing. Product’s official launch to come in July.

Microsoft Shakes-up Security Fray. The arrival of Windows Live OneCare has kicked off a software race--and consumers are the likely winners.

Philips Introduces Blu-ray Disc Burners at Computex. Schedules shipments in 3Q. Lite-On does Blu-ray.

Apple Debuts New U2 iPod. Apple released a new version of its U2 Special Edition iPod music player, with a 30GB storage capacity and 14-hour battery life for $329.

Dell to Supply Google With Customized Servers. Dell said it had reached a deal to supply Google with customized computer servers the search engine company will sell to corporate customers.

Open Source Router Cuts Costs by Nearly 87%

A Neanderthal's DNA Tale

An Alaskan Volcano Erupts

Tuesday, 6 June

COMPUTEX Starts in Taipei, Taiwan

Acer to Launch HD-DVD Laptop this Month. Acer will launch a laptop computer with HD-DVD drive later this month, it said at the Computex trade show in Taiwan.

PCs on Front Line in HD-DVD Vs. Blu-ray War. PCs are emerging as a battleground in the budding war between two technologies vying to be the standard for high-capacity DVDs.

Pioneer Delays Blu-ray DVD Player Launch. From June to Autumn.

Fire Hazard Sparks Recall of HP Digicams. Company recalls 679,000 R707 digital cameras.

LCD-TVs to Surpass CRTs by 2009. iSuppli is now predicting that LCD-TVs s will displace CRTs in three year as the leading type of television manufactured worldwide.

OLED Fabrication Uses Sirect-Photolithography Process. Researchers from Germany’s University of Cologne have achieved what they say is the first high-resolution, full-color organic light-emitting diode display based on a direct photolithographic process.

Plastic Missed in Factory Cooks MacBooks. "Some MacBooks may have left the factory with a thin piece of clear plastic covering the rear vent," Apple admitted in the advisory posted last week.

Google Spreadsheets Complements Excel? Google's offering is simple and sharable, while Excel is powerful and complex.

Microsoft XBOX 360 Gets 125 New Features

Researchers Find Hidden Greek Text on 'World's Oldest Astronomy Computer'

China Unleashes Yangtze River on New Dam

Monday, 5 June

Microsoft to Pull PDF, XPS Support from Office 2007. Microsoft will remove features to save documents as XPS and PDF files following Adobe's threat of legal action.

Customer Data in Jeopardy After Hotels.com Security Breach. Thousands of Hotels.com customers may be at risk for credit card fraud after a laptop computer containing their personal information was stolen from an auditor.

Apple Hangs-up on India Call Center. Previous plans to open a new call center in Bangalore have been canceled, but no reasons are given.

Sony Bows ‘Full HDTV’ Push. Sony used the Home Entertainment Show to unveil six new BRAVIA LCD TVs and five SXRD-based rear-projection sets featuring resolution and HDMI inputs capable of full 1,920 by 1,080p resolution.

Entrepreneurs are Born, Not Made

Friday, 2 June

Nintendo's Wii Console Gets Top E3 Award. Nintendo received top honors for its next-generation Wii video game console at the 2006 Game Critics Awards.

Visa Cap Hit Before Start of Year. The fiscal year doesn't even begin until October 1, but the government has already reached the limit on high-tech worker visas for 2007.

Offshoring Impact on U.S. Jobs Overblown. Fears of offshoring in recent years are overblown because most of the job losses in high-end IT occupations were cyclical rather than structural.

Adobe to Sue Microsoft Over PDF Feature. Microsoft and Adobe appear to be headed for court after talks to include PDF support in Office 2007 broke down.

Ballmer: 'A Lot Of Work To Do' On Vista

Gigantic Meteor Crater Found

Floating Pile of Rubble

Thursday, 1 June

Personal Data of 1.3 Million Lost by Student Loan Company. Equipment containing the names and social security numbers of about 1.3 million Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corp. borrowers has disappeared.

Bank Homepages Hacked and Redirected. The homepages of more than 300 banks were modified so that they would direct all online banking traffic to a malicious site in Madrid Spain.

Sun to Slash Staff, Close Facilities. After four straight years of declining revenue, Sun Microsystems said it plans to cut 4,000 to 5,000 jobs in the next six months.

Sony Exec: We Don't Need No Stinkin' PC. Sony claims that PCs will be rendered useless by the PS3.

AMD Announces 4x4 Enthusiast Platform. AMD announced that a new platform will be created and focused on just for the enthusiast desktop market.

Samsung Breathes Life Into the CRT

Optical Ethernet Set to Boom Through 2011

Why We Could All Do with a Siesta

Physicists Persevere in Quest for Inexhaustible Energy Source

Hubble's Successor Takes Shape

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