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Tech News, Etc.
July 2006

Monday, 31 July

New Threat from 'Suicide' Virus. According to security vendor Cybertrust, a new type of virus is programmed to delete itself before it gets caught.

Apple Recalls Some MacBook Pro Batteries. Citing performance concerns, company to replace batteries for some 15-inch laptops under a voluntary recall.

Supply of Blue-laser Pick-up Heads Expected to be Short in 4Q. The production of blue-laser pick-up heads (PUHs) by only a few makers, including Pioneer, Philips, Hitachi and Sony, is insufficient to meet increasing global demand for blue-laser DVD players, etc.

Solar Power Runs 'World's Largest Laundry'

U.K. Researchers Develop 'Nanodog' Sniffing Sensor

Friday, 28 July

Google, The Open Source Projects Host. Will the new public hosting site supplant SourceForge.net?

Big Bargains Ahead for Desktop PC Buyers. Falling prices on LCDs and microprocessors should bring users the best PC deals in years.

Microsoft Says IPod Rival Zune Will Be Long, Pricey Investment. Microsoft plans to go head-to-head with Apple for a piece of the portable music device market, but it doesn't expect to be an overnight sensation in the field.

Calculating the Speed of Sight

The Largest Structure in the Universe

Thursday, 27 July

VoIP Call Quality Takes a Nosedive. VoIP call quality has taken a nosedive over the last 18 months, with nearly 20 percent of VoIP callers experiencing unacceptable voice quality.

Kazaa Settles Up. The file-swapping heavy pays $100M to the music industry.

High-definition Video Add-on Coming to iPod. For $200 or so, you'll be able to watch YouTube clips in high definition on your iPod.

Intel Unveils Conroe and Merom. Intel officially unveiled its new CPU lineup based on the Intel Core microarchitecture. Intel Slashes Processor Prices by More than Half.

Sony Back in the Black. Sony's quarterly profits rise to 32.2 billion Yen.

New Supersonic Business Jet Takes Shape

Wednesday, 26 July

AMD Is Now Priced Lower. When you're AMD, how do you compete with Intel's faster processors?

Dell Regroups, Forges Ahead. Well-written, but lengthy analysis of Dell's problems.

Boom or Bust For Sony? PlayStation 3, Blu-ray and the Cell processor could be Betamax times three if Sony doesn't get it together.

Samsung Flash Disk Aims to Boost Vista Performance. "By caching hard-drive data using Samsung's flash SSD and [Vista], a typical user will see performance gains that will make working with their PC lightning fast."

VoIP Makes Big Gains In Consumer Market. Study finds that the VoIP consumer market increased by 700,000 households, from 2.2 million in the first quarter of 2006 to 2.9 million in the second.

Google Offers Click Fraud Stats Through AdWords. Google has claimed that the launch of a feature within its AdWords reporting system enabling brands and agencies to see the number of invalid clicks on individual campaigns is part of a drive toward greater transparency.

Sony to Extend LED-backlit Notebook Portfolio. Sony will launch two dual-core notebook models that feature 11.1-inch LED backlight LCD displays in Taiwan.

AMD Demos 'The Quad-Father' for Gamers. In the demo, the 4 x 4 platform featured two dual-core, 2.8Ghz Athlon 64 FX processors, running a beta version of Microsoft's upcoming Vista operating system.

Microsoft to Release IE7 for XP Via Automatic Updates. Microsoft is giving fair warning about the upcoming release of Internet Explorer 7 for Windows XP.

Bird Flu Vaccine Breakthrough Offers Hope

Explosions from White Dwarf Star RS Oph

Tuesday, 25 July

Malware Can't Hide From Google. Google's search engine can find many things. Now security researchers are using Google to find malicious code.

Motorola RAZR Gets Sharper. Motorola announced a bushel of hot handsets today, including two high-end RAZRs.

TI Q2 Strong. Texas Instruments saw a double-digit spike in revenue for its Q2

Xerox, Lexmark Top Wall Street's Earnings Forecasts. The document and printing technology sector is showing signs that it had a healthy second quarter, as two of its bellwether vendors--Xerox and Lexmark--reported better-than-expected earnings.

AT&T Reports Q2 Income Up 81 Percent. AT&T posted robust second-quarter net income of $1.8 billion.

540,000 New Yorkers at Risk of Identity Theft After Breach. The names, addresses and Social Security numbers of as many as 540,000 injured workers have been lost.

Crypto Malware Close to Being Uncrackable. Commonly termed "ransomware," trojans that encrypt data files on a user's PC before demanding a payment in return for supplying the key to unlock the files, have come from nowhere in recent months to become a measurable problem.

Conroe and EM64T: Is There a Problem? For the past 10 days there have been a lot of discussions over the internet that the new Intel processors with Core microarchitecture cannot boast the same high performance in 64-bit modes. Is it really true?

Samsung Announces Displays with Embedded Windows XP

Methane Makers Yield to Science

Start-up Bags Funding for Solar Concentrators

Jupiter's Two Largest Storms Nearly Collide

Building Better Concrete

Monday, 24 July

AMD Buys ATI. AMD and ATI today announced plans to join forces in a transaction valued at approximately $5.4 billion.

AMD Drastically Slashes Chip Prices. AMD announced that it is cutting the prices on many of its processors, with some being reduced by as much as 57%.

U.S., Others Oppose European Chemical Laws. After RoHs comes REACH, with potentially wide-reaching impact.

The International Space Station on the Horizon

Friday, 21 July

Will Sony's Pricey PS3 Pay Off? The Japanese giant hopes to duplicate the success of the earlier versions. But critics contend that the $600 price tag could cost Sony big.

Microsoft Business Solutions Hits First Full Profitable Year. Microsoft's closely-watched business applications unit hit its first-ever profitable year for the company's fiscal year 2006 ending June 30.

Time for a Bite of Apple? With booming MacBook sales and still-strong iPod outlook, market experts say time is ripe to buy company stock.

Dell Warns of Lower Profits Amid Slowing Sales. Dell expects profits for its second quarter to be lower than expected, blaming what it called "aggressive pricing and slow commercial sales worldwide."

AMD Expects Rebound After Weak Second Quarter. A day after rival Intel delivered bad news, AMD said declining average selling prices for high-volume desktop processors clobbered its second-quarter sales and earnings.

Connecticut Company Touts Progress in Hydrogen Power

Thursday, 20 July

Everlight LEDs Available for 30-inch Backlight Panels. Everlight started shipping white LEDs in small volumes for a demo 30-inch LCD TV.

Microsoft Irons-out Security Patch. Fixes glitches in delivery and installation of an update sent out last week in its monthly security bulletin.

Intel Lowers Forecast After Another Weak Quarter. More bad news from embattled Intel, which lowered its 2006 forecast after its second-quarter sales and earnings declined again.

Conn. Company Helps with Project to Map Neanderthal's Genome

Wednesday, 19 July

Sharp Eying 10G LCD Production. The plant will process 2,850×3,050mm glass substrates into eight 57-inch panels or six 65-inch panels.

Samsung Ships LED Powered DLP Televisions. Promises a brighter picture along with a longer life than the standard UHP lamps used in previous models.

iPods, UBS Storage to Gain from Samsung Chip. iPods, handsets, USB (universal serial bus) flash drives, and other gadgets stand to gain from a new 8Gb NAND flash memory chip in mass production.

Dell Knew of a Dozen Burned Laptops Before Recall, Records Show. Dell grappled with severe overheating problems in scores of notebooks for at least two years before it announced a recall of 22,000 notebooks last year...

Vulnerability Found In D-Link Routers. A buffer overflow vulnerability discovered several D-Link wired and wireless routers could allow attackers to execute arbitrary code and potentially compromise entire networks.

Digital Vault Thwarts Hackers. With 63 million American adults banking online and millions falling victim to identity theft, GuardID Systems is shipping 250,000 ID Vaults.

New Panasonic Digital Cameras. With built-in optical image stabilization, you might improve your chances of getting a shake-free shot.

Intel to Cut Jobs Throughout 2006. CEO's '90 days' of reorganization will extend through the end of 2006.

Toyota Plans Hybrid That Runs on Batteries

Tuesday, 18 July

Laptop Batteries Suspect in Plane Crash. Investigators probe possibility.

Feds Arrest Offshore Gambling CEO. FBI, DoJ aim to cut off American accounts to BetonSports.com and other wagering sites.

Microsoft Sues Resellers. Software giant files 26 lawsuits that allege computer dealers sold illegal software.

Stealth Rootkit Makes Its Debut in the Real World. Backdoor.Rustock.A is the first such stealth rootkit found outside the environs of the antivirus lab.

Movielink to Offer DVD-Burning Capability. Move could help unlock the potential for selling feature-length movies over the Internet.

Carbon Dioxide's Great Underground Escape in Doubt

Monday, 17 July

Broadcom’s Draft-802.11n Lands in Dell Notebooks. Broadcom continues to advance with its 802.11n chips before IEEE standardization.

HP Labs Touts Tiny Wireless Data Chip. HP researchers have developed a matchstick head-sized wireless data chip that could store up to 100 pages of text and be used in a variety of consumer and commercial applications.

Users Pass on Updating Antivirus Software. Many would rather let their virus definitions get out of date than put up with a long update process.

LED Chipmakers to Benefit from CMO's 32-inch LED Backlit Panel

Researchers Create Fiber Webs that See

Shuttle Returns to Earth

Thursday, 6 July

Microsoft Readying iPod Rival for Holidays. Microsoft is reportedly readying an iPod killer set to hit retail shelves in time for the end-of-year holiday shopping season.

AOL May Offer Free Service to Broadband Users. AOL could give up as much as $2 billion in subscription revenue if a gambit aimed at boosting the Internet service's advertising revenue goes ahead.

LCDs to outsell CRT TVs in 2009. DisplaySearch expects LCD TV shipments to more than double from 41 million units this year to 96.9 million in 2009.

Apple Consigns CRT Monitors to Trash Heap. Apple Computer completely rid its product line of bulky cathode-ray-tube monitors, becoming one of the first major PC makers to offer only flat-panel displays.

Socket AM2 Forward Compatible with AM3 CPUs. AMD has revealed that AM2 will accept AM2 or AM3 CPU packages.

Apple Widget Checks Raise Eyebrows. Some Mac users express concern about a new feature in the latest Mac OS X that sends information back to Apple.

Microsoft, Partners Team to Bridge Office-ODF Format Gap. It looks like Microsoft Office will, after all, support the OpenDocument Format. Sort of.

Computers Superglued to Stop Data Theft

Report Warns about Carbon Dioxide Threats to Marine Life

Star Shade Could Reveal Earthlike Exoplanets

Space Station Welcomes Discovery

Wednesday, 5 July

Microsoft Faces Second WGA Lawsuit. update Plaintiffs in latest lawsuit say antipiracy Windows Genuine Advantage program acts as "spyware."

Ken Lay, Former Enron Chief, Compaq Director, Dies. Ken Lay, who led Enron and served on the boards of Compaq and i2 Technologies, died of an apparent heart attack.

AMD Dual-Core Optimization Utility Available. Improving dual-core compatibility for gaming.

Astronauts Inspect Heat Shield

Cell Phone Signals Excite Brain, Study Finds

Spiral Galaxy NGC 2403 from Subaru

Monday, 3 July

Dawning of the New Home Theater. Video downloads pave way for new products and services.

Brisk sales of Apple MacBooks boost shipments for Asustek. Sales of Apple's Intel Core Duo-based MacBook laptops have been stronger than expected, boosting monthly shipments of 13.3-inch MacBooks to about 120,000 units in June.

May Chip Sales Grow 9.4%. The three-month average of worldwide sales of semiconductors in May came in at $19.75 billion, up 9.4 percent over May 2005.

Microsoft Denies WGA Kill Switch in Windows XP. Microsoft denied that it plans to cripple copies of Windows XP for users who refuse to install its controversial antipiracy tool, Windows Genuine Advantage.

Red Cross Laptops with Personal Data Missing. A notebook with personal information on donors in Texas and Oklahoma goes missing.

Cool Light Leads to Greener Chips

Weather Pushes Shuttle Launch to Tuesday

Crack Found in Foam on Shuttle's Fuel Tank

Engineers Restart Hubble Camera

Large Asteroid Zips Past Earth

More than 6,000 U.S. Children Injured by Fireworks Annually

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