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January 2006

Tuesday, 31 January

Microsoft Won't Issue Advance Kama Sutra Fix. Microsoft said its next scheduled set of fixes -- on February 14th -- will detect and remove the worm.

AMD and Intel Harmonize on 64. Intel’s EM64T architecture is closely patterned after AMD64, ensuring near-100% software compatibility.

IE 7 in Public Beta. It's the most significant IE update since the 'end' of the browser wars.

Google's Sales Up 93% in 2005

Nine External Enclosures for 2.5” Hard Disk Drives Roundup

Rubbery Combustion

Monday, 30 January

Sharp Shifts Focus to Larger, HD Displays. Worldwide market demand is rapidly shifting to LCD screens larger than 32 inches.

Cisco Warns Of Vulnerability In VPN Device. Cisco Systems on released a security advisory about its VPN 3000 Series concentrators.

Exploit Targets Winamp Flaw. An exploit that takes advantage of an "extremely critical" flaw in the media player could let attackers take control of a user's system.

Find Out What's Really Inside the iPod. Reuse of components is a good design practice for applications similar to the iPod, including mobile handsets.

Google Releases Upgraded Toolbar. Google has enhanced its toolbar for Internet Explorer, introducing several new features that will appeal to regular users of the program.

Missing a Few Brain Cells? Print New Ones

Study Strengthens Link Between Virus and Weight Gain

South of Orion

Friday, 27 January

Microsoft Considering Digital Player to Rival iPod. Just when you thought Microsoft and Apple had called a truce, Microsoft says it is considering plans to build its own portable music player to rival Apple's iPod.

Feds Charge 10 More in Warez Wars. DoJ issues additional indictments aimed at first providers of online pirated material.

Milky Way Brims with Singleton Stars

Other Dimensions Might Soon be Detected

Thursday, 26 January

AJAX Sets-off Tools Race. The growing popularity of interactive Web sites has set off a race among software companies, each pitching their own development toolkit.

Lenovo Profit, Growth Fall Short. Top executives promised aggressive cost-cutting and new product introductions to try to turn the trend around.

Picture Gets Clearer for Growing HDTV Market. 2005 was a positive year for the HDTV market and it is expected to continue its growth in 2006 to exceed $25 billion globally.

Blackworm May Have Already Hit. The true number of infected PCs is currently unknown.

Alleged Spyware Company Sued. Microsoft and the Washington state attorney general have filed lawsuits against Secure Computer LLC, alleging that the company's Spyware Cleaner software not only fails to remove spyware as advertised, but makes computers less secure.

Senate Committee Considers Broadcast Flags to Combat Piracy. Bill seeks restrictions on individuals' recording of digital television and radio programs.

VNU Business Media Europe buys the INQUIRER. Press release.

Will 802.11n Change Your World?

What If You Don't Want a High-end x86 Computer?

Use Your Brain, Halve Your Risk of Dementia

Small Rocky Planet Found Orbiting Normal Star

Space Tornado! Cosmic Front Packs a Punch

Wednesday, 25 January

USI prepares to buy Abit’s motherboard division. Universal Scientific Industrial (USI), a Taiwan-based design and manufacturing service supplier, announced that it will establish a new subsidiary to acquire the motherboard division of Abit Computer.

Intel Shows 45 nm Test Chips. The 45-nanometer process is right on time, according to Intel.

Microsoft to License Windows Source Code. In a stalemate with the European Commission, Microsoft throws its Windows source code into the mix.

HP's Fully Loaded HDTV. The HP Pavilion LC3700N LCD HDTV is a good choice for people looking for a fully loaded HDTV.

It's Tax Time. TurboTax hangs on to the crown for its fine tax prep help, but TaxCut edges closer by offering good prices and integration with H&R Block's storefronts.

AMD Shares May See Upside in '06 on Growing Market Share. AMD may see its market share rise to an all-time high of 22% in 2006 from 18% in 2005.

Disney Buys Pixar. Animation giant is paying $7.4 billion in stock--a deal that puts Apple Computer CEO Steve Jobs on Disney's board of directors.

Maxtor Hit with Shareholder Suit Over Seagate Merger

2005 Was the Warmest Year on Record

Monday, 23 January

DDR2 Prices Continue to Increase. The price premium DDR 400 enjoyed over DDR2 533 has shrunk to 1.4%, as DDR contract prices remained flat in the second half of January, while 512Mbit DDR2 533 prices increased to US$4.09.

Another Chipmaker Jumps On 802.11n Bandwagon. A third chipmaker, Atheros Communications, said that it is offering wireless LAN chipsets based on the draft next-generation 802.11n Wi-Fi standard.

High Court Rejects BlackBerry Patent Appeal. The Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal from the maker of the BlackBerry in the long-running battle over patents for the wildly popular, handheld wireless e-mail device.

Meyer to Share AMD Management with Ruiz. Dirk Meyer has been promoted to president and chief operating officer at AMD.

FAQ: Will Your Intel-based Mac Run Windows? Since both the Mac and Windows operating systems now run on Intel-based hardware, shouldn't it be easy to run both on the same computer?

Harvesting the Sun

Friday, 20 January

Thursday, 19 January

Apple: Expect Intel Laptop Shortages. Apple Computer will likely run into shortages of its first Intel-based laptop when the machine debuts next month.

What's Inside The Apple iMac. Apple's iMac desktop PC, introduced at last week's MacWorld Expo, is the latest target in iSuppli Corp.'s teardown analysis.

PC Market Achieved Double-digit Growth in 2005. Dell, HP head the list of top-selling PC vendors as global shipments grew more than 17 percent.

Where Fantasy Meets Finance. Gamers' creations become black market commodities.

What Will 2006 Hold for AMD and Intel? A look at the roadmaps.

Konica Minolta Abandons Cameras, Film. Decision ends legacy that began more than 100 years ago; company will refocus on copiers.

More Super Rogue Snti-spyware Loose. A new supposed anti-spyware program could be hijacking desktops any day now.

Firm Sues Intel Over "Inside" Word. Inside, outside, upside, downside, eastside, westside...

Orion Nebula

Stardust Delivers a Mother Lode of Comet Dust

Vintage or Vile, Wine is all the Same after Cheese

Green Pigs that Glow

57 Years of Mystery: Who Visits Poe's Grave?

Wednesday, 18 January

Intel's Supply Stumble. The chipmaker insists it has all but solved the supply problems that spawned a sales shortfall. Analysts are unconvinced.

Suppliers Overproducing LCD Panels. The liquid crystal display (LCD) market is expected to face a greater than 10 percent global panel oversupply throughout the year as major Korean and Taiwanese LCD makers expand capacity.

Seagate Ships Powerful Notebook Drive. The company issues a speedy new drive at a time when customers want greater data capacities in smaller notebooks.

Laughter Proves Good Medicine for Heart

Super-Powerful New Ion Engine Revealed

Cartwheel of Fortune

Volcano Shoots Ash 8 Miles High in Alaska

Tuesday, 17 January

Microsoft Posts First Windows Vista Security Fix. Microsoft has released the first security update for Windows Vista, the company's next-generation OS that's touted as ultra-secure.

Windows Wi-Fi Vulnerability Discovered. Feature can be exploited to include a user's PC in a peer-to-peer network, allowing access to information on its hard drive.

Microsoft Hits Subtract Button on Accounting Package. The company offers a $100 instant discount and a year of free support to buyers of Small Business Accounting 2006 software.

Fight Over DVD Format May Trap Customers. Two products vie for supremacy...

Security Spec Readied for Home Networks. A hardware-based specification that could help paid-for content flow securely between devices in the digital living room is getting its finishing touches.

Semiconductor Used to Generate Entangled Photons. A simple means of generating pairs of photons that can be used for quantum computation.

Symantec Updates Antivirus Products. Symantec has started delivering product updates to users through the automatic LiveUpdate feature.

Monday, 16 January

Microsoft Clarifies Windows XP Support Plans. Microsoft said it will continue to provide mainstream support for all flavors of Windows XP for two years after the release of Windows Vista.

Consumers' Optimism Continues to Build. This, despite weaker-than-expected December retail sales and increasing gas prices.

Computer Programs that React to Speech Gain Real-world Use

Stardust Capsule Returns to Earth

Turning-up the Heat on Hybrid Cars

Pluto Probe Set to Break Speed Records

Wednesday, 11 January

LCD Monitors Likely to Account for 80% of PC Monitor Market. LCD monitor shipments reaching 125 million units this year.

Sharp Boosts LCD TVs with $2.4B Investment. The bulk of the money, about $1.75 billion, would go towards a major facility to make LCD panels in order to meet huge demand globally for LCD televisions.

Microsoft's File System Patent Upheld. update After initially rejecting patents on the Windows file system, the Patent and Trademark Office rules them valid.

55,000 Customer IDs Stolen from Bahamas Hotel. Travellers who stayed at the upmarket Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas should keep a close eye on their bank statements in the months ahead.

The Tadpoles of IC 410

Tuesday, 10 January

IBM Expert Warns of Short Life Span for Burned CDs. Burned CDs have a life span of between two to five years, storage expert says.

IPv6: World's Largest Technology Upgrade On Deck. Bugs, spam, viruses, software security issues, quality of service and more have spurred experts to push for commercial deployment and government reform on Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6).

Jobs unveils Intel-based iMac. Apple's historic shift to Intel microprocessors came earlier than expected as CEO Steve Jobs unveiled an updated iMac computer based on new two-brained chip.

AMD Releases Athlon 64 FX-60 Dual-core Processor. AMD today announced the immediate availability of the AMD Athlon 64 FX-60 dual-core processor, billed by the company as its most powerful PC processor ever released.

AMD Shares Up on Possible Dell Rollout

Milky Way and Neighbor Seen to Merge

China Develops Magnetic Levitation Train

Friday, 6 January

iSuppli More Bullish on LCD TV Market. Rising manufacturing capacity and falling prices caused global shipments of LCD-TVs to soar past expectations in the second half of 2005.

Microsoft Releases Metafile Patch Early. Microsoft released the patch for the zero-day Metafile vulnerability on Thursday, five days ahead of its previously announced schedule.

Sony Fighting to Keep Home Entertainment Title. Speculation is rampant about anti-Microsoft moves that Google co-founder Larry Page will announce today in his first-ever speech at the Consumer Electronics Show. But in the world of consumer electronics, Microsoft is facing a far bigger competitor: Sony.

Verizon Completes Acquisition Of MCI. Verizon Communications closed on its $8.6 billion acquisition of MCI.

Thursday, 5 January

The Internation Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Starts in Las Vegas

MIMO Delivers Range, Beam-forming Delivers Video. Next-generation wireless-LAN technologies extend 802.11g to deliver DVD-quality video.

HD DVD backers promise 200 movies. Studios say films such as "Million Dollar Baby" and "Full Metal Jacket" will be on new format by year's end.

Bill Gates Highlights Xbox 360, Vista and HD at CES. Gates said the near future of the PC and the Xbox 360 is in high definition.

TDK Shows-off 100GB Blu-ray Drives

Milky Way Churns-out Seven New Stars Per Year


Wednesday, 4 January

CES Photo Gallery: The First 24 Hours. Electronic guitars, a TV that looks like a soccerball, and high-tech fishing gear highlight today's photo gallery.

Cisco Expands Consumer Ambitions With DVD Player, Security Camera. Cisco introduces a variety of products for the digital home at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Wi-Fi Cloud Over UK. Free municipal Wi-Fi is spreading across the pond.

Close-up Look: Windows Vista Begins to Get Real. The December pre-beta 2 release of Windows Vista offers the first true glimpse of the OS but is missing key elements.

Bye-bye Hard Drive, Hello Flash. The world as notebook users know it is about to change in a flash.

Start-up Claims 'Flat' Optic Fiber Could Reduce LCD Cost. Oree is touting flexible, flat optical fiber as a replacement for back-light units in televisions and mobile phones.

Displays that Give a Clear View. Transparent OLEDs will allow displays to shine in almost any blended color.

CES: Toshiba HD-DVD Players Coming in March. Toshiba plans to launch its first two HD-DVD players in the U.S. market in March of this year, the company at the International Consumer Electronics Show show in Las Vegas.

1080p, Blu-ray & More. We expect glimpses of the latest displays as well as overall improvements.

Studios Announce Next-generation DVD Titles

DirecTV Service to be Integrated into Humax LCD TV and PMP Products

MSI to Launch Digital TV USB Drive

Worms in Texas Are Shuttle Survivors

Stardust May Illuminate Birth of Life on Earth

How Brands Get Wired into the Brain

Tuesday, 3 January

Windows Flaw Spawns Dozens of Attacks. Attacks designed to exploit Windows Meta File flaw range from malicious spam to an MSN Messenger worm.

CES Preview: Getting the Boxes to Interplay. Beneath the flashy veneer of the electronics lies a tangled mass of interoperability problems and related concerns.

Consumer Products Still Driving Sales, SIA Confirms. Global chip sales continued to grow at a record pace in November.

Consumer Confidence Remains on the Mend. The December consumer confidence data recently reported by the Conference Board and University of Michigan showed positive gains over November.

New Enhancements Expand Capabilities of MP3 Surround. Supporting a seamless transition from stereo to surround sound, MP3 SX enables listening to two-channel content in surround.

Plasma Thruster Tested for Mars Mission

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