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Tech News, Etc.
February 2006

Tuesday, 28 February

Sony Sets Blu-ray Rollout Date. Japanese company's entertainment division plans to launch first movies in the next-generation DVD format in May.

Microsoft's Origami Mystery Unfolds. Microsoft could release a new handheld computer, which will compete with Apple's iPod.

Google Stock Takes Hit After CFO Comments About Slowing Growth. Google Inc.'s stocks declined sharply morning after Chief Financial Officer George Reyes told investors that growth at the online search leader was slowing.

The Microphone Shrinks to a Single Chip. Microphones haven't radically changed in several decades--but a new digital version could give designers more freedom.

Cocoa Linked to Lower Risk of Disease

The Flaming Star Nebula

Monday, 27 February

Microsoft Confirms Six Windows Vista Versions Planned. Microsoft confirmed Monday that it plans to ship six versions of Windows Vista later this year, including two editions targeted at businesses, two at consumers and one combining all available features. That's five versions too many.

Sharp Speeds LCD Expansion as Market Share Slips. Sharp will ramp up capacity at its Kameyama No. 1 fab to 60,000 substrates per month as part of $130 million investment that also includes the world'd first 8th-generation LCD fab.

Upstart Brands Keep Pressure on Flat-Panel TV Prices. With their lower prices, the Olevia and Vizio are nipping away as Sharp fights to hold onto its leading 13 percent share, with Sony on its tail and stiffening competition from other makers.

Samsung, Pentax Debut New Digital SLR Cameras. How does 18 megapixels grab you?

Jeeves the Butler is Out of a Job. Search engine company Ask Jeeves today became Ask.com, dumping Jeeves the butler in favor of a redesigned Web site that offers search users a variety of new tools.

Operate on a Heart Without Missing a Beat

Friday, 24 February

Judge to Issue Blackberry-NTP Ruling Next Week. The judge in the court battle between RIM and NTP postponed until next week a ruling on whether to issue an injunction against the Blackberry mobile email service.

Lenovo Now World's Third Largest PC Maker. In addition to its acquisition of IBM's PC division, Lenovo increased its PC shipments to 13.9 million units in 2005, up 222.9% from 4.3 million in 2004.

Sony Tops LCD TV Sales. Sony jumped from No. 4 to No. 1 in both LCD TV unit and revenue sales.

Americans' Home Net Adoption Slowing? A new research report suggests that Americans' home access to the Internet is coming close to peaking.

Fighting Sound with Sound

Fossil Calls into Question Ideas of Jurassic Mammals

Thursday, 23 February

Levono to Offer Choice: AMD or Intel. The Chinese company that acquired IBM's PC division is releasing its first Levono-branded PCs, targeted at small businesses, and starting at $349 for desktops and $599 for notebooks.

Apple iTunes Hits Its Billionth Download. Apple's iTunes digital music service celebrated the downloading of it's one billionth song last night. The winner will receive a prize package that includes a new 20-inch iMac, 10 60GB iPods, and a $10,000 iTunes music card.

Open Source Clone of Windows Not a Ripoff? ReactOS effort begins code audit and claims that no code was taken from Windows NT.

AOL Plans to Charge the Same for Dialup, Broadband. AOL recently announced the availability of a coast-to-coast high-speed network offered through partnerships with cable and DSL providers, including BellSouth, Time Warner Cable and Verizon.

Vista Gets Gadgetized. A new beta shows Gadgets, programs for small jobs such as displaying the weather, time of day, a slideshow, or a favorite RSS feed.

E-Paper Is Ready for Its Rollout. Hitachi's new e-paper could be just enough to show people that the technology can indeed replace printed pages, and might also become a powerful new digital medium on its own.

IT Exec Sentenced to Eight Years for Data Theft. Case involved the theft of a billion records from Acxiom.

Quantum Computer Computes, Without Running!

Better Carbon Dating Revises Some History

Scientist Finds Nerve Cells Can Reconnect

Wednesday, 22 February

Group Of Rivals Files New Complaint Against Microsoft With EU. A group of Microsoft rivals--including IBM, Oracle and Sun Microsystems--and customers filed a new complaint with the European Commission, accusing the U.S. software giant of competing unfairly.

HDD Shipments Set Record. Even though the hard disk drive industry had a tumultuous 2005.

Demand for Linux Servers Reaches Record Levels. Global demand for Linux servers reached record levels in the last quarter of 2005 to account for $1.6bn in quarterly revenue, the 14th consecutive quarter of double-digit growth.

Router, Switch Market Topped $19 Billion In 2005. The enterprise networking hardware market enjoyed a healthy 2005, topping $19 billion, with substantial growth likely to continue through 2009.

Microsoft Forces Motherboard Upgraders to Buy New Licence. It's getting rediculous!

Tuesday, 21 February

Bills Would Boost Unlicensed Wi-Fi. Senators propose allowing broadband deployment on vacant TV channels, saying it would be cheap and easy to set up.

AMD, Intel Cut Dual-Core Prices. AMD cut prices on some server processors, while Intel offered instant rebates on select dual-core desktop CPUs.

Zero Day Exploit Hits Apple's OS X. No patch yet released for highly critical flaw.

Dell Loses $700 Million Service Contract With Philips. Dell has lost an estimated US$700 million service deal with Royal Philips Electronics after the companies mutually agreed to end the contract.

Friday, 17 February

Toshiba Readies Its HD DVD Spin. Marketing push begins for Blu-ray rival, with first-generation machines available in March.

Plug-in Internet Connection to Test on Long Island. The Long Island Power Authority said it would test technology to deliver Internet connections through electrical outlets.

Five Things You Didn't Know About Dual-core Processors. Amid the hype surrounding the dual-core processors pouring forth from Intel and AMD, there are some common misperceptions.

DSL Sales Rocket to $6.4 Billion. Global sales of DSL aggregation hardware rose 38% last year, and revenue spiked by 23%.

Kodak Debuts New EasyShares. Kodak will unveil four new EasyShare cameras at the Photo Marketing Association 2006 show.

Windy City Eyes WiFi. Chicago could join a growing list of U.S. cities looking to roll out public wireless access.

Dell Profit Rises 52 Percent in Fourth Quarter

Milky Way’s Fastest Pulsar Is on Its Way Out of the Galaxy

Thursday, 16 February

Microsoft Announces Office 2007 Pricing, Details. Microsoft on Wednesday offered further details on the next version of Office, announcing plans for a new home version as well as new server-based products.

First Mac OS X Malware Infects Via iChat. The first piece of malicious code targeting Apple's Mac OS X platform--in this case, its iChat instant-messaging application.

Gartner Raises 2006 Chip Market Growth to 9.5%

AMD Firesale

Greenland Glaciers Dumping Ice into Atlantic at Faster Pace

'Sleeping on It' Best for Complex Decisions

Wednesday, 15 February

Lawmaker Renews Push Against Net Gambling. Virginia Rep. Bob Goodlatte will reintroduce a bill this week that would prohibit Internet gambling, a fast-growing industry valued at about $12 billion.

Lawmakers Rip Tech Giants for Helping Chinese Repression. Members of Congress blasted four U.S. tech giants, accusing the companies of willingly helping China oppress internal dissent in return for access to a booming Internet market.

Microsoft Patch Fails to Install for Some Users. Problems are reported with installing Microsoft's patch for TCP/IP vulnerability. Microsoft Resolves Security Patch Install Glitch.

Apple Updates OS X. The computer maker fixes bugs on both PowerPC and Intel Macs.

Space-Elevator Tether Climbs a Mile High

Researchers Test Robotic Surgeon

Tuesday, 14 February

LCD TV Sales and Screen Sizes Increased Dramatically in 2005. LCD TV shipment volumes of both large- and small-screen size grew over 156% on-year in 2005, according to Quixel Research.

Voice Over Wireless Sales To Rocket To $1.1 Billion. Revenues from VoWLAN sales will reach $1.1 billion by 2010.

Microsoft to Launch Office Live Beta. The company plans on to start testing the Web hosting and online software collection aimed at small businesses.

Monday, 13 February

Microsoft Fingers Symantec Antivirus Program as Spyware. Problem with Windows AntiSpyware update causes it to recommend disabling two Symantec antivirus programs.

Drag-and-Drop Flaw in IE Reported. Security analysts and vendors are reporting a flaw in the Internet Explorer browser that could allow malicious code to run and cause the takeover of a computer.

How to Avoid a St. Valentine's Day Malware Massacre. Steer clear of some Web sites, unless your idea of romance is spending some more quality time with your helpdesk staff.

Ingram Micro Readies System Builder Community. Ingram Micro is recruiting systems builders to become members of Systems ArchiTECHS, a new community akin to its successful VentureTech Network.

Web of Intrigue Widens in Debit Card Theft Case. An investigation into thousands of compromised debit cards that was widely reported this week appears to involve two of the nation's largest retailers.

Sliding HD PDP TV Prices Push Sales in 2005. High-definition (HD) PDP (plasma display panel) TV sales rose in 2005.

Startup Sees Bright Future for In-phone Projector. Light Blue Optics Ltd., has developed a matchbox-sized video and image projector, suitable for use with a mobile phone or iPod.

DRAM Dips. In its first annual decline since 2001, DRAM revenues decrease 5 percent in 2005.

Apple Sued Over iPod Nano. Apple Computer has been sued in California by a consumer watchdog group that claims the company's popular iPod Nano's screen scratches so badly that it becomes unreadable.

Cable's Rates Up, Market Share Down

Tabletop Nuclear Fusion Device Developed

The Dino-Daddy of All Meat Eaters

Friday, 10 February

Thursday, 9 February

Feds Stay Strong on Spyware Case. Federal Trade Commission continues its crackdown on spyware and is pushing for laws to aid its fight.

Spyware Barely Touches Firefox. There's more ammunition for Firefox fans: New academic research says Internet Explorer users can be up to 21 times more likely to end up with a spyware-infected PC than Firefox users.

Pick-and-Pay Cable TV Would Save Consumers Money

NASA Caps Science to Pay for Shuttle

NGC 1309 and Friends

Petite, Crested Dinosaur Was Early Ancestor of T. Rex

Wednesday, 8 February

Russian "Sleeper Bugs" Empty French Accounts. Russian scammers have pillaged more than a million euros ($1.19 million) from French bank accounts in the last 11 months.

IBM Launches Business Computers Based On Game Chip. IBM introduced new blade systems, based on the Cell processor, that it said extend the processing power of video game microchips to corporate data centers.

AMD Socket-M2 CPUs to be Unwrapped at CeBIT. Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has reached agreements with unspecified Taiwan motherboard makers for presenting its next-generation Socket-M2 processors March 9-15.

Microsoft Reports Two Bugs; a Third is Identified. Three vulnerabilities have been identified in some versions of Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser and its HTML Help Workshop program.

Exploit Turns-up Heat for Firefox Flaw. Mozilla has patched the hole in the Web browser, but the public release of attack code means it's urgent that people apply the fix.

Milky Way Steals Stars from Nearby Cluster

Tuesday, 7 February

Google Merges Gmail with Chat. Gmail Chat lets people send instant messages from e-mail account, see when contacts are online and save chat history.

DDR2 Contract Prices Soar in 1H February. Contract prices for mainstream DRAMs shot up in the first half of February, with DDR2 pricing rocketing up 18% from the second half of January.

New IBM Chip Breaks Barriers to Double Speed. IBM will unveil a new processor that will be twice as fast as those of competitors such as Sun, Intel and AMD when it appears in 2007.

'Lost World' Found in Jungle

Nanocoatings: A Bathroom That Cleans Itself

Monday, 6 February

AOL, Yahoo to Charge for E-mail. AOL and Yahoo are set to start charging e-mailers to send messages to targets.

Toshiba buys Westinghouse for $5.4 Billion. Japanese electronics maker plans to retain more than a 51 percent stake in the U.S. arm of British Nuclear Fuels.

High-Definition Hype Splashes Beyond TVs

The N44 Superbubble

Friday, 3 February

Western Union Sends Its Last Telegram. After more than 155 years, Western Union has announced that it will no longer deliver telegram messages.

AT&T Brings New Low to DSL Prices. Telephone company cuts introductory pricing on its broadband service to $12.99 per month--with a catch, naturally.

Kama Sutra Virus Causes Little Damage. A computer virus that was designed to start its malicious work on Friday did not cause the mayhem that was anticipated.

Spyware Poses a Significant Threat on the Net. One in 62 Internet domains performed drive-by download attacks.

Strong Retail Sales Boost Gateway's Market Share. Direct and professional sales fall.

Nichia Makes Breakthrough on White LED Efficiency. Lumen per watt barrier breached.

Solid-state Lighting Competition Launched. Research into solid-state lighting continues to grow as the industry looks to replace conventional light bulbs.

Study Suggests Clay Paved the Way for Evolution of Complex Animals

Thursday, 2 February

U.S. DTV Transition Set for 2009, Set-top Subsidy Planned. The House approved legislation that sets Feb. 17, 2009, as the deadline for ending U.S. analog broadcasts and creates a government subsidy program for converter boxes.

SIA: 2005 Set Semi Sales Record. Despite a December sales dip, worldwide demand for semiconductors increased in all end markets last year.

Apple Sued Over iPod Related Hearing Loss. filed a lawsuit has been filed against Apple, claiming that the iPods are "inherently defective in design and are not sufficiently adorned with adequate warnings regarding the likelihood of hearing loss.

Domain Prices Set to Rise. The days of ever cheaper domain names may well be numbered.

Security Update Out for Firefox 1.5. Release fixes eight security flaws in the open-source Web browser and provides greater stability, support for Mac OS X.

Counterfeits Inundating High-tech Market. Scammers are hawking sleek fakes of DVD players, MP3 players and other hot products to potential buyers at trade shows, retail stores and online.

Common Cold May Save Us From Bird Flu

Rats Smell in Stereo

"10th Planet" Proves Bigger than Pluto

Wednesday, 1 February

Internet Explorer for Mac Dead and Gone. Microsoft on Tuesday posted a notice on its Mactopia Web site that said Internet Explorer for Mac is no longer available for downloading.

Porn Spammer Pleads Guilty. A California man accused of managing the computer system used to send hundreds of thousands of pornography-related e-mail messages has pleaded guilty to violating a U.S. antispam law.

Security Snafu at Boston Globe Exposes Subscriber Data. Confidential information belonging to more than 240,000 subscribers of The Boston Globe and the Worcester Telegram & Gazette has been inadvertently exposed

Scientists: New 'Planet' Bigger Than Pluto

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