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April 28, 2006

Friday, 28 April

In Plasma vs. LCD TV Battle, Sony Declares LCD the Winner. Encouraged by the success of its Bravia LCD TV lineup, Sony’s TV strategy will focus increasingly more on the LCD TV platform this year.

AMD Recalls "Inconsistent" Opterons. Opteron x52s and x54s have a temperature induced FP bug.

Health Concerns Emerge Over Wi-Fi. There is an increasing body of evidence to suggest certain people are hypersensitive to the emissions from wireless access points and other electromagnetic devices.

Second Bug in a Week Looms Over IE Users. 'High-risk' vulnerability could cede control of PC, but does not impact Windows 2003.

What’s Changing Inside Intel?

Space Shuttle Replacement

Scientists Identify 'Intelligence Gene'

Thursday, 27 April

New Trojan Virus on the Loose Demands Ransom. Troj/Ransom-A freezes computers, then asks for money to release control.

Intel Warns of Sinking Profits, Possible Layoffs. Intel executives today forecast a 3% dip in revenue and said they will restructure the company -- and possibly lay off workers -- during the next 90 days.

Shipments of LED Backlit LCD TV Panels Set to Pick-up in 2H. TFT LCD panel makers including Samsung, LG. Philips LCD, AU Optronics, and Chi Mei Optoelectronics are set to ship LCD TV panels.

Worst Products of Q1 2006. Buyer beware!

Wednesday, 26 April

LED Technology Makes Flat-panel Displays Brighter. New backlighting technology creates more vibrant colors and sharper images for users.

Reiner Comedy Sees Both Sides of DVD Format. Delivering on a promise made months ago, Warner Home Video has announced the first hybrid disc to feature high-definition DVD content on one side and standard DVD content on the other.

New IE Bug Puts Patched Windows Systems at risk. The IE bug could allow attackers to take over a system.

Tuesday, 25 April

Wi-Fi Consumers Cautioned to Wait on New Gear. Two different groups testing new wireless products based on a draft standard of next-generation Wi-Fi technology caution consumers against buying pre-standard gear.

Universal, Microsoft Team-up to Offer Feature-Rich HD DVDs. At the National Association of Broadcasters 2006 convention in Las Vegas, Microsoft and Universal Pictures announced a collaboration on the release of next-generation HD DVD discs.

Hands On: New Public Beta of IE 7. We're one step closer to a final Internet Explorer 7 with the release of a new, more polished Internet Explorer 7 beta.

McNealy Steps-down at Sun. Jonathan Schwartz takes over as CEO from Scott McNealy.

Rambus Wins $306.9M in Patent Infringement Case

Japan OKs Copy Protection Scheme for Hard-Drive-Based DTV Recording

CLEVER Three-wheeler Takes Corners at Full Tilt

Galaxy with a Supergalactic Wind

Monday, 24 April

802.11n Wireless Gear Falls Short in Testing. The first round of IEEE Draft N-compliant wireless networking equipment from Netgear and Buffalo Technology proved disappointing in terms of performance and interoperability.

Panasonic Moves on Blu-ray Drives. Panasonic announced that it has developed an internal Blu-ray disc drive for desktop computers in Japan.

Intel Slashes Desktop Chip Pricing. Intel cut prices on its higher-end desktop processors by up to 50 percent as the industry awaits the announcement of a new Intel desktop platform on Monday.

Xbox 360 CPU to Get Die Shrink. The launch of the Xbox 360 was not without its problems. From low inventory to repeated rumblings online about defective and overheating units, Microsoft found itself with a more trouble than it bargained for from day one.

Chandra Finds Black Holes Are 'Green'

Friday, 21 April

Hands On: Toshiba's HD-DVD Player. Once you've seen a high-definition movie, you'll be hooked.

Microsoft's Gates Confident Over Xbox 360, HD DVD. Microsoft founder Bill Gates has expressed confidence in the success of the software giant's new Xbox game console as well as high-definition HD DVD technology.

Microsoft Probes Outlook Express Patch Trouble. Software giant looks into user complaints about trouble with Outlook Express after last week's security update.

Microsoft Patches Patch. Microsoft plans to re-release a Windows patch next week to fix problems related to HP devices and NVIDIA cards.

Washington State Settles Spyware Suit. An Oregon man will pay nearly $84,000 in fines and consumer restitution for using e-mail to market bogus anti-spyware software called Spyware Cleaner.

RCA HDV5000 HD-DVD Player to Ship in May. RCA is getting ready to ship an HD-DVD player to compete with Toshiba's first offering.

Intel’s Aggressive Push in Emerging Markets to Counter AMD-Supported $100 Laptop Project

Dusty Island Universe

Transplant Recipient Going Strong

The Battle Over the Blame for Gas Prices

Thursday, 20 April

HP Recalls 15,700 Notebook Computer Batteries. HP is recalling about 15,700 HP and Compaq notebook computer batteries worldwide for a burn and fire hazard.

PC Shipments Continue Double-digit Growth in 1Q. The worldwide PC market continued its solid expansion, in the first quarter of 2006, with year-on-year growth of 12.9%.

Dell Shares Drop After Survey Shows PC Share Loss. Shares of Dell fell more than 2 percent Thursday after a survey showed the company's worldwide market share slipped for perhaps the first time.

Online Ad Spending Reaches Record Level in 2005. $12.5 billion spent in U.S. on Internet ads last year is 30 percent more than year before.

Intel Cuts Forecast Following Weak Quarter. Citing slumping PC sales and inventory woes, Intel posted first quarter revenue and net income that were down sequentially and year-to-year.

Apple Posts Near-Record Sales. The seemingly ubiquitous iPod continues its, and hence Apple's, considerable growth, but chipmaker PortalPlayer may not be sharing in the wealth much longer.

Linux Vendors Rally Behind Desktop Standard. Free Standards Group set to release new integrated server, desktop.

Google Earnings Blow Past Estimates. Google Inc.'s first-quarter profit rose 60 percent, soaring past analyst estimates.

Microsoft Patch 'Erases' Outlook Express Addresses; Users Irked. After applying the patch from security bulletin MS06-016, say dozens of users, their Outlook Express e-mail client's address book disappeared and form-style messages can't be sent.

Fighting Superbugs with Milk

New Ballast Dimming Switch Developed

Study Suggests Limits to Global Warming

Wednesday, 19 April

HD DVD Sails Into Stores, Sells Out. The first wave of next-generation DVDs washed through retailer Best Buy this weekend, as Toshiba's first HD-DVD player arrived and quickly sold out.

Test of Toshiba's First HD-DVD Player. The HD-XA1 offers an impressive picture, but startup is sluggish.

New RFID Travel Cards Could Pose Privacy Threat. A forthcoming federal travel ID may be implanted with an RFID chip that can be read up to 30 feet away.

Mozilla Users Warned--Upgrade Now. CERT warned that earlier versions of Firefox, and other Mozilla software based on Firefox code, contain a clutch of vulnerabilities that expose users to attack.

Big Mother Replaces Big Brother. New GPS cellphones offer parents both peace of mind and the ability to watch over their children.

Paint-on Laser Could Rescue Computer Chip Industry

Record Test Firing for Futuristic Rocket Engine

Tuesday, 18 April

First Shots Fired in Format Wars. Technophiles who need the latest and greatest are in luck; today, Toshiba officially kicked off the launch of the next-generation format war with the release of HD-DVD players and movies across the country.

Bandwidth Glut a Thing of the Past. The global bandwidth glut that resulted when the telecom bubble burst in the late 1990s finally appears to be abating.

Multi-port Hub Lets Users Share Various USB Peripherals. The SMCS USB2524 hub lets users connect and share USB peripherals between two discrete platforms.

Seagate Releases Perpendicular Storage Drives. Aiming to prove its credentials in the emerging field of perpendicular storage, Seagate rolls out 3.5-inch drives.

Symantec's $1B Tax Bill. An audit of its Veritas acquisition goes from bad to worse.

Is Sender ID Ready to Guard Your In-box? Microsoft says its Sender ID is ready for action. Others say it's still early days for authentication.

First-tier Motherboard Makers to Continue Price War in 2Q

Antimatter-Powered Spaceship

Shopping for a Doctor? Try the Internet

Friday, 14 April

Intel to Seriously Challenge AMD by Year-end. AMD may have much to be worried about after all.

Why MIMO Makes Sense for Next-generation Cellular. OFDM has been gaining ground on CDMA and emerging as the new disruptive technology of the future.

New View for the Mac. No longer is Apple hardware v Windows hardware a valid argument. Apple hardware is Windows hardware.

Firefox Browser Update Supports Mac on Intel. Firefox also has security fixes for all other PC users.

Samsung to Invest $220M in U.S. Chip Plant. Samsung is planning to invest $220 million in a new semiconductor production line at its existing facility in Austin, Texas.

Software as a Service: The Next Big Thing. Some companies see SaaS as a godsend, with time-to-market and low maintenance core to the appeal.

HP Set for Laser Printer Revamp. Eight new laser printers are on tap for next week as HP refreshes its line-up for businesses.

New Way to Make ‘Green Diesel’ from Coal

Body Movement Generates Electricity in Miniature Device

Thursday, 13 April

Microsoft's Tying IE Changes In Security Patch Sparks Backlash. By packaging a functionality change for Internet Explorer with a needed security update, Microsoft has alienated some IT pros.

Software Engineers Top List of Best U.S. Jobs. Software engineers have the best jobs in America, based on growth prospects, average pay and potential for creativity, according to a survey.

Strong Opteron Sales Boost AMD Revenues. Driven by strong sales of its dual-core Opteron processor, AMD reported $1.33 billion in revenue for the first quarter of 2006, equaling analysts' estimates.

The Tax Man Cometh After iTunes. special report Internet shoppers accustomed to tax-free digital downloads may be in for an unpleasant surprise.

Semi Industry 2005 Revs Beat Boom of 2000. Worldwide semiconductor revenue hit $235 billion in 2005.

Tired of Fluorescent Lights? Imagine your ceiling -- or any surface -- as a giant light panel, thanks to OLED research from the University of Southern California and Princeton University.

Fujitsu Unveils Blu-ray 37in HD PC-TV

Plastic Electronics Group Reforms, Prints Memory

Google Calendar Launches & Exceeds Expectations

Unexpected Detail in First-ever Venus South Pole Images

Lobster Eyes Inspire All-seeing X-ray Telescope

Wednesday, 12 April

ASCII Chief Blasts Lenovo-Best Buy Deal. Lenovo's deal with retailer Best Buy for SMB notebooks and desktops prompted a strong reaction from the head of the ASCII Group.

'Critical' Megapatch Sews-up 10 Holes In IE. Microsoft bulletins highlight browser flaw being used in cyberattacks, plus fix bugs in Windows and other software.

Microsoft To Pull Plug On Windows 98 & Me In July. Microsoft has begun reminding users that it will cut off all support for the aging operating systems.

Maxtor OneTouch III Turbo Edition Hard Disk Drive with 1TB Storage Capacity. Review.

'Standard' Star Not So Standard After All

Penguins Might Have Outlived Dinosaurs

Proposed 10th Planet Shrinks Under Hubble's Gaze

Tuesday, 11 April

Fujitsu to Release First Blu-ray PCs. PC maker says it will be the first company to release desktop computers compatible with the next-generation optical discs.

Desktop PC Sales Hot, Despite Notebook Gains. Consumers unable to ignore the lure of getting more for less money have caused a resurgence in PC desktop sales, pushing annual growth rates for the last five months in the low double digits. Entertainment PCs: The Next Big Thing?

Oracle Accidentally Releases Exploit Code. Information was posted about an unpatched vulnerability in Oracle Database 9i and 10g.

Using a Mac Mini. Apple's recent Boot Camp announcement may get Windows users thinking about Macs and vice versa.

Satellite Navigation Finds Mobile Phones. Help with getting from A to B is practical, but the more off-beat, social-oriented applications are the ones most likely to be exciting for users.

AT&T Brings Back House Calls

Dutch Team Develops "Hearing-Glasses"

Europe's Venus Express Enters Orbit

Nature’s Strongest Glue

Monday, 10 April

Vista Runs On Macs. Mac owners have figured out how to install and boot a pre-release version of Windows Vista on their Intel-based machines.

Red Hat to Buy JBoss. Red Hat said it plans to acquire JBoss in a deal valued at $350 million.

Lite-On Acquires BenQ's Optical Drive Factories. Making Lite-On the world's second biggest producer of the storage devices.

High-Capacity Network Storage. Small biz owners and techies with home multimedia networks will appreciate the ReadyNAS NV NAS appliance.

The Revolution in Hard Drive Storage. Enter Serial Attached SCSI, or SAS.

Dell Exec: We're Not Wintel's Lapdog. To some, Dell marches to the beat of Intel and Microsoft drums, dutifully following their research and development plans. But to hear Kevin Kettler tell it, the PC maker often takes its own lead.

Digital Revolution Challenges Veterans of Old-guard Photography. Traditional camera makers and their black scrolls of film may soon join 19th-century daguerreotypes as museum-shelf curios.

Toshiba Claims World’s First Notebook with HD DVD-ROM Drive

TDK Mass-producing Blu-ray Disc Media

Mars: The View from HiRISE

The Next Energy Source: Barnyard Animals

Nanopore Will Make for Speedy DNA Sequencing

Scientists Discover Frost-resistant Plant Gene

Brazil's First Astronaut Returns to Earth

Friday, 7 April

Another Security Hole Found in IE. Flaw could aid phishing scammers seeking to pilfer personal information from unsuspecting Net users.

Users Pulling Plug on Landlines. Traditional telephony may be dialing a wrong number as users flock to VoIP and other Internet-based services.

HDTV's Digital Disconnect. Antipiracy safeguards embedded in digital TV programming create a new set of problems when hooking up television cables.

Maxtor Cuts Jobs and Prepares for Seagate Takeover. Maxtor announces poor outlook on sales and volume as well as a 900 person job cut in Singapore

Chaos=Order: Physicists Make Baffling Discovery

Thursday, 6 April

Microsoft Launches Linux Web Site. Redmond realizes open source is here to stay, offers users help in getting Windows and Linux to interoperate

EarthLink and Google Win San Francisco Wi-Fi Bid. City selects joint bid to provide residents a wireless network. Decision marks fourth municipal deal for EarthLink.

AOpen to Exit Notebook Market. AOpen has decided to give up the notebook market as its continues to adjust its product mix in an attempt to return to profitability.

iSuppli Upgrades Semi Forecast. Improving conditions in the memory market have cast a more positive light.

Hackers Worm Into Hard Disk Through HP Printer Software. Hewlett-Packard acknowledged this week that software used to control two of its color printers could be exploited by attackers to remotely steal files from Windows PCs.

Blue Screen of Death Hits Apple Mac

Crackpot Drivers Head for Cliff Fall

Wednesday, 5 April

Apple Offers Tool to Let Intel Macs Run Windows XP. Apple rolled out Boot Camp, public beta software that allows Intel-based Macintosh computers to run Microsoft’s Windows XP operating system.

Panel Agents Dumping 37-inch LCD TV Panels. Industry sources recently indicated that some TFT LCD panel agents are dumping 37-inch LCD TV panels, including panels from Sharp at a price lower than US$700.

Hitachi Announces Quad Tuner TVs with PVR. Hitachi will offer four tuners and a hard drive based PVR in their upcoming plasmas and LCD TVs...

No Time to Read This? Stick It in Your Ear

Brace for Another Bad Hurricane Season

First Fossil of Fish that Crawled onto Land Discovered

Vegetable Compounds Combat Cancer

Tuesday, 4 April

Samsung Delays U.S. Blu-ray Player Launch. Next-gen DVD player is pushed back to June, but company says it will still be the first offered in the U.S.

AMD Offers Update On Manufacturing Capacities. Advanced Micro Devices said Monday that it has begun the first revenue shipments of processors manufactured at Fab 36, the company's newest manufacturing facility in Dresden, Germany.

Scientists Build Liquid Crystal Bifocals

Vitamin C Might Slow Aging

Lab Uses Patients' Cells to Grow Bladders

Monday, 3 April

Laser HDTV. Mitsubishi is scheduled to announce this week that it has developed commercial television that uses colored lasers to display bright, deep images on large, thin, lightweight screens--surpassing images seen on film.

AMD Makes Gains Below the Radar. Direct sales to the likes of Google and others add to bottom line.

New Server Memory Technology To Run Cooler, Cost Less. Server memory module developer Staktek plans to release specfications for designs it said will result in DIMMs that pack on more memory, run cooler and cost less than competing offerings.

Intel’s G965 chipset to Deliver Better 3D Performance. Intel's G965 will integrate the company's fourth-generation Graphic Media Accelerator (GMA) graphics core and deliver a significant increase in 3D gaming.

Google Earth Gets 3" Resolution In Vegas. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas... and on Google Earth.

Lucent, Alcatel Finalize $36 Billion Merger. Lucent Technologies and Alcatel have finalized their proposed ‘merger of equals’ over the weekend to create a telecommunications equipment group that will have sales of just over $25 billion.

Motorola Sells Auto Electronics Biz for $1B. Hanover, Germany-based automotive supplier Continental AG is acquiring Motorola’s automotive electronics business.

The Vista Lineup. Windows Vista's features will be parceled out in six editions, which could complicate buying decisions. Here's how the lineup looks...

Ingram Micro Launches Reseller Services Portal. Teams with MaintenanceNet to hand solution providers better control of services, maintenance renewals.

Microsoft to 'Host' Linux Virtually. The Windows giant will support customers that run Red Hat and SuSE Linux in Virtual Server 2005 R2, which will now be offered as a free download.

More Movie Download Sites Go Online

WiMAX Will Generate $53 Billion In Revenue

DNA-based Medicine Achieves a Breakthrough

Insects Provide Billions in Free Services

Stars and Dust Across Corona Australis

Why is the Ground Brown?

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