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Tech News, Etc.
September 2005

Friday, 30 September

Katrina May Blow Broadcasters Out of Analog. Lawmakers say additional spectrum key to creating interoperability for first responders.

Microsoft Loses in Eolas Patent Ruling. The U.S. Patent Office this week reaffirmed a key Web-browsing patent that the software maker is accused of infringing.

Dell Halts Some Free Shipping. In a cost-cutting move, Dell will stop free home delivery of its entry level systems within two weeks.

Unattended PCs a Menace. It's 10 a.m. and you're on break; so who's using your computer?

Ubuntu: Next big name in Linux? Less than two years into its development, a new version of Linux is generating considerable excitement.

Kodak Takes WiFi Camera to Market. Kodak claims it is the first to release its WiFi digital camera, dubbed Easyshare-One

EU Insists on International Control of the Internet

Plea for Leap Seconds

Sun's Direct Role in Global Warming May be Underestimated

Satellites Continue to See Decline in Arctic Sea Ice in 2005

Snowball Earth Theory Comes Under Fire

IC 1396 Close-Up

Giant Step Taken Toward Finding Earth-Like Planets

Liars’ Brains Make Fibbing Come Naturally

Thursday, 29 September

Software Pirate to Pay $1.1 Million. An admitted counterfeiter has agreed to pay Microsoft and Symantec $1.1 million in restitution.

TMDisplay to Feature Finger Shadow Touch-Screen. Senses a user's finger shadow directly at the surface of the display.

Another University System Suffers Breach. Crackers continue to exploit American universities' computer weaknesses.

Small Business Accounting Enters Big Time. Although Intuit's QuickBooks software still enjoys a clear majority, Microsoft's Small Business Accounting is expected to continue stealing market share.

NASA Administrator Says Space Shuttle Was a Mistake

Deep Sleep Short-circuits Brain’s Grid of Connectivity

Wednesday, 28 September

The $100 Laptop Moves Closer to Reality. Specifications were detailed for a $100 windup-powered laptop targeted at children in developing nations.

Motorola Shaves Some Size with the RAZR. To meet such a slim form factor, this handset's designers had to carefully select ultra-thin components.

Eolas Patent Survives Re-Exam. Indications are that seven-year-old patent on ActiveX and other applets may stand.

Microsoft Updates Office 2003 with SP2. Microsoft quietly released a service pack update for Office 2003 late to beef up security and fix stability problems.

Shuttle Launches Newest Nvidia-based PC. Shuttle released final details of its newest small-form factor PC, the XPC SN26P.

IEEE Creates Task Force to Develop Next PoE Standard. The future PoE standard will allow delivery of at least 30 watts to powered devices such as Voice over IP (VoIP) phones, Wireless LAN (WLAN) Access Points (APs), and network security cameras.

Destructive Power of Mobile Viruses Could Rise Fast. A connected world where PCs and mobile phones can communicate with the digital home could make life more dangerous if malware developers have their way.

Magnetic Microchips Replaces Electronic Semiconductor. This development evidently offers a potentially economical and simpler way of computing...

Small Number of iPod Nanos Flawed. Display screens crack easily on a small number of iPod Nano digital music players.

'Fast Lane' Airport Security Test Ends. The trial run proved the need to continue gathering information about airline passengers.

New Biological Robots Build Themselves

Young Universe Home to 'Big Baby' Galaxy

Tuesday, 27 September

Intel, Microsoft Endorse HD DVD. Intel and Microsoft are combining their industry power in an attempt to make the HD DVD format the victor in a battle over a standard to succeed DVD.

StarOffice 8 Ships. Now that at least one state has mandated the use of the Open Document Format, there may be more interest than ever in the latest StarOffice.

Cutoff Deadline Looms for VoIP Subscribers. Customers who have not acknowledged E911 limitations face limited or no service after midnight tonight.

AMD Chips Away at Intel. Chipmaker has been beating up on its larger rival in lucrative server market; will Intel hit back?

Flash (Players) Rule! Four incredible new flash players set a high standard for portable music devices.

Online Ad Revenue Reaches Record Level. Marketers seen shifting more of their total advertising budgets to online.

Room Temperature Transistor Laser is Step Closer to Commercialization

Hybrid Grass May Prove to be Valuable Fuel Source

The Star Pillars of Sharpless 171

Monday, 26 September

Microsoft to Double India Staff. Microsoft plans to double its staff strength at its Indian centers in Hyderabad and Bangalore by March 2006.

LCD Capital Spending to Flatten. The global market for array processing equipment for TFT-LCDs is projected to grow only 3 percent in 2005 due to an oversupply of LCD panels.

AMD Adds Dual-Core Opterons. AMD unveiled three new processors meant for server and workstation applications.

Abit to Sell All of Its Factories

Cable's Digital Drive Irks Basic Customers

GPS Modernization Begins with Delta Rocket Launch

Friday, 23 September

Acer to Deliver 24-inch Wide Screen LCD Monitors. Acer is set to begin launching its 24-inch wide screen LCD monitor (AL2416W) with a 6ms response time to the global market early in the fourth quarter.

Sharp Tunes-in Full HD for Flat TVs. Resolution for digital HDTV broadcasting is defined as 1,080-by-1,920 pixels, but conventional HDTVs usually have only 768-by-1,366 resolution...

Smart USB Drives. Smart USB drives will enable applications to run directly off the portable drives without relying on a host computer.

Microsoft's Nightmare Inches Closer to Reality. As early as May 1995, Microsoft executives were worried that the nascent World Wide Web could one day become a significant threat to the Windows franchise...

IP Vital For Emergency Communications. As Rita bears down on Texas, FCC chairman tells Congress IP-based technologies are essential for safety.

Flash Memory to Speed Up Hard Drives. Hard drives turn to flash memory for faster boot times and longer battery life.

Apple Plugs Ten 'Critical' Security Holes. Apple has released a security update for its OS X 10.3 and OS X 10.4 operating systems.

LCD Glass Demand to Rise 50 Percent in 2005. Despite warnings about a slower-than-expected transition to LCD TVs, Corning has so far seen no letup in demand for its glass substrates.

Gates Retains 'Wealthiest' Crown

Verizon Begins Offering TV Service

Contagious Dog Flu Virus Discovered

Thursday, 22 September

Abit to Migrate Half of Its Capacity to ECS by End of October. Abit Computer plans to migrate half of its motherboard capacity, mostly entry-level production.

Sony Plans Broad Reorg, Job Cuts. Sony is planning a companywide restructuring that will result in the loss of 10,000 jobs and the closure of 11 plants.

Heading for an IPTV Revolution. Internet technology is unquestionably poised to transform home entertainment.

Wednesday, 21 September

Top LCD Maker Bets Research on LED Backlights. The world's third largest maker of LCD screens, is aiming most of its research dollars at LED technology for its sharper contrasts and brighter colors.

Dell, HP to Sell Laptops with Verizon Wireless Data Services. Dell and HP will offer laptops early next year that will include embedded radios for accessing Verizon's EVDO wireless data network.

Toshiba Develops 30Gb Dual-Layer HD DVD-R Discs

Tuesday, 20 September

Dell DJ Ditty Looks to Take a Bite Out of Apple. Dell is expected to introduce its latest attempt at breaking Apple's stranglehold on the portable music player market

Intel Debuts Low-Power 65-nm Process. “But the transistor performance is lower by a factor of two” compared to the company’s high-performance 65-nm process.

Apple Set to Ship Intel-based Computers. Apple is on track to ship Intel-based computers by June 2006, Steve Jobs said.

The New Linux Standard. LSB 3.0 is released with wide support in the fight against Linux fragmentation.

Opera to Give Away Browser. Opera Software announced today that it will no longer require users of the free PC version of its Opera Web browser to view advertising banners.

CERN Supersizes Its Network. The grid computer farm will cluster 6,000 processors and 2,000 storage devices, and is expected to yield a massive 2.4Tbit/s of processing power.

M1: The Crab Nebula from NOT

Monday, 19 September

Samsung Unveils 10-chip Package. The world's first 10-chip MCP (multi-chip package).

New Worm Uses The Force. a worm that spoofs Google is wending its way through the Internet via P2P networks.

E-tailers to Grab $330 Billion in 2010. U.S. online retail sales expected to double from $172 billion in 2005 to $329 billion in 2010.

Microsoft Issues IE Developer Toolbar Beta. Web publishers may find it useful.

Approaching Asteroid Itokawa

NASA Unveils Vision for Return to Moon

Friday, 16 September

HP Workers In France Walk Off Job In Protest. Hundreds of Hewlett-Packard employees walked off the job to protest planned job cuts.

Nvidia C51 to Help Grab Integrated Chipset Market. General Manager of Nvidia Platform Products Division, talked about the prospects for Nvidia’s upcoming integrated chipset series.

Toshiba Introduces Fuel Cell Prototypes for Audio Players. 35 hours on a single 3.5ml charge of concentrated methanol.

AOL, Microsoft in Talks. The Microsoft, Time Warner deal could shake up the search market.

Worm Redirects Google Searches For Profit. A new worm modifies the infected PC so attempts to search using Google are directed to a spoofed site that looks like the real thing.

Enterprise Vista Customers Must Use Software Assurance. 'The repercussions for people with corporate licenses are incredible,' says one user.

Algae to Fuel Our Cars?

White House Deed Sold to Casino

Thursday, 15 September

How Super-Fast Wi-Fi Will Change Your Network. Testing has shown that True MIMO Gen3 maintains a link rate of almost 100 Mbps when the client is four rooms away from the AP.

Video on Demand Taking Its Share. IPTV and free movies are key factors in VoD's growing popularity.

LCD TV Panel Inventory is Piling-up. Oversupply may worsen this year. Samsung Reportedly Seeks to Cut LCD Investment.

New Service Lets Wireless VoIP Providers Offer E911 Emergency Calls. The solution is designed to accommodate each jurisdiction's 9-1-1 regulations, while supporting static, mobile and out-of-area phone numbers.

Dell Shuttering Itanium Server Business. The writing was on the wall for Dell and Itanium once Intel started aiming the processor at large multiprocessor systems.

Vital Signs Go Wireless

Keyboard Sounds Reveal Their Words

The Media Center System Conundrum

Pterosaurs Mug Shot

Wednesday, 14 September

Companies Urged to Move Beyond Passwords. Companies are "fiddling while Rome burns" by continuing to put their faith in passwords to guarantee user authentication.

One in Six Spyware Apps Tries to Steal Identities. A big portion of spyware aims to steal identities, underscoring the trend toward more malicious use of such software by crooks.

Most Computer Users Walk a Digital Tightrope. A poll, finds that 35 percent of U.S. adults never back up their files...

AMD64 Longevity Program Branches-out with New Low Power Processors. The Program guarantees processor availability for high-end embedded designs for at least 5 years.

Intel Action Could Delay Next-Gen Wi-Fi. Intel is leading a small group of firms that want to write a "whole new proposal."

New MIMO Wi-Fi to Outpace Ethernet. Airgo Networks' True MIMO Gen3 promises Wi-Fi networks that can move data more quickly than standard ethernet.

Falling Prices, Government Mandates Propel HDTV. The average price of an HDTV receiver has declined from $3,147 in 1998 to $1,216 in 2005.

Sony Eyes TV Comeback with New Flat-screen Range. Sony is aiming for a comeback in the global television industry with a new range of flat-screen televisions.

HP Demos TVs that Talk to PCs. The prototype HP HDTVs demonstrated at CEDIA contain a built-in digital media receiver that enables the TVs to communicate, wired or wirelessly, with practically any PC in a home.

Inside Windows Vista Build 5219. Slidewhow, etc.

Apple Launches Intel Transition Resource Site. In an effort to increase its online Intel resources for developers, Apple has launched The Developer Transition Resource Center.

Camera Phones will be High-precision Scanners

Can Gigabyte's i-RAM Replace Existing Hard Drives?

Einstein theory Holds Up - Even at 621,000 MPH

Don't Take it Out on Kevin the Teenager, his Brain is Being Rewired

The Boomerang Nebula

Tuesday, 13 September

Sony Recalls PlayStation Power Adapters. Sony is recalling 3.5 million faulty power adapters for its PlayStation 2 video game console because they may overheat and cause injury.

Getting to Know WinFS. Essentially a relational database index wrapped around NTFS...

Linksys Ships Lower-Cost MIMO Wi-Fi Router. Under $100.

Intel's Cost Per Die is Only $40. Report says Intel manufacturing still tops.

Patent Reform. A proposed law could make sweeping changes in the nation's patent system. But some say it's still not enough.

Roundup: Six System Cases from Thermaltake

Microsoft Issues Updated Cleaning Tool

There's Music in My Shades

Neutrons Born In Lightning

Monday, 12 September

Microsoft Delay of Patch Underscores Slow Fix Process. Microsoft has withdrawn the single security patch originally scheduled for Tuesday, saying that it needs more time to test the fix.

First Toshiba SED TVs to Have a 50-inch Diagonal. Its surface-conduction electron-emitter display (SED) TV technology, with the company stating the SED flat panel TV will support full HDTV resolution (1,920×1,080 pixels).

Flash Memory Closing-in on Hard Drives? Samsung has developed a new computer flash technology with so much capacity it could replace mini hard drives in some PCs.

German Police Seize Pirated Copies of Office 2003. Police confiscated 190 pirated copies of Microsoft's Office 2003 productivity software after the U.S. software company lodged a criminal complaint.

"Six Degrees of Separation" Explained In New Computer Algorithm

EBay to Buy VoIP Company Skype For $2.6 Billion

The Colliding Galaxies of NGC 520

Friday, 9 September

SCO Source income: $32,000. Legal bills: $3 million. SCO has seen a sharp decline in income, as enterprises fail to be tempted by its Linux indemnification program.

Firefox Flaw Found. Remote exploit possible.

Home System Integrates Consumer Electronics Peripherals

Thursday, 8 September

Year-end Semi Sales to be Flat. Rapidly rising energy prices coupled with a growing excess of manufacturing capacity has prompted iSuppli to trim its 2005 semiconductor forecast.

Strong Semiconductor Growth Due in 2006. The 2006 semiconductor market is set to achieve double-digit percentage annual growth over 2005.

Google Hires Net Pioneer Vint Cerf. The search giant seeks to build a network foundation for its future Internet applications.

Flat-Panel Display Prices Keep Dropping. Street prices of LCD monitors continued to fall in the second quarter even as component costs rose slightly.

New Flaw Exposes Cisco Routers to Hackers, DoS Attacks

Fossils Reveal Flying Prehistoric Giants

Wednesday, 7 September

BellSouth's Katrina Bill Could Hit $600 Million. Company says half its downed lines are restored, but the rest could take a month or more to fix.

Carbon Nanotube TV Demonstrated. Applied Nanotech Inc. has demonstrated a high-resolution, full color, 25-inch diagonal carbon nanotube TV.

Telco TV Expected to Surge. Global adoption of IPTV is expected to greatly increase, but the U.S. will lag.

Alienware Attacks the Apple iPod. A techie looking MP3 player out.

Samsung Avoids Battle, Plans Dual-Format, Next-Generation DVD Player

Tiny Computers Go Where No Computer has Gone Before

Tuesday, 6 September

Apple Unveils iPod Phone. Manufactured by Motorola, the handset should be able to store hundreds of songs downloaded from Apple's iTunes music store.

Kazaa Loses Copyright Case in Australia. A judge in Australia ordered that significant changes be made to how the Kazaa service works.

Microsoft Small Biz Accounting to Start at $149. Microsoft Small Business Accounting will weigh in at $149 a pop after rebate. And the SBA/Office combo will list for $569 or $399 as an upgrade, after rebates.

Philips Struts Consumer Slectronics Lineup at IFA. Philips has been using the ongoing Internationale Funkaustellung (IFA) 2005 show, taking place in Berlin from September 2 to 7.

Pocket-sized Projector Offers Big-Screen Action. Impromptu movie screenings and executive PowerPoint presentations will soon be possible with an ultra-compact portable projector.

Asus Passive Chipset Cooling Contrasted with Abit’s

Vonage Hits One Million Subscribers

Fresh Tiger Stripes on Saturn's Enceladus

Powering a New Generation of Cars

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