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Tech News, Etc.
October 2005

Monday, 31 October

Samsung Readies Seventh-Generation LCD Line. World's top maker of memory and flat screens prepares to begin production of motherglass designed for 40-inch panels.

Consumer Demand Boosted Global Semi Sales. Thanks to cell phones and PC sales, worldwide semiconductor sales rose, albeit modestly.

Google Throws Bodies at OpenOffice. Google plans to hire programmers to improve OpenOffice.org, a demonstration of its affinity for open source initiatives and one the company believes also shows sound practical sense.

Asustek Reports 3Q Exchange Loss On Depreciating NT Dollar. Asustek posted a foreign exchange loss of NT$1.25 billion (US$37 million) in the third quarter, following Gigabyte Technology’s announcement last week of a loss of NT$73.5 million (US$2.19 million) due to the depreciating NT (New Taiwan ) dollar.

Oracle Prepares Free Database. Oracle plans to release a free version of its database by the end of the year in a move to compete more effectively at the low end of the market.

Solid $500 Laptops. Notebook prices have hit a new $500 low.

Online Shopping Expected to be Merry at Holiday Time. Consumers are expected to spend approximately 25% more online this holiday season than they did in 2004.

Apple Sells More Than 1 Million Video Downloads. Shares of Apple Computer today rose 3.1 percent, or US$1.69, to $56.16 after the company said more than 1 million videos have been sold from its iTunes music store since their debut on Oct. 12.

New Telescope Opens Its Eyes

Friday, 28 October

LCD TV Shipments From Taiwan Hit Record High in 3Q. Backed with rising orders in the 32-inch segment, Taiwan’s LCD TV shipments were up more than 46% sequentially to 1.565 million units in the third quarter.

Gateway Posts Third-Quarter Profit. Gateway posted a third-quarter profit, reversing a year-ago loss that included restructuring and other costs.

Bird Flu Brings On PC Virus. E-mail attachment containing information about the bird flu epidemic carries a Trojan horse.

Microsoft Stalks Super Spammers. Takes legal action after test PC is bombarded by 18 million spam messages in three weeks.

Microsoft May Pull Out of South Korea. Microsoft said that an investigation by South Korea's antitrust watchdog could lead to the withdrawal of Windows from the country.

Metal Shields and Encryption for US Passports

Wednesday, 26 October

Apple Stonewalls Over iPod Nano Lawsuit. Users have complained that the screens crack very easily and are very poor at resisting scratches.

Will the 40-inch LCD TV Segment Rise to the Mainstream? Samsung and S-LCD (Samsung's joint venture with Sony), expect 40-inch LCD panels to become the mainstream.

Kodak Announces 39 Megapixel Image Sensor. Price of a digital back with the sensor: $33,000.

Google Confirms Testing New Service. Google on confirmed it is testing a new service called Google Base, which could someday offer services that compete with EBay Inc.

MSN Jumps on Book Search Wagon. Group pits second- and third-place search services against Google.

Dell Adds Mirroring to Desktops. Dell will offer customers the option of adding a second drive to some PCs to automatically mirror data.

CRT Minotaurs Die from Slow and Cruel Death. This time it’s true, no really.

Vast Array of Tiny Antennas Could Talk to Spacecraft

Color Perception Not in Beholder's Eye

Tuesday, 25 October

Survey Says VoIP Has Srrived. 100 percent of IT managers said they expect to implement VoIP within a year.

BitTorrent User Convicted Over Movie Sharing. Hong Kong man who distributed three Hollywood films on network will be sentenced for copyright infringement.

AMD Desktop PC-use CPU Market Share Exceeds 20% in 3Q. AMD surpassed a 20% share of the desktop PC-use CPU market worldwide in the third quarter of 2005.

Intel's New Itanium on Hold. Hurting its prospects in the market for high-end server chips, Intel said Monday that it has delayed the launch of its newest Itanium microprocessor until the middle of 2006.

SureWest Delivers First HDTV Service Over an IP Network. The company has linked more than 80,000 Northern California homes to a fiber-optic network, and plans to deliver 260 video and music channels.

Japan Companies Form 'Mobile Wallet' Alliance. The alliance will promote a standard enabling the use of mobile phones as credit cards.

Six-seat Spacecraft Top of Russian Space Plan

New Evidence About the Rise of Oxygen

Monday, 24 October

The New Normal? With another year of anemic 3% pay increases, it sure looks that way for the more than 14,000 IT workers.

Chip Maker Emerges From Stealth Mode. P.A. Semi's chip, dubbed the PWRficient Processor, is expected to make its debut next year in a variety of communications equipment.

Google Initiates Second E-mail Phase. Students and cellphone owners of US, unite!

Appreciating Updates, Anticipating ApTel Line. The beginning of the end for optical drives.

MySQL 5.0 Ready to Download

Internet has Doubled Child Gamblers in Five Years

Fuel Prices Usher in New Coal Age

Why ’Filling-It-Up’ Takes More Than ’Tank Capacity’

Deadly H5N1 Bird Flu Strain Reaches the UK

Friday, 21 October

ATI Chipset to Ship with Intel Motherboards. Intel's shortage benefits the competition.

AOpen to Launch Mini PC in November. Resembling the Apple Mac mini, the AOpen mini PC measures only 165×165×51mm (6.5 x 6.5 x 2 inches).

Warner the Latest on Blu-ray Bandwagon. Warner becomes the fifth of the six major movies studios to back the Blu-ray DVD format, casting a pall on HD-DVD.

First Look: Apple's Video-Ready iPod. New iPod has a nice screen that displays video, but it's still primarily an audio player.

Google Revenue Doubles. Third-quarter revenue was $1.578 billion, up 96% year-over-year, driven by growing online advertising and Google's growing share of the Internet search market.

Senate Committee Mandates Digital TV Broadcasts by 2009

Quantum Dots that Produce White Light Could be the Light Bulb’s Successor

Stronger than Steel, Harder than Diamonds

Thursday, 20 October

OpenOffice Turns 2.0. Programmers release a major overhaul to the open-source software suite that has recently become a more serious rival to Microsoft Office.

Pressure Building for Kinder, Gentler Blu-ray. Called on the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) to modify its proposed standard to allow limited copying of disks for use on a home network.

Wednesday, 19 October

Wilma Has Record Intensity. Category 5 hurricane -- the most-intense Atlantic storm on record -- could hit Florida over weekend.

SAMSUNG SCH-a970 Will Have Verizon Wireless Customers Spinning. Two Megapixel camera, camcorder, swivel-flip design, and MP3 player are among the phone’s highlights.

Nokia 9500 Handset Connects with the World. The myriad interfaces, including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, combine with a bright display.

Xbox 360 Controller to Work with PCs Too. Device is meant to encourage developers to create titles for both the console and computers.

AOL Cuts 700 Jobs. AOL targets its membership services division.

Sony VAIO XL1 Digital Living System. Sony VAIO XL1 won't replace your notebook or desktop PC, but it fast approaches Media Center nirvana.

Computers Make You Fat - Boffins. Too much brain work makes you pile on pounds.

Flat-Panel Makers Push Screen Technology. With several years of solid growth under their belts, flat-panel makers are moving beyond size when it comes to touting new LCD and plasma screen technologies. FPD International Highlights Diversity in Large TV Panels. Samsung Moves to Double LCD Sales by 2010.

Feds Waste Millions in Program to Connect Schools, Libraries to Internet

Intel Revs Hit Record in Q3

New Fuel-Cell Technology Could Help Power Future Vehicles

Hubble Prospects for Resources on the Moon

New Aluminum Windows Stop .50-Caliber Bullet

Tuesday, 18 October

Tech-Sector Job Cuts Up 20 Percent. Despite increased revenues and profits for the high-tech industry, the technology sector has been cutting jobs at a faster clip than last year...

PC Shipments Climb In 3Q. Worldwide shipments of personal computers rose more than 17 percent in the third quarter as customers flocked to lower-cost and portable PCs.

TMDisplay Combines Technologies to Reduce Notebook Panel Thickness 50%. 11.1-inch wide-format low-temperature polysilicon (LTPS) TFT LCD panel using a new LED backlighting.

A Standardized Linux Desktop? New effort from the Free Standards Group aims to help create specifications and standards for the Linux desktop.

Windows Media Player, IE Security Flaw. "Critical" flaw affects Microsoft's media player and browser, including on Windows XP with SP2, a security firm reports.

Microsoft Reveals More of Vista. A hands-on look at Windows Vista Build 5231 reveals IE 7, Windows Media Player 11 and some heavy-duty, under-the-hood system enhancements.

Intel Slashes PC Power-up Time. Chipmaker demonstrates 'Robson' flash memory to boost laptop startup speeds.

Is Your Printer Spying on You? Secret print code lets US secret service keep tabs.

Stylish Corporate Solution from MSI: Hetis 915 Lite Slim PC Review. ...easy to assemble, impeccably designed, small, stylish and functional.

Nintendo, McDonald's Serve Up WiFi Video Game. Nintendo said the WiFi Connection creates a community where gamers can log on wirelessly and begin playing favorite franchise games.

Big Blue Eats One of Its Little Helpers

Planet Endures Hottest Month Since 1880

Saving the Planet at the Flick of a Switch

Climate Model Predicts Extreme Changes for U.S.

AE Aurigae: The Flaming Star

After Burger King Crash, Man Parks, Eats

Exploding Rocks Dredged from Seafloor

Monday, 17 October

Critical Windows Patch May Wreak PC Havoc . Patch to fix serious Windows flaws can lock users out of their computer, prevent the Windows firewall from starting, block applications and cause other trouble.

New Maxtor OneTouch Solution Hits a Terabyte. User-Configurable RAID.

WiMax Race Intensifies with Chips, Mini-PCI Kits. Sequans and Wavesat are unveiling this week a chip set and a mini-PCI card reference kit to accelerate WiMax development and deployment.

Shuttle Unveils XPC Media Center for Digital Home. Small-form-factor (SFF) PC specialist Shuttle today expanded its product range with a new system specifically tailored for the growing digital entertainment market.

HP Recalls 135,000 Notebook PC Batteries Worldwide. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with Hewlett-Packard Co., has announced a voluntary recall of approximately 135,000 battery packs worldwide.

Thursday, 13 October

Three Indicted in Massive Bust of Pirated CDs. Prosecutors say the indictments are part of the largest bust of pirated CDs in U.S. history.

Samsung to Plead Guility to DRAM Price Fixing. Samsung will plead guilty to federal price-fixing charges and has agreed to pay a $300 million fine, the Justice Department said.

PC Forecast Better on Mobile Computers. iSuppli ups its unit shipment forecast to 10.3 percent as mobile computers fly out factory doors.

Google and Comcast to Buy AOL Stake, Reports Say. First it was Microsoft, now it's Google and Comcast: It seems everyone wants a piece of America Online (AOL).

Apple's Video iPod Leads Product Parade. New video iPods, iMacs and software punctuate the company's big day.

Pioneer Releases New Generation PDP TVs

Birdlike Dinosaur Older Than Thought

Massive Stars Can Grow Near Black Holes

Chinese Spacecraft Deviates Slightly from Preset Orbit

Wednesday, 12 October

AMD Sees Big Jump in Revenue, Profits. AMD saw sales jump 23 percent and net income rise by 72 percent in the third quarter.

Apple Posts Strong Quarter. Apple posted net earnings of $430 million, or 50 cents per share on sales of $3.68 billion.

Apple Falls Short of Revenue Targets. All is not rosy in Appleland.

Heating Bills Expected to Rise. Government sees a jump in heating costs this winter due to hurricanes and colder temperatures. Hello recession.

Yahoo, Microsoft to Link IM Networks. IM interoperability agreement is between two of the three largest public IM networks.

Microsoft Plugs 14 Worm Holes. Patches fix 14 security holes in the OS, including serious ones that could be exploited for a malicious worm attack.

China Launches Two 'Taikonauts' into Orbit

Scientists Plan to Clone Extinct Tasmanian Tiger

Tuesday, 11 October

IBM Research Turns 60. IBM Research is celebrating 60 years of breakthroughs in computer science, physics and semiconductor design.

Shuttle debuts Pentium M SFF PC. Small-form-factor (SFF) PC specialist Shuttle today launched the XPC SD11G5, a silent PC system based on the Intel low-power Pentium M processor and 915GM chipset.

Supply of Large-size TFT LCDs to Exceed Demand in 2006. Supply of global large-size TFT LCDs is expected to widen to around 9.4% in 2006. Sharp Foresees Shortage, Not Glut, of LCD Panels for TVs.

Self-powered Systems. Can they eliminate the need for batteries?

Intel Releases Dual Core Xeon. The product launch of the new processor marks Intel's first dual core server.

A Faster Path to 802.11n? A new vendor consortium hopes to ram through its own high-speed Wi-Fi standard, maybe in less than a year.

Microsoft, RealNetworks End Legal Battle. One of the most bitter legal battles in the technology industry is ending today.

Net Ad Revenue Scrolls to Record. The news comes at a time when most major media and entertainment companies continue to push deeper into the Internet space.

IPTV Growth to Skyrocket Nearly 1000%. The Internet television (IPTV) market is poised for explosive growth over the next five years.

EBay Agrees to Buy VeriSign Online Payment Service

Scientists Say No Evidence Exists that Therapod Dinosaurs Evolved into birds

Eating Fish Keeps Older People Brainy

The Mysterious Origin and Supply of Oil

Robots Swim With Fish at London Aquarium. Pictures.

Friday, 7 October

Trojan software trashes PlayStation Portable. PlayStation Portable users looking to modify their gaming system so it can run software that has not been approved by Sony may find themselves running nothing at all.

China To Develop Its Own DVD Format. Adds a new wrinkle to the battle between HD DVD and Blu-ray to become the new DVD standard.

Thursday, 6 October

IBM Cell Processor Debuts In New Blades. Utilizing two IBM BE processors, Mercury Computer Systemsaid its blade server will have a 400 GFLOPS peak performance.

Network Feud Leads to Net Blackout. Two major Internet backbone companies are feuding, potentially cutting off significant swaths of the Internet for some of each other's customers.

Internet Carried On Power Lines. Firm Finishes Hooking Up Manassas, Virginia.

Google Mashes Up Local. Maps and local search merge into Google Local.

Phishers Plant Fake Google Toolbar.Phishers are flooding IM and IRC with messages that lead to a download of a bogus Google toolbar.

Sober Worm Variant Starts to Spread. "Your new password."

Battle Heats Up for Flat-Panel TV Market Share

Eye-Opening LCD HDTVs

Cellular Pioneer Tags Broadband Wireless Disruptive

Engineers Create Safer, More Efficient Nuclear Fuel

Spiral Galaxy NGC 1350

Organic Chemists Receive Nobel

The World’s Smallest Fountain Pen

Wednesday, 5 October

Rival Camps Keep Slugging it Out in DVD Format War. There was no sign of compromise in a fight over next-generation DVD technology as executives from rival camps talked up their formats and vowed to launch products to woo consumers to their side.

Affordable Dual-Core. AMD comes out ahead.

ARM Introduces Cortex-A8 Chip Design. With over one billion transistors housed on the chip, Cortex-A8 is expected to be the core of next-gen mobile devices such as cellphones and handheld game machines.

Shift to Full HD Displays in Evidence at CEATEC. The abundance of high-definition displays and TVs at the CEATEC Japan show indicates that the industry is serious about the transition to so-called full HD displays based on high resolution and large panels.

FTC Targets N.H. Spyware Operation. The Federal Trade Commission asked a court today to shut down Odysseus Marketing Inc...

Broadband Networks Are Vulnerable To Insider Zombie Attacks. As many as 12% of port scanning attacks on any given broadband service provider network originate on the network, often from zombie PCs.

Gadgets Galore at the Ceatec Show

Three Share Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Tuesday, 4 October

Google, Sun to Bring StarOffice to Web. Sun to help Google build a network to compete with common rival Microsoft.

What Was Intel Doing Supporting HD-DVD? Blu-ray support hinges on disc copy, says Intel.

Semi Sales in the Americas, Europe, Japan in Decline. For the second consecutive month, actual semiconductor sales for the Americas, Europe and Japan have declined year-on-year.

Two Americans, a German Win 2005 Nobel Prize in Physics

The Milky Way

Monday, 3 October

AJAX Gives Software a Fresh Look. An emerging Web development technique promises to shake up the status quo in PC software and blur the line between desktop and Web applications.

Chip Helps Electric Outlet Go Broadband. Matsushita's system delivers fast-speed broadband information at up to 170 megabits per second, which is faster than Ethernet.

Microsoft to Support PDF in Office 12. Microsoft will enable people to publish documents in the Adobe PDF format with Office 12.

Global Semi Sales Up 3% in August. PC and consumer product demand drove the increase.

Tech Spending Projections Up in September. CIOs surveyed by CIO magazine in September said they expect their IT budgets to grow by 9.3% over the next year.

For Dell, Will Luxury PCs Boost Profits? PC king may be trying to pump up margins with a line of high-end laptops to sell with its bargain basement computers.

Trojan Uses Unpatched MS Office Hole. Microsoft said it is investigating a recently released Trojan horse that targets a hole in its Office software suite.

Showa Denko Eyes Big Jump in HDD Capacity. Japanese manufacturer plans new R&D center in attempt to build coin-sized 40GB drive.

California Outlaws Phishing. It becomes the first state to make the scam a civil violation.

Europe Lobbies To Wrest Internet Control From U.S. The 25-nation EU is moving towards a showdown with the U.S. after insisting that control of the Internet be passed to the UN.

Consortium to Digitize Classic Books for Web. A consortium backed by Yahoo has launched an ambitious effort to digitize classic books and technical papers and make them freely available on the Web.

Intel Rolling Recipe for Barebones Notebooks. Intel's upcoming "Napa" notebook platform could reshape the marketplace by leveling the playing field between low-cost builders of plain-vanilla systems and the traditional top-tier PC vendors.

802.11n Deal Imminent, Says Broadcom Exec. The logjam that has delayed agreement on the IEEE 802.11n high data-rate WLAN standard will be broken soon, and a standard agreed by the middle of next year.

DVD Format Fight Fueled by Paramount, Others

Chip-Enabled Ball Makes Goal-line Decisions

Moon Discovered Orbiting Tenth Planet

Saturn's Hyperion: A Moon with Odd Craters

Black Holes Aren't So Black

September 2005


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