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Tech News, Etc.
November 2005

Wednesday, 30 November

Trojan Horse Rides on Unpatched IE Flaw. Windows users could lose control of their systems by simply visiting a Web site hosting malicious code, Microsoft warns.

Steep Rise in IM Worms. Researchers have now discovered 62 worms that spread over Instant Messaging services.

Microsoft Lets Consumers Try New Security Service. Microsoft started giving computer users the chance to test its new security service as the world's largest software maker took its biggest step yet into the lucrative consumer security market.

Mio Unveils New GPS-enabled PDA Phone. Available worldwide in mid-December at prices ranging between US$597-746.

Firm Forecasts Online Ad Boom. eMarketer expects big things from Internet advertising over the next two years. Google Sees Advertisers Devote More Budget Online.

Apple May Launch Intel Laptops: Analyst. Apple could introduce its first laptop computers based on Intel chips as early as January.

FCC's Martin Calls For 'A La Carte' Cable Pricing

Great Gifts Under $50

Failing Ocean Current Raises Fears of Mini Ice Age

Tuesday, 29 November

New DVDs to Use Old Video Format. Blu-ray and HD DVD will mean better pictures, but some studios are skipping the most advanced video technology to get there.

Seagate, Sony Up the Ante in One-inch Disk Drive Market. Seagate has implemented Sony's Cybercapture technology in a one-inch disk drive, paving the way for faster photo and video data recording.

New Orleans to Get Free Public Wi-Fi Service. Looking to add a bright spot for citizens still recovering from Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans is expected to unveil a free municipally owned wireless Internet access system.

Symantec Kills Free Sygate Firewall

Supernova Remnant from Palomar

What's the Buzz? Teens Can't Stand It

Asteroid Probe's Return Journey in Doubt

Monday, 28 November

Cost Questions Dog Blu-ray DVD. By all accounts, Sony's high-definition discs are being tapped as the successor to standard DVD.

Holographic Storage Disc Coming by End of Next Year. While Sony (Blu-ray) and Toshiba (HD-DVD) go head-to-head with competing high-definition DVD technology, Hitachi-Maxell and InPhase Technologies are working on a disc that will hold 300GB of information, or six times what either of the other discs can store.

Mass. Flips, Sides With Microsoft. In a reversal, the state government of Massachusetts has thrown its support to Microsoft in an ongoing battle over office software formats.

Silicon Nanocrystal Could Replace Conventional Flash. Freescale Semiconductor says it leveraged optimized silicon nanocrystal properties to create a denser, faster and cheaper flash memory.

Netgear Settles Lawsuit on Wi-Fi Speed Claims. Netgear has agreed to settle a class-action lawsuit accusing the company of inflating the data speeds of its Wi-Fi networking devices in advertising materials.

VoIP Growth Vastly Outpacing Traditional Voice. As of June 2005, VoIP system sales grew 31 percent year-over-year, while sales of legacy voice systems declined by 20 percent during the same period.

Browser Face-Off. Internet Explorer finally receives an overhaul that helps it match its rivals' features--but Firefox and Opera aren't standing still.

Samsung Unveils Largest Flexible LCD. It's made of plastic rather than glass.

Online Holiday Shopping Up 29 Percent. Thanksgiving weekend store sales jumped 22 percent over last year and online retailing surged 29 percent.

Air Guitarists’ Rock Dreams Come True

Ice Core Extends Climate Record Back 650,000 Years

Vista Inside Gusev Crater on Mars

Wednesday, 23 November

Transcend Introduces USB Flash Drive with Integrated Digital Camera. The JetFlash DSC is designed to enable users to take digital photos without the inconvenience of needing a USB cable or card reader to connect to a PC.

USB Key Superguide. Guide to flash drives, U3 keys, and USB hard drives.

U.S. Electronics Production Strong Again in October. A mixed market shows a drop in corporate spending and growth in telecom.

Gartner Raises Chip Market Forecasts. Worldwide semiconductor revenue will be $235 billion in 2005, a 6.9 percent increase from 2004.

Windows Leads as Server Market Booms. Windows was the leading OS in new servers for the first time, as the overall worldwide server market grew a robust 8.1 percent.

Next-Generation Network Gear Sales Up 70% in 3rd Q. Sales of next-generation network equipment experienced a sharp rise in the third quarter, as carriers and service providers continue to deploy advanced network services.

TiVo Transfers TV to iPods. TiVo announced a service that allows its digital video recorders to save programs to iPods and PlayStation Portables.

Cracks Found on Shuttle Fuel Tank

Japanese Spacecraft Lands Successfully on Asteroid

Supernovae Back Einstein's "Blunder"

Tuesday, 22 November

Microsoft Seeks New Office Format Standard. Microsoft submitted its Microsoft Office Open XML document format technology to the Ecma international standards body.

Google Donates $3 Million to Help Scan More Rare Documents. Google gives $3 million to the Library of Congress to help set up a system for creating digital copies of rare documents from around the world.

Energy Hogs in the Living Room. Consumer electronics sales are surging, but so are energy prices. Discuss.

Hackers Change Tactics to Crack Open Computers. Cyber-criminals are shifting their attention from operating systems to specific software programs, including media players and even anti-virus software.

Xbox 360: A New Gaming Standard. Microsoft crafts a console that has more power than most games can use.

IE Has Flaw of Doom. All you have to do is visit a buggy page. Microsoft Promises To Patch IE Zero-Day Bug.

New Sober Worm Spoofs FBI, CIA Spreads Fast. A new variation of the long-running Sober worm uses extremely effective tactics to trick users into infecting their PCs, including posing as messages from the FBI and CIA.

Dutch PC Shipments Increase 23.3% in Q3

Galactic Collision

Monday, 21 November

House Approves DTV Bill. Broadcasters have three years to clear analog spectrum for wireless broadband providers and first responders.

Nigerian E-mail Scammers Jailed. A court sentences two men to a total of 37 years in prison for the biggest scam in Nigerian history.

Hackers Publish Code for Critical IE Bug. Security experts are warning Internet users to be careful where they click, thanks to a nasty unpatched bug in the way the Internet Explorer handles the JavaScript computer language.

Microsoft Issues Windows Bug Warning. Off-schedule bug fix addresses denial-of-service vulnerability in Windows 2000, XP.

Cool Stuff 2006. The year's neatest gadgets.

Friday, 18 November

HP's Earnings Shadowed by Job Cuts. Company announces that 800 more people will leave, but it doesn't feel the same sting in PC industry as Dell did.

Cisco Enters Cable Market with Scientific-Atlanta Acquisition. Cisco Systems has agreed in principle to acquire No. 2 set-top box maker Scientific-Atlanta Inc. for $6.9 billion in cash.

Paris Accelerates Move to Open Source. The city of Paris is accelerating its move to free and open-source software as part of a strategy to reduce its dependence on suppliers.

Tiny 'Smart' Drives Hold More Than Data. Those tiny "thumb" or flash drives popping up everywhere just got a little smarter.

DSL Sales Are Up, Revenue Down in 3rd Q. DSL aggregation hardware sales continued their growth curve last quarter, despite a slight drop in revenues.

Globe Talk: Love it or Hate it, VoIP is a Must. Since eBay announced its decision to buy out Luxembourg-based Skype for $2.3 billion two months ago, it has become clear that Voice over Internet Protocol is not only here to stay, but that it has considerable potential to allow businesses to flourish.

EarthLink's Pursuit Lands Spammer in Can. Can-Spam prosecutions related to EarthLink lawsuits put one man in prison for a year and slap another with a $15.4 million judgment.

Top Gaming PCs. To be competitive, you need the right hardware.

New View of Early Earth: A Habitable Place

Thursday, 17 November

Blu-ray Group, HP at Odds. Hewlett-Packard says it may back the rival next-generation DVD standard because Blu-ray group won't adopt an HP proposal.

Gartner: Things Will Get Worse for DRAM Market. Gartner says the outlook for the worldwide DRAM market for the next few years looks bleak as the industry will be dogged by oversupply.

Computer Chip Market to Surpass 2000 Peak. The computer IC market forecasted to grow 7.3 percent to $96.5 billion.

City Accepts Google's Free Wi-Fi Offer. The city council in Google's home town of Mountain View, California unanimously has accepted Google's offer to install a free city-wide wireless network.

This Year, It's a High-Tech Toy Story. Old Favorites Joined by Modern Gadgets

Office '12' Beta 1: Extreme Makeover. Microsoft Office "12" will be the biggest update to Microsoft's flagship office suite in ten years.

BellSouth Makes House Calls, Again. BellSouth offers one-stop customer care for installation and support of customers' PCs, home networking, data, hardware and software applications.

Hackers Boost Keystroke Logging. 6000 programs to be released this year.

Sony Launches Free Internet Phone Service. The electronics giant launches a free Web-based phone service called Instant Video Everywhere.

Sony, NEC to Merge Optical Disk Drive Businesses

Space-time Vortex

Young Stars of NGC 346

The Food You Eat May Change Your Genes for Life

Wednesday, 16 November

MIT Is Crafting Cheap Laptops. A tough, kid-friendly laptop that could be sold to poor countries for $100.

Consumer Products Will Propel Chip Sales Above $300B in 2008. Global semiconductor sales are forecast to grow at a compound annual growth rate of nearly 10 percent from this year through 2008.

Enterprise WLAN Spending Surges. Enterprise spending on wireless LAN equipment surged nine percent in the third quarter.

Deal Reached on Managing the Internet. World Summit on the Information Society kicked off with 'agreement of sorts' on who will oversee Internet flow of information, commerce and dissent.

Google 'Base' Extends Search-Engine Reach. An ambitious new Google service will let anyone upload most anything to a publicly searchable database, potentially laying the groundwork for a foray into classified advertising.

Shoot a Picture First, Focus Later. Blurry snaps could be a thing of the past with the development of a digital camera that refocuses photos after they have been taken.

Tuesday, 15 November

Intel’s Dual-core Presler has Stability Issue. Sampling Intel’s 65nm dual-core Presler processors has revealed some stability problems.

Intel Brings Virtualization to Desktop PCs. Intel began offering desktop PC processors with virtualization, a technology that can partition a computer to run multiple different types of software simultaneously.

Sun CTO: Microprocessors Are About to Die. Greg Papadopoulos says "server-on-a-chip" processors signal the end of traditional microprocessors. Sure.

Top Supercomputer Reaches New Record Speeds. The most powerful number-cruncher on the planet, BlueGene/L, reaches blistering processing speeds – three times faster than its closest rival.

Dell CFO: Competitors Stepping It Up. Dell is grappling with an overall product lineup that is showing record unit sales in many areas but faces a squeeze that has bitten into its customer service capabilities.

LCD Monitor Vendors Betting on Widescreen Models. First tier LCD monitor vendors such as Acer, BenQ, ViewSonic, Hewlett-Packard (HP), Samsung Electronics are all eying the large size widescreen LCD monitor segment.

Sony Plan Widens Security Hole. Sony's suggested method for removing the program actually widens the security hole the original software created, researchers say. Microsoft to Block Sony DRM Rootkit.

Treasury Campaign Promotes Electronic Tax Payments. The U.S. Treasury launched a national campaign to urge individuals, tax preparers and small businesses to pay taxes electronically via the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System, or EFTPS.

Microsoft Updates Plans for 64-bit Computing. Microsoft unveils updates to management and server products.

Internet Security Market to Reach $58 Billion by 2010. Recent spate of serious Internet security threats will continue to be the key market driver.

Xbox 360 Test Drive. Americans won't see them until Nov. 22, but our man in Tokyo dropped in on Microsoft's Xbox lounge for a preview.

Microsoft Offers Enterprise Version of Free Windows Desktop Search. Company claims new version will let IT departments easily manage Windows Desktop Search across corporate networks.

Newest Sober Attack Predicted By Police, Three more the bilingual Sober worms are on the loose, numerous anti-virus firms warned Tuesday, a day after German police warned that an attack was imminent. IM Worms Mutating At an Alarming Rate.

Plastic Diode Could Lead to Flexible, Low-power Computer Circuits, Memory

Hard Disk Drives to be Integrated into Chips

Field Guide to the Entire Universe

Meditation Builds-up the Brain

Japanese Robot Lost in Asteroid-bound Space Mission

Thursday, 10 November

Microsoft SUS Users Finally Receive Patches. Users of Microsoft's Software Update Services (SUS) can now download this month's patches after a day-and-a-half delay.

Prices for 40-inch LCD TV Panels Should Remain Stable Through Year-end. Due to successful strategies pursued by Samsung Electronics and Sony, the ASP (average selling price) for 40-inch LCD TV panels is not expected to fall much further this year.

PCs Plagued by Bad Capacitors. Capacitors are an inexpensive little component on a PC motherboard, but they can be a costly headache for manufacturers when a whole bunch of them go bad.
Motherboard Electrolytic Capacitor Failures.

IBM, Sony, Red Hat Join Others in Linux Patent Venture. Open Invention Network will acquire patents and offer them royalty free.

Fraud Chewing E-Commerce Profits. Merchants will lose billions to scamsters in 2005.

Trojan Horses Targeting Sony DRM Rootkit Found. Two Trojan horses have been discovered that exploit Sony's copy-restriction software. Suit Targets Sony BMG Anti-piracy Technology. Lawsuit claims Sony BMG didn't disclose true nature of its digital rights management system for CDs. Are These the Sony Rootkit CDs? The Electronic Frontier Foundation has found 19 Sony CDs that consumers should avoid if they are concerned about the company's rootkit-like digital rights management.

Hardy Lichen Shown to Survive in Space

Graphite Found to Exhibit Surprising Quantum Effects

Consumers will See Plenty of Free Shipping this Holiday Season

Cars Soon May 'Talk' to Roads, Each Other

Wednesday, 9 November

Gartner: IT Groups Shrinking, Changing. The demand for IT specialists is decreasing and the size of IT departments is shrinking significantly.

'Net Effect: Shrinking Newsprint. Newspaper circulation slides as online access grows.

QuickBooks 2006 Makes Huge Strides. Usability, inventory management, and performance have been significantly enhanced, making this one upgrade you shouldn't miss.

Image Handling Flaws Put Windows PCs at Risk. Microsoft's "critical" Patch Tuesday bulletin tackles three flaws in how the OS handles certain graphics files.

Gates Warns of 'Sea Change' in Memo. The IT industry's shift to Internet-based software and services represents a massive and disruptive "sea change."

This Keyboard's Easy on the Hands - and Eyes. A generous and very comfortable wrist rest is stationed at the bottom of Microsoft's Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000, which is decked out in sleek silver and black colors.

Malaria Vaccine Proves Effective in Clinical Trial

Advances Seen in flexible Solar Cells

"Gravity Tractor" Could Deflect Earth-Bound Asteroids

Small Cars Staging a Big Comeback

Tuesday, 8 November

AMD Tops Intel In U.S. Retail PC Market. In October, processors from AMD were in 49.8 percent of U.S. retail desktop and notebook PCs sold, compared with 48.5 percent from Intel.

Analyst: One million Windows Users Switch to Mac. As many as one million Windows users may have switched to Macs this year as the iPod halo transforms Apple into a technology industry "darling."

iPod's Cool Factor May Be Fading. Consumers who bought an Apple iPod based on status rather than features are likely to change brands the next time they purchase a digital media device.

Gas Prices Fueling Online Holiday Outlook. Online sales are expected to grow again this holiday season.

Big IPTV Networks to Grow Eightfold by 2009. The number of IPTV networks with over 100,000 subscribers will grow from five today to more than 40 by 2009.

What Does 'Almost Nothing' Weigh?

The Chemistry of Great Coffee

Device May Revolutionize Trucking Industry

Wine Compound Attacks Alzheimer's Agent

Monday, 7 November

RFID President Responds to 'Spychips' Book. A 24-page document attempts to refute arguments that RFID chip deployment is an invasion of privacy.

CDT Introduces 14-inch PLED Display. Full color PLED (polymer organic light-emitting diode) displays using ink jet printing...

I Want My HDTV -- But Which Flavor? You'll need help when it comes to sorting the many, seemingly bewildering, options available today.

HP Turns to AMD for New Blade PCs. HP is expected to release an update to its blade PC product, switching to AMD's processors for its alternative to traditional desktop PCs.

PC Blades: A Technology in Search of Users. PC blades have a chance to become the first major shift in PC technology since personal computers.

Microsoft Launches Long-awaited Sequels. SQL Server 2005 and Visual Studio 2005 upgrades finally released, along with low-cost versions and new BizTalk server.

Yahoo, TiVo Team to Connect Services Via Internet. The hookup will enable users of Yahoo TV to use TiVo's scheduling technology to set their DVRs to record a show.

2005 High Tech Wish List

Squeezing Fuel From Microbes

NGC 7635: The Bubble Nebula

Friday, 4 November

Tech Wins Big in Senate Budget Bill. Differences, though, still remain with House over DTV transition and H-1B visas.

Battle for the Digital Bookshelf Gains Momentum. Separate announcements from Google, Amazon and Microsoft focus on digitising the world's bookshelves

Apple Sounds Alarm Over QuickTime Flaws. "Highly critical" bug in media player could open door for a denial-of-service attack, security company says.

Man Charged with Creating Powerful Zombie Network. A 20-year-old man was arrested on charges of spreading viruses to almost 400,000 military and other computers...

Security-Spooked Users Slap Sony CD on Amazon. Customers have used Amazon.com's review feature to slam a Sony CD implicated in a security and copy-protection brouhaha...

Sued Grandfather. The Motion Picture Association of America filed a federal lawsuit against Fred Lawrence of Racine, Mich. seeking as much as US$600,000 in damages for downloading four movies...

Samsung Sees Cut-Throat Competition in LCD Market

Stardust and Starlight

Thursday, 3 November

High-Tech Wages Creeping Up. It's once again a good time to be a high-level IT professional. The Yoh Index of Technology Wages found that high-tech wages are finally rising after a flat period.

Electronic Shipments Decline in September. But don’t panic just yet. The drop in confidence and spending appears to be temporary and linked directly to gasoline price spikes.

AMD Gains Ground on Intel in Q3. AMD picked up a couple of market share points on Intel in the third quarter.

Microsoft moves to add VoIP to Office. Microsoft acquires Swiss software company that specializes in VoIP applications.

Microsoft Patches May Break Web Sites. Web sites that use certain custom applications won't display as expected in Internet Explorer after installing two Microsoft security updates.

Novell to Lay-off 600 Amid Corporate Restructuring. The firm said it will concentrate its business on its Linux and open source activities as well as on its identity and resource management operations.

U3: Portable Programs on a USB Drive. New platform lets you run apps on any PC without leaving data on host machine.

Sony backs down on DRM Rootkit. But denies its spyware is harmful.

Redefining Cool. Research at HP Labs could lead to data centers that are cooler and use 50% less energy.

Scientists See Light That May Be From First Objects in Universe

Google, Libraries Post First Batch of Books Online

Wednesday, 2 November

Wireless Network Market to Hit $5 Billion In 2006. The wireless LAN (WLAN) market will grow at an annual rate of 30 percent per year.

China Hardware Exports Continue to Grow. Global Sources is expecting exports to grow between 10 and 20 percent in the current year.

Silicon Chip Works on the Speed of Light. A chip that can carry light and even manipulate its speed is unveiled by IBM – it is a key step towards high-speed photonic memory.

The Best Cheap PCs. Well-equipped PCs that cost less than $500.

Intel Reopens Arizona Factory After $2 Billion Conversion. The upgrade was aimed at simultaneously boosting PC microprocessor supplies while lowering the cost.

Sprint, Cable Operators Form 'Landmark' Joint Venture. Sprint and three large cable operators have formed a joint venture that will enable them to offer a converged mix of wireless and wired access and content.

Wyse Pushes Thin Clients with New Software. Partners Sun, CA join server-based computing bandwagon

Aopen miniPC

Nanocrystal Solar Cells

Tuesday, 1 November

It's Bad to Worse at Dell. Projected sales and earnings shortfalls are the latest signs that Dell's days of domination over its PC-industry peers may be coming to an end. Dell Cuts Forecast on Consumer Weakness.

Lenovo Reports Triple-digit Sales Growth. PC maker Lenovo reported second-quarter revenue growth of 404 percent, attributing the hefty gain to organic growth and its acquisition of IBM’s PC business.

Will Wal-Mart Sell $398 Notebooks, Desktops? Attention shoppers. You might want to get into that Wal-Mart parking lot early on the day after Thanksgiving.

Netgear Unveils Five-In-One MIMO Gateway. The ADSL Modem Wireless Router serves as an ADSL modem, router, LAN switch, firewall, and as a wireless access point.

Windows, Office To Go 'Live.' Over time, virtually every piece of Microsoft's software lineup will be offered as a server or a service, according to Bill Gates.

Mac OS X Update Swats Five Security Bugs. Apple shipped a security update to patch five Mac OS X security flaws and warned that the most dangerous bug could be exploited to bypass security restrictions.

Worm with Rootkit Hits AOL Chat Service. Links leading to a worm that eventually implants a nasty rootkit on a user's computer are popping up on AOL's Instant Messenger network.

Sony Music CDs Install DRM Trojan Horses on PCs. Reports are beginning to turn up around the Web that discuss how certain CDs from Sony Music come with a Trojan horse-based digital restrictions management (DRM) technology that surreptitiously installs itself as a rootkit on Windows PCs.

Microsoft Loses IE Patent Battle. Will have to pay the full wack.

British Man Gets Four-year Jail Sentence for eBay Phishing Fraud

A Soyuz Spacecraft Approaches the Space Station

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