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May 2005

Tuesday, 31 May

COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2005 Kicks-off Today. The world's second largest IT exhibition and remains Asia's biggest exhibition started today.

AMD Launches Dual-Core Chips for Desktops. The four chips announced at the Computex trade show in Taiwan are targeted at high-end personal computers.

Dual-Core Duel: AMD Beats Intel. Two processors in one Athlon chip give performance extra oomph.

ATI Crosses the Swords: Multi-GPU CrossFire Technology Previewed. Following NVIDIA with its multi-GPU tech called SLI, ATI Technologies reintroduces its multi-processor graphics technology for consumers.

Intel Preps Mac Mini Look-Alike. Apple uses its diminutive powerhouse to woo Wintel users, a campaign the chipmaker hopes to stymie with a tiny Taiwanese model.

HP Moves NonStop to Itanium. The systems vendor promises a server with 'seven-nines' availability.

Motherboards Drop, Projectors Go Through Ceiling

The Trifid Nebula

Friday, 27 May

High-definition Radio Gears-up for Reality. The 1,000-mile journey toward high-definition radio will begin with a few giveaways.

VIA Launches C7 Processor. With a tiny die size of a mere 30mm2, the VIA C7 processor idle power is as low as 100mW (0.1W), while 2.0GHz will run at about 20 watts peak power.

Demand Slows for Rear Projection TVs. Prices for RPTVs have been decreasing since the fourth quarter of 2004 due to unsatisfactory shipments in the US market.

Fujitsu Hitachi Plasma Display to Increase Production. Soaring demand from the flat-panel TV market is prompting Hitachi Ltd. to further increase plasma display production.

Still Hope for Next-Gen DVD Accord. Although the competing groups led by Toshiba and Sony have not yet reached agreement on a common high-definition DVD format, there is hope that such an accord will be made.

Microsoft Targets The VoIP Market. With the announcement earlier this week of the Microsoft Speech Server, the software and IT giant is poised to make big waves in the telecommunications market.

ExpressCards More Desktop-Friendly. The newest breed of PC Cards is supposed to give you better performance than the CardBus PC Cards.

Wireless USB Standard Released

Solid State Lighting Potential Grows

Thursday, 26 May

Is 2005 Turning Out Better than Expected? A stronger than expected Q1 prompted IC Insights to raise its market forecast for the year.

Mobile Market to Lift PC Sales, Says Gartner. Thanks to a strong mobile market, global PC shipments are forecast to total 202.1 million units in 2005, up 10.2% from 2004.

Lenovo Stays on Think Schedule. The Chinese PC giant that bought out IBM's PC line plans to release 64-bit desktops in June.

Microsoft Business Network Gets Shut Down. Microsoft is pulling the plug on its Microsoft Business Network (MBN) but plans to roll its EDI-like functionality into business applications.

Microsoft Advises IE Users to Uninstall Netscape 8. Microsoft has alerted consumers that Netscape's latest browser appears to break the XML rendering capabilities in Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Novell Reports Loss as Older Business Shrinks. Company says revenue from its NetWare product line declined at a slightly faster pace than expected

Nanoscale Light Tricks Promise Huge DVD Storage. The tantalising prospect of a DVD capable of storing hundreds of movies appears in a patent issued to US storage company Iomega.

Intel Unveils Dual-Core Pentium D Processors. As expected, Intel formally unveiled its dual-core Pentium D processors.

Witty Worm Traced to Europe. Researchers deduce that the worm was set up to target systems at a U.S. military base.

Time's Up, Einstein

US Funding of Fusion Reactor in Doubt

Backlash Brews Over Blue LEDs

A Beautiful Trifid

Wednesday, 25 May

Worm, Phishing Scam Hit IM Services. A new worm and a phishing scam are targeting members of the America Online and Yahoo instant messaging networks.

AMD Releases Spec For Virtualization Support. AMD announced the general availability of the specification of its approach to 64-bit virtualization, which it calls Pacifica.

CRT Not Ready for the Museum Shelf. Tube TVs will continue to dominate shipments though 2009.

Laptops and Desktops for Under $800

PCI Express x16 Graphics Card to Drive Dual Monitors

Hitachi Delivers New 15K RPM Enterprise Hard Drives

Particle Sizes in Saturn's Rings

Tuesday, 24 May

Samsung LCD Chief Predicts 100-in. TV Screens. The industry needs to first achieve the proverbial goal of a $1,000, 32-in. screen.

Wireless LAN Hardware Sales Surge. Paced by wireless switches for enterprises and routers for homes and small businesses, worldwide sales of WLAN gear jumped in the first quarter.

Gemtek Slashes 2005 WLAN Shipment Target. Gemtek Technology, a leading WLAN-equipment maker in Taiwan, has revised its shipment target of WLAN devices for 2005 down 20% from 25 to 20 million units, according to company sources.

Microsoft Ships First Windows OS for Vertical Market. Microsoft has begun supplying a version of its Windows XP Embedded operating system tailored to the retail and hospitality industries, marking the first time that the company has customized an operating system for a particular market.

Microsoft Moving From Passport to InfoCard. Microsoft released latest builds of Web services platforms, offering an olive branch on interoperable identity management to partners.

Microsoft Offers Maps and Aerial Photos. Microsoft is upping the ante in its fight with Google Inc. to offer the most popular mapping service by adding aerial images of sites.

Virus Takes PC's Hostage. A new internet virus that holds computer files hostage has the potential to terrorise PC users the world over.

Analysts: Apple Shift to Intel Chips Unlikely

MP3 Music on the Run

Voyager Spacecraft Enters Solar System's Final Frontier

The 2020 Vision of Robotic Assistants Unveiled

Swirls and Stars

Protein Deficiency Seen In Neurons Born in Adulthood and Those Affected by Disease

Space Shuttle Discovery Rolled From Launch Pad

Monday, 23 May

Apple Explores Use Of Intel Chips. In what would be a major shift in the computer world, Apple reportedly is talking with Intel about using its chips in its Macintosh line. Intel Switch Could Cut Apple's Component Costs.

Samsung Develops NAND-based Solid State Disk. 5/23/2005 - The Korean device giant says it has developed a flash-memory based, 16Gbyte SSD.

Energy Prices, Not Interest Rates, Hurting Investment Climate. Investor optimism remained at its lowest level in two years, according to the May UBS/Gallup Index of Investor Optimism.

AMD Chip for Consumer Devices. AMD will compete with new and old rivals for a space in TVs, set-top boxes, and PVRs.

Scientists Invent Ultra-Thin Camera Lens. The new lens technology could be the key to boosting the camera-equipped cell phone market.

EU Gives Microsoft a Week to Comply in Antitrust Case

Larger LCDs Posing Production Challenges

Building the World's Most Powerful Laser

Friday, 20 May

AMD to Launch Dual-core Athlon 64 on May 31. AMD will launch the first dual-core version of its Athlon 64 desktop processor at Taiwan's Computex trade show on May 31.

Apple Recalls Notebook Batteries. The recalled lithium ion batteries were manufactured for use with Apple's 12-inch iBook G4, 12-inch PowerBook G4 and 15-inch PowerBook G4.

Retail E-Commerce Growth Outpacing the Pack. The Census Bureau reports a 24% growth in the sector from last year.

Hackers Fake Microsoft Update. Hoping once again to fool security-minded users, malicious hackers have released a fake Microsoft security update.

Netscape Patches New Browser. Just hours after the newest version of Netscape was officially launched, a patch was released that fixes more than 40 security holes.

Toshiba's Perpendicular HDD Finds Home in Music Player. Toshiba will introduce a music player in late June as the first application of its perpendicular recording hard disk drive.

E3 Expo 2005: Hardware Innovation Behind the Gaming Fun. E3 gaming and technology show is taking place in Los Angeles Convention Center.

Plasma Display Industry Recovers as Demand Soars

Google Announces Personalized Home Page

Start-up Drills for Oil in Algae

Thursday, 19 May

New Samsung Panel Pictures Inch-thick TV. Sansung is expected to show off a prototype 40-inch panel next week made from a single-sheet organic light-emitting diode (OLED).

Microsoft Puts Out Alert On New TCP/IP Flaw In Windows. Microsoft posted its first security advisory since it launched a security alert service last week, but the company downplayed the threat.

Netscape Launches Next-generation Web Browser. Netscape launched version 8.0 of its Web browser, promising better security and the ability to switch between rival browsers Internet Explorer and Firefox.

FCC Mandates 911 VoIP Service. Agency orders incumbent carriers to make their 911 networks available to Internet telephone companies.

Can Hon Hai buy HP's PC business? Buys two HP factories in a Lenovo moment.

PCs Seized as Data Theft Investigation Intensifies. Several search warrants served in connection with the hacking of personal records of 310,000 people in LexisNexis data bank early this year.

Long-range Wireless Ethernet Bridge Operates at Up to 1.5 Mbits/s

From Electronics to Photonics; Modulating Light with Electricity

Wednesday, 18 May

Playstation 3 Expected to Double Xbox 360 Performance. The Playstation 3 will arrive next spring packing twice the performance of Microsoft's Xbox 360.

WD Unveils Simple-to-Use Network Hard Drive at E3 Expo. For small office and home users who want to centralize and share files and share up to two printers on a computer network, WD's NetCenter network drives will be available in capacities ranging from 160 to 320 GB.

HP Exceeds Expectations. HP surprised Wall Street in Mark Hurd's first quarter as CEO with better than expected results.

More Than a Third of PC Software Pirated. More than a third of the software installed on PCs worldwide during 2004 was pirated.

Computer Blows-up House. Serious bug.

Tuesday, 17 May

More Overtime Tussles for Tech Companies? Lawsuits over overtime pay could become more common as the tech sector grapples with shifting employment regulations.

Sony’s PS3 Goes High-Def. Seeking past glory, Sony leaps into the world of high-definition entertainment with its PlayStation 3 game console and a palm-sized camcorder.

Apple Tames 'Tiger' OS With Big Patch. Apple released an update for its new operating system, Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger," less than three weeks after the OS made its debut.

Researchers Find Way to Produce Very Large Diamonds Very Fast

Why Teens are Lousy at Chores

Monday, 16 May

Pentium 4 Loophole Could Let In Hackers. Intel is acting to calm fears that technology in its Pentium 4 processors will enable hackers to steal passwords by reading "footprints" in the cache.

New Sober Trojan Spewing Hate Spam. A Sober-style Trojan piggybacking on May's massive Sober.p worm started spewing spam this weekend, some of it directing users to Web sites with right-wing German nationalistic content.

Next-gen DVD Talks Collapse. Talks among Matsushita, Sony and Toshiba designed to unify competing next-generation DVD formats have failed, making it more likely the rivals will follow separate paths to the video market.

Apple Gets Win in 'Tiger' Trademark Suit. Apple has scored an early victory in a lawsuit brought against the company by TigerDirect, which alleged Mac OS X 10.4, known as Tiger, infringed on its trademarked name.

New Explorer Gets Tabs. Microsoft to join Firefox and Opera in offering the popular feature.

Microsoft Ups Ante in Desktop Search. New MSN Search Toolbar debuts as software giant labors to catch up in desktop search with Yahoo and Google.

TI Celebrates 75th Anniversary

Replacement Shuttle: Astronauts Not Included

Supreme Court Overturns Bans on Out-of-state Wine Shipments

Friday, 13 May

Custom PowerPC Drives Xbox 360 to Teraflops Performance. Microsoft shifted up from the X86 to a custom PowerPC for its Xbox 360, which the company claims delivers 1-teraflop performance.

Grassroots Computing Languages Hit Big Time. Once considered simple toys by serious programmers, scripting languages are becoming first-class citizens in the world of corporate software development.

Microsoft IE Market Share Slips Below 90 Percent. Firefox browser eats away at Microsoft IE share.

IBM Embraces Open-Source Firefox. IBM is backing internal use of Firefox, encouraging employees to use the browser.

Microsoft to Offer PC Security Service. Windows OneCare is a fee-based service aimed at beefing up security of invidivual computers.

Planet Search Postponed to Fund Hubble Rescue

Ancient Pioneers Took Coastal Route, DNA Analysis Concludes

Thursday, 12 May

Massachusetts Fires Legal Broadside at Spam Gang. Massachusetts' Attorney General obtained an emergency court order shutting down dozens of websites allegedly operated by a sophisticated ring of Boston area spammers.

Gates Says iPod's Success Won't Last. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates says Apple Computer shouldn't get too comfortable atop the portable music playing world.

Mozilla Rushes Fixes. Mozilla 1.7.8 and FireFox 1.0.4 issue fixes to blunt zero day exploit.

DOD Hacker Gets 21-month Sentence. A 21-year old Indiana resident was slapped with a 21-month jail sentence for his role in a hacking attack that compromised computers at the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD).

Toshiba Acquires Panasonic's Miniature HDD Design Center

Robot Walks, Balances Like a Human

Scientists Discover New Rodent Family in Asian Market

Wednesday, 11 May

New Microsoft Office Release Coming in 2006. Gates says new version will include enhanced workflow capabilities and document management.

Mini Patch Day for Microsoft. Monthly advisory reporting expanded as well.

Face-To-Face With King Tut

Tuesday, 10 May

900,000 ISP Customers Blacklisted. More than 900,000 customers of U.K. Internet service provider Telewest have been blacklisted by one of the most powerful antispam groups on the Web.

DVD Format War Flares as Toshiba Denies Reported Deal. A financial newspaper here reported on Tuesday (May 10) that "the next generation DVD will be unified on the Blu-ray Disc Format." Toshiba denied the report.

AMD: The Dual-Core Force Is With Us. AMD rolled out the big guns--or, specifically, light sabers--to explain to system builders the performance gains and functionality offered by its new dual-core processors.

First-tier Motherboard Makers: April Shipments Rise 18.6% on Year

Monday, 9 May

Motorola Unveils Carbon Nanotube Emissive Display for Flat-panel TVs. Motorola's prototype could lead to development of large flat-panel TV screens that cost less but sacrifice no performance compared with existing displays.

AMD to Migrate All Desktop CPUs to Socket M2, Server CPUs to Socket F in 2006. After AMD introduces its Socket M2 platform next year, all of its desktop processors, including single- and dual-core platforms, will adopt the 90nm M2 socket design.

AMD's Dual-Core Chip Delivers Real Power Boost. Tests show this CPU is faster than Intel's dual-core Pentium EE 840. AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800+ Dual-Core Processor Review.

Exploit Code Chases Two Firefox Flaws. Two vulnerabilities in the popular Firefox browser have been rated "extremely critical" because exploit code is now available to take advantage of them.

Stars, Dust and Nebula in NGC 6559

NASA Fast-tracks Shuttle Replacement

Friday, 6 May

Court Tosses Out Broadcast-flag Requirement. A U.S. appeals court on Friday threw out new federal rules to require anti-piracy technology that would have limited how consumers could record and watch their favorite television programs in the future.

Intel Demos Dual-core Xeons. Moving aggressively ahead with its plans to field a full range of dual core microprocessors, Intel has demonstrated two upcoming Xeon server platforms with the new devices.

AMD Key to Microsoft's 64-bit Conquests. Redmond addresses the Opteron effect on SQL Server, Visual Studio and Longhorn.

Hirings Up in April, Jobless Rate Steady. Employers add 274,000 jobs last month, almost 100,000 more than expected.

Q1 Silicon Shipments Drop. The drop was non unanticipated, thanks to seasonality and a record year in 2004.

How Real ID Will Affect You

Earth Lightens-up

Thursday, 5 May

Intel Chip Sales to Keep Rising. Forecast 2005 sales to grow 10 percent or more.

Abit Reports After-tax Losses of NT$4.48 Billion for 2004. Second-tier Taiwan motherboard maker Abit Computer recorded after-tax losses of NT$4.48 billion, or NT$6.19 per share, in 2004, according to company’s annual financial report released yesterday.

IBM to Cut Up to 13,000 Jobs. The workforce reduction is part of a massive restructuring that will primarily affect operations in Europe.

Lenovo to Pay IBM $152.2M to Repurchase Shares. Chinese computer maker Lenovo said Thursday it plans to buy back 435.7 million shares it had originally issued to IBM as part of its purchase of IBM's PC division.

Hot Chips Chilled with Liquid Metal. A liquid metal that boils at 2000°C could keep hot-and-bothered processors chilled more quietly and with improved efficiency.

VoIP is Killing Traditional Telephony

Kids Can't Hit Slow Pitches

New Dinosaur Documents Diet Shift from Meat to Veggies

British Team Tries to Top 300 MPH In an Electric Car

Wednesday, 4 May

Chip of Choice for Windows 64. As the era of 64-bit computing inches ever closer, many companies will be faced with a fairly simple question: Which chip is the best?

Apple's Tiger Makes Some Companies Growl. Several companies say their networking software isn't compatible with Apple Computer's new operating system.

Bluetooth, Ultra-wideband Technologies to Merge. Ultra-wideband capabilities will be built into future versions of Bluetooth, giving devices faster short-range wireless data speeds.

A New Security Layer for Wi-Fi

Spying on the Spyware Makers

Bendable Concrete

Dinosaur 'Missing Link' Found in Utah

Tuesday, 3 May

Up Close and Personal with Tiger. Apple's latest OS delivers two big improvements and hundreds of smaller ones.

Microsoft Adds WPA2 WLAN Security To Windows XP. Update for Windows XP Service Pack 2 adds support for strong WLAN authentication and encryption and the ability to more easily log on to some public hot spots.

Sober Worm Variant Makes the Rounds. A new variant of the mass-mailing Sober worm has been discovered and is spreading among consumer PC users.

Micron-sized Refrigeration Device has No Moving Parts

Fed Boosts Key Rate a Quarter-Point

Monday, 2 May

Lenovo Completes Buy of IBM's PC Business. China's Lenovo Group has completed its $1.75 billion purchase of IBM's PC division, creating the world's third-largest PC maker.

Voice Over DSL Market Set To Skyrocket. Dittberner Associates estimates that revenues will grow from $256 million last year, to more than $1 billion in 2009.

Global Chip Sales Up 13% Year-on-year In Q1 2005

Squeaky Clean Fossil Fuels

Nano Could Hasten Hydrogen

April 2005


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