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March 2005

Thursday, 31 March

64-bit Windows Have Gone Gold. Microsoft has finalized Windows XP Pro x64 and three versions of Windows 2003 Server x64 and has sent them to manufacturing.

Exploiting MIMO Technology for Optimal Performance. As the wireless industry embraces MIMO technology, it is important to understand the fundamentals of different techniques and their associated benefits for indoor systems.

Microsoft Ships Windows Server 2003 SP1 Security Update. Microsoft officially posted Windows Server 2003 SP1, with security enhancements, to its Web site.

Wall-Sized Electronic Paper at EXPO 2005 Aichi, Japan

Black Holes 'Do Not Exist'...?

Wednesday, 30 March

Toshiba Samples World's Fastest Memory Chips. 512 Mb XDR (extreme data rate) DRAM: 4.8 GHz or 12 times faster than typical PC memory.

Toshiba Says New Laptop Battery Recharges In A Minute. Toshiba unveiled a new lithium-ion battery -- the type used in virtually all laptops -- that recharges 60 times faster than current batteries.

AMD Unveils Virtualization Platform. Pacifica: a hardware implementation essentially allowing one computer system to function as multiple "virtual" systems... AMD Tries to Round-up Pacifica Support.

New HP CEO Won't Rule Out Spin-Offs. New HP CEO Mark Hurd said his primary focus will be on execution and creating shareholder value, and he won't rule out spinning off parts of the company to achieve those ends.

Microsoft Works on New ID System for Windows. 'Info-cards' will give users more control over their personal information...

Comdex Skips Another Year. The technology trade show is a no-go in Las Vegas once again; organizers are hoping for a 2006 comeback.

Changes in Earth’s Tilt Control When Glacial Cycles End

Tuesday, 29 March

MCI Chooses Verizon, Spurns Qwest. MCI accepts Verizon's merger offer after the Baby Bell raises its bid by $1 billion to $7.6 billion.

Norton Anti-Virus Vulnerable To Crashes. Symantec's Norton AntiVirus line has a pair of vulnerabilities that hackers could exploit to crash or hang a targeted PC.

Laptop with 98,000 Names Stolen at UC-Berkeley. Officials at the University of California, Berkeley, are notifying more than 98,000 graduate students and applicants about the theft of a laptop computer containing their personal data.

AMD vs. Intel, Round IX. Get ready for the next great AMD vs. Intel battle: the dual-core duel of 2005. Is this beginning to sound like Rocky V?

Monday, 28 March

Slew Of Mytob Worms Strike. Eight variations of the Mytob worm have appeared in the last five days.

Alliance Formed to Finger Hackers. Global telecommunications providers and network operators have linked to form a large-scale alliance to combat Internet attacks.

HDTV Market to Boom. As many as 10 million homes worldwide currently have high-definition TV sets, and that number will grow to 15.5 million by the end of the year.

A Tether in Space

Friday, 25 March

P-Languages Better for Enterprise. PHP, Perl and Python are mission-critical ready and more effective than C++, Java, and C# in some scripting scenarios, according to Burton Group.

Stemming the Tide of Women Leaving IT. In 1985, the percentage of women in the overall I.T. workforce in the U.S. stood at nearly 40 percent. A decade later, that figure had dropped to 20 percent.

Six Vendors See Decline In Channel Satisfaction Ratings. A number of top-tier vendors appear to be losing traction with their solution provider partners, according to CRN's latest channel satisfaction survey.

Blue Gene Gets Faster. IBM doubles its speed record.

Organic Nanotubes Promise Fuel from Water

Scientists Find Soft Tissue in T. rex Fossil

Hybrid Solar Lighting May be Next Big Thing

Thursday, 24 March

Sony May Unite Blu-ray Disc, HD-DVD. After more than a year of touting Blu-ray Disc as the best technology to replace DVD, a top executive at Sony has opened the door to the possibility of unifying the format with its arch with HD-DVD.

Apple Patches Security Flaws. Apple has patched nine security flaws in a new update for its Mac OS X operating system, including some that could allow an attacker to take over a system, and a phishing flaw in Safari that was recently fixed in the Mozilla Firefox browser.

Computer Hacker Sentenced to Nearly four Years

Safety Report Calls for Uncrewed Space Shuttles

Wednesday, 23 March

IDC Lowers PC Forecast for '05. Global PC shipments will hover around 195 million units during 2005, compared to about 178 million in 2004, according to a revised forecast released by IDC on Wednesday.

IBM to Spam Spammers. IBM on Tuesday unveiled a technology that sends unwanted e-mails back to the spammers who sent them.

Mozilla Releases Patch for Another Firefox Hole. The Mozilla Foundation issued a patch for a previously undisclosed hole in its popular Firefox Web browser and is encouraging Firefox users to download the software update as soon as possible.

Digital Camera Blockbuster. Don't believe the hype. The right digital camera for you might not be the one with the most megapixels or the heftiest price tag.

Microsoft Lifts Lid on Longhorn's Networking Features

Membraneless Fuel Cell is Tiny, Versatile

NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope Captures Light From Two Extrasolar Planets

Remains of Ancient Egyptian Seafaring Ships Discovered

Tuesday, 22 March

Monday, 21 March

Rambus, Infineon Reach Settlement. Rambus and Infineon have hammered out a settlement that will end all pending lawsuits between the companies and start a licensing agreement for the use of the Rambus patent portfolio in Infineon products.

New USB Flash Drive Will Move Applications and Data from PC to PC

Classic Math Puzzle Cracked at Last

Friday, 18 March

IEEE Vote On Next-Gen Wi-Fi Proves Inconclusive. Compromise is now required after the TGnSync proposal for the 802.11n specification won a narrow majority of the IEEE panel's vote but fell short of the required 75 percent.

Firefox Eats More Microsoft Market Share. Market share for the open-source Mozilla Firefox climbed above 6% in February, while Microsoft's Internet Explorer share dropped below 90%.

Tested: 64-Bit P4. Intel hops on the 64-bit desktop bandwagon with new Pentium 4 CPUs. These chips are fast, but AMD's Athlon 64 FX retains the speed crown.

Giant Space-time Ripples May Cause Cosmic Expansion

Thursday, 17 March

Microsoft Yielding to IE Standards Pressure? After a years-long drumbeat of developer complaints, Microsoft may finally be budging on its support for standards and on key missing features in its Internet Explorer browser.

Samsung Has Plan to Lead MP3 Market in 2007. Samsung plans to overtake Apple as the world's largest supplier of portable jukebox-style music players by 2007.

Turbocharge Your Linksys Router. Hack your WRT54G into a super-router.

Web Tools Blaze Trail to the Past. Google's popular map and e-mail sites reignite interest in older Web tech, raising potential threat to Microsoft, Flash and Java.

'Wearable Hub' for Communications in the Home

From Lobster Flock to Lobster Feast?

Watery Atmosphere Discovered on Saturn's Moon

Wednesday, 16 March

Senators Question Telecom Mega-Mergers. Senators voiced concern over whether a flurry of phone industry mega-mergers could limit customers shopping around for phone, Internet and other telecommunications services.

Hardware Security Sneaks Into PCs. Millions of workers will get the latest in PC security this year--but they won't get the full benefit.

TV Tuner in a USB Stick. TV tuner vendor Compro Technology is getting ready to market a new concept based on the well-known USB stick.

Does Your Wi-Fi Hotspot Have an Evil Twin? Identity thieves are going wireless in their quest to steal your personal info.

Microsoft Lifts Curtain on Indigo. Though a technology preview, software developers get their first look at Windows' new communications plumbing.

AMD’s Challenges and Technology Lead in 64-bit CPUs: Q&A with CEO Hector de Ruiz

USB Powered OLED Near View Technology Arrives

Was Einstein Right When He Said He Was Wrong?

Tuesday, 15 March

Fedora Tops Charts in Growth Rate. But Red Hat still tops list in Web server deployments.

Cookies in Security Crosshairs. An increasing number of people are blocking cookies or deleting them to protect their privacy or security.

Ex-WorldCom CEO Ebbers Guilty. Bernard Ebbers, the former CEO of WorldCom, was found guilty today for his role in the accounting scandal that resulted in the largest bankruptcy in U.S. history.

Blu-ray Gathers Momentum. Blu-ray is undoubtedly one of the hottest topics at CeBIT this year since many companies backing the prospective optical storage technology have been demonstrating a variety of Blu-ray supporting products at their booths.

MP3 Player Shipments Surging. Propelled by the surging growth in demand for hard disk drive (HDD)-based products, shipments of MP3 players are expected to rise by nearly a factor of four from 2004 to 2009.

National Cuts More Costs with Sale of PC Super I/O Biz. In a move viewed positively by Wall Street, National sells its PC Super I/O business to Winbond Electronics, cutting another 150 people from its ranks.

Dumb 'Qwerty' Keyboard Finally Getting Smart. New software now aims to add a level of memory and intelligence to the lowly PC keyboard.

Microsoft Considering WinFS Support in Windows XP. Windows XP may be updated to support a new file system technology that Microsoft is working on for the next version of Windows.

MSN TV Hacker Gets Jail Time, Fine. Caused 911 crank calls.

Einstein's Science Genius Wasn't Just About IQ

Monday, 14 March

IBM Lets Millipede Storage Out for a Stroll. The MEMS prototype can hold the equivalent of 25 DVDs on an area the size of a postage stamp.

Developers Slam Microsoft's Visual Basic Plan. More than 100 influential developers have signed a petition demanding the software company reconsider plans to end support for Visual Basic in its "classic" form.

In Search of Mobile VoIP. 2005 may be the year when wireless consumers finally get their hands on new smartphones that incorporate Wi-Fi Voice over IP (VoIP) capabilities.

CTIA Wireless 2005 Trade Show Starts in New Orleans

CeBIT 2005 Coverage: Day 3

Asian Countries Gain Prominence in Science and Technology as US Loses Ground

BenQ and Samsung display LED-based pocket projectors at CeBIT

The Fox Fur Nebula

Friday, 11 March

Microsoft to Exchange 32-bit Windows for 64. A member of the Windows 64 bit said that within three months customers will be able to replace their existing copy for a brand new Windows 64-bit version.

Merging Minds. They may not agree on the specifics, but executives from the WWiSE and TGn Sync groups agree on a compromise for an 802.11n wireless LAN standard.

Mozilla Puts A Stop To Browser Suite. All development efforts will instead be focused on Firefox, the foundation's stand-alone browser, and its e-mail client.

Apple Faces the Music From iPod Rivals. Apple Computer still has a winner despite increasing attacks by iPod wannabes.

CeBIT: Taiwan motherboard makers out in force to support Nvidia’s upcoming nForce4 SLI Intel Edition

Yahoo Seeks to Expand in Google Territory. Yahoo is poised to launch an ad network for small Web publishers styled on a similar offering from Google.

AMD Sticking with DDR Memory in 2005. While the PC industry is expecting the transition to DDR2 (double data rate 2) memory to get under way later this year, AMD has no plans to modify its current chips to support DDR2 this year.

VIA Brings Dual Processing to Mini-ITX with the New VIA EPIA DP-310 Mainboard

Semiconductor Industry Faces 'Difficult Year' in 2005. Despite what appears to be some bright spots in the consumer, PC, and wireless markets, the IC industry is facing a "difficult year" in 2005.

Intel Revenue Forecast on Bright Side. Intel reported that its first-quarter earnings will be better than expected because of stronger worldwide chip demand.

Researchers Aim to Use DNA Molecules to Create Computers

NASA Urged to Spend Funds on Hubble Fix

Thursday, 10 March

CeBIT Starts in Hannover, Germany. The progressive convergence of the IT, telecom, software, content and services markets will be reflected at CeBIT 2005.

Apple Joins Blu-ray Consortium. Apple Computer has joined the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA), adding further industry support for the high-capacity optical disc standard.

AMD Ships Turion 64 Mobile Chip. AMD is launching its newest entry into the mobile PC space, formally taking the wraps off its Turion 64 processor and announcing a lineup of vendors that are supporting it.

Microsoft to Buy Groove Networks. Plans include adding Groove's "virtual office" software to Office lineup. Groove founder Ray Ozzie to become Microsoft CTO.

Wednesday, 9 March

US Gov't Approves IBM, Lenovo Deal. IBM said it received final U.S. government approval to sell its PC division to Chinese PC vendor Lenovo Group, and expects to close the deal soon.

Industry Execs Call Attention to U.S. Tech Leadership in Jeopardy. The Semiconductor Industry Association calls industry leaders to Washington to highlight the challenges to continued U.S. leadership in the semiconductor and IT industries.

U.S. Could Lose Tech Edge. TechNet presented Capitol Hill with an innovation agenda to get back on the IT track it claims the U.S. is falling from.

Feds Bag Warez Convictions. Key leaders of piracy rings face prison sentences of 5 to 10 years.

DS-UWB vs. 802.11n: What's the Best Connectivity Option? Systems that use wider bandwidths, such as DS-UWB, can have fundamentally different design approaches to provide wireless connectivity solutions...

Microsoft Releases Windows 98, Me Patches

Super Volcano Will Challenge Civilization

Tuesday, 8 March

Group Warns Intel About Curbing Competition. Japan's anti-monopoly watchdog issued a warns Intel to stop curbing competition in the microprocessor chip market by pressuring Japanese clients to buy its chips.

Worms on the Prowl, Traveling Via MSN Messenger. New worms that use Microsoft's instant-messaging software to spread are tunneling their way across the Web.

Symantec Releases 'Anti-poison' Software Patch. Companies relying on older versions of Symantec security appliances are being targeted with DNS poisoning attacks, which direct end users to malicious websites.

MIMO Holds Key to High Bandwidth Wireless Systems. MIMO technology is making its way from the research labs into industry standards as well as wireless voice and data applications worldwide.

Stretching Wi-Fi. New Wi-Fi products use smart antennas to boost the range of 802.11b and 802.11g wireless networks--even if you upgrade only your router.

Arm Wrestling Robots Beaten by a Teenaged Girl

Largest Particle Collider to Be Installed

Monday, 7 March

Netgear Claims MIMO 'First' With New Equipment. Netgear became the latest vendor of WLAN equipment for homes and small offices using Multiple Input-Multiple Output (MIMO) capabilities to increase speed and range.

Find Anything--Google Updates Desktop Search Tool. Application now lets you search PDF and multimedia files.

Samsung Launches Huge LCD Amid Price Slump. Samsung also said on Monday it had developed an 82-inch LCD panel. LCDs already account for 31 percent of TVs with 28-inch or larger screens.

Charge a Battery in Just Six Minutes. A rechargeable battery that can be fully charged incredibly fast and lasts 10 times as long as today's models is showing promise in the US.

Friday, 4 March

OLED: New Star of the Small Screen. A raft of sharp, bright, and power-thrifty displays for new small devices arrive.

Customer Service Outsourcing Often Fails. Companies that outsource customer service functions to reduce costs may risk reducing their client list as well, Gartner warned.

CMO to Roll-out Larger LCD TV Panels. Chi Mei Optoelectronics (CMO) expects to start volume producing 42- and 47-inch LCD TV panels next quarter. The company will display the new panels at CeBIT 2005, March 10-16 in Hannover, Germany.

Chips and Dips. January sales of microchips dropped due to an excess in inventory but sales still were better year-over-year.

Star 'Gnome' is Nuclear Surprise

Brain Study Bolsters Case for Smart Bantam Human Species

Thursday, 3 March

Intuit Cripples Older Quicken Versions. Users bemoan forced upgrades and diminished functionality.

Court Reverses Microsoft Patent Loss. An appellate court has reversed a jury verdict for Eolas Technologies and the University of California in a patent-infringement case over the Internet Explorer browser.

Greenspan Backs Tax Revamp. Fed Chief supports simplifying the tax code, suggests broadening the revenue base, lowering rates.

Intel Demonstrates Would be Mini Mac Killer. Intel Developer Forum Digital Home is where the hearth is.

Coming From Microsoft: Robot Babysitters? Software giant showcases robots to watch kids.

Sharpening Plasma's Image. If ever a product evoked lust in the heart, it is a plasma television.

Wednesday, 2 March

Gates Knighted By Queen Elizabeth II. Proclaiming himself "humbled and delighted," Microsoft founder Bill Gates received an honorary knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II--an accolade that allows the recipient to use "KBE" after his name, but not "Sir" in front of it.

Microsoft Says 64-bit Windows Due in April. The desktop version will be released at the beginning of April, while the server version will come at the end of the month.

Microsoft, Intel: The Time For 64-Bit is Now. New processors and features are being timed to coincide with Longhorn and other Windows x64 Editions.

Intel to Migrate to Dual-core Platforms by Year-end. Intel continues its comeback from a series of product missteps and cancellations last year, and is now on track to have almost all of its processing platforms migrate to dual-core capability by the end of the year, said CEO Craig Barrett.

Rambus Lawsuit Against Infineon Dismissed. After several recent rulings in its favor, Rambus' quest to recover royalties from the memory chip industry was dealt a blow with the dismissal of its patent case against Infineon on allegations of legal misconduct.

Optical Network Hardware Market Skyrockets. Infonetics report says worldwide optical network hardware revenues were up 21% in the last quarter of 2004 alone, to reach $2.6 billion.

Most Distant Galaxy Cluster Yet is Revealed

Tuesday, 1 March

Locking Down WLAN Designs with 802.11i. With the introduction of 802.11i, designers now have the opportunity to provide wireless security using cryptographically proven techniques.

Microsoft Squeezes Out a Few More Details of IE 7. Microsoft's upcoming Internet Explorer 7 will run on other operating systems besides Windows XP SP2, the company's official IE blog says, but Windows 2000 remains off the list.

Semi Slowness Until 2007. Gartner cuts its forecast for semiconductor growth and warns the industry to prepare for two sluggish years of overcapacity and mounting price pressure.

Fresh Bagle Attacks Underway. A wave of Bagle variants is slipping past anti-virus software and into computers.

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