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June 2005

Thursday, 30 June

Metro Ethernet Market Set to Skyrocket. Survey says metro Ethernet equipment sales reached $1.7 billion last year, and will continue to rise at a 26% compound annual growth rate through 2009.

AMD Japan Files Suit Against Intel. As AMD broadens its attack on Intel, adding litigation in Japan, Intel’s CEO speaks out against the U.S. charges, saying the company will not change its business approach.

RIAA Files Wave of Infringement Suits. Just days after the Supreme Court found in favor of MGM rather than Grokster, the RIAA has filed copyright infringement lawsuits against 784 allegedly illegal file sharers.

11-nations Crackdown on Internet Pirates. The Justice Department announced an 11-nation crackdown on large-scale Internet pirates who illegally distribute first-run movies, video games and other copyrighted materials.

New Trojan Filtering Packets to Isolate Users. A new Trojan is using a sophisticated technique to cut off infected computers from anti-virus and security vendors' update sites.

World's Largest Telescope Begins with a Spin

Wednesday, 29 June

Antispam Proposals Advance. An Internet standards group approved two "experimental" antispam proposals, sidestepping a controversy dividing Microsoft and its e-mail competitors.

As Support Fades, Microsoft Offers Win2000 Update. As the clock ticks on support for mainstream Windows 2000 users, Microsoft has released a "high priority" update rollup of over 50 security fixes.

Microsoft Shrinks Updates. Microsoft began adding code to Windows XP users' PCs that it said will reduce the time it takes future updates to download.

Philips Demonstrates Imaging Based on Magnetic Traces

New WTC Tower Design Made Public

Tuesday, 28 June

AMD Files Antitrust Suit Against Intel. AMD has filed an antitrust lawsuit against Intel, accusing its market-dominating competitor of forcing customers into exclusive deals to keep them from buying AMD microprocessors.

Good for Cable, Bad for America. The Supreme Court's ruling that cable-modem networks aren't "common carriers" will put the U.S. further behind the leaders in broadband.

HP Introduces Biometric Laptop. The new notebook PC includes a fingerprint sensor.

100 Best Places to Work in IT 2005. This year's Best Places to Work in IT know the secret to building a strong and satisfied IT workforce.

Biggest Nuclear Fusion Project Goes to France

Nuclear Project Could Solve Energy Woes

The Giant Radio Lobes of Fornax A

Monday, 27 June

Mixed Bag for May Sales. Electronics sales are up slightly while other manufacturing falls; computer, auto markets expected to gain as telecom remains volatile.

US Media Industry Wins Supreme Court Piracy Fight. The US Supreme Court bolstered the entertainment industry's anti-piracy campaign, saying Grokster Ltd. and other Internet file-sharing networks may bear responsibility when users illegally download music and films.

AMD's New FX Chip Kicks-up Speed, Price. Advanced Micro Devices' latest 3D chip is designed for PC game enthusiasts who need speed and have bank accounts large enough to pay for it. AMD Athlon 64 FX-57 Processor Review.

Intel Introduces the 64-Bit Celeron D Processor 351. 64-bit memory addressability is now available throughout the entire desktop and server processor lines.

Court Backs Cable in Brand X Case. Justices rule cable companies do not have to share their high-speed lines.

Microsoft, Toshiba Join Forces on Next-gen DVDs. They will expand their cooperation, including possible development of Windows CE-based HD DVD products.

Friday, 24 June

IBM to Reportedly Hire 14,000 in India. In another apparent cost-cutting move, IBM is adding 14,000 jobs in India after recently slashing 13,000 jobs in Europe and the U.S.

Homes, Goods Orders Surge. New home sales rose in May to the second-highest level ever and orders for durable goods rose at their fastest pace in more than a year.

Samsung Has Big Plans for Flash Drives. Samsung hopes that falling prices for flash memory chips will mean solid-state memory can eventually replace hard drives in laptop computers and other devices

Could HP's AMD Laptop Sway Dell? This week HP and AMD began taking orders for their joint effort, the Compaq nx6125 notebook...

France to Win Huge Nuclear Fusion Project

Thursday, 23 June

Data Leaks Denting Web Shoppers' Confidence. Three out of four Web shoppers say they are more cautious about where they buy goods online.

Microsoft Pushing Spam-Fighting System. Microsoft is stepping up the pressure on e-mail senders to adopt its Sender ID spam-fighting technology despite problems that could send up to 10 percent of legitimate messages to junk folders.

Front Projectors Focus on Consumer Market at InfoComm. TI headlined the InfoComm 2005 show in Las Vegas this month with the introduction of a higher-resolution digital light processing (DLP) chip.

GeForce 7800 GTX Sets Gaming Speed Records. Tests of NVidia's new speed demon show some impressive performance gains.

10,000 Notebook Batteries Recalled

Spectacular Planetary Conjunction Appearing Now At Sunset

Scientists Call for Fusion Decision

Recognizing Famous People Takes 1 Neuron

Wednesday, 22 June

Tech Workers Outsourcing Themselves. Compete with offshore outsourcing by providing skilled American workers in lower-paid rural locales.

Pop-up Vulnerability Found in Major Browsers. Several popular Web browsers contain a vulnerability that could be used by cybercriminals to steal personal data. Microsoft Won't Patch IE Spoofing Bug.

SCO Makes Its Pitch With OpenServer 6. In a product launch at Yankee Stadium, The SCO Group officially unveiled its OpenServer 6 software, which unifies the company's all-in-one, Web-based platform and Unix operating system.

AMD Unveils Latest Turion 64-bit Processor. HP introduced the first notebook based on the ML-40 processor, the HP Compaq nx6125.

Solar Sail Craft Crashes to Earth

Tuesday, 21 June

Monday, 20 June

Positioning System Uses Wi-Fi, Not Satellites. Skyhook Wireless launched a positioning service that uses Wi-Fi instead of satellites, which it claims will be simpler and less expensive in many environments.

Google Gunning for eBay? Google is reportedly getting ready to launch an online payment service -- its own version of PayPal -- later this year.

IT Hiring to Rise In 3Q. A survey of 1,400 CIOs found that 14 percent plan to boost their full-time staff and 81 percent plan to maintain current staffing levels in the third quarter.

Programming Jobs Losing Luster In U.S. Gartner predicts that up to 15 percent of tech workers will drop out of the profession by 2010.

Mobile Phone May Morph Into a Wallet. All that's needed is a short-range radio chip in the phone; it's already happening in Japan and elsewhere, with major trials scheduled in the U.S.

Hackers Engineer Biggest ID Theft Ever. As many as 40 million cards stolen.

Why Solar Cells Lose Potency

Bigger Brains Make Smarter People

Friday, 17 June

Intel Builds All-in-one Wireless Radio Package. Researchers at Intel have figured out how to integrate all the elements needed to connect to wireless local area networks into a compact package.

Will Computing Flow Like Electricity? As a provocateur, he's very effective. But as a prognosticator, people are less convinced.

Sunday in the Park with Wi-Fi. Free wireless is coming to New York City parks this summer in a grassroots bid to turn the Big Apple into the "Wi-Fi Capital."

Thursday, 16 June

Dell Says He’d Sell Apple’s Mac OS. For the first time, a PC player publicly welcomes the notion of selling machines loaded with Apple’s software.

Apple VARs to Customers: Don't Wait for Intel Machines. Apple solution providers said they expect to convince most Macintosh users to keep buying during the transition from IBM PowerPC to Intel processors.

PC Shipments Remain Strong . Growth in emerging markets, driven largely by lower prices, continues to propel shipments.

Intel's Otellini Positive on H2 Prospects. "Very seasonal" implies a pick up in semiconductor sales in the second half as equipment makers build computers and other equipment for holiday season.

Adobe Earnings Jump 37 Percent on Strong Software Sales. Adobe Systems Inc. said that its second-quarter profits rose 37 percent as the maker of Acrobat and Photoshop reported strong sales of its most popular software.

DVD Disc Prices Set to Jump 10%. Leading manufacturers of optical discs in Taiwan plan to raise quotations for DVD+R/-R discs by an average of 10% next quarter.

Britain Warns of E-Mail Hacker Attacks. A well-organized group of hackers has engaged in an "industrial scale" attack designed to cull commercially and economically valuable data from vital computer networks across Britain.

Deal Struck to Develop ‘Son-of-Concorde’

Cargo Spacecraft Lost in Pacific Ocean

Wednesday, 15 June

Silicon-Based Tuners to Replace Canned. Makers of TVs and other devices such as set top boxes (STBs) are looking beyond the tuners of yesterday.

Java Flaws Open Door to Hackers. Sun Microsystems has fixed a pair of security bugs in Java that could be exploited by attackers to take over computers running Windows, Linux and Solaris.

Microsoft Patches Critical Bugs in IE, Windows. Microsoft released 10 security patches, including three deemed "critical," for bugs in a variety of the company's products.

Why IP Storage Makes Sense

Cassiopeia A Light Echoes in Infrared

Tuesday, 14 June

The Slow Road to Windows XP. Use of Microsoft Windows XP has grown inside corporations, but a new study shows that nearly half of business PCS are still running the older Windows 2000.

More HP Notebooks Sport AMD Chips. HP is adding more mobile processors from AMD to its laptop repertoire in an effort to expand its build-to-order business and put sales pressure on rival computer maker Dell.

Best Buy Benqs on LCD TVs. Price drops ahead.

Plastic Oil

Make Yourself Matter

Monday, 13 June

Study: People with Home Offices Want Laptops. Buyers prefer thin and light notebooks, research company IDC says. They also like Dells, and they're not too worried about price.

First-tier Mobo Shipments Up More Than 20% on Year. Taiwan's first-tier motherboard makers collectively shipped about 7.43 million motherboards in May, up 23-25% on year,

T-Mobile: 450,000 People Paid to Use Wi-Fi. Some 450,000 people paid to access T-Mobile hot spots in the last three months.

Friday, 10 June

Sony Dashes Hopes of Unified Blu-ray, HD DVD Standard. Camps dig heels in.

Microsoft Offers Beta of Adobe Rival. Microsoft has released a test version of a new professional graphics tool code-named Acrylic.

AMD Plans 64-Bit Sempron Processors. AMD is planning a 64-bit version of its Sempron processor, presaging a down-market duel with Intel's upcoming 64-bit Celeron D.

LED Backlighting for Large-size Panels to Depend on Cost Reduction. The Price gap between LEDs and Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps (CCFLs) for 15- and 17-inch monitor-panel backlighting may narrow to 30% by the end of 2006.

China to Build 20 Fabs by 2008. Many will be furnished with used equipment.

Developers Get Taste of Intel-based Macs. In late night sessions, developers get first look at how much work they have ahead to convert their programs to run on Intel-based Macs.

Boards Get Brains, Chalk Vanishes

Feeling Pain and Witnessing It Have Same Effect on Muscles

Thursday, 9 June

FCC Votes to speed-up Move to Digital TVs. U.S. communications regulators agreed to move up to March 1, 2006, the deadline requiring television makers to ensure all mid-size sets they sell in the United States can receive digital signals.

HP Creates New Coding Approach to Nanoelectronic Circuit Design. HP researchers have created what they believe is a new way to design future nanoelectronic circuits using coding theory.

Apple's Switch to Intel: The Ultimate Power Move? Steve Jobs' decision to build Macs with Intel chips may finally give the company a shot at challenging Microsoft's Windows.

Apple Pushes-out Big Security Fix. Apple has fixed a number of security holes in Mac OS X, some of which could allow remote attackers to take over a system.

Sensor Turns Cell Phones into Wireless Web Servers. With a new application developed by Nokia users can create personal pages on their mobile phones.

WiMAX Vendors Gearing-up for Product Release. WiMAX vendors used this week's Supercomm show to show off equipment they hope will be officially certified by the end of the year.

Microsoft Launches Tabbed Browsing Tool. Tabbed browsing has come to Microsoft.

A Surprisingly Good MP3 Player. The 6GB Gateway MP3 Photo Jukebox is a fine upgrade to a music player with handy photo capabilities.

Greenspan: Economy Is Healthy, But Faces Risks. His most extensive remarks in months suggest the Fed plans to continue nudging interest rates higher at a gradual pace.

Nat'l Semi's Quarterly Earnings up 40%. Chip maker bests analyst estimates for fourth quarter even with lower sales.

Seagate Announces 2.5-in. HDD with 160GB capacity. Seagate will ship 160GB, 2.5-in. drives using perpendicular recording technology next year as part of a big revamp of its products.

Mytob Worm Picks-up Phishing Trick. New variants of the Mytob worm are using a phishing-style e-mail to fool people into downloading malicious code.

How the Brain Learns to See

Wednesday, 8 June

First New ThinkPad Since Lenovo Bought IBM's PC Division. The launch of the ThinkPad X41 Tablet marks a significant milestone for the Tablet PC platform...

Toshiba Readies Write-Once HD-DVDs. Discs, which will offer three times the storage of today's DVD-R discs, will be available next year.

Revised Forecast Projects Record Chip Sales in 2005. Citing stronger than expected chip sales, the Semiconductor Industry Association revised its annual forecast for global chips sales to a record $226 billion in 2005.

Rosetta is a Key to Apple's Intel Shift. Apple Computer is making the leap to Intel thanks in part to a software translation technology from a 65-person company in Los Gatos.

Microsoft to Ship Modified Windows XP Next Week. Microsoft will begin distributing a version of its Windows XP operating system without its media player software to PC makers in Europe next week.

Small is the New Big in TV Tuners

Collection of Must-sees at FPD Taiwan 2005

High-Tech Robot Skin

Tuesday, 7 June

Apple Switch Surprises Taiwan PC Makers. Taiwan’s PC makers have expressed disbelief at Apple’s decision to switch to Intel chips. Apple: Just One Straw Remains on the Camel’s Back. Why Apple Switched.

MIMO's Multi-dimensional Approach Multiplies Capacity. Throughput can be improved with an expanded range in MIMO-based wireless networks.

CVS Drugstore Begins Selling Disposable $29.99 Camcorder. The camcorder weighs under 5 ounces and holds 20 minutes of digital video and sound.

Vonage Teams-up To Deliver Cordless VoIP Phone. Vonage is teaming up with Uniden America Corporation to develop a cordless phone to use with its broadband VoIP service.

Microsoft Loses Patent Infringement Case. A federal jury in California has slapped Microsoft with a nearly $9 million judgment in a patent infringement lawsuit filed by a Guatemalan inventor.

Rambus Ends Samsung License Deal, Files Suit Over DDR2. Rambus has broadened its legal battle against parts of the memory chip industry and is suing Samsung, the world's No. 1 DRAM (dynamic RAM) maker.

Dell Says Spyware Calls Cut In Half

Monday, 6 June

Apple to Use Intel Microprocessors. Apple announced plans to deliver models of its Macintosh computers using Intel microprocessors by this time next year, and to transition all of its Macs to using Intel microprocessors by the end of 2007.

The End of Dell as We Know It. What does high-end PC move augur?

Proton to Begin Shipping 55-inch LCD TVs in 4Q. Proton Electronics Industrial demonstrated its latest 47-inch and 55-inch high-definition (HD) LCD TVs at Computex 2005.

Sharp to Launch 65 Inch LCD TV. Sharp is poised to introduce the world's largest LCD television when it launches a 65in model in Japan in August, before making it available in the US and Europe later this year.

Mission to Build a Simulated Brain Begins. 'Blue Brain' will be the first computer to simulate an entire human brain, down to the molecular level - it may help illuminate human consciousness

First-quarter Web Ad Sales Hit $2.8 Billion. Web ad sales were at their height in the first three months of 2005, after two years of steady growth in online advertising following the dot-com fallout.

Microsoft Antitrust Proposal Wins-over EU. Microsoft cleared a major stumbling block and won praise from the European Commission for finally putting forward acceptable proposals to comply with EU antitrust sanctions.

Citigroup Says UPS Lost Its Data. Citigroup said account and payment history data on 3.9 million of its customers was lost in transit by United Parcel Service Inc.

Firefox Vulnerable To 7-Year-Old Bug. Mozilla's current browsers, including the popular stand-alone Firefox, are susceptible, again, to a seven-year-old vulnerability that could let attackers spoof Web sites.

Is Tape Winding Down as a Backup Option? Recent well-publicized backup tape losses appear to be pushing some storage users to consider disk-based alternatives.

One Powerful Robot Kit. Radio Shack's VEX Robotics Design System is a terrific all-in-one primer for DIY robotics.

Experts Embrace Microsoft XML Play. XML-based file formats for Office may make it easier for customers to choose rival software, but analysts don't see an exodus just yet.

Invention Allows Humans to Breathe Like Fish

Penny Pinching

Mars Rover Escapes Sand Trap

Friday, 3 June

May Job Growth Disappoints. The economy created about half the number of jobs expected in May.

Iwill Sets September Launch Date for Dual-Opteron SLI SFF PC. Iwill is exhibiting a dual-Opteron small-form-factor (SFF) PC that supports two graphics cards using Nvidia's nForce4 SLI (scalable link interface) technology at Computex 2005.

Sharp Unveils 65-in. LCD TV. Sharp will introduce a full high-definition 65-inch liquid crystal display TV in August to compete with large-sized plasma TVs.

Intel and TiVo to Offer TV On Laptops. The two companies plan to introduce technology to wirelessly transfer television content to Centrino notebook computers.

Apple Offers $50 Credit for iPod Batteries. As part of a tentative settlement announced this week, Apple agreed to give $50 vouchers and extended service warranties to as many as 2 million customers.

Broadband Speed to Jump 10-Fold. A new ITU standard sets the bar for ADSL at 100Mbps.

DNA of Ancient Bears Successfully Sequenced

Thursday, 2 June

AMD Executive Casts Doubt on Intel’s Dual-core Claim. Intel’s dual-core platform consists of two separate cores in individual dies packaged together using multi-chip packaging in a single chip, which is not a true dual-core solution...

Sun to Acquire StorageTek. Sun Microsystems has agreed to purchase Storage Technology for $4.1 billion in a deal that would create a network computing and data management company with revenue of more than $13 billion.

Windows 2000 Users to Miss Out on IE 7. So switch to Firefox.

Microsoft Shares More Details of the Next Office. New Microsoft Office Open XML formats will be the default in the next versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Molecular Transistor Tested. After years of tests with a powerful microscope that can manipulate single atoms, Wolkow and his research team have designed and tested a molecular transistor that could revolutionize the electronics industry.

India Software Exports Soar to $12 Billion. Software and service exports in India grossed $12 billion in 2004-05, 34 percent higher than $9.2 billion in 2003-04.

64 Bits and Nowhere to Go. The question that keeps coming up is, who needs 64 bits now?

Broadband War. SBC Communications' move to slash prices on its DSL service could spur a pricing war between phone companies and their rivals in the cable industry.

Broadband Subs Pull Into Passing Lane. The number of U.S. households with high-speed connections is about pass dial-up. That's welcome news for more than just ISPs.

Giving Away the Storage. A storage product that uses pedestrian PC hard drives and clever software to slash, by 80% in some cases, the cost of managing and maintaining large libraries of corporate data.

TUL Has Its Mind On TV

Card Trick Holds Promise for Movie Effects

Trust me, I’m Spraying You With Hormones

The Google Astronomer

Wednesday, 1 June

SBC Slashes DSL Price Tag. Broadband price war starts.

Run VoIP Through Your Wireless LAN. To do so, you must consider 802.11 MAC protocol issues where they intersect with VoIP protocols and handset power-save procedures.

Samsung Ships Airgo MIMO Laptops. After establishing itself in the retail, consumer electronics and enterprise sectors, Airgo Networks Inc. is moving into a new market segment with PC OEMs.

Own the Road with GPS This Summer. A new way to avoid that most dreaded of spousal or significant-other in-car demands, "We're lost, stop and ask for directions."

Bagle Variant On the Loose. Almost 70,000 copies of a new variant of the Bagle downloader had been intercepted.

DRAM Spot Prices to Stabilize in June. The average spot prices of DDR 256Mbit have plummeted over 40% since mid February.

Actual Semiconductor Sales Growth at 4.7 Percent in April. April's stall in semiconductor sales was driven largely by major fall in the amount of chips sold into Japan.

IT Spending Projections Drop Sharply in May. IT spending projections by CIOs dropped last month to their lowest level since November 2003

Microsoft Plans RAW Image Support for Longhorn. The ability to capture images in the RAW format is becoming increasingly important to digital photographers because of its ability to preserve an image's fidelity.

Microsoft Meets EU Deadline. Regulators are now perusing Microsoft's proposal to comply with last year's antitrust rulings.

A few 30 Second Sprints as Beneficial as Hour Long Jog

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