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Last updated: July 29, 2005 15:11 EST

Friday, 29 July

WiMAX Equipment Sales Start Out Strong. Sales of both WiMAX and wireless mesh equipment are getting off to a good start and will ramp up rapidly before year's end.

Warez Warriors Wrapped Up by Feds. Eight indicted and charged with being ringleaders of major online illegal distribution sites.

Supercharged Pointing, Clicking, and Tapping. Still pecking away at your coffee-stained, DOS-era keyboard and mouse? Better check out the latest in ergonomically correct but nevertheless cool input devices.

New World Found in Outer Solar System

Ice Lake Found on the Red Planet

Discovery May Have Been Hit by Debris

Thursday, 28 July

Ballmer: Microsoft's Growth Engine Still Revs Strong. More products. More services. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer More products. More services. Higher prices for higher-value offerings.

Digital Revolutionizing Radio. More than 450 AM and FM stations in the U.S. now broadcast digital channels alongside analog ones, offering sharply improved quality.

40-inch LCD-TV Panels Falling Under $1,000. Falling prices could result in the availability of 40-/42-inch value-branded LCD-TVs at prices as low as $2,500 by the fourth quarter.

Teens Using Internet In Record Numbers

Bendable and Colorful: Japanese Makers Pursuing E-paper

Falling Foam Chunks Ground Shuttle Fleet

Paper's Natural Fingerprint Could Be Built-In Passport Protection

Wednesday, 27 July

Microsoft Releases Windows Vista Beta 1. Microsoft has released the first beta release of Windows Vista client, formerly code-named Longhorn...

LCD Monitor Shipments From Taiwan Grow 57% in 2Q. Taiwan-based manufacturers (including Philips Taiwan) shipped 17.884 million LCD monitors in the second quarter.

Handheld Market Drops for Sixth Straight Quarter. Shipments decreased 24.9 percent sequentially in the second quarter to 1.7 million units.

Are People too Scared to Shop Online? Kimberly Williams has never shopped online for fear her credit card number would be vulnerable. But that has not stopped her from being one of 13 victims a minute of online crime.

Change in Daylight Saving Time Could Confuse Some Programs. But don't look for Y2k-like chaos and expense.

Hands On with Windows Vista Beta 1

Film Studios Reportedly Agree on Digital Standards

Phone, Player, Audio Player, Camcorder

Discovery Liftoff

NASA Not Fazed by Chipped Shuttle Tile

First Measurements of Earth's Core Radioactivity

Cell Phone Radiation May Cause Visual Damage

Tuesday, 26 July

Main Street Retailers in Hacker Crosshairs. Along a crowded stretch of highway just south of Miami's downtown is a shopping area that might be called the data theft capital of the United States.

Piracy-check Mandatory for Windows. From now on, customers looking to get the latest add-ons to Windows will have to verify that their copy of the operating system is legit.

Via Warns of Hard Disk Drive Chipset Incompatibility. There are fixes, so watch out.

Build the Optimal Next-generation Residential Gateway. Deciding which features to deplay and which technologies to incorporate can make or break your design.

Tablet PCs Headed For Broader Use. Lower prices, a better operating system and a new, smaller form factor will spur broader adoption of Tablet PCs.

Universal Memory Primed to Conquer Market, iSuppli Says. A race is on to develop universal semiconductor memory that can fulfill all needs in all products.

Netscape Releases Four Critical Patches. Netscape has released a series of fixes for serious security flaws in its browser and, incredibly, listed a further 10 that it has yet to patch.

Shuttle Returns to Space

Blinking Switches-off Parts of Your Brain

Monday, 25 July

Intel Announces Plans to Build New 300-mm Fab in Arizona. Intel announced plans to build a new 300-mm wafer fab at its site in Chandler, Ariz., at a cost of $3 billion.

Early Detection: 3Com to Reward for Discoveries. 3Com’s TippingPoint division this week is unveiling a new program through which it will pay researchers who discover security vulnerabilities.

Beyond the PC. AMD’s chief technologist sounds off on what the processor world will look like in five years and what’s going to drive it.

Microsoft May Have to Alter Vista. Microsoft may be in trouble for naming its forthcoming operating system Vista after it transpired that the name has been registered by an American company for nearly six years.

Microsoft Takes on Google with Virtual Earth. MSN Virtual Earth is similar to Google Maps in that it provides both street-map and satellite views of locations and provides driving directions between locations.

Apple's OS Making Inroads with Business. Apple's Unix-based Mac OS X operating system is gaining ground in the business community.

Western Digital Increases Hard disk Drive Warranty Periods

Why Cats Don't Cotton to Sweets Explained

The Genetic Origins of Corn on the Cob

Wednesday, 13 July

Dell Discovers Faulty Capacitors on Motherboards. Battling the bulge...

HP Trots-out the $249 Desktop. HP is currently selling two home PCs that, after rebate, cost less than a rear-bag lawn mower at Sears.

Ebbers Gets 25 Years. Former WorldCom chief, 63 years-old, could spend the rest of his life in prison.

Cautious Growth Ahead. Semicon West: Analysts predict continued growth for the semi industry through at least 2009.

Apple Updates Mac OS X Tiger. Apple released version 10.4.2 of its Mac OS X "Tiger" operating system to fix bugs and provide improvements and enhancements to bundled applications.

Digital TV Changeover Suggested for 2009. Millions of American television sets that receive only analog over-the-air broadcasts could go dark if not upgraded by Jan. 1, 2009.

Shipments of 15.4-inch Widescreen Notebooks to Outpace 15-inch Models. The price gap between 15- and 15.4-inch notebook panels has narrowed since the start of the year.

Fujitsu Shows Electronic Paper. Fujitsu has developed a film-based flexible color display which is non-volatile and therefore able to maintain an image without a power supply.

Hackers Actively Exploiting XP Flaws. Microsoft has issued a warning that two of the upgrades fix flaws that are actively being exploited on the Web.

Firefox Update Completes Busy Patching Day. Firefox users are urged to update their web browser software following the discovery of a slew of security vulnerabilities.

Microsoft Settles with Alacritech. In a deal that ends patent infringement litigation, Microsoft and Broadcom will license Alacritech's technology.

Laptops are Hot; Maybe too Hot. Notebook computers aren't supposed to burn your lap.

Recurring Fuel Sensor Glitch Delays Shuttle Launch

Purdue Findings Support Earlier Nuclear Fusion Experiments

Dinosaurs Breathed Like Birds

Tuesday, 12 July

AMD Socket A Slides Into Oblivion. Goodbye, old friend.

EU Antitrust Officials Raid Intel. European regulators raided the offices of Intel and a number of PC-related companies as part of an antitrust investigation into the chip giant.

Coalition Issues Definitions for 'Spyware'. Antispyware vendors and consumer groups took a stab at issuing uniform definitions for "spyware" and "adware" on Tuesday in hopes of giving computer users more control over their machines.

Global DRAM Output Up in June. Global DRAM output was up 4% to 554 million 256Mbit-equivalent units in June with the DDR proportion dropping slightly to 61%, down from 63% in May. DDR2 is approaching 30% of overall output.

The Ocean's Deadliest Trick

Monday, 11 July

Broadband's Power-line Push. Investment by three corporate heavyweights in a little-known start-up that provides Internet access over electrical lines has sparked renewed interest.

HP Uncorks New Printing Technology. HP unveiled a new printing technology that company executives said will drastically slash the price of printing systems and their operating cost.

Lack of Standards Sparks Inkjet Photo Fade Debate. How long inkjet-printed photos last depends on who you ask, experts say.

Arizona School Will Not Use Textbooks. A high school in Vail will become the state's first all-wireless, all-laptop public school this fall.

Quantum Theory Rubbished as Mumbo Jumbo

Spy Satellites to Monitor Shuttle Liftoff

Low-tech Vinyl Records Enjoy a Revival in Britain

Friday, 8 July

Can You Trust Your Spyware Protection? Why your spyware scanner may not catch some adware programs.

Longwait to Ship in Fall 2006. Microsoft plans to ship its next version of Windows, code-named Longhorn, in the fall of 2006, but executives acknowledged that it could slip into the following year.

Sasser Author Gets Suspended Sentence. A German judge handed down a suspended sentence of one year and nine months to the teenager who admitted he created last year's Sasser computer worm.

'Spam Report' Trojan Spreading Quickly. A new plague of spam e-mails containing malicious Trojan software has been sent to up to 400,000 addresses.

Galaxy on Edge

Electricity in a Thermos

No Birdbrain, Parrot Grasps Concept of Zero

Thursday, 7 July

At Least 37 Killed in London Blasts. Multiple explosions injure more than 700.

California Tech Job Lead Grows. California is getting more golden when it comes to its share of the country's new tech jobs.

Spyware Threat Alters Internet Users' Online Behavior. A new phone survey found that 91 percent of Internet users have changed online behavior to avoid spyware and adware.

Broadband Use Jumps 34 Percent

Stretch of Big Dig Tunnel Full of Defects

Wednesday, 6 July

Europe Rejects Patent Proposal. The European Parliament has rejected a controversial measure that would have legalized software patents in the European Union.

Inside Rebates: Marketing or Monopoly? Just about everyone has seen the ``Intel Inside'' logo and heard the signature jingle -- dubbed the ``Intel bong'' -- from television commercials touting computers powered by the company's chips.

Microsoft Offers Download Workaround for IE Bug. Microsoft posted a temporary workaround to a bug in Internet Explorer that could let an attacker grab control of a PC. A patch to actually fix the problem, however, is not yet available.

Flaw Threatens Acrobat Documents. Adobe has warned of a serious flaw affecting one of the most widely distributed client applications, Acrobat Reader.

Durable Blue Light Emitter Could Boost Display Market. A durable blue phosphorescent organic LED developed by Universal Display Corp. has surpassed the 1,000-hour lifetime barrier by a wide margin.

Fujitsu, DoCoMo Fire-up Phone Fuel Cells. The duo launches a prototype high-capacity micro methanol fuel cell that boasts a concentration of higher than 99 percent for the cell phone market.

Lenovo to Enter Top-10 2005 Chip Buyer Ranks. Lenovo Group, which acquired the PC operations of IBM, is predicted to become the world's ninth-largest OEM semiconductor buyer in 2005.

Surviving the Digital TV Shift. Soon, TV stations will give up their old analog licenses and broadcast solely in digital format. This means older TV sets will no longer receive broadcast signals.

ATI Introduces the Theater 311, 312, and 314 HDTV Chipsets

Found Inside Imation's New Micro Device: The 2005 Guinness Book of World Records' Smallest Hard Disk Drive

The Landscape on Comet Tempel 1

Neanderthal Genome May Be Reconstructed

Chemists Discover New Way to fix Nitrogen

London Edges Paris to Host 2012 Games

Tuesday, 5 July

LCD TV Vendors Launching 37-inch Models to Compete Against Plasma TVs. Prices of 37-inch LCD TVs in Taiwan are expected to drop drastically...

Phishing Attacks Reach All-Time High. The number of e-mails seeking to lure users into phishing scams hit its highest level so far in May.

Europeans to Vote on Software Patents. Demonstrators from across Europe are converging on Strasbourg, Germany...

Computer Orders Decline. Orders for computer products weakened in May, though year-over-year performance remains strong.

Global Chip Sales Rose in May. A strong mobile phone market helped lead the increased sales.

Intel Could See Negative Outcome To Antitrust Suit

Honda Unveils Improved Gas, Hybrid Civic Engines

Ethanol and Biodiesel From Crops is Not Worth the Energy

From the Big Bang to Big Bucks

Footprints Rewrite History of First Americans

Parked Cars Get Dangerously Hot, Even on Cool Days

Friday, 1 July

Microsoft Pays IBM To Close Out OS/2 Suit. Microsoft will pay $775 million to IBM to settle an antitrust lawsuit from the mid-1990s in which IBM charged that certain Microsoft practices hurt its OS/2 operating system...

Microsoft Warns of Unpatched IE Flaw... after a research firm published a working exploit to demonstrate how attackers could take advantage of the flaw.

U.S. Won't Cede Control of Internet's Domains and Root Servers. U.S. government says it will indefinitely retain oversight of the domain system and root servers that form the Internet's underpinnings.

CMC Magnetics Shifting CD Disc Capacity to DVD. CMC Magnetics will increase its production capacity for blank DVD+R/-D discs by gradually transferring its existing CD-R capacity.

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