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January 2005

Monday, 31 January

December IC Sales Fell. The Semiconductor Industry Association predicted chip sales will continue to decline in the first quarter of 2005 by as much as 6 percent, and that there will be little or no year-to-year growth for the industry.

AT&T Board Agrees To SBC Buyout Bid. SBC to acquire AT&T for $16 billion, creating one of nation's largest telephone companies.

Russian Company Picks Hole in XP Service Pack 2. Russian security company Positive Technologies has released a patch to a security hole it said it discovered in Microsoft's Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) last year.

Blaster-B Worm Author Gets 18 Months in Jail. The man convicted of authoring the Blaster-B worm has been sentenced to 18 months in prison.

Sony's Miniature PC. The Sony VAIO VGN-U750P is a neat, small (1.2 pounds and 6.6 by 4.3 by 1.0 inches) handheld with a fully functional Windows XP operating system.

Elementary security flaws blight 90% of VPNs. Security testing company NTA Monitor claim that 90% of virtual private networks are open to hackers as a result of elementary flaws.

Nice TV, Shame About the Picture

Friday, 28 January

Bids Sought for 'Net Sales Tax Systems. State governments working on a national Internet sales tax system are moving ahead with plans to create the data infrastructure that they and retailers will need to manage the collection of taxes on most e-commerce transactions.

New Worm Targets MYSQL Installations. Thousands of Microsoft Windows machines running MySQL have been infected.

Chip Inventories Fell Sharply at Year-end. Excess semiconductor inventories fell 38 percent in the fourth quarter, a surprisingly large drop that could ease fears of an ongoing oversupply.

Servers, Windows Help Microsoft Beat the Street. Microsoft continues its growth, thanks to strong sales of its core products.

Super Bowl Superscreens: The Best HDTVs. You may be a thousand miles from the 50-yard line, but one of these four HDTVs could be your ticket to a super Super Bowl.

Hitachi Ships 60-Gigabyte 1.8-Inch Hard Drive

The Swarm

First View Of Many Neurons Processing Information In Living Brain

Wasted Energy

Thursday, 27 January

Reports: SBC In Talks to Buy AT&T. SBC Communications is in talks to acquire America's once-dominant telephone brand, AT&T Corp., for at least $15 billion, according to published reports.

Will Mac Mini Spur Petite-PC Revolution? Apple Computer isn't the only company with big hopes for small computers.

Microsoft's Anti-Piracy Program Raises Fears. The expansion of Microsoft's Windows Genuine Advantage program, announced this week, presents some security concerns regarding fast-spreading worms and viruses on the Internet.

New Bagle Worms Making the Rounds. Two new versions of the Bagle e-mail worm are spreading on the Internet and through peer-to-peer file-sharing networks.

Multiple Flaws Hound Cisco. Three times in one isn't charming for Cisco IOS.

IT Vendors Push for Open-standards Health Network. IT vendors have joined together in calling for open standards to be used in building a nationwide health information network proposed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

Never Again Lose Your typed Work with Keykatcher. Records every keystroke at the wire.

Violent Past of Milky Way's Black Hole Revealed

Fermilab Experiment Prepares to Send Its First Neutrinos 450 Miles

Senator Wants Boxing Gloves on Chickens

A Wall of Mirrors

Wednesday, 26 January

Microsoft: No Patches for Pirates. Company plans to require customers to verify their copy of Windows is genuine before downloading patches, other add-ons.

Tech Spending Expected to Rise in 2005. Growth forecasts for technology spending worldwide appear to be picking up for the year ahead--but there is little joy among computer and communications stock investors.

First-tier Mobo Makers Anticipate Revenue Growth in 2005. Taiwan first-tier motherboard makers Asustek Computer, Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS), Gigabyte Technology and Micro-Star International (MSI) have released revenue and shipment projections for 2005.

Sun Opens Solaris Operating System. Sun Microsystems has released the source code for its flagship Solaris 10 server operating system and also has moved the company's DTrace technology into the open source realm.

Rambus Expands Patent Claims to DDR2 Memory. Rambus broadened its legal battle against the memory industry, filing a patent lawsuit against certain manufacturers of chips based on the emerging DDR2 (double data rate 2) standard.

Radar Golf

Tuesday, 25 January

Bush Administration Seeks To Curb File-Swapping. The Bush Administration has petitioned the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn lower court rulings that allowed the copying of recordings and movies through file peer-to-peer software technology.

U.S. May Scrutinize IBM's China Deal. Some of the fears involve the possibility that Chinese computer experts could use an IBM facility in North Carolina to engage in industrial espionage.

Google Rummages Through TV Shows. The search engine's new service sifts through the subtitles provided by many programmes, allowing users to find shows of interest.

Trojan Horse Rides-off with Game Accounts. Security researchers warn of a new pest that steals logon and password data for "Lineage," one of Asia's most popular online games.

The Fireworks Galaxy

Duck Ancestors Roamed Earth with Dinosaurs

Scientists Find Missing Link Between the Whale and Its Closest Relative, the Hippo

Monday, 24 January

Apple iTunes Touches an Impressive 250 Million Sales Figure. Few weeks back, we reported that Apple has crossed a sales figure of 200 million songs on their iTunes Digital Music Store. That figure has now touched another milestone in quarter of a billion song sales!

The Sleek, Tiny Apple Mac Mini. If you've been thinking of switching to a Mac but have been put off by the high price of a new system, now may be the right time. New Gear at Macworld.

Taiwan Consortium Readying New Memory Card Format. A Taiwanese technology consortium is putting the finishing touches on a new memory card format that it says is compatible with the popular Secure Digital and MultiMediaCard formats already in the market but offers speeds twice that of USB 2.0 at a cheaper price.

Startup Wants To Automate IT Processes. Software platform is designed to manage and automate many of the manual processes IT departments use to keep systems and networks operating.

'Moderate' Growth Predicted In Global IT Spending. Global information technology spending is expected to increase at a healthy clip through 2008, driven by an improving economy that's expected to boost corporate revenues.

Windows 64 to Arrive in April. According to hot sauces.

Some VARs A Bit 'Anti' With Symantec's New Antispam Gateways. Symantec launched two new lines of antispam gateway appliances, but some solution providers say the products may cut into their service revenue.

Microsoft Backs-off Appeal on EU Sanctions. Microsoft has decided not to appeal a ruling by an European Union (E.U.) judge that upholds sanctions imposed on the company by the European Commission.

Get Ready for Next Generation Surround Sound

Smart Projectors Do Not Require Artificial Canvases

What Went Wrong with IBM PCs?

Budget Rumours Hint at Hubble Trouble

Friday, 21 January

Gray Market a Double-Edged Sword. Recent problems in the semiconductor marketplace highlight the need for reform.

SCO Wins Court Victory in Suit Against IBM. IBM must give Unix maker SCO Group access to source code and other information related to its AIX and Dynix operating systems.

Fat-pipe Battle Begins. Judging by the flurry of announcements in the lead-up to the recent Consumer Electronics Show, it may seem that the era of ubiquitous "fat pipe" wireless communications through ultrawideband signaling is upon us.

Worm Steals CNN Headlines

One Charging Pad Could Power-up All Gadgets

Flat Panels Go Nanotech

Mice Experiment Yields Alzheimer's Hope

Thursday, 20 January

Wi-Fi Surpasses Wired Ethernet in Home Networking. More households now use Wi-Fi networking than Wired Ethernet, a trend that will lead to an explosion of new applications, according to a survey released this week by Parks Associates.

Hackers Snatch Data From Bogus Wireless Access Points. An "Evil Twin" that hijacks unsuspecting wireless transmissions is the latest security bugaboo, academic researchers in the U.K. asserted. But the idea is anything but fresh.

Internet Explorer's Share Down To 90 Percent. Under attack from Mozilla's Firefox, Microsoft's Internet Explorer's share of the U.S. browser market is in danger of dipping below 90 pecent.

FAQ: CableCard? What's That? The government has a plan to help speed the arrival of digital TV and let you dump your cable box. It's called CableCard, and it's poised to come out from the wings, if not take center stage, in the cable TV market this year.

Microsoft Marries Hotmail and Outlook in New Service. Microsoft is launching on Thursday a subscription service that offers users a tight link between the company's MSN Hotmail Web mail service and its Outlook e-mail client PC software.

Fed Report Shows Some Improvement In IT Economy. Anecdotal evidence suggests a mild upswing in IT employment and investments.

Hynix Found to Infringe Rambus Patents. Rambus receives seven summary judgment rulings regarding alleged patent infringement and validity issues in its patent case involving Hynix Semiconductor.

MSN Messenger Invaded by New Worm. A new computer worm is using Microsoft's MSN Messenger instant message network to spread on the Internet, according to antivirus software companies.

Spyware: IT's Public Enemy No. 1. Front-line IT managers and security firms increasingly peg spyware as as the biggest threat to networks in 2005.

Microsoft Malware Tools Slick, But No Cure-all. Overall, I was more impressed with the antispyware program's protective measures and simple interface than with its ability to cleanse existing infections.

Intel Pushes Desktop Virtualization Forward. Intel will begin to implement technology that will let a user run two operating systems on the same PC this year, an acceleration of the timetable that better matches its chip plans.

Maxell: Feel Free to Bang This DVD Around. Its new line of discs are scratch-resistant, the company says, and--because of an antistatic component--dust-resistant.

Sonic Compression Fusion Results Replicated

Massive Object Calls Planet Discoveries into Question

Tuesday, 18 January

Counterfeit Parts Still Flood the Supply Chain. Counterfeit components hit the billion dollar mark as the problem continues to spread into markets like military.

The Great Domain Robbery of '05. Not too long after ICANN changed the rules, a domain thief has stolen several domains. Have the new rules already failed, or have the registrars failed their customers?

Taiwan's BenQ Preempts Intel's Sonoma Launch. BenQ on Monday announced plans to release three Joybook notebook PC models based on Intel's next-generation Centrino platform, code-named Sonoma.

Comcast Boosts Speeds

Toshiba Software Will Remotely Control PCs by Cell Phone

NGC 346 in the Small Magellanic Cloud

Largest Passenger Jet Unveiled

Plastics Made From Oranges

Titan Probe Sits In Alien Mud

Blazing Speed: The Fastest Stuff in the Universe

Friday, 14 January

No More Internet for Them. Fed up over problems stemming from viruses and spyware, some computer users are giving up or curbing their use of the Web.

Texas Aims to Snag Spammers. Texas sued what is thought to be one of the world's largest spam e-mail operations.

Microsoft Agrees to Ease Office 2003 Licensing in Massachusetts. Microsoft will change the licensing restrictions on Office 2003 formats to keep its business flowing in the Boston area.

Peer-to-peer 'Seeders' Could be Targeted. The first people to upload copyrighted material on a peer-to-peer network can be identified and traced.

AMD Claims No Remarked CPUs in the Wild. But fails to say how they went missing.

Memory Prices Seen Slumping Below Production Cost. Although computer memory chip prices are expected to slide by midyear as chip makers plow money back into new production lines, analysts expect prices to stabilize later this year.

Digital Cameras: How Low Can You Go? The quality of digital cameras has risen dramatically while prices have plunged.

Huygens Probe Has Successfully Landed on Titan

Going Beyond Einstein: Spacetime Wave Orbits Black Hole

Aluminum Clusters Exhibit Multiple Personalities

Research Identifies Promising Route for Treating Age-related Hearing Loss

Thursday, 13 January

Samsung Corning Keen on Developing CNT Backlight Modules. Taiwan makers may follow suit.

Apple Earnings Sail Past Expectations. Earned $295 million, or 70 cents per share, on revenue of $3.49 billion. That compares with earnings of $63 million, or 17 cents per share, on revenue of $2 billion in the same quarter a year ago.

Germans Move Ahead on cheap RFID Plastic Chip. Researchers have come closer to realizing a dream of manufacturers, retailers, etc. seeking ways to trace products and materials -- plastic chip that can be printed on foil the same way a newspaper is printed on paper.

Analysis: Intel's Results Mask Underlying Problems

Exotic Stars Unveiled at Heart of Milky Way

New Life Discovered in the Deep Mediterranean

Wednesday, 12 January

Microsoft Releases Revamped Worm Cleanser. Microsoft posted a revamped virus and worm cleaning utility, the first of what it has said will be regular monthly updates to the tool.

Apple Jabbed by Price Point. A price point is the optimal, or ideal, price for a product; it can also be described as the top price the public is willing to pay for something.

Intel and ZTE to Deliver Global Wireless Broadband Networks. Intel Corporation and ZTE Corporation today announced plans to jointly deliver global broadband wireless solutions using WiMAX technology.

TI Battery Management IC Increases Battery Safety in Cell Phones. TIannounced an intelligent battery management IC that easily identifies potentially unsafe batteries not approved by consumer electronics manufacturers for use in their devices.

Snooping by Satellite. When Robert Moran drove back to his law offices in Rome, N.Y., after a plane trip to Arizona in July 2003, he had no idea that a silent stowaway was aboard his vehicle: a secret GPS bug implanted without a court order by state police.

Intel Exceeds Expectations for Q4 Earnings. Analysts polled by Thomson First Call expected the Santa Clara, California, company to amass $9.4 billion in revenue.

Improved Image-shrinking Yechnology Claimed. Software said to improve digital image compression by nearly a third aims to provide a new standard for the web.

Wireless Infrastructure Market Heading for $201 Billion by '09

Behold the $55,000 PC

Barred Spiral Galaxy NGC 1300. Stunning!

NASA Successfully Launches Comet-Busting Spacecraft

Prehistoric Badger had Dinosaurs for Breakfast

Universe is Flat With a Ripple

Tuesday, 11 January

AMD Share Price Plummets. Drags down the others.

Hackers Use DRM To Plant Massive Amounts Of Spyware. Hackers are turning digital rights management features of Microsoft's Windows Media Player against users by fooling them into downloading massive amounts of spyware, adware, and viruses.

Apple Unveils $499 PC. After decades of being criticized for producing luxury items, Apple Computer is aiming squarely at the mass market with a new budget PC.

Microsoft Fixes First Three Windows Flaws of 2005. Microsoft just released the year's first three security patches to Windows, including two it called "Critical," but did not patch all the vulnerabilities that have surfaced in the last several months.

IBM Opens 500 Patents to Open-source Developers. IBM is offering open-source software developers access to 500 software patents that will be available for use on software that meets the Open Source Initiative's definitions of open-source software.

Machholz Meets the Pleiades

Cellphones 'Should Not be Given to Children'

Ongoing Mystery of Giant Galactic Blobs

Evidence for Milky Way's Long-Theorized Stellar Graveyard Found

Good News From Big Bad Black Holes

Monday, 10 January

AMD Promotes New AMD Holographic Label And Security Features. AMD is among the first in the industry to adopt a 3-D holographic label produced using Dupont Izon technology.

Apple Suit Tests First Amendment. Apple's lawsuit against a Web site that published details of forthcoming Mac products raises troubling First Amendment questions, media experts say.

Global PC Shipments to Grow 11 Percent. An uptick in enterprise demand and strong growth in the Asia-Pacific region will drive an 11 percent increase in global PC shipments in 2005, according to market research firm Piper Jaffray.

DOE presents National Education Technology Plan. School districts in the U.S. need to trade textbooks for online educational content and offer students more e-learning options, according to a plan released by the U.S. Department of Education.

Microsoft Browser Bugs Extremely Critical. Several flaws in Microsoft's popular Internet Explorer web browser have been rated "extremely critical" by security experts after code which could exploit the flaws was posted online. New Patch May Fix 'Extremely Critical' IE Flaw.

Comcast Answers VoIP Call. The cable giant will make Internet calling available for 15 million homes by year's end.

SanDisk Adds USB Connection to SD Card. SanDisk has developed an SD (Secure Digital) memory card that includes a built-in USB connector so the card can be directly plugged into a computer.

New Plastic Can Better Convert Solar Energy

Dust Sculptures in the Rosette Nebula

Scientists Make Magnetic Silicon, Advancing Spin Based Computing

Friday, 7 January

CES 2005: Day 3's Show-Stopping Photos. Rugged hard drives, data destroyers, and plenty of personal entertainment gadgets highlight today's photo gallery.

What to Do with Old PCs? EBay Weighs In. Auction site, partners offer paths to recycling, reuse.

AMD's Centrino Challenger: Turion. Chipmaker has a brand name for its mobile technology, set to compete with Intel's. But does it derive from aquatic plants?

Oops: Blue Screen of Death Interrupts Gates' CES Pitch

DTV Gets Attention

Thursday, 6 January

Microsoft Releases Antispyware, Promises More Tools. Microsoft released a free trial copy of antispyware software it purchased last month, marking the company's entry into the fast-growing market for products that block surreptitious snooping programs, and promised monthly releases of tools to stop new malicious software.

CES 2005 Photos. Even more IPod accessories, waterproof cameras, portable gaming devices, and slick cell phones highlight today's photo gallery.

Kodak Unveils First-of-its-Kind Wi-Fi Digital Camera. The device is the first of its kind, allowing people to e-mail pictures directly from the camera via Wi-Fi; to view online albums in the on the camera...

Intel Builds Silicon Laser. Working with the basic material of computer chips, Intel researchers have constructed an all-silicon laser that could lead to computers one day harnessing light waves rather than electrical currents to shuttle data swiftly.

National Semi cuts Jobs as it Restructures Manufacturing. National Semiconductor Corp. said it would slash about 6 percent of its workforce.

Home Network Users Climbs. The number of home network users surged by 20 percent in 2004.

Canadians Win Hubble Robotics Contract

Wednesday, 5 January

Warning: Hackers Hunting for Exposed Servers. Companies that have not patched servers against the Windows Internet Naming Service flaw need to act fast, according to a security site.

Microsoft Nixes Windows XP for Itanium. Microsoft has pulled the plug on a version of Windows XP for Intel's Itanium 2 processor. The move marks the end for Itanium 2 in Windows-based workstations and comes after major hardware vendors abandoned the 64-bit chip for use in workstations.

AMD Warns About Counterfeit Chips. Europe should be free of fakes, but watch for the 3-D watermark.

Netgear Latest to Jump on MIMO Bandwagon. Netgear said it will introduce products that incorporate MIMO (Multiple Input, Multiple Output) antenna technology to increase wireless speed and range.

Carbon TVs to Edge-out Liquid Crystal, Plasma? You can find carbon in coal and tennis rackets, and a few years from now, it could run your TV.

The Giant Consumer Electronics Show Hits Vegas. Big HD TVs, next-generation DVD, and plenty of connected devices for your home take center stage as the 2005 CES prepares to open.

It’s Better Than a Tablet PC, and it Does VoIP Too!

Hitachi Unveils Half Terabyte SATA Hard Disk Drive

TI Integrates ANT Galio Software onto Digital Media Processor for Advanced Digital TV Applications

Tuesday, 4 January

CES to Spotlight Digital Evolution. Gadget lovers hitting Vegas for this week's Consumer Electronics Show will find an oasis with high-definition technology, new notebook chips and a peek at the PlayStation Portable.

Vendors Claim MIMO Breakthrough for Current Wi-Fi Products. Samsung and Athena Semiconductors claim they have developed MIMO technology that can dramatically increase the speed and range of existing wireless LAN products.

AMD Chip for PC-less Digital Fare. AMD will unveil a chip this week to let people download digital-television programs from a set-top box to a portable media player, without a personal computer.

AMD Preps Remarks on Remarking Reports. More than a million remarked AMD processors could be in sales channel, say reports. AMD Germany Finds No Re-marked Chips in Channel. The German subsidiary AMD has contacted distributors and resellers of its products in Germany and said it has found no evidence of falsely labeled, or "re-marked," microprocessors entering the country from Taiwan. AMD: Some of our chips are missing.

World's Largest 21-inch OLED for TVs from Samsung

Milky Way Illustrated

Monday, 3 January

Tech community Joins Tsunami Relief Effort. Tech companies, employees and Web surfers rally together to support the tsunami relief effort, pledging millions in aid.

Contractors Expect Boost. Technology firms expect growth in federal spending.

Rovers Mark One Year on Mars

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