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February 2005

Monday, 28 February

Growth Returns to Electronics Industry. U.S. electronics shipments up 4 percent in January, with semiconductors up 13.3 percent -- back to the boom level of 2000.

AMD Innovates But Still Can't Crack Dell. Chipmaker demos new dual-core versions, yet Dell says it will stick with Intel.

Hot Research Harnesses Cold Atoms. In effect, it's circuits in which atoms process information.

Mozilla Warns of Security Holes, Updates Firefox. Several vulnerabilities in Firefox and the Mozilla Suite put users of the open source products at risk of attacks.

Engineers Devise Invisibility Shield

Friday, 25 February

Microsoft to Nix Some Internet Product Activation. Customers who find themselves reinstalling Windows XP should be ready for a headache: Microsoft will no longer support activating the product over the Internet for PCs which have Windows pre-installed.

A Voyage Inside the iPod Shuffle. A look under the hood of Apple Computer's iPod Shuffle shows the company is making music with two chips.

International Wi-Fi Roaming Will be Available. A new WLAN (wireless LAN) roaming service will be available to visitors attending the Cebit trade show in Hanover, Germany, next month.

New Version of Firefox Out. More secure.

Ice Age Bacteria Brought Back to Life

Thursday, 24 February

Dell Sued Over Bait-and-switch Charges. Potential California class action suit involves more than 100 complaints about the price and quality of PCs.

Apple Takes a Step Away From FireWire. FireWire is still Apple Computer's baby, but the proud parent is cutting the cord.

Motorola Teams with WWiSE Consortium on IEEE 802.11n Proposal

Wednesday, 23 February

Lawsuit Says HP Printer Cartridges Die Before Use. A Georgia woman has sued HP, claiming the ink cartridges for their printers are secretly programmed to expire on a certain date.

AMD to Ship Dual-core Athlon 64 Chip by Year-end. Chip maker Advanced Micro Devices plans to ship a dual-core version of its 64-bit Athlon 64 microprocessor for desktop and mobile PCs during the second half of this year.

New Virus Being Distributed in Fake FBI E-mail. The FBI is warning computer users about a fake e-mail from it that includes a virus, and agency officials said that any messages purportedly from the FBI should be ignored.

Microsoft Patches "Blue Screen Of Death" In Windows XP SP2

Synthetic Enamel Offers Painless Fillings

Voyage of an Antarctic Iceberg

Tuesday, 22 February

Apple Resellers, Consumers Sue Mac Maker. The resellers and consumers accuse Apple of not honoring warranties, misappropriating trade secrets from its resellers, unlawful business practices and packaging old kit as new, among other charges.

Microsoft In Quandary Over Virus Security. If Microsoft doesn't do more to stem Internet attacks, the company risks further alienating customers unhappy with the multitude of threats already facing its ubiquitous software...

Shuttle Launches First Nvidia nForce4 SFF PC. The first Nvidia nForce4-based PCI Express (PCIe) small-form-factor (SFF) PC hit the market today, when Shuttle launched its XPC SN25P.

Intel Delivers 64-Bit Computing to Desktop. Intel plans to offer 64-bit computing capability on all new desktop processors, including the Celeron D lines, later this year.

Intel Chip to Drive TCP/IP. The company embeds its I/O Acceleration Technology as a way to let a CPU do its job and ignore network traffic.

New Sober Worm Moving Fast. Latest variant of Sober worm is spreading itself aggressively.

More Megapixels Hit Your Pocket. Point-and-shoot cameras with high resolution at affordable prices.

Camera-Mounted Spectacles May Restore Sight

Persistent Saturnian Auroras

World’s Population Reaches 6.5 Billion

Frozen Sea Is Discovered On Mars

Tuesday, 15 February

Next IE Update Divorced From Windows. Reversing a longstanding Microsoft policy, Bill Gates that the company will ship an update to its browser separately from the next version of Windows.

HP To Partners: Now Is The Time To Beat Dell, IBM. HP Executive Vice President Vyomesh Joshi rallied several thousand partners with the battle cry that HP isn't waiting for a new CEO to take on Dell and IBM.

Circuit City Gets $3.25 Billion Bid. Circuit City said that a Boston investment firm made an unsolicited offer to buy the company for $3.25 billion, or $17 per share, and take it private.

Worst Spyware Triples In Enterprises. Corporations are under attack by the more malicious forms of spyware, a security firm said, with the most dangerous type tripling in just two months.

Enterprise PC Shipments Peaked in 2004, says Gartner. "Overall shipment growth is expected to slow this year as both professional and home users wind down major replacement cycles."

Top Four Mobo Makers See Shipments Decline 7% in January

Chinese OEMs Show Strong Growth

Space Tether to Send Satellites Soaring

Weight Limits Confirmed for the Biggest Black Holes

Monday, 14 February

National ID Cards on the Way? A recent vote in Congress endorsing standardized, electronically readable driver's licenses has raised fears about whether the proposal would usher in what amounts to a national ID card.

AMD Announces New Opterons. Sporting a new 2.6GHz clock rate, the Opteron 252 and 852 also include a new 1GHz HyperTransport bus, an increase of 200MHz over the older 800MHz bus in prior Opterons.

Symantec Incorporates Spyware Improvements, Repair. Symantec unveiled a new version of its flagship anti-virus software that includes tools to remove spyware and repair any resulting damage.

Verizon Sweeps-up MCI in $6.7 Billion Merger

Hot Debate: Do Lobsters Feel Pain?

The Rosette Nebula

Thursday, 10 February

Wednesday, 9 February

HP Board Ousts Fiorina. Carly Fiorina resigned as Hewlett-Packard's chairman and CEO, the company's board announced.

Symantec Hit by Large-scale Flaw. Symantec has issued patches to fix a "high impact" security hole that affects almost every product it currently sells.

Trojan Attacks Microsoft's Anti-spyware. Virus writers have created a malicious program that can disable Microsoft's new anti-spyware application.

Intel Outlines its 64-bit Roadmap. A 64-bit Pentium 4 will ship this month to take its place alongside the Xeon and Itanium families.

IEEE Works to Adapt Ethernet for Home Audio/Video Designs. A look inside the proposed Residential Ethernet spec.

Microsoft Releases a Dozen Patches. The fixes in company's patch extravaganza address bugs in Windows, IE, Office, other programs.

Rogue Star Shown the Galactic Door

Tuesday, 8 February

Longhorn Beta Will Arrive by June. Microsoft is on track to release the first full test version of the next major Windows release by the end of June.

IP VPN Revenues to Skyrocket. IP VPN services revenues in the U.S. will continue to grow from $2.9 billion in 2004 to $8.1 billion in 2009.

Toshiba and SanDisk Unveil an 8Gbit NAND Flash. Memory chip fabricated with 70nm process technology with 1Gbyte data storage capacity.

Microsoft to Buy Antivirus Company Sybari

Budget Hike Not Enough to Save Hubble

Diamond Planets

Physics Team Puts New Twist on Spin Hall Effect

Astronomers Discover Beginnings of 'Mini' Solar System

Monday, 7 February

Power Line Networks Seen as Challenging Wireless. Power line networking using existing residential or office AC power wiring as the medium for a broadband network is about to come into its own.

PlayStation 3 Cell Chip Aims High. Engineers from Sony, IBM and Toshiba are set to provide fresh details on the Cell processor that will power the next version of Sony's PlayStation video game machine, but at least one analyst already has a pretty clear idea of what's coming.

'Podcasting' Lets Masses Do Radio. Podcasting technology lets amateur radio fans achieve their goals.

How Gigabyte Makes Motherboards

ZEN Micro: New Digital Player from Creative Reviewed

NASA Plans to Bring Down 'Dying' Hubble Telescope

The Father of High-definition

Friday, 4 February

Group Aims to Drastically Up Disc Storage. A few hundred movies on an optical disc? That's the goal of the Holographic Versatile Disc (HVD) Alliance.

European Software Patents Initiative Flipped Upside Down. Just hours after Bill Gates met with members of the EU Parliament in Brussels, they delivered a stinging rebuke to Microsoft's European software-patent policy.

Pocket Projectors Possible Thanks to New LED

Lights Fade on 'Enterprise'

Thursday, 3 February

Study: Spam Deletion Costs Big Business Big Bucks. University of Maryland survey finds that spam costs.

MSN Messenger Hit by Double-whammy Worm. Trend Micro is warning of a new variant of the Bropia worm that uses MSN Messenger to spread.

Broadcom Holds Off on 802.11n Chip. Broadcom will not push its n chips to customers until the IEEE is closer to final standardization.

Qwest Reportedly In Talks to Buy MCI. Qwest Communications International is in talks to buy MCI for about $6.3 billion, creating the possibility of a second blockbuster deal in the telecom field in less than a week.

XP Goes to 64 Bits. A prerelease version of Microsoft's first 64-bit desktop OS performed well in tests, and proves surprisingly compatible with 32-bit apps.

Deadline Sought for Switch to Digital Television. Two key congressional chairmen said that they will push legislation to compel broadcasters to surrender older analog-signal airwaves by the end of 2006.

Light Echoes Three Years After Stellar Outburst

Missing Matter Mystery May Be a Question of WHIM

Wednesday, 2 February

Google Profit, Revenue Rocket. $204 million earnings in Q4 up sevenfold.

Spammers 'Tricking ISPs' Into Sending Junk Mail. A massive spam spike is predicted, and one expert says that 'it's the beginning of the email meltdown.'

Kodak Takes Lead in U.S. Digital-camera Market

How the Brain Creates False Memories

Tuesday, 1 February

Mixed Reports in Q4. End of year shipments for components, consumer electronics and IT systems down, but motor vehicles, aerospace and machinery show increases.

Dark Fiber: Businesses See the Light. When Ford Motor Co. decided to upgrade its corporate network in Dearborn, Mich., it sent in the backhoes.

The XPC Factor. An interview with Ken Huang, the man behind the Shuttle XPC.

Microsoft Releases Google Rival. Search tool to back up each factual query with results from online encyclopedia.

Tutorial on the Link Layer Discovery Protocol. IEEE 802.1AB LLDP specification will enable LAN devices to inform each other about their configurations, thus eliminating misconfiguration problems in networking designs.

HP: For Circuits, Swap Silicon for Molecules. With a recent breakthrough in making circuits with molecules, Hewlett-Packard hopes to change chip history and expand its own role in the process.

PowerBooks Updated by Apple. Apple updated its PowerBook line with faster G4 processors, dropped prices on all of its laptop models and added two new patent-pending technologies: a "scrolling" TrackPad, and a Sudden Motion Sensor that works to stop hard-drive damage if the laptop is accidentally dropped.

Tax Software II: The Online Options. There are a slew of Web-based tax services to try.


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