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Tech News, Etc.
December 2005

Friday, 30 December

Intel's Great 'Leap' Forward Paves Way for Apple. Intel's Yonah processor is expected to be seen in Apple's offerings products in the first quarter of 2006.

Intel Leaps Into New Branding Strategy. "Leap ahead" will replace "Intel Inside."

SUN’s UltraSparc T1 - the Next Generation Server CPUs. SUN's Ultrasparc T1 the harbinger of a new generation of CPUs, which focus almost solely on Thread Level Parallelism.

AMD's New Edge: Hector Ruiz. Many observers believe that by focusing on fundamentals, Hector Ruiz has put AMD on the right track.

Windows Security Flaw Is Severe. "We could see the mother of all worms here."

Way Cleared for Large U.S. Spectrum Auction. It will cost far less than previously thought to move U.S. government agencies off of valuable portions of wireless spectrum, freeing that spectrum up for use by cellular carriers.

Proton to Debut 55-inch HD LCD TV at CES. Proton Electronic Industrial will introduce a series of HD (high definition) LCD TVs from its Puriti line at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) (January 5-8) in Las Vegas.

A Buck a Pixel

The Perseus Cluster of Galaxies

Thursday, 29 December

Asustek 12.1-inch Notebook to Feature LED Display. Asustek Computer will launch a new 12-inch notebook series offering a display based on white LED back-light technology.

Spintronics Generating Excitement. Spintronics is a new technology wherein both the charge and spin of an electron is used to carry information.

Sony Settles 'Rootkit' Class Action Lawsuit. The record label agrees to offer U.S. customers money and free downloads to encourage them to replace CDs that secretly install software.

U.S. Music Album Sales Off 7 Percent. Downloads more than double.

How to Beat Back the New Zero-Day Windows Bug. With a patch for the worsening zero-day Windows vulnerability perhaps weeks or more away, security companies and Microsoft recommended workarounds and other ad hoc defenses.

Man Pleads Guilty to Worm Attacks Against eBay, Others. Anthony Scott Clark, of Beaverton, Ore., faces 10 years in prison, a $250,000 fine, three years probation and other penalties for the 2003 denial-of-service attacks against 20,000 computers.

Men Want Facts, Women Seek Personal Connections on Web. A study by the Pew Internet & American Life Project finds men are slightly more intense users of the Web, log on more frequently and spend more time online. Women are heavier users of e-mail.

Can Science Uncork a Better Wine?

Pond Fertilizer May Help Spread Bird Flu

Wednesday, 28 December

Pioneer to Sell Blu-ray Drive in Early 2006. Pioneer Electronics announced its first Blu-ray Disc drive, the BDR-101A, which will store as much as 25GB of data when it goes on sale in the first quarter of 2006.

AOL, Google Wrap Up $1 Billion Deal. It's official: Google owns 5 percent of AOL. The only new twist to come out of the paperwork is that Google and AOL will link their instant-messaging services.

Abit Cuts Debts by Selling Properties, but Trouble Remains. Shareholders of financially troubled Abit Computer approved the company’s plan to sell its office building in Taipei to Deutsche Bank for NT$1.7 billion.

Malicious Hackers Busy Exploiting Zero-day Windows Flaw. Fully-patched systems running Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 can be successfully attacked by malicious hackers.

Europe’s Satellite Navigation Venture Launches. The first test satellite of the Galileo constellation blasts off - the civilian project will rival the military-run US and Russian systems.

Scientists Take Step Toward Faster Communication

Tuesday, 27 December

Fate of High-def DVD May Lie with Microsoft. Whereas the overall Blu-ray royalty structure adds up to $30 per PC drive, she said, everything a PC vendor needs to support HD-DVD "comes free, shipped and integrated with Vista.

What Tech Skills Are Hot for 2006? Developers, security experts and project managers will be in demand.

'Leaked' Windows Live Messenger Really a Trojan. A "leaked" version of Microsoft's Live Messenger instant-messaging client plants a malicious bot worm.

Top-5 Notebook Vendors to Grab Over 70% Global Market Share in 2006. Dell, HP, Acer, Toshiba, and Lenovo (formerly IBM) combined share up from 60.1% in 2004.

IBM Withdraws OS/2. End of an era, as OS/2 disappears from IBM's portfolio.

Worldwide DSL Subscribers Will Reach 140 Million by Year's End. Nearly 40 million people subscribed to DSL service for the first time in the past year, according to a new analysis by Point Topic, for a growth rate of 45%.

First Look at Presler: Intel Pentium Extreme Edition 955 CPU Review. Presler is a highly successful product that can easily shake AMD’s position in the dual-core market segment.

Vista's Metadata Poses Security Risk, Say Analysts. Windows Vista's search tool will make it too easy for users to accidentally disclose private information to others and presents a serious security problem, a Gartner report says.

Researcher Finds Neuron Growth in Adult Brain

The Witch Head Nebula

Friday, 23 December

AMD Says It's Short of Processors for Desktop PCs. The Athlon 64 3500, 3800, the dual-core X2 3800 as well as the lower end Sempron 2600 and 2800 are in tight supply.

Symantec Says Vulnerability Impacts 63 Products. Symantec has named more than 60 of its products as affected by the critical vulnerability disclosed earlier this week.

Google Creators Named Men of the Year. The Financial Times honors Sergey Brin and Larry Page, citing the company's booming value and effects on Net users.

Apple Web Site Traffic Soars. Driven largely by the popularity of the iTunes music service and software, Apple Web site was the fastest growing last month among the major brands

How to Cook the Perfect Turkey (the Scientific Way)

Science and the Private Life of Teaspoons

Thursday, 22 December

New Spyware Claim Against Sony BMG. Software used to thwart illegal copying was downloaded even if users rejected license agreement, according to latest charge.

EU Threatens Microsoft With Penalties. The European Union took new legal steps against Microsoft to ensure better compliance with its 2004 antitrust ruling, threatening fines of up to 2 million euros ($2.37 million) a day.

The Case for (and Against) Muni Wi-Fi. Despite significant challenges, an increasing number of cities are planning to deploy Wi-Fi networks across large areas.

Everyone Wants One. Demand for BlackBerrys and similar devices is growing even faster than anticipated. BlackBerry: A High-tech Ball and Chain for Lawyers.

iTunes and QuickTime Flaw Detailed. Don't open media files from sources you don't trust.

New Lithium Batteries May Power Christmas

Tests Confirm Einstein's Formula Correct

Hubble Finds New Moons, Rings Around Uranus

Andromeda Island Universe

Wednesday, 21 December

Seagate Technology To Acquire Maxtor Corporation. Seagate and Maxtor have entered into a definitive agreement under which Seagate will acquire Maxtor for in an all stock transaction valued at about $1.9 billion.

'High' Risk in Symantec Antivirus Software Flaw. Bug affects most of company's products, including enterprise and home user software, on Windows and Macintosh platforms.

HDTV-compatible PC Display Interface Emerges. Leading PC and consumer electronics companies have announced they are developing a specification for a PC digital display interface that is also compatible with high-definition TV signals.

Google Takes $1 Billion Stake in AOL. Time Warner says it has reached an agreement with Google in which the search engine giant will invest $1 billion for a 5 percent stake in America Online.

24% Of Enterprises Have Deployed Wireless Nets

Sunrise by Season

Tuesday, 20 December

Santa IM Worm Hits AOL, MSN and Yahoo. IM.GiftCom.All tries to trick instant-messaging users into clicking on a link that delivers malicious software to PCs.

Track Network Inventory Without Installing PC Software. MIS Utilities' Network Asset Tracker 2.11 generates a network inventory without installing software on the users' PCs.

Telecom Revenue to Hit $1.2 Trillion by 2006. Survey finds that wireless will lead the charge, growing to 55% of all telecom revenue by 2010.

Microsoft Releases Vista Preview. Microsoft reached another minor milestone in the run-up to its next generation Windows client -- the release of its third Community Technology Preview (CTP) of Windows Vista.

FTC: CAN-SPAM Is Working. With a big helping hand from technology, feds say volume is spam is declining.

PC Sales Expected to Slow in 2006. Growth in 2006 worldwide PC market will drop from the 15.8 percent rate seen in 2005, according to new data.

Inkjet-Printer Pen

Monday, 19 December

Apple Juggernaut Shows No Signs Of Waning. Five years ago, Apple Computer was barely an afterthought in the halls of electronics companies. Not anymore.

Microsoft Drops Mac IE. Microsoft will cut off Internet Explorer support for Mac users this month, and Mac IE availability will end in early '06.

IPod-style Earbuds Can Cause Deafness. Earbuds used with the iPod and other music players can increase the risk of hearing loss, according to a US audiologist.

ReplayTV to Launch TV Recording Software for PCs. Hauppauge's WinTV-PVR tuner-encoder card, which lets PCs tune in and record live television, will be sold with ReplayTV software starting next year in North America.

House OKs DTV Transition Date. The House voted Sunday (Dec. 18) to establish a 2009 deadline for ending U.S. analog broadcasting and the start of all-digital TV services.

Broadband Power Line Service is Coming to Texas. Texans are poised to join a small but growing group of consumers and small business users worldwide who are accessing the Internet over electric power lines.

HP Blesses Rival HD-DVD Formats. HP goes the route of most of the major film studios, supporting both Blu-ray and HD-DVD.

Google Reportedly Offering to Take A $1 Billion Stake in AOL. Google has entered exclusive negotiations with AOL, offering $1 billion for a 5 percent stake in the Internet portal.

Honda Says to Mass-produce Solar Cells from 2007

Scientists Decode Parts of Woolly Mammoth DNA

Thursday, 16 December

Top Theaters on Path to Digital Films. Bye-bye, film reels and whirring projectors. Hello, satellite receivers, servers and digital files.

Flat-panel TVs Enter the Mainstream. Flat-panel TVs took major strides in becoming a mainstream product in 2005, thanks to aggressive marketing by TV makers and major production capacity expansions by display suppliers.

Dell Recalls 35,000 Laptop Batteries. Dell recalled approximately 35,000 batteries in several laptop models, saying that the faulty units could overheat and start fires.

AMD Claims Intel KK Evidence Will be Public Record. A Tokyo court denied Intel KK’s request to keep evidence that resulted from a Japan Fair Trade Commission investigation of illegal business practices out of the public eye.

On Dasher! New malware targets Microsoft users.

Researchers Identify Human Skin Color Gene

Wednesday, 14 December

Plasma TV Makers Form Coalition. Five plasma TV panel manufacturers have formed a coalition to promote the growth of the technology in the U.S. and dispel lingering misconceptions about plasma TV.

MIT Picks Maker of $100 Laptop. Taiwan's Quanta will manufacture an ultra-low-cost laptop developed the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Media Lab.

Software Pirate Pleads Guilty to Charges. A California man who operated a Web site selling millions of dollars of pirated software has pleaded guilty to two counts of criminal copyright infringement.

Brightcove's Allaire Says IPTV Will "Rewrite" TV Biz. Founder of startup promising back-end services for 'Net TV forsees an explosion of content, providers.

Microsoft Patch Cleans Up After Sony Rootkit. Microsoft tucked clean-up tools for the Sony CD copy protection rootkit into its security releases, including one that automatically deletes the hacker-style cloaking device and another that stymies Sony's uninstaller.

Keyboard Carpal Culprit? Not So. A new research report says heavy computer use does not lead to carpal tunnel syndrome.

Mac-vs.-PC Argument Has Taken New Twists. My nose has been out of joint so many times after hearing from a Macintosh fan that it probably needs a splint.

A Digital Opportunity Rover on Mars

In New Setback, Japanese Asteroid Probe Stuck in Space Until 2010

Amazon Trees Much Older Than Assumed

Tuesday, 13 December

Toshiba to Delay HD DVD Player Launch. Copy protection issues could delay launch and reduce advantage of being first on the market.

Ratification of 802.11n Hit by Hold Ups. Politics is rearing its ugly head in the battle to ratify the standard for 802.11n next-generation wireless LAN.

Turning Hotspots Into VoIP Phone Booths. Vonage and UTStarcom team to help VoIP users on the go.

Microsoft, MCI Plan PC-to-Phone Service. Microsoft and MCI said they'll soon offer a service that lets customers place calls from their personal computers to regular phones.

Home Broadband Gear Sales Jump 20% in 2005. Sales were driven by demand for wireless and VoIP equipment and a major increase in broadband subscribers.

Dreaming of a WiFi Christmas. Leading up to this holiday gift-buying season, the home has become a high-tech focal point.

Printers to Produce Life-saving Organs

Monday, 12 December

Networking Takes Center Stage at Interop NYC. At Interop this week, networking technology will enjoy more popularity than it has in at least five years.

Online Shopping on Upswing. Holiday shopping on Internet up more than 30 percent this year over last, according to Nielsen/NetRatings.

PC Prices Take a Plunge. While Santa's elves are toiling away at the North Pole, electronics merchants in the U.S. are whacking prices on select items.

Viiv-based Desktop PCs to Enter Mass Production in Early February. Small-form-factor (SFF) PC specialists AOpen and Shuttle and Acer, Gigabyte, and MSI are gearing up to introduce new desktop PCs based on the Intel Viiv platform.

China Overtakes U.S. as Global IT Export Leader. Increased trade between Beijing and its Asian neighbors slashes U.S. imports to China.

Laser Beams Message Between Satellites. The new communication technology could allow satellites in separate orbits to exchange huge amounts of information and relay that to the ground.

High-Speed Microscopic Engine Found

Friday, 9 December

Intel Shares Fall on Outlook, AMD Rises. AMD appears to be taking market share from Intel.

Power Could Cost More than Servers, Google Warns. A Google engineer has warned that if the performance per watt of today's computers doesn't improve, the electrical costs of running them could end up far greater than the initial hardware price tag.

Consortium Seeks to Ramp Nanoelectronics Research. Seeking to accelerate nanoelectronics research in the United States, a consortium of companies has announced its first research grants under the Semiconductor Industry Association's new Nanoelectronics Research Initiative (NRI).

Chip Sales Break 2000 Record Year, Gartner Says. Revenue will reach $235 billion in 2005, a 6.9 percent increase from 2004.

Movement of North Magnetic Pole is Accelerating

Thursday, 8 December

Intel Announces $230 Million Expansion in Malaysia. Intel will spend $230 million to expand a test and assembly facility in Kulim, Malaysia.

Yahoo Launches VoIP Service Linked To Web Features. Yahoo steps into the crowded VoIP sector with a service that will link with existing Yahoo e-mail and instant messaging features.

NASA Seeks Private Replacements for Shuttle Trips

Spiral Arm of Milky Way Looms Closer than Thought

How to Create a Crystal Made Entirely of Holes

Huge Asteroid Could Slam into Earth in 31 Years

Wednesday, 7 December

Microsoft to Invest $1.7 Billion in India. Microsoft plans to invest about $1.7 billion in expanding its Indian operations over the next four years, including the setting up of offices in 33 Indian cities and making India a global R & D hub for the company.

Intel Presents 'Breakthrough' Transistor. The chipmaker says it has developed a new transistor that consumes 10 times less power and offers 50 percent greater performance.

New Sony CD Security Issue Needs Patching. Sony BMG said some 5.7 million of its CDs were shipped with anti-piracy technology that requires a new software patch to plug a potential security breach.

Security Firm Detects IM Bot That Chats with You. Bot replies with messages such as 'lol no its not its a virus.'

Microsoft fined $32M by South Korea. South Korea’s antitrust regulator fined Microsoft 33 billion won ($32 million) for violations of fair trade regulations and ordered the company to remedy alleged unfair trade practices.

Europe at Night

Asteroid Sampling Mission Probably Failed

Fructose May Spur Obesity Epidemic

Tuesday, 6 December

Chip Makers Drive Race to $20 Cell Phones. Chip companies predict mobile phone prices to plummet within two years.

Take This House and Shove It. More and more Americans are moving to get away from overheated housing markets.

Plastic Logic Develops 10-inch Plastic Display. Plastic Logic announced that it has developed what it claims to be the world's largest organic active matrix display.

Apple’s “Intel inside” Macintosh to Hit Shelves on June 6. Intel processors will be initially adopted in Apple’s entry-level Macintosh PC lineup, including the Mac Mini, iBook, and iMac series, with a launch in Taiwan slated for June 6, 2006.

Online Shoppers Buying it All. [December 6, 2005] All signs point to a green Christmas.

Cable Modem Sales Jumped 15% In 3Q. Infonetics survey finds that Cisco remains the overwhelming market leader, with a 58% share of both port shipments and revenues.

Panasonic Starts Pilot Production Of 50-Gigabyte Blu-Ray Discs. dual-layer BD-ROM discs have 50 gigabytes of storage capacity.

Arguments Dramatically Slow Wound Healing

Lead Poisoning Killed Beethoven

Monday, 5 December

Is Cable's Future a La Carte? FCC says more choice could be better for consumers.

Combined Motherboard Shipments from First-tier Players to Grow 18% in 2005. First-tier motherboard makers estimate to ship a combined total of 104 million units this year, up 18% from 88.31 million in 2004.

Intel to Invest a $1 Billion in India. The $1 billion includes a $250 million venture capital fund commitment. '

IBM to Support OpenDocument. Big Blue says support for the standard and Web-centric design of desktop software will appeal to emerging markets.

Some E-mail from Comcast Users Not Getting to MSN, Hotmail Recipients. The problem appears to be due to an increase in e-mail volumes, which it is attributed in part to the Sober Internet worm.

Did Taipei Skyscraper Trigger Quakes?

Friday, 2 December

Payrolls Grow in November. Job market rebounds from its hurricane-induced torpor, adding 215,000 jobs.

SNARFing Your Way Through E-mail. New Microsoft tool allows you to sift through your inbox based on who you know--and like.

ATI's Avivo XCode Encodes Video Fast--Real Fast. Did you ever think a video card would handle video encoding other than the requirements of real-time capture? Well, the times, they are a-changin'.

Novell's Linux Business Gains Steam. Novell's Linux business increased 30 percent to $61 million for the quarter, including a tripling of SUSE Enterprise Linux server subscriptions to 65,000.

“Black Friday” Notebook Sales Outpaced Desktop PCs for First Time in US. 52% of total PC sales went to the notebook segment.

Clunky-B Exploits Unpatched IE Vulnerability. Security companies say they have uncovered malicious software using the unpatched vulnerability in Internet Explorer to infect.

Google's Gmail Gains Virus Scanning Capability. Gmail will now prevent users from sending messages with infected attachments.

AT&T Backs A La Carte TV Channels. Company says it's willing to let customers pay for only the TV channels they want.

Panasonic Moves-up Plasma Display Expansion Plans. Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., better known by its Panasonic brand name, is moving up expansion plans for plasma display panel (PDP) production in response to high demand.

IP VPN Market to Hit $34.6 Billion in U.S. Dedicated IP virtual private network (VPN) revenues will total $34.6 billion in the United States between 2004 and 2009...

GPS Devices: Cruise Controllers. New models make getting where you want to go easier and less expensive.

Crab Nebula Mosaic from HST. Wow!

Earliest Birds Had Dinosaur-Like Feet

Geologists Link the "Great Dying" to Volcanism

Thursday, 1 December

LCD Panel Makers Expect TV Panel Market to Almost Double Next Year. Most major Taiwan-based panel makers are optimistic about TV panel demand next year and have forecast that the market will rise to 42-44 million units.

Sony's Joint Venture with Samsung Underlines Korean Giant's Prowess. Sony invested $1 billion in the joint venture because it did not produce its own liquid-crystal display panels, and desperately needed to meet the surging demand for flat-panel TVs.

iSuppli Ups Semi Forecast. The research firm bumps up its estimates for 2005 revenue growth from 2.4 percent to 4.4 percent.

Samsung Pleads Guilty to Price Fixing. The Korean electronics giant agrees to pay second-largest criminal antitrust fine in U.S. history.

Make Free Video Calls With Skype's New Software. The Internet telephone innovator announces Skype 2 software with video calling and other improvements.

A Sugar-Cube-Sized Competitor to iPod. It's said that in electronics, smaller is always better. If that's the case, the iPod may have found a challenger.

Prompted by Complaints, Lenovo Updates ThinkPad BIOS.
Lenovo posted a BIOS update designed to eliminate an annoying warning message that popped up on T43 ThinkPads to which a second hard drive had been added.

Titan Found to Be Rather Like Early Earth

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