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April 2005

Friday, 29 April

Dell to Reportedly Expand India Outsourcing. Dell Computer plans to add 2,000 people in India by the year's end.

Apple Mac OS 10.4 Tiger. The latest version of the Mac OS arrives in stores with all the hype the company can muster.

Understanding MIMO: Part II. This two-part series examines the issues surrounding MIMO, and looks at the various implementation approaches.

Verizon Pulls Plug On Free Wi-Fi. Company is turning off the free wireless Internet access it beams from New York City telephone booths for DSL subscribers who use laptops away from home or the office.

Online advertising up in 2004. Companies spent significantly more money advertising, as ads linked to search-engine activities proved to be the most popular category for the second straight year.

Microsoft Profit Nearly Doubles. Microsoft reported a near-doubling of third-quarter earnings and predicted a strong performance over the next year.

Bug-eyed Lens May Mean Slimmer Camera Phones

Earth Absorbing more Heat Than it Radiates

Wednesday, 27 April

Scheme Preys on People Who Mistype 'Google.com.' Security researchers have discovered an attack aimed at would-be visitors to Google.com, one that attempts to download malicious programs onto the computers of people who simply mistype the search giant's Web address.

HP Goes Small With 2.5 Inch Hard Drives. The systems vendor tries to outshine IBM, Dell and EMC in the race for a smaller, denser disk drive.

Apple Updates Dual-Processor Power Macs, Lowers Display Prices. Just in time for the release of Apple's new Mac OS X "Tiger" operating system, the company announced upgrades to its line of Power Mac workstations.

Microsoft Slams XP in Call for Longhorn Support. In an effort to sell hardware makers on new technologies planned for Longhorn, Microsoft officials yesterday bad-mouthed its own work in Windows XP.

Portable Storage Devices. These devices let you take the files you need with you anytime, anywhere.

Hacker Deletes Own Hard Drive. You're going down, man!

Durable Good Orders Plunge in March

Desktop Nuclear Fusion Demonstrated

Everyone Can Read Minds

The Hercules Cluster of Galaxies

Largest Passenger Jet Makes Maiden Flight

Tuesday, 26 April

Microsoft Discloses Some IE 7 Plans. Microsoft finally told Web developers what they've wanted to hear for years, promising support for graphics and style sheet standards.

Linksys Acquires VoIP Provider Sipura. Cisco Systems' Linksys division inked a $68 million deal to buy Sipura Technology, a provider of voice-over-IP technology.

Economic Indicators Continue Downward Slide. The latest Gallup survey shows Americans to be the most pessimistic they have been in two years about where the economy is headed.

Web Server Attacks, Defacements Increase. Threat to VoIP and 3G tech?

Inside Win XP Professional x64 Edition. We finally have a mainstream OS for the 64-bit infrastructure. Now all we need are 64-bit compatible programs.

RealNetworks to Give Away Music to Boost Sales. RealNetworks will give away 25 song plays for free each month as part of a new service that seeks to entice music-lovers to pay for more tunes.

Microsoft aims Longhorn's 'Metro' at Adobe. The next version of Windows will include a new document format called Metro to print and share documents, a move that appears to rival Adobe Systems' PostScript and PDF technologies.

ATX Power Supply Units Roundup: Part II

Future Computer: Atoms Packed In An "Egg Carton" Of Light?

Monday, 25 April

Windows XP Moves into 64-Bit Era. Higher performance is the primary selling point for 64-bit computing, which essentially doubles the speed for running applications and enables easier handling of massive amounts of data.

Get Your Free Win64 Upgrade Here. Sort of...

Tiger's Roar Stampeding Microsoft's Longhorn. Apple's resurgent operating system, OSX 10.4, codenamed "Tiger", could open a new front in the perpetual conflict against Microsoft.

Samsung, Microsoft prototype Disk Drive. A flash memory from Samsung has been used as a buffer within a prototype rotating disk drive developed with Microsoft to support the Longhorn operating system.

Here Comes WiMax. Wireless technology promises faster speeds over greater distances than Wi-Fi.

Trend Micro Antivirus Update Slows PCs Worldwide. A faulty update to antivirus software released over the weekend by Trend Micro Inc. caused PCs to slow down or stop working around the world.

More MIMO Wireless LAN Equipment Announced. Japanese WLAN equipment vendor Buffalo Technology will release Wi-Fi routers and WLAN adapters using multiple-in, multiple-out (MIMO) technology.

Microbial Fuel Cell

Quantum Black Holes

Earth’s Gravity Scar

Friday, 22 April

Microsoft To Launch 64-bit Windows OSes On Monday. Microsoft will officially roll out 64-bit versions of its Windows operating systems at its WinHEC conference in Seattle.

No AMD Dual Core for Gamers … For Now. The company is keeping its aim squarely on the server market, choosing not to go after gamers -- one of its dominant markets -- for the time being.

Forgent Sues Microsoft Over JPEG Patent. Forgent Networks has added Microsoft to the list of companies it has sued alleging infringement of a patent for a data used in the JPEG digital image standard.

'Info-mania' Dents IQ More Than Marijuana. Far from boosting productivity, a constant flow of email and phone messages impairs an office worker’s ability to focus, a study suggests.

DNS Poisoning Cripples PCs with Spyware. Experts say at least 20,000 PCs already have been affected. Is your company next?

Lenovo Group Loses Spot as Asia's Top PC Vendor. Lenovo lost its top spot as the leading PC vendor in Asia-Pacific -- excluding Japan -- in the first quarter of 2005 to HP.

373,000 Sharp TVs Recalled. Fire hazard.

NYSE plans merger with Archipelago. The New York Stock Exchange has agreed to merge with leading electronic trading system Archipelago Holdings, a move that propels the Big Board into the electronic exchange marketplace.

Revenue, Earnings Jump for Intel

Google's Q1 Profit Soars Nearly Six-Fold

Antarctic Survey Shows Widespread Glacial Retreat

Trimble Unveils High-Accuracy GPS Systems

New Superlens Opens Door to Nanoscale Optical Imaging

Chip-scale Refrigerators Cool Bulk Objects

Thursday, 21 April

AMD Releases Dual-core Server Chips. Intel may have come out with dual-core processors a few days earlier, but AMD says it is bringing out dual-core chips to the market where it counts. Hardware Vendors Rally Around AMD With New Dual-Core Servers.

States Take Spyware Action Into Their Own Hands. Washington will soon join Utah and California in passing laws targeting spyware and phishing.

Company Claims Holographic disk Breakthrough. Terrorbytes.

Ameritrade Warns 200,000 Clients About Potential Data Breach. A computer backup tape with account information of more than 200,000 Ameritrade clients was apparently lost or destroyed while being shipped.

Earthquake Detector Finds Solid Earth Core

NASA Scientist: 'Mars Could be Biologically Alive'

Wednesday, 20 April

Inflation Surge Biggest in Five Months. Consumer prices jumped 0.6 percent in March, the biggest inflation surge in five months.

Tech Giants' Sales Surge. Easing fears of a tech-industry slowdown, Intel on Tuesday reported a 25 percent jump in profit for the first quarter.

Need DRAM? The Best Prices Are Still to Come. Prices for popular computer memory chips have fallen by more than 40% since the start of the year, and users may get even better bargains if they wait until the middle of the year.

Prison Terms on Tap for 'Prerelease' Pirates. File-swappers who distribute a single copy of a prerelease movie on the Internet could be imprisoned for up to three years...

Windows Server 2003 SP1 Breaks 14 Apps. More than a roll-up of past security fixes, SP1 changes default settings and includes numerous new features and tools.

Microsoft Preparing Windows XP Thin Clients. Forthcoming operating systems to cost less than XP Professional, contain same management features.

McAfee Security Duite Insecure. And RealPlayer could be a bit dodgy too.

Tuesday, 19 April

Future Looking Bright for OLED Displays. The growing number of electronics devices using OLED (organic light emitting diode) displays shows that, after years of promise, the technology is finding a home in more and more products...

Ethernet Goes Wide. Advances in components, standards, and techniques are allowing the Ethernet to migrate from the circuit-switched enterprise to packet-based service provider networks.

New Sober Worm Poses As Good Samaritan. Another version of the tenacious Sober mass-mailed worm blew onto the Internet as it tried to fool recipients into opening mail.

DSW Shoe Theft Touches 1.4 Million Credit Cards. An internal probe of theft at DSW Shoe Warehouse stores found that information involving 1.4 million credit card and 96,000 check transactions was stolen from their computers.

Consumers' Willingness to Pay for Music Downloads Grows. The worldwide online music market is expected to grow 134% this year, reaching $1 billion for the first time.

First to 'Dual Core' Market. Intel's chips avaialbe now, but analysts believe AMD's may be better.

Two Proposals Seek to Avert Next-gen DVD Format War. The competing Blu-Ray and HD-DVD camps are quietly considering two proposals that could avert a format war and create a single next-generation DVD standard.

Lucent Earnings Quadruple on Wireless Demand

Monday, 18 April

Adobe To Acquire Macromedia In $3.4B Deal. Adobe will acquire Macromedia in an all-stock transaction valued at approximately $3.4 billion, the companies announced.

Intel Dual-Core Processor-Based PCs Hit the Market. Intel said that OEMs Alienware, Dell and Velocity Micro are now selling desktop PCs and workstations using its first dual-core processor-based platform.

Cisco Gives OS Face-lift to Older Routers. Hoping to fend off IP hardware rivals, Cisco Systems is using a new operating system to pump life back into an aging router product line.

New State of Matter Is 'Nearly Perfect' Liquid

New Osotope Gives a Glimpse of the Origins of Precious Metals

Friday, 15 April

Q1 PC Shipments Rose; Weak Dollar Credited. PC shipments rose 10.9 percent--about 1 percent over its forecast—year-over-year in the quarter.

Building A Case For Longhorn. Microsoft group VP Jim Allchin says security and new capabilities will set this operating system apart. But first, there's 64-bit Windows.

Earnings Disappoint Tech Investors. Hopes that the start of the earnings season would bring a fresh wind to the tech sector evaporated quickly this week.

IBM Restructuring Could Bring Staff Cuts And Management Changes. IBM is promising details in the coming months after reporting slow revenue growth in the first quarter.

Stars in a Bubble

Thursday, 14 April

Linux Programmer Wins Legal Victory. A Linux programmer reported a new victory in a German court in enforcing the General Public License.

Worm Variant Shuts Down Reuters Instant Messaging. A new variant of the W32/Kelvir worm forced Reuters to shut down its instant-messaging service.

HSBC Warns 180,000 Over Retailer's Security Breach. MasterCard customers warned that information may have been stolen at a U.S. retailer.

Rootkits "Serious" Security Problem. The hacker equivalent of a cloak of invisibility may cause serious problems for users and anti-virus vendors...

Cameraphones Stealing Sales From Digicams. Sales of cameraphones soared by 200 percent in 2004 compared to the year before and are threatening to steal sales from vendors of standard digital cameras.

FAQ: Wi-Fi Alphabet Soup

Dragnet Nabs 10,000 Fugitives

MIT Makes Plastic That Changes Shape in Light

Termite Guts Can Save the Planet

Wednesday, 13 April

Slim-TV Sales Anything But Flat. Sales of flat-panel TVs are expected to skyrocket during the next five years, as prices continue to fall, according to a report.

Sony's Comeback Strategy Bets Heavily on Displays. Sony Europe is betting the farm on advanced flat-panel displays and other high-end consumer products as its seeks to shed criticism that it has "missed the boat" in consumer electronics.

AMD Posts Q1 Loss, but Better than Expected Sales

Court Bars Microsoft from Shipping Networking Feature in Longhorn. Microsoft's 'Chimney' networking technology is embroiled in a patent infringement lawsuit.

Critical Flaw Found in Office, Access. Exploit is in the wild.

ASUS VENTO 3600 PC Case Review

Company Unveils Prototype of Unmanned Airship

Sunny Spot Picked-out for Future Lunar Base

Tuesday, 12 April

Mexico’s Emerging Silicon Valley. Silicon Valley has apparently moved south where housing costs are cheap and engineers are cheaper.

Tech Layoffs Continue. Tech layoffs nationwide continued to climb during the first three months of the year, hitting the highest quarterly total since the end of 2003

Windows XP SP2 Blocking Tool Expires. A special tool that blocks the download of Service Pack 2 (SP2) on Windows XP PCs will expires today, ending the last SP2 respite for users who rely on the Automatic Updates feature in Windows to keep their systems up to date.

Apple To Release 'Tiger' Mac OS In Late April. Apple Computer on Tuesday said the latest version of its Mac OS X operating system will go on sale at the end of this month.

Critical Microsoft Patches Coming Today. Microsoft plans to issue eight security alerts with patches, some critical, for Windows, Office, MSN Messenger and Exchange.

Breakthrough Technology Accelerates Solid-State Lighting. “The new technology dramatically increases light output and efficacy of white LEDs, and could play a fundamental role in the evolution of white LEDs for lighting in homes and offices.”

Optical Computer Made From Frozen Light

Booming Photovoltaic Market Expected to Aid Wafer Makers

Couch Potato Confusion

Monday, 11 April

Intel Starts Shipping Dual-Core Chips to OEMs. Intel has begun shipping its first dual-core processors to OEMs, company executives said at the Intel Developer Forum in Taiwan.

Microsoft to Pay Gateway to Settle Claims. Microsoft and Gateway have reached an agreement to settle all past legal issues arising from the U.S. antitrust case against the software maker.

World's Fastest Transistor Operates at Blinding Speed. The component - capable of over 600 billion operations per second - could one day be used to create super-fast electronics.

IBM Claims Fuel Cells Give Laptops 8-Hour Charge. IBM said is about to release a methanol fuel cell prototype that it claims will charge its ThinkPad notebooks for as long as eight hours.

Microsoft Files Eight Lawsuits Over Counterfeiting. Microsoft has filed eight lawsuits in the U.S. alleging copyright and trademark infringement against computer systems builders and resellers for allegedly distributing counterfeit software.

Nature Provides Inspiration for Important New Adhesive

Friday, 8 April

AMD Set To Launch Dual-Core Opterons. AMD is widely expected to formally launch the first dual-core versions of its popular 64-bit Opteron server processor on April 21.

Fake Microsoft Security Updates Circulate. An e-mail campaign designed to lure people to a bogus Microsoft Web site is making the rounds as part of an attempt to install a Trojan horse.

Canned Spam. A Virginia judge sentenced one of the top 10 spammers in the world to nine years in prison. It is the first felony conviction for spam.

Sideways Galaxy

Thursday, 7 April

Intel's Dual-core Processor Improves. Intel's new dual-core 3.2-GHz Pentium 4 Extreme Edition 840 processor made a good showing on 5 tests in key multimedia and multitasking tests.

Intel, AMD Lock Horns in Two-in-One Chip Race. Intel and AMD are locked in a race to introduce a new generation of dual-core computer chips in a move that is set to lead to cheaper and more powerful PCs.

Dell Remains Open to AMD, Should Customers Demand. In what amounts to one of the PC industry's longest-running sagas of on-again, off-again courtship, Dell Chief Executive Kevin Rollins once again revived speculation that Dell could end its long-standing refusal to use AMD chips.

AOL Launches Internet Phone Service. AOL launched its Internet telephone service in about 40 markets.

Consumer Usability Seen as Key to VoIP's Success

Microsoft Hands-out Antidote to Poisoned URLs. In response to a heightened security alert, Microsoft has updated its customer advisories for protecting its server software against DNS cache poisoning attacks.

CD/DVD Creation: How Suite It Is. They handle the full range of CD and DVD creation chores, from making data and music CDs to video editing to DVD authoring and more.

Astronomers Expect to Be "Dazled" By Views of Ancient Universe

House Panel Moves to Extend Daylight Saving

Tuesday, 5 April

Google Adds Satellite Maps. A new Google feature that will let users to zoom in on homes and businesses using satellite images may raise privacy concerns as well as intensify the competitive pressures on its rivals.

Battle Brews Over Unlocking PC Secrets. As computer makers move to embed security features deep within PCs, a fight is erupting over the BIOS.

SIA's 'Actual' February Sales Show Slowing Growth. Semiconductor sales reports keep seesawing from one day to the next.

Web Postcards Hide Trojan Horse Programs. That's the advice from The SANS Institute's Internet Storm Center (ISC), which is warning about e-mail messages that pose as Web postcards, then direct recipients to a Web site that installs a Trojan horse program.

IM And P2P Malware Threats Nearly Triple. Security threats exploiting instant messaging (IM) and peer-to-peer (P2P) clients jumped by over 270 percent in the past year.

IDC: A Boom in VoIP. New stats project residential VoIP growth to explode over the next five years.

Americans Feeling Pinch of Higher Gas Prices

Monday, 4 April

Study: 30 Percent Of Tech Jobs At Risk From Offshoring. The number of IT jobs outsourced to countries such as India and China is a trickle compared to what's coming in the next 10 years.

Firefox, Mozilla Bug Exposes Data. Both Firefox and the Mozilla browser suite are vulnerable to attacks through flawed JavaScript engines.

Outlook & IE Compromised, Microsoft to Produce Another Patch. Security firm eEye Digital Security has been keeping Microsoft’s IE and Outlook developers on their toes.

Chip Sales Strong in February. Things better than expected.

Samsung Slashes 512MB DDR2-533 Module Quotes 20%. Samsung has lowered quotes for its 512MB DDR2-533 modules by as much as 20%, hoping to spur PC OEMs to accelerate migration to the memory type from 512MB DDR2-400.

Hitachi Lays Groundwork for 20-GB Microdrive with Century-old Technology

Friday, 1 April

Electronics Shipments Dip in February. But it’s not all bad news -- orders are up, and all indications are that faster sales growth is ahead.

Phone Companies Eye Cable TV's Local Territory. With a critical mass of optical fiber installed by the phone giants, phone companies are beginning to make their first competitive inroads into local communities with hopes of eventually signing them up for TV service.

Google Doubles E-Mail Space. Google is doubling the storage capacity of each Gmail account to two gigabytes and says it won't stop there.

Critical Flaws in IE and Outlook Discovered

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