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October 2004

Friday, 29 October

Reheated Bagle Smokes-out Anti-virus Defenses. Threat level of a new version of the fast-spreading Bagle mass-mailing worm quickly raises to a moderate level.

Answering IPv6 Lookup Challenges: Part 1. Part 1 of this two-part series explores the strains on policy and forwarding lookups provided by IPv6 in networking designs. Part 2.

Gateway Reports Narrow 3Q Net Loss As Restructuring Continues. Gateway posted a narrower third-quarter loss Thursday as its acquisition of eMachines boosted sales.

Internet Service Providers File More Spam Lawsuits. In a second round of lawsuits, four major U.S. Internet service providers (ISPs) are taking on senders of e-mail spam and unwanted commercial messages sent via instant messaging.

Secret Service Nabs 28 in Online Fraud Sting. An undercover investigation led by the U.S. Secret Service has led to the arrests of 28 individuals suspected of being part of a global organized cybercrime network.

Dolphins' Big Brains Evolved in Spurts

Thursday, 28 October

AMD Digs Into High Growth Markets With PIC. AMD has teamed up with partners in India, Mexico and the Caribbean in an ambitious bid to equip half of the world's population with internet connectivity and computing capabilities by 2015.

Firms See Mixed results in Outsourcing. A survey of U.S. and European companies has found that less than half consider outsourcing financial functions to be cost effective.

Kyocera Recalls Cell Phone Batteries. Cell phone maker flags defects in three product lines. The recall follows a rash of flaming or exploding devices.

Experts Warn of Internet Flu Vaccine Scam. Although the United States is experiencing a shortage of flu vaccines this fall, don't be so eager for one that you're duped into purchasing it online.

Smaller, More Powerful PC Fuel Cell Is On the Way. A fuel cell for notebook PCs that is smaller and more powerful than competing technologies could be on the market in early 2006.

Tiny Human a Big Evolutionary Tale

Titan's Big Surprise

Wednesday, 27 October

Tuesday, 26 October

US Scientists Enjoy Big Bandwidth Boost. The world's biggest fibre optic network dedicated to research is now operational - more data can be exchanged at far faster speeds.

Dell to Tighten Linux Ties with Novell Pact. Dell is expected to announce a partnership Wednesday to offer Novell's SuSE Linux factory-installed on new servers, CNET News.com has learned.

Intel Invests in Mobile Wireless Broadband. Intel is planning a significant investment in Clearwire's wireless broadband service.

DoJ: Cingular Free to Buy AT&T Wireless. If the carrier divests certain assets in 11 states.

Automate Your Home. Control your household appliances from a PC, over the Web, or via remote.

Wireless LAN Knows Where You Are. Big Brother wirelessly...

Panasonic, Toshiba Delve Into Alternative Energy

Breakthrough Holographic Imager

Monday, 25 October

'Spam King' Ordered to Disable Spyware. A federal judge has ordered a man known as the "Spam King" to disable so-called spyware programs that infiltrate people's computers...

'Rolex' Spam Taps Into Bling-Bling Culture. "If these people are prepared to rip off watches, they are probably prepared to rip off credit cards."

Seagate Ships 5GB Pocket Drive. The Seagate USB 2.0 Pocket Hard Drive is encased in a palm-sized shell.

Fresh Version of Windows XP Looms. Longhorn moos plaintively in field.

Red Hat Warns of Security Patch Hoax for Linux Users. Red Hat warned customers of an e-mail hoax that urges users to download security patches that actually contain malicious payloads.

Scientists Demonstrate First Silicon Laser

The Perseus Cluster of Galaxies

High Hopes for Cassini's Titan Flyby

Friday, 22 October

Excess Chip Stockpiles Surge Above $1 B. Surplus stockpiles of semiconductors ballooned 38 percent to $1.1 billion in the third quarter.

Software Patents Raise Hackles in Britain. A campaign to raise awareness about software patents has found strong opposition to their introduction in the United Kingdom.

Intel Kills TV Chip Plans. Firm announced plans to make TV chips in January, but 10 months later, the project gets scratched.

SOFIA's Mirror

Earth Is Dragging Space and Time Around Itself As It Rotates

Physicists Transfer Information between Matter and Light

Thursday, 21 October

Coming Soon to Your Pocket: HDTV Phones. Miniature mobile phones, which already double as cameras, Internet devices and music players, are poised to merge with the largest of home appliances, the television.

World’s First 5-Megapixel Camera Phone

Do-It-Yourself DVR. Turn your PC into a digital video recorder, music jukebox, and more.

New security Holes Identified for Internet Explorer post SP2. Secunia has highlighted critical security holes on Internet Explorer on Windows computers that have already installed Service Pack 2.

Researchers Build World's Longest 10GB Ethernet Connection

Researchers Trim Count Of Human Genes To 20,000-25,000

Wednesday, 20 October

September Numbers a Mixed Bag. U.S. electronics production strengthens, but the market is still bogged down by too much inventory.

Feds Probe Huge California Data Breach. The FBI is investigating the penetration of a university research system that housed sensitive personal data on a staggering 1.4m Californians who participated in a state social program.

Nvidia Puts a Firewall on a Motherboard. Upcoming chip set will include built-in security features for your PC.

Spyware Spurs Dell to Offer Protective Software. With spyware problems now accounting for 20 percent of it support calls, Dell will start to bundle a security package on its PCs that will help inoculate users.

Toshiba, NEC Plan HD DVD Notebooks in 2005. Toshiba and NEC are backing the HD DVD format over the rival Blu-ray Disc scheme.

FCC Chief Pushes Internet-Phone Regulations. Citing a need to nurture the emerging, "revolutionary" VoIP industry, FCC chairman Michael Powell is calling for regulations that would grant the federal government greater control.

Ballmer: We need a $100 PC. The Microsoft CEO says one way to stem growing piracy of Windows and Office in emerging markets is to offer low-cost computers.

Dealers Worried As Sony Adds Retail Stores. Sony expects to have about 30 Sony Style stores in the U.S. by April 2006.

Intel, AMD Slash Mobile Pricing

Miniature Jet Engines Could Power Cellphones

Relativity Tested On a Shoestring Budget

Why Thin, Flat Things Rise and Glide On the Way Down

Tuesday, 19 October

Deep Tech-Job Losses Reported. Job cuts in the technology sector leaped 60 percent in the year's third quarter.

PC Shipments Rise 12 Pct Worldwide in 3rd Quarter. Dell remained No. 1, extending its share of the global PC market to 18.2 percent from 16.9 percent in the year-ago third quarter.

AMD Brings PCI Express to Athlon. The chipmaker pads its 64-bit gamer and enthusiast chips with a compliment to its HyperTransport technology.

Microsoft To Launch IM Client Beta With VOIP Support. Microsoft plugs away on real-time mission with 'Istanbul' beta.

British Scientists Develop New Vaccine Technology

Netflix, Blockbuster In All-out DVD Rental Price War

Friday, 15 October

The Latest 19-Inch LCDs. Don't squint at a little monitor anymore. These three put plenty of screen real estate on your desk.

New Spin On Quantum Computer Technology. Purdue University physicists have built a critical component for the development of quantum computers and spintronic devices.

Is That a Media Center PC--or an End Table?

New Propulsion System Could Make Trip to Mars in 90 Days

Thursday, 14 October

Intel Kills Plans for 4GHz Pentium. Intel is dumping plans to release a Pentium 4 processor that runs at 4GHz, saying will boost performance on next year's chips using other means that clock speed.

FCC Adopts Rules for Broadband Over Power Lines. Power utilities can now provide broadband to their customers, competing with traditional last-mile-access schemes such as DSL and cable...

Google Unveils Desktop Search. Google unveiled its first-generation desktop. application for searching through personal files and Web history stored locally on a PC.

Apple Profit More Than Doubles. Apple Computer's fourth-quarter profits more than doubled on strong sales of laptop computers and its popular iPod music players.

LDPC: Another Key Step Toward Shannon. New low-density parity check (LDPC) error correction techniques push wireless and networking channel performance closer to the Shannon Limit.

Microsoft Patent-infringement Case to Go to Trial. A small Californian company has won the first round in a legal fight with Microsoft over the issue of the 'AutoPlay' technology.

Study: Mobile Phone Use Increases Brain Tumor Risk. Ten or more years of mobile phone use can dramatically increase the risk of developing a benign tumor on the auditory nerve...

Starbucks Expanding Custom CD Service to 45 Stores. Customers will be able to make custom music CDs at 45 of its U.S. coffee shops.

Hi-Def TV May Be PCs' Killer App. The primary reason why the HDTV picture looks so good on my PC monitor is why regular TV looks so bad.

Artificial Retina

Sleeping Dino Assumed Birdlike Pose

Super Slow Light May Help Speed Optical Communications

Glimpse of a Globular Star Cluster

Wednesday, 13 October

Greener Pastures--and Wallets--for Tech Workers? Tech workers can look forward to fatter paychecks, according to a new report from research firm Meta Group.

Abit Reveals Fatal1ty AA8 Gaming Motherboard. Boards expected in stores by month-end.

A Lighter Approach to Computer Control. Screens embedded with light-sensitive fibres could soon make it possible to control computers with laser pointers.

PayPal Resumes Operations After Four-day Service disruption. Online payment Web site PayPal.com was back in service late last night after a coding error disrupted service for four days.

Sony Unveils DVD Burner That Combines Standalone and PC Video Recording

Microsoft Issues Patches for 7 Software Flaws

Tuesday, 12 October

PayPal Hit by Glitches. PayPal, eBay's online payment service, has suffered intermittent glitches since late last week.

Windows Marketplace Open For Business. The online store for all things Windows-related launches from the Start button of Windows XP SP2, or from Internet Explorer 6.

'Funner' Worm Slithers Through MSN Messenger. Security researchers warned Monday of a new worm, dubbed "Funner," targeting Microsoft's MSN Messenger instant messaging system.

High Court Bounces Latest RIAA Effort. Verizon claims victory for personal privacy in P2P case.

Microsoft Launches New Media Center PC. Adds features such as instant messaging and high-definition television to a personal computer designed for the living room.

One In Four Say Pirated Software Used In The Office

Friday, 8 October

Millions of Dell Power Adapters Recalled. About 4.4 million AC adapters sold worldwide with Dell notebooks between September 1998 and February 2002 are beingrecalled.

AMD Reports Higher 3Q Sales. AMD posted a 30 percent increase in sales and a third-quarter profit as demand for its microprocessors continued to grow despite competition from its much larger rival Intel.

ATI Shipping PCI Express Chipsets for AMD K8 Platform. Although ATI has not yet announced its PCIe desktop chipsets, the company has already begun shipping the products.

Online Extortion Growing More Common. "Every online gambling site is paying extortion," says Alan Paller of the SANS Institute.

HD-DVD Contest Heats-up. The high-definition DVD contest will be won by alliances with the best access to large entertainment libraries...

House Passes Bill to Criminalize Spyware Fraud. The House passed a bill that would criminalize the use of spyware to commit fraud or other crimes, adding an additional two to five years to federal sentences.

ASP.Net Glitch Discovered. Microsoft is investigating a reported vulnerability in its ASP.Net that could allow an attacker to bypass security features on a Web server and view sensitive content.

Sun, Kodak Settle Java Lawsuit. Sun has agreed to pay US$92 million to settle a software patent lawsuit brought against it by Kodak.

Google Rolls Out Test of Short Message Service. Google announced a new test service that allows people to use mobile phones or handheld devices to tap Google's Web search via text messages.

Tech-Job Level Grows Stagnant. IT services inched ahead last month, but computer and peripheral makers slipped.

Carbon-dating the Internet

FCC Takes-up Broadband Over Power Lines

The Physics Hit Parade

Radio Astronomers Remove the Blindfold

Motion of Primordial Universe Unveiled

Thursday, 7 October

Report: VoIP to Top 12M Homes by 2009. JupiterResearch predicts broadband telephony is poised for take off. Who's best-positioned to grab the new customers?

Getting a Leg Up on 802.11n. Even though there is no agreed-upon industry standard yet, that isn't stopping some companies from rolling out products.

Holographic-like 360-Degree 3D Imaging Hardware and Screen Technology. For the very first time, computer users will be able to view 3D objects hovering a few inches away from a screen that rotates 360 degrees - without wearing glasses.

Microsoft Releases Fix for SP2-adware Clash. Microsoft has released a 'critical update' that creates a security problem for a small number of people who've installed Windows XP SP2 - but don't call it a patch.

Word Mangled by Unpatched Security Hole. A highly critical and unpatched security hole in Microsoft Corp.'s ubiquitous Word software could be used to launch a denial of service attack and give system access.

Trojan Pretends to Do Good. Symantec is warning Internet users of a Trojan horse, Downloader.Lunii, that removes adware but alters the settings in computers.

Tutorial on NPF's IPsec Forwarding Benchmark. Recently-released Network Processing Forum application-level benchmark lets designers more accurately compare IPsec performance across network and security processors.

Nintendo "DS" Handheld Game Console With Dual-screen

Early T-Rex Relative Had Feathers

Hydrogen Economy Looks Out of Reach

Tuesday, 5 October

HP Launches Barrage Of New Printers. HP beefed up its image and printing lineup at TechX New York with dozens of new laser printers.

EarthLink Finds Spyware Running Amok. The average Internet-enabled PC hosts 26 spyware programs, according to an audit by Internet service provider EarthLink, a sign of increasing bombardment by malicious software.

Sony Hones Its TV Efforts. Sony is raising the stakes in the TV market by incorporating silicon developed in-house to improve its picture and sound quality.

Sharp Takes Aim at PDP Market with Biggest LCD TV. Sharp has developed a 65-inch liquid crystal display (LCD) television, the world's biggest.

Sanyo Shows HD-DVD Player. Sanyo Electric unveiled a prototype player supporting the next-generation optical disc format HD-DVD at the Ceatec 2004 show here this week.

Starbursts Sterilize Center of Milky Way

Nobel Prize in Physics Honors 'Colorful' Discovery in the World of Quarks

Monday, 4 October

Seagate 5-Year Warranty Gets Thumbs up from Channel Partners. Industry's best warranty protection helps Seagate channel partners drive sales.

FeRAM Memory Chips on the Way. Another wanna-be memory standard...

Kodak Wins Java Patent Suit. Eastman Kodak has won a controversial lawsuit in which it claimed Sun Microsystems had infringed several of its patents with its Java programming language.

Intel Adds More 64-Bit Developer Tools. Intel introduced software tools to help developers design and optimize applications to run on its latest Extended Memory 64 Technology (EM64T).

October Buyers' Guide to Motherboards. The shape of things that are.

Toshiba to Put 0.85-inch HDD into Mass Production

Programs: 'Evil Genius' Brings Out Your Inner Villain

SpaceShipOne Wins X Prize

Professor Connects Football and Physics

NGC 6823: Cloud Sculpting Star Cluster

September 2004






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