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November 2004

Tuesday, 30 November

Unprotected PCs Fall To Hacker Bots In Just Four Minutes. The lifespan of a poorly protected PC connected to the Internet is a mere four minutes. After that, it's owned by a hacker.

Blazing a New Data Speed Record. By shuttling data at a sustained rate of 101 gigabits, the equivalent of three DVD movies, per second between Pittsburgh and Los Angeles.

Anything But IT. University students say an advanced degree in IT will put you on the fast track to being outsourced.

Microsoft Sting Targets Resellers For Alleged Hard-Disk Loading. Microsoft expanded its investigations to catch resellers using fake or used Certificate of Authenticity Labels on unlicensed products.

Flaw Opens Crack in Windows Servers. Microsoft suggests work-around to fix hole in popular server software, as it blasts the company that disclosed it.

China Market: LCD Monitor Output to Exceed That of CRT Segment. China will produce an estimated 44.637 million LCD monitors in 2004, up 42% from 2003 and surpassing CRT-monitor production of 44.598 million units.

Which PC Maker is Endangered? Analysts debate Gartner's prediction that three of Top 10 PC vendors will exit the market by 2007.

Monday, 29 November

Trio Gives First Look at Cell Processor. Sony, IBM and Toshiba unveil a microprocessor called Cell, which aims at TVs, supercomputers, workstations, and game machines.

Signs of a Glut and Lower Prices on Thin TVs. While hanging a television on the living-room wall may have captured the imagination of American consumers, it has yet to empty many pocketbooks.

U.K. Government Hit With Large Computer Failure. As many as 80,000 civil servants working for the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) had to deal with what is being described in the local press as the biggest computer crash in government history.

Work Begins on Hubble's Replacement

Thursday, 26 November

Triumph Over the 1040. See which of these three tax-prep applications—TaxACT, TaxCut, or TurboTax—will aid you come April.

CA Slaps Spyware Label on Kazaa. Peer-to-peer program Kazaa is the No. 1 spyware threat on the Internet, according to Computer Associates International.

WinAmp Security Hole Deepens. Patched version still open and exploit code is circulating.

Texas Town to Test Internet Service Over Power Lines. High-speed Internet service is coming to about 120 homes in this town of 5,000 using a novel technology that connects residents to the Web through power lines.

Philips Makes PCs Again

Chip Sales Rise 1.5% in October From September

Wednesday, 24 November

Brits Get Replacements for Phony XP. Microsoft UK takes a new step in piracy fight.

Bot Networks Behind Big Boost In Phishing Attacks. Phishing fraudsters dramatically anted up last month by using automated tools and networks of hacked computers.

Tech Giants Edgy Over Web Services Patent Sale. The upcoming auction of dozens of key Web services patents in a California bankruptcy case has some big Silicon Valley companies on edge.

AMD's Mobile Sempron Takes On Intel. AMD's latest Mobile AMD Sempron 3000+ is set to go head to head with Intel's high-end Centrino CPUs.

Choosing the Best CPU for Half-Life 2

Micro Generator Has Enough Power to Run Electronics

Sandia Pushes Limits of Solar Technology

Best Views of Titan and Tethys

Tuesday, 23 November

Firefox Cutting Into IE's Lead. As Firefox marks its 5 millionth download and moves to retail stores, a survey showed Microsoft's heavyweight Internet Explorer slipping below 90 percent market share.

WiFi Hardware Sales Jump 9% Over Last Year. Sales of WiFi switches boom 80%; Cisco remains overall WiFi market leader.

Samsung Leaps 53%, Infineon Climbs 2 Seats in Semi Ranking. IC Insights' worldwide semiconductor market forecast expects growth of 28 percent.

Torvalds, Open-Source Pioneers Take On EU Patent Issue. A group of open-source software pioneers, led by Linux developer Linus Torvalds, has issued an appeal to the EU Council to block it.

Google Sues Over Click Fraud. Google has filed a lawsuit against an Internet marketing firm, claiming the company defrauded Google's advertising network with false ad clicks.

Linux Unchained. Linux may be "free," but it's growing so fast that the skills needed to run it are increasingly hard to find -- and pricey.

Microsoft to Fix 'Download Warning' Flaw. Problem in IE and XP SP2 allows a malicious Web site to bypass the browser's warnings when downloading potentially harmful content.

Monday, 22 November

Banner Ads Serving Up MyDoom. New move in virus battle renders banner ads susceptible to MyDoom variant.

Chipmaker Claims 50% Greater Wi-Fi Range. Chipmaker Broadcom said that it has released new technology that increases the range of 802.11g chipsets by as much as 50%.

Carrier VoIP Equipment Market Leaps 69%. Study also finds that total market will reach $4.8 billion in 2007, up from $1.3 billion in 2003.

Rapid Evolution for Flat Panel TVs

Nanotech Golf Ball Corrects Its Own Flight

Friday, 19 November

Fast-Spreading Sober Worm Up In Europe, Heading To U.S. A new Sober worm is preading in Europe and is quickly gaining enough traction worldwide that security companies scrambled to warn users.

Congress Reapproves Internet Access Tax Ban. The U.S. Congress reinstated a ban on Internet access taxes after the House of Representatives agreed to extend it for another three years

DVD Media Surge as CD-R Market Peaks. Global demand for recordable DVDs trails only CD-Rs and has become a driving force in the recording media business.

Kodak Catches Up with Sony in Camera Sales. Third-quarter survey of digital camera market from IDC shows 40-percent growth and a real horse race.

Slimmer Tube TVs to Challenge Flat Panels

Nano-Transistor Bitten by Quantum

New Evidence Puts Man In North America 50,000 Years Ago

Thursday, 18 November

Netscape Aims Beyond Firefox. Once chided for jumping the gun with its Mozilla-based browser, Netscape is gunning to surpass the original with its next release.

Bridging the PCI-X Gap in Multi-Processor Comm Architectures. Non-transparent bridging allows for simplified design of intelligent add-in cards and dual-host processing in networking and telecom infrastructure designs.

Elpida Pushes SDRAM Limits. The memory maker readies a 1Gbit, 800Mbits/sec. DDR2 SDRAM for future high-end servers.

Intel Evaluating India for Chip Manufacturing. Intel is evaluating India as a possible location for a new chip manufacturing facility, the company's chief executive officer, Craig Barrett, told reporters in Delhi.

Java's 'Mustang' Out of The Gate. J2SE version 6.0 aims to close some of the gaps created by prior 'Tiger' version.

Super Scanners. While you wait for the paperless office and flying pigs, take a look at 5 of the best devices for digitizing hard output.

Digital TV Shipments to Quadruple Through 2008

A Sharper View of a Tilted Planet

Wednesday, 17 November

Microsoft Wins Over SBC for TV Over IP. The telecom carrier taps the Redmond platform for 'triple play' service delivery.

Try Scratching This DVD. Researchers at TDK have developed a tough new coating that promises to make scratched DVDs a thing of the past.

Dell Confirms Thermal Issues. Several Dell desktop models introduced in the third quarter may have heat pipe thermal module issues. The issue was isolated to a specific version of the OptiPlex GX280 SMT chassis.

Three Holes Found in Internet Explorer. No. Surely Not.

NASA Scramjet Smashes Speed Record

Simple Wire Picks-up Terahertz Waves

Leonid Meteor Shower Peaks This Week

Humans Were Born to Run

Tuesday, 16 November

Microsoft's Windows Update Services Looms On The Horizon. With Windows Update Services, Microsoft hopes to reduce a lot of the pain and expense surrounding patch management.

Intel reaches Pentium 4 speed limit at 3.8 GHz. Intel introduced a 3.8-GHz Pentium 4 processor in what could represent the end of an era for the chip maker.

AMD Hatches New Naming Plan for Chip Generations. At Advanced Micro Devices, the Ks have faded away.

Intel Releases BTX-compatible Products for Channel Sales. Intel introduced a series of BTX (Balanced Technology Extended)-compatible products, including boxed processors, thermal modules, motherboards, chassis and power supplies.

Microsoft Offers Goodies to Lure Novell customers. Firm will pay some transition costs for companies that want to move from the NetWare OS onto servers running Windows.

Nichia, Sony Develop Laser Coupler for Optical Disks. Nichia and Sony have developed an integrated, dual wavelength laser coupler that simplifies design of optical disk systems.

SBC to Launch VoIP Over DSL. The carrier also readies a more ambitious fiber-based offering.

Seagate's 400GB Barracuda Drive Is Shipping

Wireless to Drive Internet Growth, Tech Leaders Say

Europe Reaches the Moon

Martian Methane Resuscitates Hope for Life on the Red Planet

Discovery of Real-time Natural Gas Formation From Coal

Laser Radar System Finding More Uses

Compound in Apples May Help Fight Alzheimer’s Disease

Monday, 15 November

Microsoft Inks Tech Deals With India's Infosys, Wipro. Microsoft signed software partnerships Monday with India's leading outsourcing firms, Infosys Technologies and Wipro, and stepped up plans to hire more programmers in India.

Soyo to Quit Motherboard Business. Second-tier motherboard maker Soyo Computer plans to phase out production of its motherboards and instead focus on development and distribution of computer-related upstream components and plastic materials.

PC Shipments Fall; Cameras, Plasma TVs, Music Players Rise. A lack of consumer excitement over the desktop leads to weaker-than-expected sales.

Adobe Beefs Up Acrobat. Adobe unveiled the latest version of its electronic document software, Acrobat 7.0.

20 GB Red Laser, High-Definition Versatile MultiLayer Discs

New Transistor Laser Could Lead To Faster Signal Processing

Friday, 12 November

Sharp Unveils Blu-ray DVD Recorder Amid Format War. The recorder will be able to record 19 hours of high-definition digital television.

Dell Profit Surges, Sees Record 3Q Sales. Fueled by double digit growth in the corporate and government sectors both domestically and abroad, personal computer giant Dell posted record third quarter sales and saw profits surge 25 percent.

Dell Close to Adopting AMD Chips. Dell president and CEO Kevin Rollins indicated that the company is actively considering including AMD processors in its server roster in the foreseeable future.

DRAM Sees $6.9B Quarter. Micron ties Hynix for second place, as Elpida and Samsung continue their growth in Q3,

Parsons: AOL Warns Subscribers Re Broadband Service. An idea whose time has passed? America Online told broadband subscribers in nine southern states to seek a new high-speed carrier by Jan. 17.

Security Firm Reports Ten New XP SP2 Flaws. U.S. security firm Finjan Software says it has found 10 major security flaws in Microsoft's Windows XP Service Pack 2.

Google Desktop Security Warning Issued. The most significant threat is when desktop search is used while connected to a virtual private network (VPN).

Latest Adaptive Optic Images Of Uranus Surpass Hubble

Designing an Ultrasensitive 'Optical Nose' for Chemicals

Close View of Phobos

Nature-of-Water Question Makes Another Splash

Wednesday, 10 November

Study: Videoconferencing Drives Global IP Telephony Growth. IP telephony is growing rapidly worldwide, in large part due to the adoption of IP-based videoconferencing by multinationals, according to a survey by Integrated Research.

DSL Wars Come Down to a Battle of the Bundles. Consumers need to double-check the math to make sure a discount on one product translates into a deal overall.

Almost half of world’s top 500 supercomputers now powered by Intel Xeon processors. In the 24th edition of the TOP500 List of World’s Fastest Supercomputers released on November 8, 232 of the systems included are powered by Intel Xeon processors.

Microsoft to Launch New Search Engine Technology. Microsoft is set to unleash its much-anticipated search technology on Thursday, as it ramps up efforts to take on market leader Google.

Windows XP Update Starts to Weed-out Pirate Keys. Pirates invited to upgrade or validate.

IP VPN Use Will Skyrocket In 2005

Big Dig Found Riddled With Leaks

Tuesday, 9 November

New MyDoom Variant Exploits IE Flaw. A new variant of the MyDoom worm that exploits an unpatched flaw in the Internet Explorer is posing particular risk to home and small business users.

Firefox Makes It Official. Mozilla is ready to rumble with its 'feature complete' version of the popular underdog browser.

iWARP: Reducing Ethernet Overhead in Data Center Designs. After five months of work, the RDMA Consortium released the iWARP standard as an extension to TCP/IP.

FCC Further Deregulates Net Calls. The nation's top telephone regulators further deregulated Internet phone services.

Microsoft Sees $100 Million First Day for Halo 2. First-day sales of new video game "Halo 2" will reach $100 million.

Sharp's Unveils 23-Inch IT-TV. The IT-23M1U is a 23-inch, wide-aspect-ratio display that functions as both a PC monitor and a digital, HDTV-compatible LCD TV (complete with remote control operation).

Light for the Next Generation of Chips

Virgin Galactic, Space for the Rest of Us

Nuclear Fusion Negotiations Go Critical

A Chocolate Snack Can Lower Cholesterol Levels

Monday, 8 November

ATI Launches New Radeon Xpress 200 Chipsets for AMD K8 Platform. ATI Technologies today announced the availability of its new Radeon Xpress 200 series of core logic chipsets for the AMD K8 desktop platform.

Novell Rejoins Desktop Fight, With Linux As Ally. Looking to tap into discontent with Microsoft, Novell is set to deliver this week a package of Linux-based software for the PC that includes Office-like productivity applications, along with e-mail and Web-browsing programs.

Semiconductor Dip to Come Earlier, Renesas Says. Renesas Technology Corp. executives are forecasting a slowdown in 2005, earlier than previously expected.

Gateway Shows Cool, New Desktops. E-Series PCs use BTX chassis design to alleviate heating concerns.

Microsoft Settles Antitrust Charges With Novell. Redmond is also slated to make support payments to the computer industry association to forestall any future EU antitrust roadblocks.

Phishers Up Scam Ante With New Tactic. Phishers are using a money-scamming technique that can fool even the most cautious consumer.

Prize Aims for Orbiting Space Tourists

Vision of the Future: Laws of Optics in a New Way

Something Oozed On Titan's Surface

Friday, 5 November

Payrolls Grow in October. The 337,000 job additions are nearly double what economists had forecast.

Spam Scam Lands 'Em in the Can. Jeremy Jaynes of Raleigh, North Carolina, one of the Internet's top-10 spammers, according to watchdogs, was convicted in the first felony spam case.

Attack code Exploits New IE Bug. Security researchers are warning that exploit code is circulating for a newly discovered security vulnerability in Microsoft's Internet Explorer web browser.

Phishers Adopt Scam Tricks From Virus Writers. Dangerous new ways to try to steal your money are in progress.

Microsoft Commits to XML Docs for Long Term. Microsoft has committed in perpetuity to a royalty-free license of Office-related XML document formats.

Memories May Mark Early Beachhead for Nanotech. Nanotechnology is moving forward on several fronts with semiconductor memories expected to be one of its first major beachheads in electronics.

2005 Sales to Grow on Memory, iSuppli Says. Bucking numbers from other industry watchers, iSuppli says next year will see 9.6 percent semiconductor sales growth.

Integration, Security, Hosted Apps Grow. Worldwide software revenue grew 5.1 percent to $178 billion in 2003 and is projected to rise to $189 billion in 2004, according to new figures from IDC.

Like Old Faithful: Researchers Describe How Natural Nuclear Reactor Worked

Tuesday, 2 November

Polymer Electronics Yet to realize Its Promise. Despite lagging in switching speed and reliability, the electronics industry remains bullish on the prospects for polymer electronics.

The Fox Cometh. For the sixth month in a row, the market share of open source browsers Mozilla and FireFox and Apple's Safari browser have grown, slowly eroding Microsoft Internet Explorer's (IE) market share in the process.

Innovative 'Chip-Sandwich' Increases Memory Capacity More Than a Hundredfold. Uses an innovative "chip-sandwich" technique that involves face-to-face interconnection.

PC Processor Sales Up in September. But couch potato index shows no electronics binge.

Spyware Becomes Scourge of Internet. "It makes spam look like a walk in the park."

Research On "Holes" May Unearth Causes Of Superconductivity

Bulgaria Strikes Gold in Hunt for Ancient Thracians

Storm Alley on Saturn

Monday, 1 November

SIA: Q3 Global Chip Sales Up 27%. September chip sales pulled through for Q3, despite evidence of ongoing inventory correction in some segments.

First Ultra-Thin Multilayer Circuit Board Fabricated. Seiko Epson Corporation today announced that it has succeeded in leveraging its proprietary inkjet technology to develop ultra-thin 20-layer circuit board.

PC Users Take Out Spyware Frustrations On Vendors. Tech companies face heat over spyware-induced snafus.

Toshiba Offers Notebook Component Recall. Yes, HP had problems too, remember?

Spooky Star Forming Region DR 6

October 2004






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