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May 2004

Sunday, 30 May

Friday, 28 May

Networked Homes Move Closer to Reality. At the Samsung Tower Palace, even the refrigerators are logged onto the Net.

Symantec Nabs First 64-bit Virus. Symantec Corp. has captured an example of what is believed to be the first virus that targets 64-bit Microsoft Corp. Windows operating systems, the company said.

Hard Times for Hard Disk Drive Companies. Disk drive makers face an "extremely competitive pricing environment" and grim profit prospects, Credit Suisse First Boston says.

Spamhaus Assaults 'Great Wall of Spam'

Thursday, 27 May

Buffalo Spammer Gets Slammer. A New York man convicted of using the Internet to send out hundreds of millions of unsolicited commercial (spam) e-mail was sentenced to between three-and-a -half and seven years in prison.

Yahoo Adds Antispyware Service to Yoolbar. Users can scan for and delete the small software applications often responsible for displaying pop-up ads, redirecting search results and changing the user's homepage...

Wireless Network to Turn City into One Big Hot Spot. The upscale suburb of Chaska, Minn., will soon become one of the few, but growing, U.S. cities almost entirely within a 'hot spot' of high-speed wireless access to the Internet.

Retailers Prepare for New LCOS-based HDTVs. New high-definition TV receivers based on liquid-crystal-on-silicon technology are arriving. New Display Techs Unveiled at SID.

Top 10 DVD Drives

Nanomagnets Tapped to Generate Microwave Fields

Dinosaurs Died Within Hours of Asteroid Impact

Shields Up!

Wednesday, 26 May

Comcast to Launch Phone Service. Comcast, the nation's largest cable television operator, said it will offer telephone service to more than 40 million households in 2006.

Novell's Big Linux Year. A year after launching its Linux strategy, Novell makes strides in its quest to return to profitability and woos thousands of developers to its cause.

Wireless Broadband Tops Empire State Building

Tuesday, 25 May

U.S. Server Sales Still Rising. IBM continues to lead the pack in revenue generated from U.S. server sales, garnering almost $1.5 billion in the first quarter.

Enabling File Sharing Over the WAN. Designers need to deliver systems that effectively handle file transfers across the WANs. Fortunately, WAFS boxes provide a strong alternative.

Microsoft Extends Product Support To 10 Years. Extra three years of extended support is an acknowledgement of tighter IT budgets and longer product life cycles.

Windows XP SP2 Inches Closer. Microsoft moves to squash some last-minute bugs and meet the deadline for a full release of the Windows security overhaul.

Universe Measured: We're 156 Billion Light-years Wide!

Monday, 24 May

Spam Now Two Thirds of All E-mail. There is no sign of relief for companies already overwhelmed by the sheer volume of spam. In fact, one company reported 99.8 percent of its e-mail was unsolicited.

Split Approach to 802.11 MAC Processing. To meet the emerging real-time demands of WLAN networks, designers can turn to a split media access control architecture that distributes processing tasks between access points and centralized switch.

Microsoft Talks Team Systems at TechEd. Microsoft will spotlight Visual Studio Team Systems -- a tools platform designed to help programmers work together more efficiently -- this week at its annual TechEd conference.

AMD Continues Shift Away From Megahertz Race. In the latest step away from the megahertz race, AMD said it will use a "performance-power rating" to name its embedded processors.

Xerox Revolutionizes Displays. Xerox explores new technology to make display screens that roll up like paper.

Start-up Looks to Add Pluck to Browsers. Start-up Pluck has launched its first product, a set of tools designed to help people add capabilities to the Internet Explorer.

Plastic, Not Glass, to Spawn New Breed of Thin, Flexible Displays

Particles Offer a Window Into Building Blocks of Universe

Friday, 21 May

FBI Plans Spammer Smackdown. Not one bulk e-mailer has been criminally charged under the law so far, but the FBI says it's targeting 50 of the most noxious spammers for prosecution.

Tech Training Tax-credit Bill Introduced. The Technology Retraining and Investment Now Act of 2004 would allow a tax credit of up to $4,000 on qualified expenses used for technology-related training.

IBM Seeks to Force SCO's Hand in Lawsuit. IBM has filed new documents in its legal dispute accusing SCO of having no evidence to back up its copyright infringement claims.

E-Commerce Sales Fell in First Quarter. U.S. retail sales over the Internet fell 11.4 percent in the first quarter of 2004, but rose 28.1 percent over the same period a year earlier

Earth is No Longer the 3rd Rock from the Sun

Ancient Continents Sent Flying

Sun Was Born in a Violent Burst, Experts Say

Thursday, 20 May

Replacement Cycle Expected to Spur PC Shipment Spike. Worldwide PC shipments are set to bound 13.6 percent this year over last, driven by a Y2K replacement cycle and the loosening of corporate purse strings amid signs of economic growth, Gartner.

Cisco: Third Batch of One Million IP Phones Sold-out In Eight Months. Cisco Systems, the largest IP phone vendor, announced it has sold more than three million IP phones worldwide since they were first introduced in 1999.

CAN-SPAM Leaves Lid Wide Open. Despite the passage of the CAN-SPAM Act, in-boxes are still being flooded by junk e-mail.

AMD Woos System Builders. Advanced Micro Devices wants to be seen as a leader, not a follower.

Is Linus Torvalds Really the Father of Linux? It's hard to imagine that Linus Torvalds could have launched Linux without directly using earlier operating system work, according to a report that has become controversial even before its scheduled publication Thursday.

Toronto Firm Snares Intel in Patent Suit. All Computers sues the chipmaker for $500M, claiming the rights to technology used in Pentium chips.

Epson Demonstrates 40-inch OLED Display. Seiko Epson has developed a 40-inch diagonal organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display prototype and announced that it will offer polymer-based OLED products beginning in 2007, perhaps including a 40-inch OLED TV.

Lockheed Launches High Definition TV Satellite

Canada's on the Up - US Is Going Down

Recycled Materials Make 100-year 'Long Life' Bridges Possible

Wednesday, 19 May

Google Moves Toward Clash With Microsoft. Edging closer to a direct confrontation with Microsoft, Google is preparing to introduce a powerful file and text software search tool for locating information stored on personal computers.

Two New Worms Follow Sasser Route. Investigations into recent increases in port 5000 scans have revealed the existence of two new worms: Bobax and Kibuv which can turn infected computers into spam factories.

'Extremely Critical' Security Hole Found In Mac OS X. It affects all Mac OS X users who surf the Web using either Apple Computer's Safari Web browsers or Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

Office 2004 for Mac Hits Store Shelves. Microsoft makes the next Office release for Mac OS X generally available, though the edition bundled with Virtual PC 7 remains delayed until the fall.

It's a PC and TV! The Sony VAIO PCV-V200G is a good PVR PC and an even better TV/PC.

Via Processor Upgrade Targets 'Digital Home.' The C5J core, code named "Esther," is made using IBM's 90- nanometer SOI process, pushes clock speed to 1 GHz while reducing power consumption to 3.5 W.

Telco TV Taking Off. Competitive threats and fixed line revenue pressures are encouraging telcos to become active in offering digital TV to their subscribers. TI DSL and DSPs Enable Video Network's HomeChoice IP-based On-Demand Internet and TV Service.

Hardware Hardball. HP reported record revenue even as it remained locked in a pitched battle with archrival Dell. Both are benefiting from an upturn in corporate and consumer technology spending.

Samsung Expects Computer Memory Shortage to Continue. Prices of dynamic RAM chips have soared since the start of the year because of tight supplies.

South Korea Vies for Regional Status With New Songdo City

The Universe is Expanding at an Ever Increasing Pace

Tuesday, 18 May

AMD Ships New Opterons. AMD has begun shipping three new processors in its Opteron line, including a high-end version of the 64-bit processor that it says provides improved performance in four-way, X86-based deployments.

Outlook 2003 Bypass Flaw Reported. Researchers warn of a bug in Microsoft Outlook 2003 that could allow malicious hackers to perform illegal actions through e-mails.

Wireless LANs Find Their Voice. Developments in wireless voice-over-IP technology have pushed wireless IP headsets, Star Trek-like voice-activated communicators and software phones from bleeding edge to mainstream.

Best High-End Cameras. The 8-megapixel race is on: Canon, Nikon, and Olympus join Sony in offering high-end consumer models with 8-megapixel CCDs.

Wi-Fi Networks Can Be Jammed From PDAs. Wi-Fi networks can be jammed using nothing more sophisticated than a PDA and an off-the-shelf wireless networking card.

Apple Seeks Patent for See-through Windows. Apple Computer is looking to patent a method of making windows within the operating system translucent, a feature that Microsoft plans to add to the next version of Windows.

Scientist Solves Mystery of Earth's Wobble

First Amateur Rocket Blasts Into Space

Monday, 17 May

Sony's Unveils Blue Laser Disk Family. Sony will begin shipping its blue laser-based Professional Disk for DATA (ProDATA) next month, offering storage capacity of up to 23 GB on a disk.

AMD’s Ruiz Says Desktop Dual Cores Feasible. And shows delight that Intel’s copied AMD64.

Cisco Looking Into Source-code Leak. Russian security site SecurityLab.ru reported Saturday that the operating system code, which is used to power a majority of Cisco's networking devices, was stolen from the company's corporate network, with some of it leaked onto the Internet.

Internet Phone Service Vonage Hits 155,000 Users. Vonage, which provides phone service over high-speed Internet lines, said it had hit the 155,000 customers mark and was adding more than 20,000 users a month.

3-Day Nirvana for Game Lovers Unveils New Software

Scientists Discover Secret Of Dolphin Speed

Friday, 14 May

'Dabber' Worm Targets Computers Through Sasser. The computer worm is the first parasite of a parasite, and uses a software bug in the 'Sasser' worm to spread.

DoS Vulnerability Threatens Wireless Networks. Australia's computer emergency response team has identified a vulnerability in the 802.11 wireless specification that could open wireless networks to denial-of-service attacks.

Security and 64 bits Coming to Intel's Prescott in June. Prescott supports the NX (no execute) feature designed to prevent worms and viruses from executing dangerous code through the exploitation of buffer overflows.

Intel Shows off Montecito Itanium. 1.7 billion transistors, dual core.

Dell Earns $731M, but Memory Price, Inventory Gains Prompt Concerns. Quarterly income surged 22 percent at Dell Computer, which saw record sales, but rising inventory levels and higher costs for memory chips concerned some analysts.

UPS to Recycle Gear for Tech Companies. United Parcel Service has announced a new service for companies that want to recycle used and worn-out electronic devices and components collected from their customers.

Yahoo Takes-on Google with Extra Mail Storage. Not to be outdone by Google recent bold e-mail offering, Yahoo said that it plans to dramatically raise the storage limit given to its free e-mail users...

Antivirus Firms Warn Of Growing 'Bot' Networks. Hackers are amassing a vast network of infected systems that could be used to steal personal information and launch large-scale denial-of-service attacks.

Advertisers Return to Web, Spending Seen at Record

Micro-sculptures Give Metal the Velcro Touch

Private Manned Rocket Soars to 211,400 Feet Over Mojave Desert

Thursday, 13 May

Symantec, Norton Need Vital Patches in Next 24 Hours. Almost the entire range of Symantec security software, from Norton Internet Security through to the Symantec Firewall require urgent updates.

Wallon Worm Skirts Around Windows Patch Release. A new worm, dubbed Wallon.A, arrives on the Internet, requiring a convoluted infection process. Skipping from page to page, the worm arrives on the host following a call to Windows Media Player.

Mac Trojan Set Loose—More to Come? A malicious Trojan for Mac OS X purports to be a version of Office 2004 for Mac; is the platform on the verge of increased attention from virus writers?

VoIP Can Be Vulnerable To Hackers, Too. As VoIP sweeps across the high-technology landscape, many IT managers think Internet phoning is relatively secure. Maybe not.

Good for you, good for Microsoft - Here Comes WinXP SP2. You know it makes sense...

Microsoft Exec Nails-down Windows Server Roadmap. Microsoft this week cleared up its murky road map for Windows Server -- setting 2005 for a product update code-named R2 and 2007 for the next major release, known as Longhorn.

Quantum Trick May Multiply CD Capacity. A law of classical physics is defied by two teams of physicists who have 'entangled' photons in a way which could allow denser data storage. Physicists 'Entangle' Light, Pave Way To Atomic-scale Measurements. University of Toronto physicists have developed a way to entangle photons which could ultimately lead to an extremely precise new measurement system.

Ultra Wideband Divided. Two camps push competing specifications for the UWB physical layer, seeking alternative to get around a deadlock at IEEE.

Guide to Confusing Intel Technology. U-turns of our time.

Personal Printers: The Essential Buying Guide. The good news: There are tons of excellent printer options. The bad: Same thing.

Qualcomm Offers Chips to Allow 6-Megapixel Cameras. Mobile phone technology provider Qualcomm unveiled a new line of chips with ultra-high resolution camera features...

Sony and IBM Will Unveil a Cell-based Workstation by the End of 2004

Mandrakesoft Alerts Users to EU Software Threat

Google to Place Ads with Images. In a key departure from its text-only advertising strategy, search engine leader Google said that will it begin to accept the banner-like image ads that are common on other parts of the Internet.

Super-Scanner Sizes Up Clothes Horses. A new digital scanner plots 200,000 data points on a person to help produce, designers claim, better custom-made clothes than a human can create.

Mimicking Humpback Whale Flippers May Improve Airplane Wing Design. The flipper with tubercles (bumps) produced as much as 32 percent lower drag than the sleek flipper.

'Dead Man's Hand' Scores Bull's-Eye in Old West

Yale Scientist Finds Clues to String Theory

Wednesday, 12 May

Sony, Nintendo Wow Games Fans with New Handhelds. Sony threw down the gauntlet to handheld video game leader Nintendo, unveiling its new PlayStation Portable (PSP) with far-reaching multimedia capabilities.

Senate Passes Business Tax Cuts. Attempting to halt a trade war with Europe, the Senate approved $170 billion in tax cuts for U.S. companies, including a provision coveted by Silicon Valley high-tech giants to temporarily slash the levy on foreign earnings returned to the United States.

Building a Wireless Nervous System. The Internet has transformed the way people exchange information and ideas, but what if computer networks could sense motion, light, heat or pressure?

Judge Hears Arguments in Novell-SCO Suit. A federal judge heard arguments from Novell Inc. and The SCO Group Inc. in a Utah court Tuesday in the "slander of title" case brought by SCO against Novell last January.

MS Patches Windows Code Execution Flaw. A Help and Support Center flaw leaves Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 users are at risk of remote code execution attacks.

DVD Rot, or Not? The lowdown on "DVD rot," and a look at delamination, hub cracks, and other problems that can render your discs unplayable.

Computer Chip Noise May Betray Code

The Tails of Comet NEAT (Q4)

Wetter World Counters Greenhouse Gases

Tuesday, 11 May

Microsoft Readies XP Update Giveaway. Microsoft says it will give away Service Pack 2 for Windows XP, but remains coy about the exact nature of "XP Reloaded."

April Shipments Down 14% From March for Top Four Taiwan Mobo Makers

Anonymous File-swapping Programmer Arrested. A professor at Tokyo University has been arrested and charged with copyright offences, after developing software to allow covert file-sharing.

Wireless Access Up 145% In 2003. "Wireless Internet trial and usage in leading-edge and advancing markets is rapidly expanding with double and, in many countries, triple-digit growth."

Microsoft Says Bye-Bye to Wi-Fi. Despite quickly becoming one of the leading sellers of wireless networking products, Microsoft has decided to discontinue its entire line of Wi-Fi gear...

Next Stop For 1394: Wireless World. The 1394 Trade Association has approved a specification for the development of wireless FireWire applications.

First Tests of Intel's New Pentium M. Vendors snap up 'Dothan' for speedy notebooks with long battery life.

Top 15 Notebooks. Newcomers from HP and Toshiba slip onto the chart in the desktop replacement and all-purpose notebook divisions, respectively.

Scientists Prepare for Rare Astronomical Event. ...an astronomical event that has not occurred for 122 years -- the transit of the planet Venus across the sun.

Monday, 10 May

Makers of White-box Super Computers Hit Their Stride. Thunder, a supercomputer recently installed at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, is possibly the second-most powerful computing machine on the planet--and it was built by a company with about as many employees as a real estate office.

Intel Launches Dothan Laptop Chips. Intel launched three updated versions of its Pentium M processors, a line of chips for laptop computers, on Monday as the company looks to build on its success with wireless Internet access using laptop PCs.

New Networking Wares On Tap at NetWorld+Interop. Several networking and videoconferencing vendors are slated to unveil new products at NetWorld+Interop in Las Vegas this week that they hope will help channel partners target new markets.

Major Passive Component Makers Post Strong April Revenues. Leading Taiwan-based passive component makers see the second quarter’s revenues remaining flat on quarter despite posting strong April revenues last Friday, according to sources.

Wi-Fi Mobile Phones Could Be Next Trend in Thrift. Mobile phone maker Motorola plans to introduce a device that would seamlessly switch calls from cellular networks to cheaper Wi-Fi networks wherever they're available.

Despite Arrest, New Variant of Sasser Worm Appears. Despite the arrest Friday of the suspected author of the Sasser worm that affected millions of computers worldwide last week, a new variant of the worm appeared Sunday, according to computer security organizations.

HP Machine Targets Gamers. New Compaq X can be tailored to enthusiast's needs.

Microsoft Aims to Bridge Gap to Longhorn Release. Facing its longest-ever lag between major Windows releases, Microsoft Corp. has promised to make its current operating system more secure and compatible with powerful personal computers to spur new sales of Windows XP.

SCO Investor Retreats. The SCO Group says the Royal Bank of Canada has sold two-thirds of its investment in SCO.

Molecule Cuts-off Fat's Food Supply

Friday, 7 May

Intel Hastily Redraws Road Maps. Intel has redrawn its product plans for 2005, shelving two chips and announcing vague plans about the processors that will come out next year.

Dell to Release Complete PC Orders to Taiwanese Companies. "No touch" strategy.

Opticom Stops Polymer Memory Development with Intel. The wheels of collaboration on organic thin-film transistors come to a grinding halt between Opticom ASA and Intel.

China Shuts More Than 8,600 Internet Cafes. China has shut down more than 8,600 Internet cafes since February, many of them for illegally admitting juveniles, the official Xinhua News Agency reports.

Wi-Fi Security Standard to Require New Hardware. In June the IEEE is expected to finally ratify the 802.11i security standard that uses for the first time AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) technology, a powerful 128-bit encryption technology.

But Will Your Shoe's Operating System Need Upgrading?

Launch Delayed for European Space Shuttle

Thursday, 6 May

Outsourcing Backlash Targets India. special report: Many U.S. tech businesses say they are adamant about keeping IP at home for now, even if they are considering some form of foreign outsourcing.

Rambus Sues Four Memory-chip Makers. Ensuring that it will be fighting in the courts for years to come, Rambus filed an antitrust lawsuit against four major memory-chip manufacturers.

AMD Ships Mobile 64-Bit Processors. Chip maker Advanced Micro Devices has begun shipping two new low-power 64-bit mobile processors, hoping it can continue to push its AMD64 technology into the high-growth notebook space.

Gartner: Worms Jack Up the Total Cost of Windows. Researcher suggests boosting spending on patch management and intrusion prevention software to keep ahead of worms.

Did You See the Gorilla?

Wednesday, 5 May

Gates: 64-Bit Desktop Computing Will Be Mainstream In Two Years. Bill Gates predicted that 64-bit computing will become mainstream in the PC industry over the next two years because of 32-bit extended technology that preserves customers' existing investments. Microsoft Preps Midlife Kickers for Windows XP.

Texas Instruments Demonstrates Split-Chassis PC Platform at WinHEC. At the heart of the demonstration, is an x1 PCI Express interface running over a cable, supporting full PCI Express performance of 2.5Gbps bi-directional throughput.

Sasser Worm Attack On The Decline. Sasser's spread began to stabilize Tuesday, but not after infecting hundreds of thousands of computers since Friday.

Entertainment Central. Linking your PC to your stereo and television has never been easier, thanks to the media hub.

Hard Drives Will Soon Plug into DVRs. Storage vendors expect big demand in external storage for video recording devices.

SCO Cuts Jobs. SCO laid off a "small" number of employees late last week as part of an effort to make its Unix products group profitable.

Apple Sells 3.3 Million Songs on iTunes in Week

Sony Launches Competitor to iTunes

Digital Camera Shipments Up 71%; Vendors Slash Memory-card Prices

It's Time For Hubble-2

Tuesday, 4 May

Poll Shows Support for Offshoring Tax. More than 40 percent of U.S. technology executives surveyed would be willing to pay higher taxes to compensate for jobs they send offshore.

Wintel Forces Drive Toward Ethernet Convergence. Microsoft said it would support a new architecture for offloading TCP/IP to silicon in its Windows Server operating system.

Sasser Infections Hit Amex, Others. Security experts are continuing to issue warnings about the Sasser Internet worm as organizations struggled to clean up the damage caused by infected hosts. Microsoft Pursues Sasser Author. System Check and Removel Tool.

Apple Issues Monster Patch for Mac OS X. Mac OS X users are at risk of system hijack, security bypass, DoS attacks and other threats.

Red Hat Introduces Desktop Linux Competitor. Due midmonth, Red Hat Desktop will take on desktop alternatives from Novell and Sun. The company said costs will be around $6 per seat.

50 Million Web Sites Served, and Counting. Netcraft's survey of Web servers sheds some light on the expanding dot-com universe, but the ISC's numbers throw a floodlight on the stats.

Wi-Fi Networking: Rated "G" for Everyone. A look at the latest "g" and "a/g" routers for the home and small office.

Forbes: AMD Desktops Outsell Intel. AMD accounted for 52% of all retail desktop-PC sales for the week ended April 24, compared with Intel's 47%. Intel still leads in notebook sales with 81%.

Miniature Earth Observer Put to Many Uses

Grow Your Own Teeth

Monday, 3 May

Sasser Worms Strike Recent Windows Weakness. Internet security companies issued severe alerts concerning a dangerous new family of worms called "Sasser." Sasser Worm Strikes Hundreds of Thousands of PCs. "If you take a normal Windows PC and connect to the Internet, you will be infected in 10 minutes (without protection)." Internet worm paralyzes third of Taiwan's national post office.

Global Chip Sales Recovery Accelerates in March. Global sales of chips continued to accelerate in March, rising 32.3 percent year-on-year, as producers of communication devices and computers fueled demand for semiconductors.

Windows XP Sales on the Upswing. New PC sales of Windows XP have grown to more than 210 million copies since the product was launched two and a half years ago.

VIA Back in Black; SiS Still in the Red. After four consecutive losing quarters, VIA Technologies rebounded to post pre-tax profits of NT$49 million in the first quarter of this year, according to sources at the chipset maker.

Soft Errors Become Hard Truth for Logic. Those nasty neutrons that have plagued memory chip designers for the past two decades are now giving logic designers a headache.

Intel Looks to Speed Up Data Centers. Through integration and process innovations, the semiconductor giant says it has created a multimode fiber server adapter at 10GbE speeds that costs under $5K.

Maxtor QuickView Consumer Hard Drives Reach The Eight Million Mark. Maxtor QuickView consumer electronics (CE) hard drives are specially designed for digital video recorders (DVRs), set-top boxes (STBs) and game consoles.

Seagate Launches New Program to Enable Expandable In-Home DVR Storage. Cable and Satellite TV service operators can leverage Seagate external storage products, call centers and marketing to offer subscribers modular storage products for TV.


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