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July 2004

Friday, 30 July

Manufacturing Down in June. Electronics shipments were down for the month, but put in perspective the year is still shaping up to be a winner.

Global DRAM Sales Up 20 Percent in Second Quarter. Samsung Electronics was the leading vender of DRAM, with revenue reaching 1.98 billion dollars...

Intel Delays 4GHz Chip Until Next Year. Intel won't ship a 4GHz version of the Pentium 4 until the first quarter of 2005, the latest in a series of delays for the chipmaking giant.

Glitch Locks Out Money Users. Microsoft too slow to acknowledge, fix the problem, dozens of customers charge.

Michigan City Turns on Citywide Wi-Fi. The city of Grand Haven, Mich., yesterday turned on a Wi-Fi network designed to provide high-speed Internet access throughout the city, support VoIP phone calls and provide service to boaters on Lake Michigan.

US to Halt Nuclear Fusion Project

Thursday, 29 July

Crafting Distributed Software for Stackable Switches. Building a distributed software platform is a challenging task that requires careful design.

RFID Hack Could Allow Retail Fraud. New tool allows modifications of the code stored within RFID tags, potentially allowing consumers to buy caviar for the price of a dozen eggs.

NASA to Build 10,000-Processor Linux Computer. Agency will build largest ever supercomputer based on SGI's 512-processor Altix computers.

Apple 'Stunned' Over RealNetworks iPod Move. Apple said it is looking into the legal implications of RealNetworks move to allow users to transfer songs purchased on the RealPlayer music service to Apple's iPod.

Labor Group: Microsoft Offshoring Work on Longhorn

Simpler Pump Boosts Failing Hearts

Brain Not Body Makes Athletes feel Tired

New Theory Links Neutrino's Slight Mass To Accelerating Universe Expansion

Wednesday, 28 July

Microsoft Delays 64-bit Windows, Windows Server Update.
Windows Server 2003 for 64-bit Extended Systems and Windows XP 64-bit Edition will not be available until the first half of 2005.

AMD Marches on Sempron. HP joins the company's low-power chips in direct competition with Intel's Celeron for desktop and notebook PCs.

Judge: RIAA Can Unmask File Swappers. A federal judge has handed a preliminary victory to the recording industry by granting its request to unmask anonymous file swappers accused of copyright infringement.

TV Shopping Guide

New Computer Chip Poised to Combat Cell Phone Background Noise

A Cygnus Starfield

Tuesday, 27 July

Microsoft Releases Major Office Update. Microsoft released the first major update for Office 2003 today, but analysts say the collection of bug and performance fixes is unlikely to spur a significant boost in sales.

HD DVD Poised for Prime Time in Japan Next Year. HD DVD promoters in Japan are launching a promotional campaign highlighted by product releases and specifications that could bring the technology to market in 2005.

DVD's Next Big Leaps. DVD is picking up speed and storage capacity--but format wars and high prices may mean a wait for the most advanced new technologies.

Verizon's Earnings Soar Past Expectations. A 25 percent surge in wireless services sales helped boost Verizon second-quarter profit five times higher from a year ago.

High-tech Employment Numbers Drop in Second Quarter. The overall number of U.S. workers employed in four IT-related occupations dropped by about 9,000 people from the first to second quarter.

E-mail Harvesting Virus Crashes Google. MyDoom.o also slowed or stopped traffic on three other major search engines - Lycos, Yahoo and Altavista. I hardly had a problem with google yesterday.

Heating-up a Cold Theory

Monday, 26 July

Seagate Announces 5-Year Warranty. Seagate announced it has introduced a 5-year warranty, effective immediately, on every Seagate internal PC, notebook and enterprise hard drive shipped through its distribution and retail channels.

HP to Dick Tracy: Bet Your Phone Can't Do This. HP is introducing its first iPaq handheld that can easily switch between traditional cellular and Wi-Fi networks.

Sun Ships New AMD-Based Server, Workstations. AMD and Sun are hoping to build on their alliance, as Sun moves to ship three new systems based on AMD's Opteron chips.

Notebook as Desktop Replacement Trend Slows. Global shipments of desktops are likely to grow 7-10% this year, as opposed to the previously estimated 3%.

Hynix Hits Highest Quarterly Profits Ever. Hynix Semiconductor reports its highest quarterly profits -- $585 million for its Q2 -- since the company was formed in 1983.

Google Sets IPO Price Range. When Google commences its unorthodox IPO (initial public offering), it expects shares to begin trading in the range of $108 to $135 each...

Low-Scale Desktop Software Pushed Again As Windows Alternative. IBM is betting that with some tweaks, thin-client technology can become a big hit, challenging the traditional approach pushed by Microsoft.

SCO Gets KO'd. Didja see what happened last week in that Michigan courtroom? Sure, Judge Rae Lee Chabot threw out virtually all of The SCO's lawsuit against DaimlerChrysler (see story). But that's not the really interesting part.

A Large Active Region Crosses the Sun

CERN's New Particle Accelerator Promises Window on Big Bang

Friday, 23 July

LEDs Poised to Replace Light Bulbs. A recent advance in light-emitting diodes may illuminate the path to replacing light bulbs with LEDs within the next five years.

RFID Everywhere--Dogs, Watches, Kids ... Maker of radio frequency identification chips wins a $600 million deal to insert chips in dogs.

US E-mail Privacy Bill Introduced. Four U.S. House members, reacting to a June court ruling that opened up e-mail to snooping by ISPs (Internet service providers), have introduced a bill that would add privacy protections to e-mail.

9/11 Report. Amazon.com carries it for less than $10. Other Internet book sellers have it, as well. .pdf versions are available on-line. Search google.com to find them.

Thursday, 22 July

AT&T to Stop Marketing Traditional Service. The nation's largest long-distance company will stop seeking new customers for its traditional consumer long-distance service.

Verizon Launches Nationwide Internet Calling Service. Verizon, the nation's largest phone company, has launched a nationwide Internet calling service that's expected to give a major boost to the low-cost communications technology.

Software Pirate Receives 5.5-year Sentence. The leader of Europe's largest known software counterfeiting network, was sentenced by a German judge with five and half years in prison without probation.

Florida Hacker Indicted in Big Online Theft Case. A 144-count indictment has been filed against Scott Levine.

Australian Law Claims Spam Success. The Spam Act 2003 has led to the closure of several major Australian-based spammers, the Australian communications Authority (ACA) claimed today.

Russian Internet Extortion Gang Cracked. The leaders of a gang alleged to have blackmailed internet betting sites after computerised attacks to disable their web servers have been arrested.

SCO's DaimlerChrysler Case Crashes. In a major setback for the litigious software vendor, a judge rules to dismiss most of its claims against the auto giant.

Corning to Spend $750 Million on LCD Glass Factories. "Total worldwide flat-panel glass demand could triple over the next four years if LCD monitor penetration continues and LCD television emerges as we expect."

Computing at the Atomic Scale

Toshiba to Introduce Quick-Start Multimedia Laptop

Ship-sinking Monster Waves Revealed By ESA Satellites

Apollo 11 Experiment Still Going Strong after 35 Years

New Genome Test Finds Big Differences Among People

Monkey Walking on Two Legs

Wednesday, 21 July

Start-ups Search for Hard-drive Replacements. Molten silicon, designer molecules, and protein globules from a cow. Someday, one of these materials could be used to store data in cell phones and PCs.

New Bagle Worm Variant Shuts Down Defenses. The latest Bagle three-worm wave includes one that's using a more aggressive twist on an old tactic.

Microsoft's $75 Billion Surprise. Dividend payout is seen as the largest in U.S. history.

Microsoft, Apple Sued Over Online Updates. U.K.-based BTG Plc sued both Microsoft and Apple over alleged patent violations that cover the companies' Web-based software update services.

Plasma TV, Notebooks Push Electronics Prices Lower. Average U.S. prices for plasma televisions fell 3 percent in May, edging closer to key levels where consumer may consider the giant screens as a bargain.

TI's Digital Signal Controllers Enable Gas-Like Performance in Electric Scooters from Vectrix

Hawking Concedes Black Hole Bet. ...there is no possibility of using black holes to travel to other universes.

Tuesday, 20 July

IPv6 Gets the Green Light. ICANN has launched a new technology that will allow virtually unlimited Internet addresses.

Wi-Fi Group Cracks Down on Incompatible Extensions. In its new policy, the Wi-Fi Alliance says it will yank its logo from devices whose proprietary extensions "impair the ability of other certified products to operate as intended."

New Bagle, MyDoom Variants Roil Internet. New versions of the Bagle and MyDoom worms surfaced on the Internet, and appear to be spreading.

Microsoft to Pay $20M to End Lindows Trademark Battle. Microsoft has agreed to pay Linux vendor Lindows Inc. $20 million to end a two-and-a-half-year legal battle over the Lindows name, which Microsoft argues is too close to its Windows trademark.

Apple Introduces New, Cheaper iPod Models. The new models have about 12 hours of battery life, up from eight hours, and are about $100 less than their earlier counterparts.

Gamers, Check Under Hood Because Doom 3 Is Coming. If there's a gamer in your life, chances are you've noticed some strange behavior since last week.

Intel Postpones Release of Mobile Chipset. Intel said it is delaying a new chipset for laptop computers until next year as the chip giant suffered yet another manufacturing and design setback.

Intel Releases New Low-power Mobile CPUs

AMD Announces the Mobile Athlon 64 processor 3400+

Space Station, Venus, Sun

Friday, 16 July

Dell Ups Second-Quarter Outlook; Rollins Takes Over as CEO. Strong sales of enterprise servers and services lead Dell to raise its earnings-per-share projection for the second quarter. Meanwhile, Kevin Rollins officially takes over the CEO position from founder Michael Dell.

IEEE 802.3 Forms Residential Ethernet Study Group. One of the biggest concerns could surround the streaming of video and audio content around a home over a Gigabit Ethernet connection.

Latest Bagle Succeeds by Sheer Numbers. Unknown online vandals with an apparent connection to spam e-mail have created a new version of the Bagle computer worm that has spread somewhat successfully in the past 24 hours.

MS Wins $4m From Spammer Scammmer. Microsoft has won a $3.95m judgement against a California man who used a combination of cybersquatting and spamming tactics to scare vulnerable users into downloading adware.

SCO Seeks to Buttress Case Against Big Blue. SCO has added a few snippets of detail to its claims that Linux contains software inappropriately copied from Unix, but a judge has put a limited hold on one of the company's legal attacks.

Seas Absorb Half of Carbon Dioxide Pollution

Stephen Hawking Changes His Mind on Black Holes

Wednesday, 14 July

Microsoft releases Magnificent Seven Patches. The good, the bad and the patchy.

Companies Warn of Mass Trojan Distribution. Antivirus and e-mail security companies sent out warnings about a new Trojan horse program called Backdoor-CGT that they claim is being mass distributed.

Download.Ject Removal Tool Released. Microsoft has released an updated Trojan detection and removal tool to help PC users clean up after the sophisticated malware attack that loaded keystroke loggers and other malicious code on infected systems.

IBM's New p5 Servers Geared For Channel Server. Consolidation. Solution providers are applauding the focus IBM has taken with its new pSeries servers, which are heavy in technology for server consolidation.

High-Definition DVDs Prepare for Battle. Which of the two competing blue-laser formats will find its way into your home?

DVD Recorders to Get Cheaper as Taiwan Ups Output. Makers of DVD recorders in Taiwan are ramping up production as tumbling prices encourage people to replace aging tape-based recorders.

HP and Dell Going Green. The two biggest companies fighting to sell personal computers are now fighting to take them away for recycling.

When Sun's Too Strong, Plankton Make Clouds

Tuesday, 13 July

Worm Sleeps to Avoid Detection. The latest mass-mailing worm, Atak, hides by going to sleep when it suspects that antivirus software is trying to detect it.

New Hampshire Plans To Tax IM, Chat Rooms. The New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration is proposing a 7 percent tax on Internet and telephone services. The tax would include chat rooms, Web mail, voice mail, and instant messaging.

Macworld Goes to Boston, Apple Stays Home. The trade show's East Coast edition proceeds without the company's participation.

Search Tangles. Internet search is big business. But the drive for profits by search firms and the sites they index is taking its toll on the results in your browser.

School Children to Receive RFID Tags. The chips will be put on schoolbags, name tags or clothing to track movements.

Orion Nebula in Oxygen, Hydrogen, and Sulfur

Monday, 12 July

Merrill Downgrades Global Chip Sector. The investment bank also slashes its recommendations on such major companies as Intel and Infineon, sending stocks down.

For Rent: Hacked Zombie PCs for Net Mischief. Now, they are 'renting out' your 'hacked' computer, so that other criminals can make use of it too.

Windows XP Update Will Be Late. Microsoft said that the long-awaited update of Windows XP will be sent to manufacturing in August, a month later than expected. The product should be in customers' hands later that month.

Closing Microsoft. What if the company simply shut down?

Friday, 9 July

Microsoft Faces Angry IE Users' Questions. Redmond's IE engineers face irate end-users during an online chat about the browser.

Web Servers Still Doling Out "Scob" Code. More than 100 Web servers are still distributing the "Scob" malicious code...

Mozilla Moves to Fix Security Vulnerability. The Mozilla Foundation has urged users of its open-source Mozilla Application Suite, Firefox browser and Thunderbird e-mail client to download a small patch to work around a security vulnerability.

Capital Spending Spree to End in 2005, Warns Analyst. The semiconductor-equipment market is slowing, with capital spending projected to grow a mere 5 to 10 percent in 2005, warned an analyst with Piper Jaffray & Co.

AMD, Intel Rev Their Engines As Race Heats Up. Competition between AMD and Intel is forcing both into new territory, with preannounced products, tweaked road maps and new dual-core product launches escalating their fight.

Hardware Makers Ready Drivers for 64-Bit Linux, Windows. Hardware makers are moving forward on 64-bit drivers, and despite some bumpy going, the vendors expect to have the necessary infrastructure to support upcoming 64-bit OSes for enterprise customers.

Hubble Comes to Home Computers

Cassini Returns Dazzling Images of Saturn's Rings

Wednesday, 7 July

IRS Eyes Net Phone Taxes. A "temporary" tax created to pay for the Spanish-American War may result in higher fees for Internet telephone calls.

Corporate Losses From Internet-Based Attacks Average $2M. Companies that suffer business disruptions from Web-based attacks are losing an average of $2 million in revenue.

Windows for Opteron Beta Doesn't Support Nocona. Customers can now purchase workstations using Intel's Nocona Xeon processor, with 64-bit extensions to the x86 instruction set, but they can't run the beta 64-bit version of Windows designed for those extensions on the new workstations.

Toshiba Unveils 64-bit MIPS-based Microprocessor. Toshiba America Electronic Components (TAEC) has topped off its MIPS-based microprocessor line with a 64-bit single-chip RISC processor.

GE Unveils Nanotech Device. Scientists at GE have unveiled one of the smallest functioning devices ever made, a carbon tube about 10 atoms wide that could one day shrink computer chip technology.

Another Internet Explorer Flaw Found. A researcher shows how a hacker could bypass a Microsoft patch and continue to exploit the software giant's Web browser.

Software Piracy Soars. Software piracy continues to grow at an alarming rate worldwide. High technology-growth regions, such as China, India and Russia, also tend to have high piracy rates.

Milk May Protect Against Bowel Cancer

Tuesday, 6 July

Professor Gives Away Cisco Manual. Computing instructor Matt Basham's suggestions for improving Cisco's official training manuals fell on deaf ears for years. But he appears to have the networking giant's attention now.

International Anti-Spam Offensive Launched. The rising tide of spam has prompted law-enforcement agencies from the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia to join forces in an international effort to thwart spammers.

Mass. Goes After Alleged Spammer With CAN-SPAM Law. A Florida man is being sued by the Massachusetts attorney general's office for allegedly sending thousands of spam e-mail messages to consumers across the country.

Bad Taste From New Bagle Spread. Assembly language indicates worm's author is no novice. But it doesn't take an expert programmer to breed new variants.

Microsoft, Under Attack, Aims to Offer Security. Two and a half years after launching its Trustworthy Computing initiative, Microsoft is finding its products the target of escalating attacks, to the extent that some security experts are even warning that the company's Internet Explorer (IE) browser is simply not safe to use.

Cassini Pierces Titan's Veil of Smog, Clouds

Friday, 2 July

Chip Sales Continue to Grow. The global semiconductor industry reached its highest sales in almost three and a half years last May.

Microsoft Update Fixes IE Vulnerabilities. After a grueling seven days in which two viruses exploited Internet Explorer vulnerabilities, Microsoft has an update.

Microsoft Slashes Prices As Paris Eyes Linux. Microsoft has slashed prices by more than half for Paris City Hall as the French capital considers switching to low-cost, open-source programs.

Dell Recalls Notebook Power Adapter Cords. Dell and Mobility Electronics are offering to replace the power adapter cords on about 38,000 Dell notebooks to avoid potential electrical shocks for their owners.

Speed-Boosted Wi-Fi. Enhanced 802.11g devices promise blazing speeds; found to be about one-third faster.

Lieberman Rips DHS Wireless. Sen. Joseph Lieberman compared wireless network insecurities discovered within the Homeland Security Department to a failure of fire officials to install smoke detectors in the firehouse.

LCD Panel Prices Fall Faster Than Expected. Monitors will sell for $282 by the end of year.

Court Rules ISP Didn't Violate Law by Capturing, Copying E-mail. In an e-mail privacy case that could have broad implications.

Consumer Alert: Fees Surprise Unwary Web Shoppers. Surfers unaware that credit card information is sometimes shared.

Casio Triples EL Display Brightness. Now on par with plasma TVs.

'Superconducting Microfibers' Could Advance Space Travel

High-temperature Lab-on-a-chip Can Get Hotter Than Surface Of Venus

A True All-in-one Remote Remains Elusive

Thursday, 1 July

U.S. Chamber Of Commerce Chief Endorses Offshoring ...a stance that rankles jobless white-collar workers, particularly in the flagging technology industry.

Sony Debuts 20 Gigabyte Walkman to Silence IPod. Sony is launching a Walkman digital music player capable of storing far more songs than Apple's market-leading iPod.

Microsoft Spells-out Win64 Apps Strategy. Single Windows X64 binary to support AMD, Intel chips.

MSNbot Crawling for MSN Search. Microsoft shows its hand on how it plans to compete with other search engines, as its bots fan out to more Web sites.

Defense Bill Could Harm Computer Trade. It's a small part of pending legislation, but it could have a big effect on the tech industry: Any PC with a chip more powerful than a Pentium 3 would be classified as a weapon.

Junk the Moon-Mars Trip. Spend money instead on energy independence. JET.

Saturn's Sharp-Edged Rings Revealed by Cassini

Artificial Sweetener May Disrupt Body's Ability to Count Calories

June 2004






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