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January 2004

Friday, 30 January

Microsoft Delays IE Changes. Microsoft says it will not, "for now, implement modifications" to Windows and Internet Explorer as demanded by the patent suit it lost to Eolas.

Microsoft Offers Mydoom Bounty. Software giant will pay $250,000 for information about the person responsible for releasing the worm.

Intel Shifts 64-bit Emphasis. Intel plans to demonstrate a 64-bit revamp of its Xeon and Pentium processors in mid-February--an endorsement of AMD's strategy and a troubling development for Intel's Itanium chip. 64-Bit Computing Options on the Rise?

Gateway to Buy eMachines. Gateway, hoping to reverse its sagging fortunes in the personal computer business, said that it would buy privately held eMachines in a deal valued at $235 million.

Woman's Google Search Led to Date's Arrest

Spirit Sends First Image Since Computer Crash

Man Discovers Asteroid in Internet Photo

Cold Gas Experiment Bodes Well for High Temp Superconductors

NASA Seeks Second Opinion on Hubble's Demise

Wednesday, 28 January

SCO Offers Reward For 'Mydoom' Virus Creator. The SCO Group, the target of a nasty worm that slowed Internet traffic and clogged e-mail systems, offered a $250,000 reward for arrest and conviction of the virus author.

Semiconductor Industry is Cooking, Analyst Reports. The semiconductor industry will grow 32 percent this year with the Japanese returning as formidable competitors after five years in the doldrums.

Windows Sequel Gets Set to Entertain. Microsoft plans to start testing a new version of its Windows XP Media Center edition, a customized operating system designed for entertainment-oriented PCs.

Intel to Launch 90nm Celeron Processors and Chipsets in 2Q. Intel plans to roll out three new 90nm Celeron processors and two new chipsets for the entry-level market in the second quarter.

Mars Rover Recovering From Memory Problems. Spirit's electronic ailment is diagnosed as too many files in its flash memory, but its twin develops a heating problem.

The Crab Nebula from CFHT

Tuesday, 27 January

Computer Virus Experts Say Latest E-Mail Worm Vicious, Spreading Fast. Network administrators were working to stop a fast-spreading e-mail worm that looks like a normal error message but actually contains a malicious program that spreads itself and installs a program that leaves an open door to infected computers. MyDoom Hobbles Internet E-mail. A powerful worm virus known variously as W32/Novarg.A, W32/Shimg, W32/Mydoom, or W32/Mimail.R is devastating personal and corporate e-mail systems across the globe.

XP Hole Could Compromise System. A hole has been discovered in Windows XP Professional and Home Edition that could compromise a network and be used to get into protected areas.

New Wireless Standard to Carry Cable TV Signal. A new wireless technology with enough bandwidth to carry cable television signals from a wall-mounted outlet to a TV anywhere in the home could be on the market as early as next year.

Cheap High-Speed Internet Revolution Next Year. Whereas Wi-Fi is intended to provide coverage over relatively small areas, such as in offices or "hot spots," WiMax can transfer about 70Mbit/sec. over a distance of 30 miles to thousands of users from a single base station.

Intel's Prescott Makes Multimedia Play. Intel will release a new desktop chip next month, kicking off what will likely be an intense effort to get computers into the living room.

HP to Adopt AMD's Opteron in Servers. Hewlett-Packard plans to come out with servers that contain Advanced Micro Devices' Opteron processor, another significant win for AMD.

HP Loses Place on Fortune List. Has the HP Way gone by the wayside? Hewlett-Packard, famed for its employee-friendly culture, failed to make Fortune's magazine's 2004 list of the ``100 Best Companies to Work for'' for the first time since its merger with Compaq Computer.

Scientists Read Last Rites for Beagle Mars Lander

Water Found on Mars

Earliest Land Animal Fossil Found

Monday, 26 January

Most Flexible Electronic Paper Yet Revealed. A 12-centimetre monochrome display that can be rolled up like a newspaper is developed by electronics giant Philips.

Microsoft Justifies Its XML Patent Moves. Redmond claims its decisions to open its XML schemas, while seeking patents for elements of its XML implementations, are not as contradictory as they appear.

Microsoft Launches Tool Bar on MSN Service. Microsoft launched a new search tool bar on its MSN online service on Monday, giving Internet users shortcuts to its other services such as Hotmail, MSN Messenger and MSNBC.com.

Internal Resistance Can Doom Offshore Projects. Disgruntled managers, unhappy with their company's offshore direction, may pose biggest risks to initiating an offshore project.

Automation Takes Toll On Offshore Workers. Wireless phone company wants to save even more money on call centers.

Cellular Nets Reach DSL Speed. AT&T and Verizon introduce high-speed wireless data services for laptops, PDAs.

Tech Experts Say Spammers Are On the Run

Britain to Knight Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates

Industry Pursuing Home Networking or Chaos?

Second Rover Lands on Mars, Sends Pictures

Friday, 23 January

Report: 'Tumultuous Changes' Coming To Desktop PCs. Outwardly showing little change in recent years, the venerable desktop PC will begin getting a makeover in the second half of 2004.

IBM: 'Who Says Penguins Can't Fly?' In his LinuxWorld keynote, IBM's Ross Mauri cites real-world implementations of Linux spanning the globe to show that Linux is not just spreading its wings, it's starting to soar.

Open-source Shifts Spell an End for UnitedLinux. The four-company consortium formed to counterbalance Red Hat's dominance in the Linux market is all but dead, its one-time general manager tells News.com.

Display Chip Sales to Move on the Double. The market for chips used for electronic displays is expected to roughly double by 2007, as sales of flat-panel televisions and computer monitors continue to surge.

Senate Panel's GOP Staff Used Computer Security Hole to Spy on Democrats. Republican staff members of the US Senate Judiciary Commitee infiltrated opposition computer files for a year, monitoring secret strategy memos and periodically passing on copies to the media, Senate officials told The Globe.

SCO to Congress: Linux hurts the U.S. The SCO Group Inc. has taken its fight with the Linux community to Capitol Hill. Earlier this month, the company sent the 535 members of the U.S. Congress a letter that called Linux and open source software a threat to the security and economy of the U.S. Rubish! Linux Aids Axis of Evil, SCO claims.

Microsoft Pledges to Play Nicer With Linux. A kinder, gentler Microsoft has come to the LinuxWorld Expo and Conference with a pledge to bury at least some of the hatchet with the open source community.

Blaster Clean-up Tool Was Stellar Success. 1.4m pox-ridden PCs fixed within hours. Blaster Worm Removal Tool for Windows XP and Windows 2000.

Governments Send a Message to Microsoft. Government customers contribute just a fraction of Microsoft's revenue, but cause disproportionate headaches for the company through defections to Linux and open source.

Panel Members Find Security Flaws in Internet Voting System. A federally funded Internet-based voting system for absentee voters poses serious security risks, according to members of an expert panel.

Sun Launches Java for Linux. Sun Microsystems, recognizing the opportunities presented by Linux and hoping to keep pace with the competition, is expanding its support for the open-source operating system.

Jobs Shift to Lower-paying Sectors. In almost every state jobs are shifting from higher-paying industries to lower-paying ones, according to a report released Wednesday by the Economic Policy Institute.

Microsoft Passes $10 Billion in Quarterly Revenue, but Profit Slips

Mars Rover Resumes Sending Data Back to Earth

In Pictures: Close-ups of Mars

Public Bombards Operators to Save Hubble. Senator Rushes to Hubble's Defense.

Don't Bet on Fuel Cells, Manufacturer Says

The Whale Galaxy

Thursday, 22 January

Inside Windows XP Service Pack 2 Beta. With heavy emphasis on privacy and network security issues, the next Windows Service Pack is shaping up to be a must-have.

AOL Tests Caller ID Tech Against Spam. The Internet service provider is testing an antispam filter intended to accurately trace the origin of e-mail messages, a move that could bring new accountability to the Net.

FTC Says Identity Theft, Online Fraud on the Rise. Identity theft and fraud cost Americans at least $437 million last year as scam artists made themselves at home on the Internet.

Prescott Pipeline Longer Than Northwood's - Intel. Intel has confirmed that its 'Prescott' processor features a long instruction pipeline than the current desktop Pentium 4. The announcement lends weight to media claims that the chip will run slower than its predecessor.

N. America, Europe May Cool in Warmer World

Feathers Fly Over Hemmed-in Hens

Wednesday, 21 January

Toshiba Develops Nine-layer Packaging Technology. Toshiba Corp. said it has developed a multichip package (shown) that can stack up to nine chips in a space measuring 1.4-mm high.

Danish Spammer Hit with Record Fine. A Danish court fined a local telecommunications equipment company a record 400,000 Danish crowns ($67,990) for sending up to 1,500 unsolicited e-mails.

AMD Q4 Revenue Nearly Doubles. AMD returned to profitability in the quarter, thanks to strong sales across all segments.

AMD Will Ship Over a Million AMD64 Processors a Quarter. No word of Windows for AMD64

MySQL Develops New Graphical Admin Tool. The vendor will be showing the new management, monitoring and maintenance tool at its LinuxWorld Expo booth and plans to make it generally available in the second quarter.

SCO Sues Novell Over Unix Copyrights. SCO's Linux legal fight spilled over into LinuxWorld when the company slammed Novell with a new copyright and business-practices lawsuit.

SuSE, IBM Gain Higher Security Certification. Raising the security bar one notch higher, SuSE Linux AG and IBM Corp. said Wednesday they have achieved a more rigorous security certification for Linux operating system software running on Big Blue servers.

Novell Moves GroupWise For Linux Into Public Beta. Previously, GroupWise ran only on Windows and NetWare.

Nintendo to Make 2-screen Handheld. Nintendo is striking back at its rivals in the video game business by announcing today that it will launch a portable device with a new style of playing games.

'Sleeping On It' Really Can Solve Problems. A tricky problem really can be solved by "sleeping on it", new experiments have shown.

Scientists Mourn Early Demise of Hubble

Big Chill Killed-off the Neanderthals

Mars Rover Uses 'Swiss Army Knife' to Probe Soil

Tuesday, 20 January

IBM Plans to Add 15,000 New Jobs Worldwide. The announcement comes after a series of job cuts, during which IBM said it was trying to cut costs and reduce job redundancies. Where?

IBM Looks to Lure Windows NT Users to Linux. Sensing an opportunity, Big Blue proposes programs to shift Microsoft customers to IBM's Linux-supported software.

Red Hat Steps Up to Plate With Open Source Now Fund, IP Warranty for Customers. As LinuxWorld Expo gets under way, Red Hat launched an Open Source Assurance Program designed to offer some protection for customers if they get hit with a copyright infringement case from the SCO Group.

Signs of rebound in Networking. Network equipment makers have been stuck in a deep slump over the past three years -- ever since the Internet crash vaporized demand and created what Cisco Systems CEO John Chambers likened to a "100-year flood."

Sanyo Says to Boost Optical Pickup Output Capacity. Sanyo Plans to more than double its output capacity of drives used in hot-selling DVD recorders in 2004/05.

Intel to Cut P4 Price Ahead of Schedule, Accelerate Migration to Prescott. Many local companies have been caught off-guard as Intel is bringing forward its next round of price cuts and positioning the high-end 2.8GHz Pentium 4 chip to enter the mainstream.

DaimlerChrysler Selects AMD Opteron Processors for Mission-Critical Computing. The new cluster will utilize several hundred AMD Opteron processors for crash-simulation.

Windows 'Bagel' Worm Spreading Fast. Bagel.A worm is another mass-mailer that is scheduled to expire on Jan. 28. Experts are expecting a wave of infection.

Ameritrade Profit Triples, Ups Forecast. Ameritrade Holding Corp., the online brokerage, said its quarterly profit more than tripled and it raised its outlook, sending its shares up 10 percent to a more than three-year high.

Everyone Wants to be Your Hub. A hub's job is to gather all of the music files, movies, pictures and other digital entertainment scattered throughout the home and distributes that content to a particular television, music player or other device...

Mars Rover Meets Its First Rock

Colombia Inquiry Recommendations Spell the End for Hubble

Friday, 16 January

AMD Turns Heat on Intel With Athlon 64 FX. Dispensing with expensive memory...

Multimedia PC With Instant Start-up Launches. In a direct challenge to PCs running Microsoft's Windows XP Media Center, InterVideo of California last week launched the InstantOn PC.

Humongous Monitors. These 22-inch monsters offer high resolutions and extra-roomy screens--often at bargain prices. Not for the timid.

PC Viruses Spawn $55 Billion Loss in 2003. Analysts said the number of attacks between January and June 2003 exceeded 70,000, which was about twice the rate for 2002.

Microsoft to Comply With DOJ Mandate on IE Default Feature. Microsoft will change its "Shop for Music Online" feature in Windows XP so that it does not automatically invoke the Internet Explorer (IE) Web browser.

Legacy Red Hat Users Seek Alternatives. The open source specialist ends support for older versions of its operating system, prompting users to weigh their options.

Yahoo! Emerges From Dot-com Gloom. After a mortifying two-year slump, the Sunnyvale, Calif.-based company made a $238 million profit in 2003, impressing disillusioned investors who had written off Yahoo as another dot-com has-been.

SCO Sort of Thinks There are Linux IP Violations, but Isn't Quite Sure. Can you help?

Open Source Faithful, Vendors Gear Up For LinuxWorld. Among major vendors planning to exhibit are AMD, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Novell, Intel, SGI, Sun, Oracle, and Veritas.

PayPal Scam Tries to Jumpstart New Mimail Worm. Antivirus companies including Sophos and Kaspersky Labs warned customers today of the threat, which arrives in e-mail in-boxes as a message purportedly from online payment service PayPal.

Martian Surface in Perspective

Russia Says 'No' to Nuclear Fusion Plant in Japan

If Humans Get to Mars, What Might They Do?

Thursday, 15 January

Judge Rules Microsoft Infringed on Eolas Patent. A Chicago federal judge upheld a $512 million patent verdict against Microsoft that could ultimately force major changes in many of the most common Internet software products. Eolas Discussing Browser Patent With Linux Community.

Vendor Releases Hotspot In A Box for Small Merchants. $149 package aimed at enabling small merchants to compete against bigger shops.

Intel Fourth-Quarter Revenue Of $8.74 Billion At Record Level. Intel announced fourth-quarter revenue of $8.74 billion, up 12 percent sequentially and up 22 percent year-over-year.

Big Blue Profits Soar. IBM beat expectations by 6 cents per share for its fourth-quarter earnings as profit jumped 41 percent to $2.7 billion and revenues hit $25.9 billion.

HP Sets Record With $2.5B in Linux-Based Revenue. Hewlett-Packard will announce that its Linux-based revenue for fiscal 2003 is 40 percent higher than 2002. HP Regains PC Lead. HP regained the lead in worldwide PC shipments in the fourth quarter of 2003, but Dell managed to hold onto its lead for the full year.

iPod Helps Fill Apple's Coffers. Apple made more dough in the quarter that expired on December 27th than it did in any period over the past four years.

A Little Update on the New Google Syntaxes

Spirit Rolls Onto Mars for the First Time...

President Bush Outlines New Vision for Space Program

Wednesday, 14 January

Burrr! It's Cold Out There. -13 deg F/-25 deg C here in Sanford, Maine, USA last night. Current weather.

Kodak to Stop Selling Traditional Cameras in U.S. Eastman Kodak has said it will stop selling traditional film cameras in the United States, Canada and Western Europe, another move by the photography company to cut lines with declining appeal in favor of fast-growing digital products.

Best High-End Cameras. This month's focus is on advanced digital cameras, which run the gamut in price but which all offer extensive imaging controls.

IBM Sells Supercomputer Using AMD Chips. IBM said that it sold a supercomputer based on microchips made by Advanced Micro Devices to Bristol-Myers Squibb, giving a boost to AMD's fledgling Opteron technology.

x86 32-Bit Translator Released for Intel Itanium 2 Processor-Based Systems. Microsoft: The translator (IA-32 EL) is intended for use with supporting applications that are not performance-sensitive (for example for administration tools and system monitoring)... Itanium Looks Forward, Thinks Backward.

Faster Than a Color Laser. Xerox proves once again that solid ink is an affordable way to blaze through color pages.

Stay Connected On The Slopes. A new snowboarding jacket boasts mobile phone control capabilities, in the latest example from the evolving smart-fabric and interactive-textile market.

Internet 'Geek' Image Shattered by New Study. The typical Internet user -- far from being a geek -- shuns television and actively socializes with friends, a study on surfing habits said Wednesday.

System, Cure Thyself. Self-healing has many definitions, but the technology will evolve to allow systems at multiple levels -- such as chips, devices and applications -- to correct themselves automatically.

Microsoft Rolls Out January Patches; One Is Critical. Microsoft has released three new security vulnerability bulletins -- and the patches to fix them -- in its scheduled January roster of fixes.

SCO Shows IBM the Code. Ten months after launching its lawsuit against IBM Corp., The SCO Group Inc. has finally provided Big Blue with a list of files and individual code samples that, it claims, violate its intellectual property rights. SCO takes Linux Licenses Global. SCO announces that its Linux licenses are available worldwide--bringing up the strong possibility of legal action "within the next few weeks."

Robot Scientist Outperforms Humans in Lab

A Mars Panorama from the Spirit Rover

Company Hopes to Make Windows for Future

Tuesday, 13 January

Old Windows to Get a Little Older. Doing an about-face at the eleventh hour, Microsoft has decided to extend its support of Windows 98, Windows 98 Second Edition (SE), and Windows Millennium until June 30, 2006 -- support that was scheduled to be phased out starting this Friday. Linux Threat Behind Microsoft Reversal?

One Big Monster IE Patch Day. Microsoft's January patch release is expected to include a cumulative patch to plug known vulnerabilities in the Internet Explorer browser.

HP, Dell Eendorse BD Format, HD DVD Proponents Fire Back. In an effort to establish the next-generation optical disk format, the Blu-ray group said Hewlett Packard Co. and Dell Corp. will join the effort.

First-tier Mobo Makers to Ship Close to 100 million Motherboards This Year. The first-tier motherboard makers, which collectively shipped over 76.36 million motherboards last year, are forecasting combined motherboard shipments of 96.7 million units for this year.

Apache Server Usage Soars. Use of the open-source Apache Web server grew far more rapidly in 2003 than its nearest rival, Microsoft's IIS.

AT&T Warns Worldnet Service Customers of E-mail Scam. AT&T said it learned last Friday that some of the its customers had received fraudulent e-mails purporting to be from AT&T Worldnet Services that directed them to a spoofed Web site.

Microsoft Readies Services for Unix 3.5 Launch. Microsoft's secret weapon in its fight against Unix and Linux will feature P-thread, enhanced clustering support and more.

Novell to Indemnify Linux Users and Solution Providers. Novell plans to indemnify Linux customers and their solution providers against legal charges that could result from looming SCO Group litigation.

Worsening Spam Epidemic Chokes the Net. Nearly two-thirds of all email sent in December were spam, leading some to predict the imminent death of unfiltered email. Less Than 1% of Spam Complies with New US Law. Judge Orders End of Spam by Indian Firm.

Software Vendors Get cozy with Integrators. Enterprise software vendors and systems integrators are looking to form stronger relationships in order to meet customer needs, according to a new report released by research group IDC.

Statement Recasts Billy the Kid Doubts

Gene May Be Key To Evolution Of Larger Human Brain

Monday, 12 January

Top Networking Technologies for 2004. I.T. network building in 2004 will be dominated by the move to put wireless technologies behind corporate firewalls and the addition of scalable, high-density servers.

Displays Go for Sharper Image. Emerging Technologies: 3-D and organic light-emitting diode display technologies offer enhanced picture quality for some applications, but neither is ready to replace the CRTs or LCDs used on mainstream desktops.

Intel Chips in on Anti-SCO Defense Fund. Intel has gotten involved in the legal battle between the SCO Group and Linux, contributing money to a defense fund geared to protect users of the open-source operating system. SCO Approached Google About Linux License.

Fake Microsoft Service Pack is Xombe Trojan. A trojan resembling the Swen virus has started spreading via e-mail.

It's Tax Time... Again! April 15 will be here before you know it—prepare for Uncle Sam with one of the Big Three tax-preparation software packages.

Anti-virus Software Hole can Knock-out Your System. The very software designed to protect your system may be used to bring it down, researchers have discovered.

Anti-Spam Law Debut. A new federal anti-spam law went into effect on Jan. 1. So are our e-mail inboxes any less cluttered? The Marketing of Can Spam. "With fines that can run to $6 million and a couple years in prison, anyone who doesn't...act now to comply is making a big mistake."

Routers, Phones Dialing-in VoIP. Major device manufacturers plan to incorporate Net phone calling technology into their modems and cordless phones, another sign of the growing popularity of this cheaper version of telephone calling.

Top 10 PDAs

Flatbed Scanner Guide

AMD Taiwan Claims 500,000 Athlon 64s Shipped

Mars Rover Gets First Hints of Water

Superglue From the Sea

Friday, 9 January

Employment Figures A Surprise On The Downside. Data from the U.S. Labor Department showed that only 1,000 jobs were created in December 2003, far below the 130,000 to 150,000 figure expected by economists.

Windows 98 Support Shifts to CD. When Microsoft pulls the plug on Windows 98 support next Friday, it will offer a free CD designed to help users "make the most" of the aging operating system without any further assistance from the software giant.

Panasonic Announces Cable Deal. A tapeless video camera and “Home Plug AV” technology capable of carrying high-definition signals over ordinary power lines at a rate of 170 Mbit/s were unveiled.

NVIDIA PCI Express Technology at CES. NVIDIA is demonstrating its PCI Express architecture at the Consumer Electronics Show. PCI Express is the next revolution in I/O interconnect standard that NVIDIA will deploy in future graphics solutions.

AMD, Intel Put Anti-worm Tech Into Chips. Advanced Micro Devices and Intel plan to soon release technology that will allow processors to stop many attacks before they occur.

WinXP Handheld Due Later This Year. Devices will be size of a handheld, have a hard drive, Wi-Fi and VGA display.

TV Prints Still Photos. Epson has introduced a line of televisions called Livingstation with a special feature: not only can these HDTV-ready models display still photos, but they can also produce high-quality prints of each shot, directly from inside the unit.

Intel Announces Name of Next-Generation Audio Specification. Intel Corporation's next-generation audio specification, previously codenamed "Azalia," has a new moniker: "Intel® High Definition Audio."

Protein Recognition Tapped to Build Nanotube FETs. Molecular self-assembly assisted by DNA and protein recognition might provide a route to complex logic and memory circuits built with nanotubes.

Scientists Warn on Potential Nanotech Health Risk. British scientists called for more research into the safety of nanoparticles, materials so small that their dimensions can be measured in atoms, following evidence they can lodge in the brain.

New Storage Products to Double Backup Speed. Makers of Fibre Channel host bus adapters, switches and disk drives say devices adhering to the new 4Gbit/sec. standard are on the horizon and will cost about the same as 2Gbit/sec. hardware.

Intel Confirms Projection TV Chip. The semiconductor giant's new chip will go directly against Texas Instrument's DLPs; Intel says the new chips will bring down prices of large screen HDTVs to below $2000.

Top 15 Desktop PCs. AMD outscores Intel, with four Athlon 64-based systems among the seven top power systems.

HD Media Hub Shows Promise. Roku will let you take advantage of your HDTV, assuming you can find quality media to play...

HP to Sell Own Version of Apple iPod Music Player. HP said it will soon sell a digital music player based on Apple Computer Inc.'s wildly popular iPod player, and it announced plans for a home "entertainment hub."

Linksys Unveils Wireless DVD Player At CES. Linksys, the wireless networking unit of Cisco Systems, said it would soon launch a new wireless, networkable DVD player that allows streaming of several kinds of digital media throughout the home.

SanDisk Boosts Capacity Of Memory Sticks To 2GB

AMD Athlon 64/FX Heatsink/Fan Installation Guide

President Bush Shoots for Moon, Mars

Space Molecules Point to Organic Origins

Squid May Inspire New Nanolights

Hubble: New Rogue's Gallery of 60,000 Galaxies

Thursday, 8 January

Treasury Breaks Word on E-mail Anonymity. The U.S. Treasury Department plans to publish nearly 10,000 e-mail addresses on the Web, violating its privacy promise to Americans who used e-mail to comment on a government proceeding.

Apple Seeks Dollars in Former Freebies. The decision to stop giving away downloads of iMovie and iPhoto is part of the company's attempt to recoup money it invests in software for the Mac--and to use it for new development.

Homeowners Installing Networks Split On Implementation Plans. Home networks are all the rage. But home dwellers are split on how to install them.

Microsoft Extends Reach Of Windows Media Center. Bill Gates unveiled the Windows Media Center Extender, a new software client designed to give Media Center PC users access to digital content from any room in their home, regardless of where their computer is located.

Toshiba Unveils Sub 1-inch Hard Disk Drive. Toshiba unveils prototype hard-disk drive smaller than any currently on the market.

CES 2004. Technology companies large and small descend on Las Vegas as competition for a piece of the digital living room heats up. Preview: Hottest Consumer Electronics.

Sony Sells 100,000 PSX Consoles in One Week. The PSX console, a version of the PlayStation 2 with a 120 GB hard drive, TV tuner, and DVD recorder attached, is selling well in Japan.

New Spam Law Has Little Initial Impact. Offers for herbal Viagra and unbelievably low mortgage rates continue to clog Americans' e-mail inboxes, despite a new U.S. law that outlaws many "spam" messages.

Verizon to Spend $3 Billion to Upgrade Networks

Linksys Ships Small Business VPN Router

Wednesday, 7 January

Researchers Devise World's First Light-Emitting Transistor. The University of Illinois claims a major technology breakthrough: the light-emitting transistor.

EarthLink Cutting Another 1,300 Jobs. EarthLink is cutting another 1,300 jobs, or 40 percent of its work force, and outsourcing the work of some of its call centers to other companies as part of a major restructuring that started a year ago.

Microsoft Publishes Program to Blast MSBlast. Microsoft released a removal tool for the MSBlast worm after Internet service providers complained that home users' PCs infected with the malicious program are still causing network congestion.

MS Offers Broad Beta of Windows Server 2003 for Opteron.
Microsoft made broadly available a beta version of its Windows Server 2003 for systems using the AMD 64-bit Opteron processor.

Wireless Networks Starting to Link Medical Gear. Wireless communications are coming to medical products.

Music Store Embedded in New RealPlayer 10. The company's first major media player update in two years comes with an a la carte music download store and nifty new playback advances.

Dell Warns Of Commoditization, Sees IT Pick-Up. The commoditization of IT equipment may accelerate as customers opt for similarly efficient but less expensive gear.

Western Digital introduces Media Center Storage Peripheral. Western Digital’s Media Center Combines a New External Hard Drive, an 8-in-1 Card Reader, a Usb 2.0 Hub and a Flexible Push-button Backup.

Apple: New iPod Mini, MS Office Update. The star of Apple's Macworld Expo was the iPod mini launch. Its unveiling capped weeks of speculation that Apple would release a smaller music player.

Intel Creates $200 Million Fund To Accelerate Digital Home Innovation. Intel announced plans to invest $200 million in companies developing innovative hardware and software technologies for the digital home.

Hope All But Gone for Beagle 2

Tuesday, 6 January

Banner Year Predicted For Digital Products. The Consumer Electronics Association projected manufacturer-to-dealer sales of consumer electronics products to crack the $100 billion mark this year.

Philips, Samsung Agree on TV Chip Standard. Dutch company Philips Electronics and South Korea's Samsung Electronics said that they have agreed on a single software standard for chips used in devices such as digital televisions.

Microsoft disconnects Smart Display. Just a year after launching the software, which provided access to a PC from anywhere within Wi-Fi range, Microsoft has dumped the project.

IBM to Produce VIA's Esther Processor in NY Fab. The next generation VIA processor core, codenamed "Esther," will be produced by IBM's using advanced 90nm SOI, low-k manufacturing technology for higher performance with lower power consumption.

AMD Introduces Three Mobile Athlon 64 Processors. The Mobile AMD Athlon 64 processors 3200+, 3000+ and 2800+ are the world's only 64-bit mobile processors for mainstream notebook computers. The Athlon 64 3400+ desktop processor was also formally introduced.

PayPal Readies European Subsidiary. The online payment service (and eBay's) expansion into Europe has hit a new gear.

Yahoo! Set to Drop Google and Develop Search Offering. Yahoo! is set to ditch Google as its search provider and use its own search technology as earlier as the first quarter, according to reports.

First Color Image From Mars

Scientists Turn DNA Tubes into Nanowires

Monday, 5 January

Chip Sales on the Rebound Again. November figures grew by 25.7%.

ATI Delivers World's First Digital Terrestrial and Cable Plug-and-Play Television-on-Chip. XILLEON 210VC lowers the cost of integrating high quality digital reception into TVs.

Open-source Databases Gaining Favor. Big companies are warming up to open-source database software, according to a new study.

Microsoft Delivers Gift To Small Business Server Customers to Atone For WSS Bug. The software giant will announce that it will give five free client access licenses to Windows Small Business Server 2003 customers...

Jitux.A Worm Hits MSN Messenger. A new worm targeting users of Microsoft Corp.'s MSN Messenger software has squirmed through the instant messaging (IM) application.

First 2.5-inch SATA Drives On the Way. Fujitsu's 2.5 inch mobile hard drives are geared for laptops in the early stages. What is SATA?

Micro Drive Holds 2 GB. Cornice Inc. will unveil a 1-inch hard drive capable of storing 2 Gbytes of data.

CES: New Gear Greets New Year. The 2004 edition of the Consumer Electronics Show, which runs Thursday through Saturday, will feature companies ranging from Linux distributors to chip designers who are competing for a chunk of the growing consumer gadget business. PC Makers Turn to Electronics.

Unexpected Twists in Internet Law. Internet law in 2003 was full of surprises, with Congress passing an antispam bill, the courts blessing pop-up advertising, the music industry losing lawsuits and the Supreme Court finally upholding an Internet law.

Consumer Group Sues Over Copy-protected CDs. A European consumer watchdog is suing the world's largest music companies for selling copy-protected compact discs that won't play in car stereos and on computers.

U.S. Rover Calls Home, Beams Back Color Photos. The U.S. robotic probe Spirit beamed panoramic color images of unprecedented clarity back to Earth Sunday after establishing direct contact with NASA scientists guiding its search for ancient signs of life on Mars. JPL/NASA Mars Rover Web Site.

Worker Shortage Forecast in 2010

January 4, 2004 Mars Rover Opportunity Lands.

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