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27 February 2004

Friday, 27 February

IT Companies Focus on Asia to Expand Jobs. Top IT executives speaking at the Reuters Technology, Media and Telecommunications Summit said new jobs will likely emerge in countries where labor is cheaper than in the U.S.

Lawmakers Launch New Anti-Spyware Bill. Proposed legislation bars marketers from secretly installing invasive software.

Linux Seeing Upsurge. "The growth of Linux is absolutely eating into the opportunity that Window has as a server," says Gartner analyst David Smith. "A lot of growth that Microsoft was counting on for Windows Server [2003] is at risk because of the popularity of Linux."

U.K. Uses Linux as MS Bargaining Chip. A parliament committee discloses in a report how the government is saving on software procurement through tough negotiations--and threats of going with Linux.

Server Demand Continues to Grow. Demand for servers grew worldwide for the third consecutive quarter as businesses continue to increase spending in IT equipment after years of financial restraint, according to sales figures released by IDC.

Better Bookkeeping for Your Business. The market's maturing, but among MYOB, Peachtree, QuickBooks, and Simply Accounting, one rises above the rest.

FIC Announces an AMD64 Version of the Ice Cube. The Ice-Cube now supports the latest Athlon 64 CPUs using NVIDIA's nForce3 chipset to deliver maximum performance...

Nanotubes Promise to Take the Heat off PCs. The research revolves around incorporating carbon nanotubes into thermal grease, which makes up the thin layer of goo that sits between a microprocessor and a heat sink.

Microsoft Considering Update Dubbed 'XP Reloaded.' Microsoft is considering updating Windows XP before it releases Longhorn, the code name for a major overhaul of the industry's dominant operating system that is not expected for about two years.

Microsoft Unwraps New Resources For Web Developers. A new goody bag for ASP.Net developers...

Tiny Radar Could Make Driving Safer. The entire functions of a radar system have been squeezed on to a single silicon chip about one fifteenth the size of a penny.

They Claim The Workings of The Web. Companies that claim to own bits and pieces of basic Web functions are coming out of the woodwork -- and filing lawsuits.

Rear Projection Becomes New TV Battleground. Like the direct-view television market, the rear-projection TV (RPTV) space is undergoing dynamic changes due to the rise of new display technologies.

Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobe

Two New Dinosaur Species Found in Antarctica

Three Carrier Strike Groups Engage in Nationwide Virtual Exercise

Thursday, 26 February

Fresh Worms Attack E-Mail, Internet Explorer, User Data. NetSky.C, a k a Moodown.C, and MyDoom.F worms on Wednesday hit Net users hard, and launced a denial-of-service attack on an e-mail security vendor.

Big 4 DRAM Makers Under Investigation. Prosecutors believe that Samsung, Hynix, Micron and Infineon may have been involved in a price conspiracy two years ago.

Motorola Rolls Out New PowerPC G4 with Power-Saving Feature. While Motorola's new PowerPC G4 processor looks a likely candidate for future Apple notebooks, Genesi, a European startup, chose the chip for its forthcoming Pegasos computer platform.

Fingerprint Sensors Press Their Way Into Notebooks. Pushing beyond PC passwords, IBM Corp., Gateway Inc. and at least one other notebook maker will roll out systems with integrated fingerprint recognition sensors this year.

Hard Disk Drives Go Biometric. Memory Experts unveils rugged, secure Outbacker line of drives.

Japan Trade Commission Raids Microsoft's Tokyo Office. Microsoft's international antitrust headaches got a little more intense Thursday, when Japan's Fair Trade Commission raided its Tokyo headquarters.

New 'Fossil' "Planet" Discovered

Cosmic Dark Ages Lasted for More than a Billion Years

Sucking Energy Out of the Drain

Wednesday, 25 February

Latest Mydoom Variant Deletes Files. The latest variant of the Mydoom virus, discovered Friday, is still spreading and actively deleting files from victims' computers. More info and removal instructions.

AMD And Microsoft to Provide Customers New Security Technology. AMD64 processors combined with the upcoming Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) will help computers to better withstand attacks from certain classes of viruses and worms that exploit buffer overruns.

MS Caller ID Plan Boosts SMTP Authentication. Bill Gates' announcement of Caller ID at the RSA Conference was the biggest boost ever for SMTP authentication technology.

TiVo-like Devices to Get Booster Shot. Having proved their popularity with American couch potatoes, digital video recorders are about to get a boost in features that will allow them to zap several video streams throughout networked homes.

Intel's Inside Robotic Humvee

Hitachi Unveils 300 GByte Enterprise Hard Disk Drive

In the Shop With the Space Shuttle

Popping Perfect Popcorn. I've known how to do for years: How to Make Great Popcorn.

Tuesday, 24 February

Is Broadband Set to Make Power Lines Sing? Technical limitations have long frustrated attempts to deliver broadband Internet access over power lines, but the idea is once again sparking interest as its backers tout improvements.

RSA, Microsoft Work On Windows 'Lock' Office computers running the latest version of Windows could get a new degree of protection against snoops and intruders from a partnership announced Tuesday by Microsoft and RSA Security.

AMD Introduces the Alchemy Au1550 Security Network Processor. The processor accelerates networking and remote access applications such as gateways and network attached storage units, wireless access points, and Voice over Internet Protocol environments.

HP Uses Opteron. HP's ProLiant server line will use AMD's Opteron technology, but the company won't be cutting its Intel Itanium lines.

Intel Boosts Ultra Wideband. Developer Forum showcases announcements on nascent wireless technology.

Sales of Net Phone Gear Surge on VoIP. Worldwide sales of Internet phone equipment rose 31 percent in the last three months of 2003 and could triple by 2007, as demand surges for VoIP.

Microsoft Confident Bounties Will Nab Virus Writers. A trio of bounties Microsoft placed on the heads of virus writers has generated a variety of investigative leads, but still no arrests.

Pop-up 'Suicide' Can Kill Your Brand. Marketing-speak for 'ditch the critters.'

EPA Proposes Power Supply Efficiency Spec

Neutron Star Explodes

Monday, 23 February

Tech Jobs: Research and Development. Despite the collapse of the job market, one thing companies continue to seek is people to fuel innovation -- the ones who bring the "high" to high-tech.

Specialized Markets Lead Corporate Network Trend. Wi-Fi growth is driven by some unique uses...

Intranets.com Brings Web and Audio Conferencing to SMBs. The online collaboration services provider adds to its online application suite with features and pricing squarely aimed at small to mid-sized businesses.

The Catch to Net Phone Service Starts With DSL. For as little as $19.95 a month, consumers can get unlimited local and long-distance calling, plus voice mail, caller ID, call waiting and other features. Try that with your local phone company.

Chips to Ease Microsoft's Big Security Nightmare. Processors designed to head off hacker attacks are now in the works, the new chips prevent 'buffer overflow.'

Lower-Priced Projection TV Outshines Plasma Hype. Is a big, flat TV worth the price of a used car or a luxury vacation?

E-commerce Sales Hit Record Level. U.S. retail sales over the Internet and other electronic networks surged in the fourth quarter, making up a record share--almost 2 percent--of total retail sales.

Fight Rebate Roulette. Still waiting for that check in the mail? Here's the ugly truth about rebates--and how to steer clear of the gotchas.

Crops 'Widely Contaminated' by Genetically Modified DNA

Spirit Rover Hot on the Trail fo Martian Life

Heaven on Earth

Wednesday, 18 February

Intel Adopts AMD's 64-bit Processor Extensions. Upcoming Xeon and Prescott CPUs will be binary-compatible with AMD Opterons. In other words, they will have "AMD inside.".

Is It AMD64 Compatible? AMD and Intel go back-to-back.

Bank of America Creates Indian Outsourcing Subsidiary. The Continuum Solutions Pvt. Ltd. subsidiary is expected to have about 500 workers by the end of this year, with up to 1,000 employees by mid-2005, the bank said.

ATI Delivers HDTV Reception On The PC. In addition to supporting analog NTSC cable, the HDTV WONDER add-in video card allows consumers to experience the new ATSC (Advanced Television Systems Committee) digital, free-to-air HDTV broadcasts without having to subscribe to cable or satellite subscription services.

Bye-Bye to BIOS? Phoenix rolls tool to push its next-generation 'CSS' firmware replacement technology.

Cisco Releases Video System for Internet Phones. Cisco unveiled a system for its Internet-based telephones that promises to allow real-time videoconferencing with television-quality images for less than $200 per user.

Web Services Spec Released. A group of high-tech companies, including Microsoft and Intel, released a Web services specification for discovering devices attached to a local area network.

Yahoo Search Results Start the Switch From Google. Yahoo Search gets closer to its makeover as search experts report a spike in non-Google results and a new Yahoo bot crawling the Web.

Experts Warn of new Worm Variants. Antivirus software companies are warning that a new version of the NetSky e-mail worm is circulating on the Internet, only a day after the appearance of a new variant of the Beagle or "Bagle" worm prompted similar warnings.

Lindows becomes 'Lin---s' in Europe. Following court orders barring the Lindows name, Linux vendor Lindows.com Inc. has changed its name in several European countries to Lin---s, pronounced Lindash.

Looking Into the Heart of a Black Hole

Newly Discovered Galaxy Is a Record-Breaker

Moon-sized Crystal Revealed in Star's Heart

Shuttle Flights May Be Delayed Until 2005

Tuesday, 17 February

Who's The Fastest Growing Linux Distro? For major distributors of the open source operating system, the answer depends on what you need and their timetables for the latest 2.6 kernel releases.

AMD Announces Low-power Opteron Processors. AMD Opteron processors HE (55 Watt) and EE (30 Watt) for servers and workstations, are expected in March.

Intel to Unveil 32-bit Chip With 64-bit Ability. Intel this week is expected to unveil a personal computer chip that will imitate a chip for servers developed by archrival Advanced Micro Devices. AMD inside...

Code Attacks Windows vulnerability. A piece of code that exploits a critical vulnerability that Microsoft issued a patch for only last week has been posted online, raising fears of an imminent MSBlast-style attack.

Cingular Wins bid for AT&T Wireless. The buyout was signed at about 2 a.m. today after a weekend of bidding and counterbidding between Cingular and Vodafone Group PLC

Tiny PC, Other Gadgets Unveiled at Demo Show

Friday, 13 February

Bill Introduced to Force Companies to Disclose Offshoring Plans. Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle’s bill would require any company that plans to lay off 15 or more workers and send those jobs overseas to disclose how many jobs are affected, where the jobs are going and why they’re being offshored.

Dell Shatters Operating Records. The computer systems vendor butters its bread with servers and storage en route to posting record fourth quarter 2003 revenues of $11.5 billion and other strong figures.

New Display Types Set to Make Waves. OLEDs arise, while LCD TV sales spurt.

'WiMAX Won't Be Mainstream,' Broadcom CTO Says. WiMAX, the IEEE802.16 wireless standard for metropolitan area networks that promises 70Mbit/sec. and cell sizes measuring tens of km, was criticized at this week's Globalpress Electronics Summit.

5-terabit Optics Under 1 Volt, Products Two Years Away. Organic nanoscopic optical materials have for the first time dipped below the critical 1-volt mark. Researchers also reported five times greater speed and other leading edge performance characteristics.

The Big Leak: Windows Code on Net. A portion of Microsoft's most closely guarded trade secret -- parts of the Windows source code -- has leaked over the Internet.

200 Days to Fix a Broken Windows. Security researchers are both criticizing and empathizing with Microsoft for the 200 days the company needed to create its latest critical software patch.

Next-Generation Nachi Worm Offers Political Message. The Internet is fertile with new and modified worms, but the most interesting is the next-generation of Nachi. The vigilante worm has gone strangely political.

IBM to Launch MS Office for Linux. As part of its initiative to put Linux on the desktop, IBM Corp. wants to migrate Microsoft Corp.'s Office suite to Linux. Microsoft said it's not involved and suggests that IBM might do it by emulation.

IBM Says New Chip-Making Method Boosts Performance. A new method of manufacturing to make microprocessors that consume less power.

Novell Sides With IBM in SCO Spat. The tag-team wrestling match among software makers SCO Group, IBM and Novell has entered another round, with Novell invoking its presumed right to clear IBM of any contract violations.

Ad Revenues Up 38 Percent in Q4. Yet another piece of good news for interactive advertising surfaces as revenue soars, according to estimates.

Camera Could Help Sort Fish, Save Stocks


Thursday, 12 February

Microsoft Locks Up XML Patent. The software giant lands another XML patent, which will bolster its product development scheme.

Microsoft Risks 'Alienating' Users. Microsoft's controversial software licensing scheme has delivered little value and many users will not renew their agreements when they expire this year, according to Gartner.

Intel Scientists Create World's Fastest Silicon Photonics Device. The ability to build a fast photonic (fiber optic) modulator from standard silicon could lead to very low-cost, high-bandwidth fiber optic connections among PCs, servers and other electronic devices, and eventually inside computers as well.

Gartner Predicts PC Market to Stay strong Through '04. Growth of PC shipments will continue at double-digit rates in the first quarter of 2004, and hold that pace throughout the year.

Flying Robot Promises Bird's-eye view for Surveillance

Chemistry Puts New Sparkle In Diamonds

Wednesday, 11 February

HP Sets-up India Call Center. HP has set up a contact center in Bangalore that will offer post-sales support to U.S. customers of its consumer products.

Lindows Wins One Against Microsoft. "The court's ruling confirms that a company, no matter how much money it spends, cannot buy a word out of the English language..."

Microsoft: Run, Don't Walk To Fix This Flaw. Microsoft says a new flaw involving a security vulnerability in its ASN.1 library is "critical" and warns users of every current Windows system to patch it immediately.

M64: The Sleeping Beauty Galaxy

Close-up: Olympus Mons on Mars

Tuesday, 10 February

Microsoft Restores Broken IE URL Handling. Microsoft has issued a patch the restores its Internet Explorer's ability to handle certain types of Web URLs that were banned by an emergency browser security patch in early February.

The Secret World of ReiserFS. Although there are a number of filesystems that can be used in Linux environments, ReiserFS is becoming a favorite among systems administrators.

New viruses Feed on MyDoom Infections. The two opportunistic programs--dubbed Doomjuice and Deadhat--threatened only those users still infected with a version of the MyDoom virus.

Calling All Ethernet Unfriendly Buildings. WLAN vendor Strix Systems is ready to give away at least three of its Access/One Networks to its partners' customers in the coming months to help get the word out about its wire-free WLAN solution.

PC Drives Will Reach 600GB by 2007, Industry Says. The standard desktop PC of 2007 will have a hard disk drive with capacity between 500GB and 600GB, according to Mark Geenen, managing director of research company TrendFocus Inc.

Costly Surprises of Outsourcing. Outsourcing may save less money than you think. The hidden expenses include vendor evaluation, extra security, airline tickets and severance pay.

Ohio Considers Electronic Tracking of Cats

CorelDraw Update Released

Laptop Astronomy

Monday, 9 February

AMD Design Will Kill Competition. Analysis Sun's choice of Opteron rings death knell for non-x86 CPUs.

Will Intel Spring 64bit Surprise? Some believe Intel is preparing to do the apparently unthinkable - licensing AMD 64bit technology.

Internet Pioneer BBN Technologies Rises Again. BBN Technologies Inc.--the company that was a success in pioneering the Internet but was a failure in making money on it--is being re-established as a standalone firm thanks to an infusion of financial backing from two venture-capital firms.

MAID Technology Challenges Tape. Although tape has reigned supreme in storage archiving for some time, the exaggerated reports of tape’s death keep on coming. The latest affront to the ageless media comes from technologies designed to power down disk drives when not in use.

Seagate Launches 2.5-inch Storage Drive. Seagate launched a family of SFF (small form factor) 2.5-inch enterprise disc drives, and said HP is likely to be first to market with products using the new Savvio drives.

Microsoft Offers Cut-rate Windows. Microsoft has provided a modified version of Windows XP with reduced features for use in the Thai government's low-cost PC program, and may make this software available to other governments.

Happy I.T. Days Are Here Again. The long gloom in the I.T. sector is set to lift in 2004, creating increased demand in all sectors within the tech industry, according to research firm Gartner.

Going Mobile on a PC Is Risky Business. In any local coffee house, airport lounge or hotel lobby, technophiles and technophobes alike can be found hunched over their notebook computers.

Foreign Investors: Top Taiwan Mobo Makers to Suffer 10-13% Drop in 1Q Shipments

Comet May Outshine Most Stars in the Sky by May

NASA Engineers Dispute Decision to Ax Hubble

Friday, 6 February

IT Spending to Increase in 2004. After enterprises held back on spending all of their IT budgets at the end of 2003, all vertical markets are prepared to spend at or above their 2004 IT allocations, according to Gartner.

Nextel To Trial 802.20 Wireless Broadband. Starts soliciting testers in the Raleigh-Durham area for service it claims will deliver 1.5 Mbps speeds.

Pentagon Scraps Net voting Plan. The U.S. Department of Defense backed off plans for a large-scale test of a voting system designed to let Americans who are overseas cast ballots in the coming election over the Internet.

SCO Adds Copyright Claim to IBM Suit. The company significantly widens its Unix and Linux lawsuit against IBM, adding a copyright infringement claim to the already complicated case, sources say.

Washington Post Forgets to Pay Domain Fees. The company neglects to pay the $19 annual registration fee for its corporate domain name, an oversight that caused the company's internal e-mail system to crash.

Samsung to Put Satellite TV Into Cell Phone

Google Has 32% Share of Web Searches

Stephen Thaler's Creativity Machine

Thursday, 5 February

Ethernet May Disrupt Telecom Architectures. A new disruptive technology threatens to rearrange the way telephone service carriers architect their networks.

Microsoft Unveils First Certification For Help-Desk Pros. Microsoft this week launched its first certification for help-desk professionals.

LCD Glass Maker Pumps in $600 Million to Expand. Corning, a maker of glass substrates for liquid crystal display panels, plans to spend $600 million to expand its manufacturing capacity in Taiwan and Japan over the next two years.

Novell's HQ Move Raises Questions About NetWare. The company, with its new open-source emphasis, has officially moved its headquarters to Waltham, Mass., and some are wondering what that means for NetWare.

Wi-Fi Pulls Into Amtrak Stations. A five-year deal with AT&T Wireless will put hotspots in six busy Northeast stops this summer.

Spyware Cures May Cause More Harm. Web surfers battling "spyware" face a new problem: programs that install the same kind of unwanted advertising software they promise to erase.

ISS Warns of Holes in Check Point Firewall, VPN Server

HyperTransport 2.0 Boosts Speeds, Maps to PCI Express

Pulp Fiction: Fruit Juice or Sugar Water? This is an eye opener.

Opportunity Set for Road Trip Today; Spirit May Roll as Well

NASA Firm on Hubble Decision; Aid Must Come From Outside

Tiny Corkscrew Pulls Blood Clots From Brain

GM Mice Make Heart-Friendly Fish Oils

NASA's Moon-Mars Plans Take Shape

Rosetta Lander: Unlocking the Secrets of the Universe

Wednesday, 4 February

Windows XP 64 Bit Edition Pre-release Trial is Ready to Download. Windows XP 64-Bit Edition for 64-Bit Extended Systems is only compatible with 64-bit AMD Opteron- or Athlon 64-based computers. It cannot be successfully installed on 64-bit Intel Itanium-based systems.

Dell Offers Small Businesses Souped-up $449 PC. Dell is targeting small businesses with a souped-up, low-end desktop priced below $500.

KDE 3.2 Gains Speed, Loses Bugs. The KDE Project releases Version 3.2 of its KDE desktop software for Linux, with improved performance, new apps and bug fixes.

Monster Librarian at Work. In the basement of IBM's Almaden Research Center in the hills of South San Jose, hundreds of computer servers gather 250 million new Web pages a week. The data -- 512,000 gigabytes' worth -- is at the disposal of a new analytical software tool called WebFountain.

Israeli Twins Born from 12-Yr-Old Frozen Embryos

Tuesday, 3 February

Microsoft Sets Up Alternate Web Site In Face Of MyDoom Threat. Microsoft has set up a secondary Web site for users affected by an Internet virus that will seek to block them from the software giant's regular Web sites. Microsoft Site Appears to Weather MyDoom Attack.

Micron Validates DDR2 with Intel. Micron Technology says it is the first supplier to validate the 1Gbit DDR2 component and first to validate all densities of DDR2 components with Intel.

Magic Wand Makes Checkout Lines Vanish. David O'Neill, a senior citizen who frequents his local Stop & Shop supermarket in Quincy, Mass., hasn't talked to a checkout cashier in months. And he's delighted.

Major ISPs Ponder 'Postage' To Stem Spam. Online giants like Microsoft and Yahoo! consider a small e-mail 'postage' fee to senders as a possible spam stopper.

Spams Drives Wary Shoppers Away from Internet. The exponential growth of unsolicited junk e-mail -- spam -- is shaking consumer confidence in the Internet and may hamper growth of the e-economy, officials on Monday told a global anti-spam meeting.

Europe Joins the Race to Put a Man on Mars

Moon Mission Will 'Talk' to Web Surfers

Monday, 2 February

December Chip Sales Flat, SIA Forecasts 19% Growth in 2004. The three-month average of worldwide chip sales fell by 0.5 percent to $16.03 billion in December from $16.12 billion last November.

Prescott: The New Pentium 4 Reviewed. The new Pentium 4 E, also known as Prescott, has arrived. Prescott contains the same building blocks as its predecessor, the Northwood Pentium 4, but doubles both cache levels (16 KB L1, 1...

Microsoft Issues Patch To Fix IE Holes That Invite Hacker Attack, Phishing. A week after the MyDoom virus started wreaking havoc on the e-mail systems around the world, Microsoft issued an "out-of-cycle" security bulletin to address three vulnerabilities that expose Internet Explorer to potential hacker attack. IE Patch Could Disrupt E-Commerce. Internet Explorer (IE) modification to fix security holes in the browser could disrupt e-commerce sites that use clear text to authenticate user names and passwords.

Windows Plan Underscores Microsoft Struggle. A move by Microsoft to extend support for an older version of Windows underscores a new reality for the software giant: Convincing customers to upgrade is becoming much more difficult. Give me real stuff like php support in FrontPage and I'll upgrade.

Universities Speed Up Open-Source Plans. More university IT administrators are accelerating plans to migrate to open-source technology in the data center.

EU Launches Power Line Net Initiative. The European Union hopes its support of power line communications will help overcome technical hurdles and lead to greater competition in the broadband market.

MyDoom Knocks-out SCO Site. news focus The MyDoom virus launched an unprecedented denial-of-service attack which caused SCO to close its site and relocate. Microsoft is next.

Hubble Detects Oxygen and Carbon in the Atmosphere of a Distant Planet

President Bush Seeks Funding Boost for Hydrogen Cars

Nanotech Spy Eyes Life Inside the Cell

January 2004





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