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August 2004

Tuesday, 31 August

Wi-Fi Wall Jacks To Enable Wireless Grid. The Wi-Jack includes Aruba's wireless access-point radio technology built into a standard data wall outlet.

Battery-free Backup Power System Achieves 2-hour Runtime. The power system is based on the company's flywheel energy storage technology...

AMD Demonstrates 90nm x86 Dual-Core Processor. AMD's Austin plant runs the industry’s first x86 dual-core processor...

Apple's New iMac Computer Is All Display. Apple unveiled its new iMac desktop computer, which integrates disk drives and processors into a flat display less than two inches thick.

Spyware vs. spyware. From California to Washington, D.C., lawmakers are lining up for the chance to smack down this bothersome byproduct of online commerce.

Molecular Assemblies Created To Convert Water To Hydrogen Gas

Monday, 30 August

IT Spending to Grow Next Year. IT spending is forecast to grow in the high single-digits next year and remain on that pace through 2008, according to Forrester.

Intel's Incredible Shrinking Chips. Intel's move to 65 nanometers means smaller chips or twice as many transistors.

Plastic Magnets

NIST Unveils Chip-Scale Atomic Clock

Friday, 27 August

VoIP Continues Meteoric Rise. Voice over IP continues to enjoy stellar growth.

Windows Update Harbors AMD 64 Conflict. A problem in the Service Pack 2 update for Windows XP may keep owners of 64-bit AMD-based computers from using the long-awaited security package, according to Microsoft.

Gateway PC Keeps it Cool with BTX Architecture. Gateway unveiled a PC designed to stay cool even when handling applications that use a lot of power.

Siemens Warns of Ear Damage From Mobile Phone Tunes. Careful -- some mobile phone tunes could be hazardous to your health.

Cisco Warns of Flaws in ACS Product. Cisco warned customers about security holes in two products that provide user authentication and authorization services for network devices such as firewalls and routers.

HP Unveils Cavalcade of Consumer Products. First TVs, new printers, long-lasting inks, and projectors are targeted at living room and office.

Microsoft Overhauls Longhorn. To get next version of Windows out on time, company to delay some planned features, sources say.

The Sedna Scenario

What is Quaoar?

Silicon to Help Explain Origins of the Universe

Thursday, 26 August

Mobile Hard Drive Carries Linux. The GlobeTrotter device, with Mandrakelinux 10.0, can be plugged into the USB port of any computer to turn it into a Linux desktop.

Order the Windows XP Service Pack 2 on CD. "Microsoft will ship the CD to you free of charge." Microsoft Publishes New Guide to Deploying Service Pack 2.

Microsoft Reprimanded for Misleading Linux Ad. A UK advertising watchdog group has ordered Microsoft to change an ad that compares the costs of running Linux and Windows operating systems.

Spyware Makers Target Winamp. Users of the music player should watch out for hacked themes; a flaw allows would-be intruders to take control of PCs.

Silicon Carbide (SiC) Could Lead to Improved Semiconductors

Consumers Trade in Home Phones for Mobile and Web

Cassiopeia A

First 'Super Earth' Planet Found

Wednesday, 25 August

Gartner Sees Solid Server Sales. Global revenue from server sales climbed to $11.5 billion in the second quarter.

Justice Dept. Cracks Down Internet Crime. The Justice Department shut down a network allegedly used to illegally share copyrighted music, movies, software and games and, separately, has embarked a nationwide campaign against purveyors of e-mail "spam.

Tuesday, 24 August

Windows XP SP2 Automatic Update Due Tomorrow. Windows XP users with Automatic Update enabled will have a rather hefty download tomorrow, as Microsoft plans to release Service Pack 2 for Windows XP via Automatic Update. Standby for networking problems and more annoying idiot prompts...

MS Releases XP SP2 App Testing Guide. Redmond offers more help to developers looking to test applications against the security-focused service pack. Arrived here today.

Microsoft Tests Broadband TV. Microsoft has turned to a Swiss telecommunication operator for the first commercial trial of its system that delivers television signals to consumers over a broadband telecommunications network.

Peeping Tom Webcam Worm. Virus writers have developed a 'Peeping Tom' worm that can use webcams to spy on computer users.

Apple, Dell Lead PC Customer Satisfaction Index. The PC industry is doing a better job of satisfying its U.S. customers than in recent years, and improvements to technical support seem to have done the trick, according to the results of a study.

Linksys, Vonage Connect on VoIP. Vonage's broadband telephony service will be available with two of Linksys' products, a router and a phone adapter.

AMD Athlon Shortage. A surge in demand for Athlon processors has caused a supply shortage in the channels in Taiwan, China and Europe, and this may undermine AMD's opportunity to boost its market share.

Gartner Firm on 27% Growth. Gartner maintains its expectations for semiconductor revenue near 30 percent growth in 2004, despite vendor concerns.

TI Shows-off New Video Decoding Silicon

Supply Ship Approaches the Space Station

Golf Ball Polymer 'Heals' Bullet Holes

Monday, 23 August

Windows Upgrade Causing Campus Headaches. Microsoft decision to release SP2 in the same month that hundreds of thousands of students are reporting to college campuses across the nation is causing a major headache...

Stopping Spam at the Source. New antispam technology standards are on the way that promise to hit spammers where it hurts the most--their wallets.

Nanoscale Parts Get Binding Aid. Nanoscale particles may benefit from a new "sticky patch."

This Year's Best Gadgets for Students. From desktops to laptops to handhelds, something for everyone.

Wi-Fi Plays Defense. Despite the release of the 802.11i standard, WLAN security issues aren't likely to go away any time soon.

AMD Reportedly Prepares Affordable Processors for Socket 939. AMD to drive processors in new packaging to mainstream.

Intel Lops Newest Pentium 4 Prices. The 500 series of Pentium 4 chips drop in price by 18 percent to 35 percent. Plus, a host of other chips are cheaper now as well.

Asteroid Shaves Past Earth's Atmosphere

Calif. Plan Aims to Add Solar Energy to Homes

Firday, 20 August

More Vendors Report SP2 Woes. Glitches between Windows XP Service Pack 2 and critical applications continue to emerge.

Microsoft Patches the Patch. The Windows XP Service Pack gets a 'hotfix' to handle VPNs, in the never-ending process of software development.

AMD Incorporates Strained Silicon in 90-nanometer Chips. The design twist will let the company increase the performance of its processors.

New Download.Ject Attack Hits IM Networks. Beware that unknown link in AIM and ICQ messages.

Judges Rule File-sharing Software Legal. Circuit Court of Appeals in Los Angeles said that peer-to-peer software developers were not liable for any copyright infringement committed by people using their products.

Apple Recalls 28,000 PowerBook Batteries. An internal short of the batteries can cause them to overheat, posing a fire hazard.

Drugstore Offers New Wave of Disposable Cameras. Pharmacy chain CVS said it would offer the world's first disposable digital camera with a bright color viewing screen that allows consumers to instantly preview pictures.

US E-Commerce Sales Rise in Second Quarter

'Madden' Week No. 1 Game Sales Top 1.3 Million

Networking Your Pet

Quantum Teleportation Across the Danube Demonstrated

NASA Recruits Stunt Pilots To Catch Sun Capsule

Wednesday, 18 August

WinXP SP2 Home To Be Available On Auto Update Today. VARs say they're girding for a flood of customer calls.

Researchers Find Holes in XP SP2. Security researchers found two software flaws that could allow virus writers and malicious hackers to sidestep new security features in the operating system.

Catching 'Gotchas' in Tech Contracts. IT managers and contract specialists often fail to include important criteria in final tech deals.

Double-Stuff DVDs

Scientists Untangling Black-hole Physics

Tuesday, 17 August

Microsoft Delays Automatic XP SP2 Delivery. Microsoft has pushed back automatic distribution of Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) to allow business users more time to instruct their machines to skip the update.

AMD Aims Opteron At Channel. AMD angled its new 64-bit Opteron processor toward the channel during its Vendor World Premiere event at CMP Media's Xchange conference in Chicago.

Unpatched PCs Compromised in 20 Minutes. Don't connect that new PC to the Internet before taking security precautions.

Online Shopping Up, Along With Abandoned Carts. DoubleClick's e-commerce survey tells the tale of why e-shoppers are leaving their carts in the virtual aisle.

U.S. Broadband Growth Slows. U.S. telephone and cable companies saw the growth of high-speed Internet services slow in the second quarter to the lowest rate in a year.

Cold Fusion Gains Respect

Nanotubes May Have No 'Temperature'

A Recipe for Longer Life?

Soldering Surprise on the Space Station

Monday, 16 August

Sales of AMD K8 Processors to Rise 50% Sequentially in 2H. Unit sales of AMD Athlon 64 (K8) processors are expected to grow 50% sequentially in the second half of this year, according to sources at Taiwan motherboard and chipset makers.

Microsoft Lists SP2 Conflicts. Microsoft has issued a list of nearly 50 software applications and games that may encounter problems with its Windows XP Service Pack 2 update.

End of the Line for HP's Alpha Processor. HP will release the final processor upgrade for its AlphaServer line of Unix servers Today.

Hubble Peers Inside A Celestial Geode

Friday, 13 August

Notebook Makers Turn Cautious About Second Half. The world's top two notebook PC manufacturers are turning more conservative on growth prospects for the sector this year.

Dell Posts Nearly 30 Percent Earnings Jump. Dell reported a nearly 30 percent jump in net income as strong sales of printers and servers, and notched double-digit gains in overseas markets.

Huge Hiring Program at IBM. IBM plans to add 18,800 jobs this year, one-third of them in the U.S.

Communications Sector Shows Life Again. IP telephony is revving up in a variety of markets around the globe, fusing together phones with cellular networks, data and video.

Tech Data, Tampa Bay VARs Brace for Charley. Tech Data and other Tampa Bay area companies are bracing for what could be the area's worst storm in more than 80 years.

Initial Windows XP SP2 Fallout Limited. Since Microsoft Corp. began the staged rollout of Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) late last week only minor compatibility issues have come up, but that might be because many users are waiting to install the update.

Norwegian hacker cracks Apple's music streaming Technology

Circumstellar Disk Reveals Signs of Young Planets

Thursday, 12 August

Users Give XP SP2 Mixed Marks. Developers, IT department workers and early adopters have begun to report on their experiences... Microsoft Offers Disabled SP2 Download. Microsoft is letting customers disable installation of SP2 until they are ready to deal with the multitude of issues it brings. I installed the released version on a clean-install of Windows XP Pro Sunday. No problems so far.

Firewire Firm Releases Firmware to fix XP SP2 Fire. No more Firewire 100 any more.

Teen Pleads Guilty in Blaster Worm Attack. A Minnesota high school senior pleaded guilty in federal court to unleashing a variant of the ``Blaster'' Internet worm, which crippled more than a million computers last summer.

Spyware As a Service. Just as spam, worms, and viruses have polluted the signal to noise of the e-mail platform, now spyware threatens to cut the legs out from under customer confidence in doing financial transactions on the Web.

Spam: Made In The U.S.A. Nearly all the world's spam is spewed by a limited number of hard-core spammers within the U.S.

Exposing Sender May Can Spam. Proposed tech standard would verify senders' IP addresses to cut malicious phishing and annoying Viagra pitches.

Adware Anxiety Gives Claria Cold Feet. The decision by adware leader Claria to postpone its initial public offering comes as the fast-growing business of advertising-supported software is increasingly coming under pressure.

HP's Blackmore, Milton Out. HP has given its top enterprise server and storage executives, Peter Blackmore and Jim Milton, their walking papers in the wake of a $208 million third-quarter operating loss for the division.

Spinning Black Holes Fire off Violent Jets

Near-zero-energy Buildings Blessing To Owners, Environment

Wednesday, 11 August

Wi-Fi Gets A Speed Boost. The people at the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers are at it again.

Windows XP SP2 and the Risk of a Linux Backlash. Every new round of Microsoft failures ratchets up an already increasing moral tension in a debate that ought to be strictly technical and financial.

Microsoft Announces 'XP Lite' System. Microsoft will offer a low-cost, stripped down edition of its Windows XP operating system in Asia starting in October.

Blu-ray Disc Specification Receives Approval

Tuesday, 10 August

New Bagle Priced To Move. Another Bagle stormed into Windows users' mailboxes and sent security firms rushing to update signatures and boost their alert levels.

Quantum Dots Poised for Production Line. Semiconductor nanocrystals promise a quantum leap over traditional optoelectronics due to their unique and size-tunable properties.

Sharp Rolls Out 3D LCD for Desktops. Sharp hopes the new TFT 3D LCD technology will revolutionize the visual experience by offering a realistic sense of depth and presence that hasn't been previously available in LCD displays.

The Problem With Windows XP SP2. Teething troubles hit Windows XP SP2.

OEM Prices for 8x Slim DVD Burners Fall to US$70-80

Cisco Reports Record Fiscal 4Q

First Space Test for Solar Sailing. NASA Successfully Deploys Two Solar Sail Systems.

NASA Approves Robotic Hubble Repair Mission

Smart Windows to Let Sun's Light In, Keep Heat Out

Brazil Maps Coffee Genome to Create 'Super Beans'

Physicists Stop Forgers In Their Tracks

Monday, 9 August

Wardrivers Plead Guilty, Sentenced To Jail Time. Three men plead guilty in what is likely the first criminal conviction of "wardriving," the hacker tactic of cruising for unsecured wireless networks.

After Delays, Windows Security Update Ready to Go. Microsoft on wrapped up development on a long-awaited security update to Windows XP, paving the way for businesses and consumers to upgrade in the coming days and months. I installed the released version on a clean-install of Windows XP Pro yesterday. No problems so far.

IBM Tells Employees Not to Install Windows XP Update. While developers at Microsoft may be celebrating that they finished work on Service Pack 2 (SP2) for Windows XP, IT departments around the world now face the question on whether they should update their systems, or not.

AMD Fortifies PC Security Protection. With the release of Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2), Enhanced Virus Protection (EVP) can now be enabled on all AMD AthlonT 64 processors.

WinXP SP2 Prompts Buy AMD, Not Intel Call. Like buying a car without airbags.

Code Check: SP2 May Lock Worm Holes. Security firm F-Secure has taken Windows XP Service Pack 2 apart and says the days of buffer-overflow worms may be numbered.

Critical Bug Found in AOL's AIM. A buffer overflow flaw in America Online's flagship AIM instant messaging platform could put millions of users at risk of computer takeover, security researchers warned.

IBM Feels The Heat. Heat problems associated with SCSI hard drives in IBM's eServer BladeCenter are slowing the vendor's march into the sizzling blade server market at a time when rival Hewlett-Packard is also turning up the competitive heat

Phone Cameras May Surpass Digital Cameras In 2007. By 2007, more 3- and 4-megapixel digital cameras may be housed in mobile phones than in digital still cameras (DSCs).

X-prize Contender Rocket Explodes. No one was hurt.

Meteors Will Peak Aug. 11-12. Find a spot with a wide view of the heavens, bring a lawn chair, put on your insect repellent and tote along a blanket or a sleeping bag.

Stealth Wallpaper Keeps Company Secrets Safe

Hubble In Trouble

Parasitic Cowbirds Thrive With a Less Ruthless Strategy Than Cuckoos

Friday, 6 August

Job Growth Meager, Markets Stunned. U.S. employers added a paltry 32,000 workers to payrolls last month.

Survey Shows Optimism Among IT Workers. A study by staffing and outsourcing firm Hudson says optimism among IT professionals has jumped sharply since May and is at its highest point this year.

Image Flaw Pierces PC Security. Six vulnerabilities in an open-source image format could allow intruders to compromise computers running Linux and may allow attacks against Windows and Mac OS X.

File-sharing Networks Warned of US Prosecution. Specifically, US attorney generals have sent a letter to file-sharing networks warning them they could be facing prosecution unless they clean up their acts.

Thursday, 5 August

Red Hat, IBM Blast Patent Litigation Hovering Over Linux. Red Hat and others will push the U.S. government to adopt a form of digital rights protection law that forces vendors to disclose intellectual property (IP) to receive protection.

Linux Patent Cloud Blows Over Europe. Munich abandons Linux plans for now leaving an open source consultant wondering what the big deal is.

Baby Bells Win Another FCC Victory. The FCC ruled that they can build fiber-optic networks into apartment buildings without sharing their infrastructure with rivals.

Microsoft Pulls XP Service Pack at Last Moment. Service Pack two for Windows XP was supposed to be released to manufacturing yesterday but Microsoft pulled it at the last moment, without giving a reason for the move. Windows XP Update Delayed Again. The company says quality concerns prompted the software giant to delay release.

Mars Rovers Show Signs of Wear

Wednesday, 4 August

HP Matures Its Linux Strategy. LinuxWorld: With a new 6,500-person Linux Services Team, the company sharpens Linux teeth in enterprise.

Toshiba Offers Worlds’s Highest Capacity In New line of 1.8-inch Hard Disk Drives. 30 and 60 GByte.

Intel Announces P4 with 64-Bit Extensions. The new processor is marketed to workstations but works on desktops, too.

Windows SP2 Patched Before Its Release. Flaw in upcoming Windows XP Service Pack 2 conflicts with Microsoft business program.

Flying Dinosaur Needed a Bird's Brain

Gulf Of Maine Marine Ecosystem May Have Entered New Phase

Tuesday, 3 August

Single-chip Wireless Transceiver Possible. A research team says it has succeeded in integrating the last two components needed to create a one-chip wireless transceiver.

Chips Without Circuit Boards or Wires? Sun is working on a technique that would allow chips to communicate without circuit boards or wires. It could greatly alter computer design.

CeBit America 2005 Canceled. Trade show CeBit America 2005 has been canceled, despite growing enthusiasm and a shrinking field of competing shows.

OEM Prices for 16x DVD Burners Fall to Below US$100. Due to a price war triggered by Japanese makers such as Pioneer and NEC, OEM quotations for 16x DVD burners have dropped to US$95-100.

Analysts Warn Over Chip Inventory. Two research firms warn over swelling chip Inventories and the potential impact on prices in the second half of the year.

WD Designs RAID Drive. Western Digital has designed a disk drive specifically targeted for RAID and other heavy-duty cycle applications.

Three-in-One Virus Zapper Released. Microsoft's latest virus removal tool helps disinfect systems impacted by the recent Mydoom, Zindos and Doomjuice worm attacks.

SCO Turns Focus Away From Legal Battles

Mercury Probe Soars Into Orbit

Monday, 2 August

DRAM Propels June Semi Sales Up 40%. With DRAMs sales up more than 100 percent, the segment pushed sales of semis to $17.8 billion in June, 40.2 percent higher than June 2003.

PC Chips Takes Over Soyo. More second-tier mobo makers to fall prey.

VoIP Provider Vonage Suffers Outage. Net phone service provider Vonage confirmed that it suffered its first outage in 18 months.

LinuxWorld Parades Ppen Source Momentum. The Linux nation will gather this week at its annual conference in San Francisco to show off a range of software based on the v2.6 kernel, its new 64-bit server hardware, and a brand-new Java application server.

Group: Linux Potentially Infringes 283 Patents. Linux potentially infringes 283 patents according to a group that sells insurance to protect those using or selling Linux against intellectual-property litigation.

Microsoft Catches Flaw Left In IE Update. Microsoft has doubled back to correct a security flaw in its Internet Explorer browser.

IBM, Dell Unveil Xeon Servers. Server specialists IBM and Dell are among the manufacturers introducing products based on Intel's X86 platform, providing an additional boost for next-generation 64-bit computing systems.

July 2004






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