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November 2003

Wednesday, 26 November

Senate Approves CAN SPAM Act. The U.S. Senate gave final approval to the CAN SPAM Act, following last weekend's overwhelming vote on the landmark federal anti-spam bill by the U.S. House of Representatives. Lawmakers: Spam Bill Is a Turkey. Senate Passes Spam Bill. The bill prohibits harvesting e-mail addresses from Web sites.

'Stuffed' Nanotubes Could Boost High-density Storage. Researchers in Germany have succeeded in loading carbon nanotubes with magnetic materials, an advance that could enable the use of the tiny cylinders for making extremely high-density data storage devices.

Durable Goods Orders Jump. Today's economic reports indicate that recovery is continuing.

Kyocera's Breakthrough Digital Camera. There's no holding back the Kyocera FineCam SL300R, which lets you continuously shoot 3-megapixel photos until the card is full.

'Net Access Tax Debate Will Have to Wait. Federal lawmakers schedule a December session when they could resolve the issue of taxes on Internet access.

Server Segment Shows Steady Sales. The worldwide server systems market continues to gain ground, showing a 2 percent revenue increase for $10.8 billion in Q3 sales.

Security Makeover for ICF, Windows Server 2003. Microsoft plans major OS tweaks to inspect remote connections and add a user-friendly firewall for desktop users.

Cash Machines Infected With Worm. ATMs belonging to two US financial institutions were shut down by a computer worm in August, the machines' makers reveal.

New Critical Vulnerabilities Discovered In IE. A set of new security vulnerabilities have been discovered in the Internet Explorer (IE) Web browser which used together could allow hackers to compromise user PCs.

Linux 2.6 Set for Release. After a multiyear development effort, the 2.6 version of the Linux kernel is set for release in the second half of December.

BIOS For The Network. Phoenix Technologies opened up hardware configuration to the network with TrustedCore NB for notebook and tablet PCs.

Super-Sized LCDs. People with discriminating eyes and extra cash should consider an 18- or 19-inch LCD. Closer Look at the 19” LCD Monitors Features.

Tuesday, 25 November

U.S. Economy Sizzles. The U.S. economy grew in the third quarter at an 8.2 percent annual rate, the fastest pace since 1984.

Dell Closes Overseas Call Center. After an onslaught of complaints, Dell has stopped routing corporate customers to an offshore technical support call center.

SuSE Updates Desktop, Corporate Linux. SuSE Linux began distributing a free version of its newest desktop operating system Monday and plans to update its high-end product Tuesday.

Moore's Law Intact: Intel Crafts 65-nm Test SRAM. Using 65-nm design rules, Intel announced that it has made fully functional 4-Mbit SRAMs with a cell size of 0.57 microns.

Chips From Magnetoresistive Material Advance in Lab. Magnetoresistive materials being developed by researchers at the University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory may offer a promising alternative to the semiconductor industry's current chip-making processes.

Microsoft Retires NetMeeting. Microsoft is retiring its six-year-old NetMeeting online conferencing application and instead will push Office Live Meeting, formerly known as PlaceWare.

Exchange Flaw May Expose User Accounts. Microsoft is investigating a bug that appears to affect an Exchange component called Outlook Web Access, which allows people to access their in-boxes and folders via a Web browser.

Monday, 24 November

DRAM Contract Prices Continue to Slide. The latest contact DRAM prices negotiated for the second half of November continued to drop an average of 4% to 5%.

Electronics Supply Chain Tightens. The electronics industry is now beginning to see the downside of its economic recovery, tightness in the supply chain

Intel Plastic Memory Moves to Applications. Intel development of a multilayer plastic memory has reached the software-development stage, a move that could precede a market launch for the technology.

Paper Calls SCO's Position 'Desperate.' Free Software Foundation's Eben Moglen details what he calls an "inherent contradiction" in SCO's Linux case.

House Passes Federal Anti-Spam Bill. Opt-out legislation pre-empts tougher opt-in state laws and calls for five-year prison sentences for violators.

Powerful Ion Engine Relies on Microwaves

Large Binocular Telescope Searches for Planets

Thursday, 20 November

Study Quells Fears of IT Outsource Impact. Market research firm IDC predicts offshore activities of the U.S. IT industry are set to rise dramatically over next four years, but the rise may not affect U.S. jobs in ways some industry observers feared.

HP 4Q Net Income Doubles, Beats Expectations Before Charges. "We saw strong revenue growth in all regions, and operating profit improved by almost $400 million on a full-year combined company basis..."

AMD to Build $2.4B, 300mm Wafer fab in Dresden. AMD plans to build a new 300mm wafer fab in Dresden, Germany, spending $2.4 billion over the next four years.

U.S. Senate Approves $3.7 Billion for Nanotechnology R&D. The House is expected to approve a similar measure soon.

Biometrics Hold Key to Next Hi-Tech Revolution. The executive skips past the snaking airport check-in queue, waves a credit-card size pass at a monitor, puts a finger into a hi-tech reader and proceeds to the boarding zone thinking: "Some day, we'll all fly like this."

Putting Spyware on the Hook. Preparing for an FTC suit, an Internet privacy organization launches an online action to collect histories of spyware gone wrong.

Apple Posts Security Patches. Apple has released security updates for Mac OS X Panther 10.3.1 client and server systems and Mac OS X Jaguar 10.2.8 client and server operating systems.

Optimize Your PC for Faster Start-Up Times. Follow these five steps to slash your system's boot-up time.

SuSE to Sell Add-on to Run Windows Apps, Games. Under Linux 9

Workplace Filters May Stop Needed E-Mail

Highway to Heaven

Wednesday, 19 November

Tech Employment Dips, But Rate Slowing. High-technology industries in the United States lost 540,000 jobs last year, and will likely lose jobs this year, but at a markedly lower rate

A New Media Center Device. VIA's MediaReady 4000 set-top box will deliver DVD/MPEG-1/MPEG-2/MPEG-4 playback, TV watching, Internet browsing, e-mail, and CD/MP3 playback with local and networked digital storage, karaoke, and doubles as a living room PC.

Best Digital Cameras. Even if you put money before megapixels, you can find a digital camera that takes great shots.

Tuesday, 18 November

Survey: IT Hiring on the Rise Into '04. A majority of human resources managers and recruiters who responded to a survey by online recruiting services provider Dice Inc. said they plan to hire more tech professionals in the next six months.

High Performance Compiler Introduced for AMD Opteron/Linux Platform. The compiler is proving to be 40% faster than any other Opteron Linux server-based compiler that is currently available.

Sun and AMD Form Strategic Alliance (AMD). Sun and AMD have made a major announcement with the disclosure of a new alliance between the two companies based around AMD's Opteron server processor. Gathering momentum...

China Targets Asian Market With New Video Disk Format. In a move designed to separate itself from new consumer electronics standards emerging elsewhere. No blue laser...

Intel Releases 802.11g Centrino Module Orders to D-Link and GemTek. D-Link and GemTek Technology recently landed 802.11g module orders from Intel for use in next-generation Centrino notebooks, according to sources.

Clock Ticking on Spam, 'Net Access Bills. With House and Senate adjournment dates looming, passage of 2003 tech legislative centerpieces is threatened.

Cisco, Others Plan to Ban Insecure PCs. The initiative, dubbed the Network Admission Control program, would allow companies to set their network devices to refuse connections from any mobile PCs or devices that fail to meet corporate security policies, such as not having the latest software patches and antivirus updates.

Microsoft News Site to Customise Content. MSN Newsbot, a likely challenger to Google News, will automatically tailor stories within 10 minutes of a user starting to browse.

Microsoft To Enter Online Music Market. It plans to introduce a song-downloading service next year to compete with offerings from rivals such as Apple.

President Bush Pushes Cybercrime Treaty. President Bush has asked the U.S. Senate to ratify the first international cybercrime treaty.

SCO To Fork Over $9M To David Boies And His Legal Eagles. The SCO Group will pay nearly $9 million to its legal eagles at Boies, Schiller & Flexner LLP to continue its Linux fight against IBM and others. SCO Aims Legal Guns At Novell-SUSE Marriage, Big Linux Customer In Near Future.

Consumer Electronics Come to Comdex. High-tech TVs and digicams, new DVD burners and storage tools debut.

Dell Set to take-over TV Business

Dell Builds New Support "Command Center"

Solar Flares: Is Iron-Rich Sun the Cause?

Now in Their Sights: Hubble's Demise

Scientists Take DNA's Temperature

Monday, 17 November

AMD Ships New Opteron; Unveils Two Others. AMD, which is expected to reveal more about its 64-bit processor strategy this week at the COMDEX show in Lax Vegas, today began shipping a new Opteron chip for dual-processor workstations, and said two more processors would ship next month.

COMDEX Las Vegas 2003. Gone are the massage tables, the luxury cars and the consumer trinkets that once dotted the trade show floor disguised as enterprise IT... Gates Unveils New Windows Security and Search Tools at Comdex.

Brazil Turns Away From Microsoft. To bridge the technology gap in his country, President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and his chief technology officer are encouraging a move toward open-source computing.

Dell Expands Consumer Presence. Dell made further inroads into the non-PC consumer space, announcing two new LCD TVs.

TV/Monitor Hybrids. Talk about all-in-ones. These five LCD monitors function as televisions, movie screens, and
oh, yeah, computer displays.

More Solar Fireworks Possible by Thanksgiving

Return of the Leonids

Friday, 14 November

Dell Earnings Rise 21% in 3rd Quarter. Dell said third-quarter profits rose 21 percent from the same quarter last year and attributed much of its success to worldwide growth in several business segments.

IBM Builds Supercomputer Based on Gaming Chip. IBM says that it has built a supercomputer the size of a television based on microchip technology to be used in gaming consoles due out next year.

Intel Unveils More Details About Next-Gen Processor. Intel revealed additional details about its next-generation 64-bit Itanium processor, code-named Montecito, as well as the progress Itanium-based servers are making in businesses, as opposed to the high-performance computing environments where Itanium 2 already has traction.

Next-generation DVD Driven by Two Competing Standards. There's division in the ranks of the DVD Forum, whose steering committee will meet in New York next week to vote on a next-generation optical-disk format.

PayPal Phishers Turn to E-mail Viruses. Internet scammers have come up with a new -- and startling -- technique to 'phish' for sensitive information.

New Windows Worm Looms? Following the posting of exploit code for a newly discovered vulnerability in Windows, a new attack could be imminent.

Modified Windows Works Fine. Competitors says the software giant need not cripple its popular Windows operating system to comply with European regulators' demands.

AMD Athlon 64 FX to Receive Faster Bus Next Year

Prices for LCD TV controllers to drop 25-50% in 2004

Thursday, 13 November

SCO, IBM Battle Heats-up. Subpoenas are flying in the high-profile lawsuit between the SCO Group and IBM, as both companies try to buttress their legal claims by turning to third parties for information.

Microsoft Warns EU It May Get Substandard Windows. Microsoft Corp said it would be forced to offer European consumers a substandard version of Windows if the European Union makes it re-write its operating system.

Plastic Memory Promises Cheap, Dense Storage. A conducting plastic has been used to create a new memory technology with the potential to store a megabit of data in a millimetre-square device - 10 times denser than current magnetic memories.

First-tier mobo makers to see a 3-18% shipment decline in November. Following their record-setting motherboard shipments last month, first-tier motherboard makers are expected to suffer a shipment decline in November, company and industry sources said.

Xandros Delivers Linux Desktop. Hoping to help the cause of planting Linux more firmly on the desktop, Xandros nveiled an enhanced version of its Linux-compatible graphical environment with most improvements aimed at users.

Cable Joins Broadband Price War. Cable companies are upping the ante in a burgeoning broadband price war, offering aggressive promotions aimed squarely at phone company rivals and mulling "tiered" services.

StarOffice Still Can't Rival Microsoft. This program has a strong techie heritage, and is now controlled by a company and an open-source community that couldn't tell a normal, nontechnical computer user from a bag of Cheetos.

Ad Groups Urge Congress To Pass Anti-Spam Law. Three trade organizations push for quick action on federal legislation.

Notebooks to Account for One-fourth of Total PC Sales This Year

Sharper CMOS Imagers Share Transistors Among Pixels

Nearby Star is Forming a Jupiter-Like Planet

Wednesday, 12 November

Philips Research Demonstrates Faster DVD+R. Philips Research has demonstrated in the laboratory a recordable DVD (DVD+R) system capable of burning a DVD disk with video or data 16 times faster than the normal playing speeds for video DVDs.

Patent Office to Re-examine Eolas Patent. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has stepped squarely into a fight roiling the Web by agreeing to re-examine the Eolas patent for a browser plug-in, a development likely to bring cheer to Microsoft and software patent foes alike.

Microsoft Issues Security Patches. Microsoft released fixes for many severe security flaws in Windows, Internet Explorer and other apps.

EU Takes up Windows Media Integration. Amid rising tension between U.S. and European trade officials, Microsoft heads into a three-day hearing with European regulators over whether it is stifling competition with its operating system dominance.

Linux Powers Out to Snare Desktop. Red Hat, IBM and an open-source consortium are each beginning serious work to advance Linux for use on desktop computers, possibly making the OS a more serious threat to Microsoft.

Monday, 10 November

Web Hijack Riles Belkin Router Users. Belkin is trying to defuse customer complaints that its wireless routers periodically hijack users' Web connection and display an advertisement for its software.

Can You Hear the Sound of Computing Silence? Finding it harder to concentrate at your desk? Maybe it's the constant drone of your personal computer.

Digitalway HS-100 USB Drive Draws Praise. If Santa's looking for "wow!" stocking stuffers and has no current plans to rob a bank, check out the new Digitalway MPIO HS-100 USB drive.

Microsoft Moves Into Chip World with Xbox. There's a multibillion dollar company moving into the chip business: Microsoft.

Microsoft: Virtual PC Will Run Linux. Microsoft, which is releasing Virtual PC to manufacturing today, claims: "You absolutely can run Linux in Virtual PC."

Large Camera Delights Astronomers

Friday, 7 November

Gartner Ups Estimate for 2003 PC Shipments. The researcher increases its shipment estimate for this year by 3 million units, after stronger-than-expected third-quarter.

DDR SDRAM Sales Fall Short of Seasonal Norm. Shipments of DDR SDRAM slowed in October and have remained at unseasonably low levels this week, according to analysts, running counter to what many have pointed to as a rebound in business conditions.

'Media PCs' could push PC-TV sales to $4 billion by 2007. A consumer electronics device called a "media center PC" that captures TV programming, digitizes it and stores programming on a hard disk drive could emerge as a key product for manufacturers over the next several years.

AMD Details its Processor Roadmap. Officials offered a fresh look at its chip strategy and confirmed that its next-generation K9 processor will ship late in 2005.

Google Puts Search on the Desktop. With Google's new Deskbar, users can, for example, check spelling and look up definitions in an open document, conduct a news search, or use a sophisticated calculator -- all with a few keystrokes. The browser is taken out of the equation.

Online U.S. Holiday Sales Seen Up 20 Pct in 2003. U.S. sales of goods over the Internet during the 2003 holidays are expected to grow by 20 percent to $16.8 billion.

How To Disable Windows Messenger Service

Protein Map Shows Just What a Fly's Genes Do

Thursday, 6 November

Recovery in Chip Sales Finally in Place. It's official. The semiconductor industry recovery is in full swing.

Office 2003 Gets First 'Critical' Update. Microsoft issued its first "Critical Update" for Office 2003, less than a month after the software was officially launched.

Plan A for Microsoft. Is Microsoft's new version of Windows a radical innovation or a return to the company's winner-take-all software strategy from a decade ago?

Wednesday, 5 November

Microsoft Places $250K Bounties On Hackers. Microsoft placed a $250,000 bounty on the respective heads of the MSBlaster and So.Big virus writers as part of a $5 million program it launched with the FBI, Secret Service, and Interpol to fight cybercrime.

New Longhorn Graphics Tool Called "Flashkiller." Buzz from Microsoft's Professional Developers Conference about a new graphics and animation toolset for 'Longhorn' says it could challenge Macromedia's dominance with Flash.

HP to Introduce Desktop Blades. Under the Consolidated Client Infrastructure (CCI), a user's data and software runs on a centrally managed rack of blade computers and storage devices.

China to Invest in Linux-Based Software Industry. The Chinese government plans to throw its financial weight behind Linux-based computer systems that could rival Windows in one of the world's fastest-growing technology markets.

Intel Replaces Silicon in Chip Breakthrough. The combination of the high-k gate dielectric with the metal gate enables a drastic reduction in current leakage while maintaining very high transistor performance -- making it possible to drive Moore's Law and technology innovation well into the next decade.

Appeals Court Reopens Heart of Microsoft Case. Circuit court heard two cases Tuesday brought by Mass. and by trade associations of rival technology companies.

ATI and Samsung Sign MOU for Digital TV Chips

Voyager Reaches the Final Frontier

Nearest Galactic Neighbour Discovered

Did Early Humans Use Toothpicks?

Tuesday, 4 November

Red Hat to Drop Free Linux Products in Favor of Enterprise. The company is offering users two upgrade paths, either to the stable Enterprise Linux product or to its developer-oriented Fedora Project, which is a free download.

Novell Acquires SUSE LINUX for $210M. IBM invests $50 million in Novell and plans to negotiate extensions to commercial agreement with Novell/SUSE LINUX to support the IBM eServer line.

Monday, 3 November

Global Chip Market Strengthening. SIA says a jump of 17 percent in revenues marks a chip turnaround.

Latest Email Virus Blamed on Spammers. The virus, which is both attacking anti-spam websites and harvesting email addresses, comes in a zip file

Tools Target Homegrown Versions of Linux. Homegrown Linux will get some decidedly commercial attention with TimeSys Corp.'s release this week of a software tool set aimed at developers of roll-your-own Linux-based systems.

Web Is Littered With Yesteryear's Castoffs. For all its ability to deliver information in a timely manner, the Web is littered with sites that have been abandoned or are out of date.

IBM Knocks Intel Out of Xbox. Microsoft goes with IBM's chips instead of continuing with Intel's for its second-generation Xbox gaming system.

A Notebook with a Data Airbag. The IBM ThinkPad R50 can sense when it's falling and protect the hard drive.

Itanium Software Upgrade Pushed Back. A package that lets Intel's Itanium chips run programs tailored to more mainstream Pentiums and Xeons has been bumped back to the second half of 2004.


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