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May 2003

Friday, 30 May 2003

Web Browser War Ends in Truce. The fierce web browser battle between Microsoft and AOL-owned Netscape was brought to an end on Thursday, with an unlikely alliance that could have a significant impact on users who access video and audio online. Microsoft to Pay AOL $750 Million. The companies will drop pending litigation, including an antitrust complaint filed by the Netscape unit.  AOL agreed to a seven-year royalty-free license of Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser.  Does Netscape Deal Mean 'Game over' for Open-Source Browsers? Does it represent a threat to the open standards of the Internet? What about the fate of Mozilla.org, the open-source group tightly connected with Netscape?  AOL, Microsoft Pact Shakes Up Web Rivalries. The settlement is not good news for other players, from Apple, which recently has been riding high from its online music effort, and media player maker RealNetworks to smaller competitors.  Internet Explorer for Unix. "We [Microsoft] sincerely apologize, but Internet Explorer technologies for UNIX are no longer available for download..."

SCO Disputes Novell's Claims to Unix. SCO challenges Novell's assertions that it still owns the Linux copyrights and suggests the matter may be settled in court.

Could You Be Sending Spam? Spammers are using new tools to hide the origin of their messages.

Wireless Mt. Washington. A New Hampshire consulting firm has engineered a Wi-Fi link atop the highest mountain in the northeast United States to provide a continuous Web cam in the worst weather imaginable.  Other weather watchers may claim otherwise.

Intel/AMD Processor Comparison. Nice, easy-to-understand matrices.  For the savvy buyer, street prices are usually lower than official prices.

Earth-sized Planets Confirmed, But They’re Dead Worlds

Thursday, 29 May 2003

Lindows Declares Immunity From SCO Maelstrom. Lindows.com and its users are safe from the legal tentacles of the SCO Group, at least according to Lindows.com.

Microsoft Warns of New Vulnerabilities. The software giant issues a patch that fixes four separate vulnerabilities in its IIS software and alerts customers of a flaw in Windows Media Services.  Patch after patch after patch...

Apache Group Issues Update, Warns of Security Hole. For the second time in as many months, the Apache Software Foundation released an updated version of the popular open source Web server software... ...after patch.

ASUS, Gigabyte and MSI to Adopt Next-Generation ATI RADEON IGP

Wednesday, 28 May 2003

Businesses Open Wallets for New Tech Gear. There are a few signs of a thaw in business tech spending after two years of frigidity.

Problematic Windows XP Update Pulled. Microsoft withdrew a Windows XP software update after thousands of users complained the patch was blocking Internet connectivity.

WLANs: ROI Reality Hits Home. As IT budgets tighten, companies are learning what WLANs are really good for.

Chip Companies Rescue DSL's Future. Centillium Communications launches a chipset that provides broadband rates of up to 50 mbps over existing copper networks.

Wi-Fi Hotspots Mean Some Burnt Fingers. A report from US market research outfit Forward Concepts suggests that many hotspots will prove unprofitable.

Novell Challenges SCO's Linux Claims. In a letter to SCO, Novell asserted that it retains Unix patents and copyrights, demanded that SCO reveal where Unix source code has been copied into Linux, and raised its own threat of legal action to compensate for damage it says has been done to customers, programmers and companies using Linux.

Microsoft Loses City of Munich Deal to Linux. The city of Munich said on Wednesday it would switch 14,000 computers from Microsoft's Windows operating system to rival Linux in a deal estimated to be worth tens of millions of euros.

Computex 2003 Set for September 22-26. It had been postponed from June 2-6 due to the SARS outbreak.

Microsoft Cuts Retail Office XP Pricing. Office XP - when is a price cut not a price cut? When nobody buys full retail?

Tuesday, 27 May 2003

Lawmakers Unveil Long-Awaited Anti-Spam Bill. U.S. lawmakers have introduced an anti-spam bill that is likely to move quickly through Congress... it requires disclosure of online and physical addresses and honoring customer requests to be taken off their lists.  Pornographic e-mail would be labeled as such, and bans "harvesting" e-mail addresses from sources that say they will not resell customer information.

LinuxTag Challenges SCO. LinuxTag has accused SCO of illegal anti-competitive practices in a warning letter dated Friday, May 23 referring to SCO's unsubstantiated allegations that Linux contains SCO's (unspecified) proprietary code.

The Penguin Heats-up the Enterprise Applications Space. IBM is well known as a major supporter of Linux and has been backing the OS since 1999. Two years ago, it invested $1 billion in Linux and has made it a fundamental part of its business. But does everyone else agree with them?

A Chip War of EPIC Proportions. The age-old debate between x86 and RISC chips for servers has taken a turn with the advent of the EPIC-based Itanium and the return of CISC-style chips like the Opteron. 

AMD and Intel Announce Processor Price Cuts. Compared to Intel, AMD posted a relatively greater discount, ranging from 6.3% to as high as 31.8%.  Intel’s largest cut was seen in its 2.4GHz Celeron, whose price only dropped by 18.4% to US$84 from US$103.

IBM's More Than Just Talk. As rumors swirl around IBM, the company continues to drive further into the foundry market with its mouth tightly shut and eyes focused on proven partners.

Sunday, 25 May 2003

Maine is Close to Clobbering Spammers.  Unsolicited E-Mail must include "ADV:" or "ADV:ADULT" in the subject line and a valid return e-mail address, enabling recipients to write back to block additional unsolicited e-mail from that source... Passed House on 19 May.  Passed Senate on 20 May.  As I am not a lawyer, read LD 255, An Act to Control Internet "Spam" for details on the above, additional requirements, etc.

Friday, 23 May 2003

Fake Ink Cartridges Ooze into the Market. Printer vendors fight an increasing influx of counterfeit cartridges they say can damage equipment and reputations and fund crime.

FCC Predicts $5.2B Wireless Networking Market. New report says exploding popularity of wireless communications devices merits review of unlicensed spectrum rules.

Antispam Measure Gains Steam in House. Antispam sentiment on Capitol Hill is growing, with a new proposal in the House of Representatives promising to slap the worst bulk e-mailers with prison terms and millions of dollars in fines.

Western Digital WD2500JB HDD: More than Drivezilla?! Believe us, this model combining high storage capacity and high speed is really worth your attention. Western Digital Special Edition Caviar Hard Disk Drives.

Transistors Go Transparent. Researchers in Japan have made a new type of transparent high-speed transistor that is ten times faster than previous devices. 'Invisible circuits' could lead to a whole host of new optoelectronics applications.

DRAM Makers Aggressively Marketing DDR400 in the Spot Market. With the launch of Intel’s Springdale series of chipsets, which supports DDR400, some Taiwanese DRAM makers are selling DDR400 products in the spot market in an attempt to encourage PC OEMs to speed up introduction of PCs using DDR400.

DRAM Prices Surprise Many by Holding Steady. The usually volatile contract market for DRAM has entered a rare state of near stability, with little pricing movement during the past three months. Even prices on the normally roller-coaster spot market have slipped an average of just 16% since early this year.

Which Is Buggier - Windows or Linux? A Linux distribution has a lot more in it (e.g., Red Hat 9.0 has a web server and two data base servers, among many other things)  than Windows XP.

Home Theater PCs. New media-savvy computers aim to replace your TV, VCR, and stereo. Six new models are reviewed. Upgrades that turn any PC into a "living-room powerhouse" are recommended.

LCD TVs Make Big Headlines at SID. Technology set for major growth, while PDP and DLP attract attention.

E-Commerce Sales Rise Nearly 26 Percent. U.S. retail sales over the Internet grew by 25.9 percent in the first quarter of 2003 compared to the same quarter a year earlier, rising to $11.9 billion.

Scientists Find Key to Spice Sensitivity

Thursday, 22 May 2003

The Dux Computer Digest is five years old today.

Senator Recommends E-Mail Tax to Curb SpamGive me a break!

Linux and the Law. In addition to businesses now taking a serious look at Linux, Apache and other open-source offerings, governments in the United States and across the globe are pursuing recommendations and regulations supporting alternatives to proprietary software.

Online Publishers Report Booming Q1 Ad Revenue. Top online publishers say their first-quarter ad revenue grew more than 40 percent over last year's.

SPEC Validates AMD Opteron Processor’s Claim As The World’s Highest Performing Processor for 2P And 4P Servers

Thermoelectric Refrigerators
Thermopower in a Spin

Wednesday, 21 May 2003

Report: Home Networking to Branch-out. The number of U.S. online households with home networks should quadruple by 2008, a report says, as consumers expand networks to include entertainment gear and appliances.

GPS Data Could Stop Wireless Network Attacks. A new "wormhole" danger to wireless network security is revealed - the solution could be GPS tags on data packets.

The ROI of Wireless LANs. Key points to consider when providing justification for wireless LAN investments.

Juniper Preps Wi-Fi 'Hot Spot in a Box.' The company's upcoming bundle of gear for setting up wireless access in public locations promises to cost broadband providers and phone carriers less than half what they pay now.

Experts: Truth and Permission Critical in Spam Battle. If e-mail marketers claim to be sending messages with recipients' permission, they'd better be able to prove it, said Federal Trade Commission attorney Brian Huseman. Microsoft Proposes Law on Junk E-Mail.

Intel Unveils New Fast Chips for Lower-Priced PCs. Unveiled new processors and chipsets designed to bring to mainstream corporate and consumer PCs features now typically found only in higher-priced computers. Intel's Springdale appears in new PCs. IBM, Gateway, Dell and Acer unveiled systems with the new chip set...

Gaming CPU Performance: Athlon XP 3200+ Versus 3 GHz Pentium 4 C. ...the 3200+ rating is a clearly too optimistic for the gamer.

Seagate Drives Shrinking Storage Devices. Disk drive maker Seagate is out to shrink the storage industry: It wants to replace all drives used in today's servers with smaller units the same size as those found in notebooks.

MySQL Database Available for New AMD64 Architecture.  MySQL AB, developer of the world's most popular open source database, announced that the MySQL database has been optimized for the AMD 64-bit Opteron processor.

National Semi Cuts 340 Jobs, Closes Cellular Unit. Because of today's actions, the company will incur charges of $25 million to $30 million in its Q4, ending May 25.

CD-RW Drive Prices Plunge Because of SARS

Global Climate Set to Flip Into La Niņa

Tea Aids Oral Health

Tuesday, 20 May 2003

Microsoft Still Playing Hardball. The Europeans are in an uproar over Microsoft's use of aggressive sales tactics to defeat Linux. But perhaps the company's most daring attack on the open-source platform involves a Utah firm called SCO Group. Sun, HP Show No Fear of SCO. The companies say SCO Group's attempt to obtain royalties for Unix won't likely affect them, while Red Hat says it will defend itself against any challenges.

Gartner Lowers Semi Market Growth Forecast. On what Gartner calls a relatively strong Q1, the research firm lowers its worldwide semiconductor market forecast from 8.9 percent growth to 8.3 percent growth in 2003.

Philips Unveils USB Bridge Controller Chip. The USB On-the-Go chip enables portable devices to transfer data directly to another peripheral device without first having to connect to a PC.

Intel Said to Stop Manufacturing RDRAM-based Chipsets. Intel recently decided to cease production of its 850E and 860 chipset, moving further away from the Rambus DRAM (RDRAM) standard, motherboard sources revealed.

Monday, 19 May 2003

Microsoft to License Unix From SCO.  Microsoft will license the rights to Unix technology from SCO Group, a move that could impact the battle between Windows and Linux in the market for computer operating systems.  Microsoft Buys Into SCO Group's Unix. Good Unix background write-up. SCO: What a Mare. Microsoft can feed money into cash-strapped SCO so they can keep their lawsuits burning for a few more years and see if that scares away anyone from Linux.

Worm Masquerades As Microsoft Support Message. A new worm that pretends to be an e-mail from Microsoft's technical support was quickly spreading on the Internet Monday, antivirus vendors said.  I saw this one this morning.  support@microsoft was in the From line.  Larry.

SARS to Lower China PC Sales by 15-20% in 2Q-3Q

Friday, 16 May 2003

Ethernet Could Soon Hit 40 Gigabits. Cisco forecasts advances for 30-year-old networking technology.

Dell Maintains Momentum with Strong Quarter. Computer maker Dell continued its strong recent performance, recording a 31 percent increase in profitability powered by sales growth in certain product lines and in overseas markets. Dell-wether for Tech Recovery? Is the company a bellwether for the tech sector, or is it just weathering the storm better than everyone else?

Bush Backs Internet Tax Moratorium. With current ban set to expire in November, White House signals its support for another extension of law against new and discriminatory Internet taxes.

G-Men Target Cyber Cons. The 130 people charged in a federal crackdown on Internet crimes are accused of identity theft, selling drugs without prescriptions and even fraudulently offering Russian brides to lonely guys.

Intuit Abandons Product Activation. Annoyed customer retains lawsuit over TurboTax function.

Cobalt Breaks Magnetism Record. At present, over 100,000 atoms are needed to make a stable magnetic bit for use in a hard disk. As the magnetic anisotropy energy (MAE) of cobalt is so high, only a few hundred atoms would be needed for one bit.

Ethernet Turns Thirty. Creator of networking technology looks back on three decades and ahead toward the future.

This Is Not a CellphoneIt's a gadget that sends voice over Wi-Fi. And this hot new technology may soon change the way your company's people communicate.

Intel to Cut Celeron and Pentium-M Prices Shortly. After lowering prices of its desktop-use Pentium 4 processors on May 11, Intel is said to plan two more price cuts on desktop-use Celeron and Centrino-platform Pentium-M chips to boost buying sentiment in the clone market, motherboard makers revealed. First-tier Mobo makers Hit by Weak Clone Demand.

Big Trouble for Asia's Giant Catfish. Endangered giant catfish, called Pla Buek in Thai, can weigh as much as 650 pounds (300 kilograms) and measure up to 10 feet (3 meters) in length. Picture on home page.

Thinking of Buying a Segway? Rent One

Thursday, 15 May 2003

FTC Continues Campaign Vs Scammers, Spammers. In latest sweep, the agency announces 45 criminal and civil law enforcement actions; calls for the closure of open relays.

Does Microsoft Belong in the Data Center?  The truth is, if IT managers want to migrate Solaris, HP-UX, and AIX machines to an Intel-based platform, Linux might be a better choice.

Microsoft Aims Discounts at Linux. Microsoft is offering large discounts on its products and has dedicated funds for a battle against the license-free Linux operating system, measures that may run afoul of European competition rules.

For Microsoft, Market Dominance Doesn't Seem Enough. Memos obtained by the International Herald Tribune offer a glimpse into Microsoft's tactics of aggressively discounting its products in a bid to protect its market share and keep rivals [Linux] at bay.

SCO Declares War on Linux. A study in self-immolation (a deliberate and willing sacrifice of oneself often by fire).

SCO Targets Linux Customers. SCO Group, a financially struggling company that claims its Unix intellectual property has been illegally incorporated into Linux, has sent letters to about 1,500 of the world's largest corporations warning they could be liable for using Linux.

Linux Vendors Confused by SCO Actions. SuSE Linux has said it plans to continue honoring its commitments to Linux group UnitedLinux, despite allegations by SCO Group--also a UnitedLinux founding member--that Linux contains unauthorized intellectual property.

AMD Athlon XP 3200+ CPU with 400MHz Bus Review

Wednesday, 14 May 2003

New Bill Would Expose Spammers to RICO Act. Florida senator proposes tough legislation for unsolicited bulk e-mailers who are seeking money or engaged in other illegal acts.

'Buffalo Spammer' Arrested. Howard Carmack, the notorious 'Buffalo Spammer' accused of sending more than 825 million unsolicited e-mails from illegal EarthLink (Quote, Company Info) accounts, has been arrested and arraigned in New York on four felony and two misdemeanor counts.

E-paper Turns a Corner. Start-up E Ink and partner Philips are set to demonstrate a working prototype of electronic paper that they say features a sharper resolution than ever before.

AMD Introduces the Athlon XP 3200+ Processor. 2.2 GHz. Has a 200 MHz,  400 DDR Front Side Bus (FSB).

Microsoft Tries Flush Away Its iLoo Snafu. Is it a Web-surfing portable toilet or a public relations nightmare -- or both?

Gateway Discloses Criminal Probe, Shares Fall. Gateway said the Justice Department was conducting a criminal investigation into the ailing personal computer maker's accounting practices, which are already the subject of a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission probe.

Synthetic Gecko Hairs Promise Walking Up Walls. The polymer-based hairs bring the prospect of emulating the lizard by walking up a wall and across the ceiling a step closer.

Ocean's Great Fish All But Gone

Sky-Watchers Await Total Lunar Eclipse on Thursday

Could Neutrinos Destroy Nuclear Weapons?

Neanderthals Not Among Our Ancestors, Study Suggests

Monday, 12 May 2003

Intel Cuts Some Pentium 4 Prices by Up to 30 Pct.  Prices of some of its fastest Pentium 4 desktop processors by as much as 30 percent.

nVidia Takes On ATI—Again.  Does the nVidia GeForceFX 5900 Ultra (previously code-named NV35) have what it takes to reclaim the top spot in the 3-D graphics market?

Fizzer Virus Pops-up On Kazaa. Fizzer is a self-propagating worm that spreads via e-mail and the peer-to-peer file-sharing service Kazaa.

Is Your PC Infected with 'Spyware'? When you go on the Internet, for instance, does it seem like you're always seeing the same pop-up advertisement for a new car? Or perhaps every time you open up a Web browser, it takes you to a strange site that offers free games or a search engine that you've never heard of?

Intel Cuts Some Pentium 4 Prices by Up to 30 Pct.  Prices of some of its fastest Pentium 4 desktop processors by as much as 30 percent.

Product Activation Gains Ground. Anticopy technology spreads from Windows and Office to TurboTax and beyond.

MSN Messenger to Integrate Voice, Video. Next version slated for second or third quarter.

Fuel Cell-propelled Aircraft Preparing to Fly. The world's first crewed aircraft powered by fuel cells could be ready for test flights by December 2003. The one-person craft is being built by Boeing - larger passenger aircraft could also use fuel cells for auxiliary power.

Is IBM Building a Fab for AMD?

Friday, 9 May 2003

Toshiba Develops 36GB Advanced Optical Disk. The rewritable blue laser disc, to be introduced at next week's Optical Storage 2003 conference, is the same size as a CD or DVD.

Windows to Embrace Multiple DVD Formats. Microsoft says that it will provide built-in support for all major DVD rewriting formats in its future versions of Windows XP.

Is There Any Reason To Buy Microsoft Anymore? The real threat to Microsoft from Linux is not only that Linux will take away existing Windows business, but that it will overtake Microsoft in product areas where Microsoft is trying to grow its market share.

Intel Releases a Fast Bus, but Catch It Later. First tests of 3-GHz Pentium 4 and 875 chip set with 800-MHz bus find little performance gain in initial systems... Meanwhile, AMD Athlon XP 3000+ units remain faster in several tests...

CERT Warns of Mother's Day Threat. The new threat, known as "Peido-B," "VBS/Inor.B" or "Mother's Day Virus" arrives in an e-mail that masquerades as an administrative message.

Elpida's DDR2 SDRAM Excels in Intel Machine. Elpida announced that its 512 Mbit DDR2 SDRAM module for high-end server applications has performed at a data rate of 533 Mbits/sec.

Nvidia Shares Soar on Revenue Forecast, New Chip. Shares in Nvidia Corp. soared more than 20 percent on Friday, a day after the graphics chip designer said it expects revenue to grow sharply in the current quarter and it will introduce its new chip, code-named 'NV35,'  next week.

Top CD-RW Drives

Japan Launches Asteroid Sample Return Mission

Thursday, 8 May 2003

Windows XP to See Double. Service Pack 2 of Windows XP, coming later this year, will let one person manipulate applications via the keyboard while another person views pictures or surfs the Internet on the same computer via a smart display.

Intel Issues Advanced Host Controller Interface Specification. Spec Release Enables Production Shipment of AHCI Serial ATA Discrete Host Controllers.

Intel, AMD Propose Smart Memory Modules. Details are emerging about separate proposals by Intel and AMD for a smart memory module that could lead to a new interconnect structure inside future PCs and servers.

Nantero Reports 10-Gbit Nanotube Memory Array. Nantero Inc., a start-up company looking to use nanometer-scale structures to create a nonvolatile RAM, has said it has created the basis of a 10-Gbit memory, an array of more than 10 billion carbon nanotube "junctions" on a silicon wafer.

Two Start-ups Take Different Paths to Fuel cells for Notebooks. As many as 50 million fuel cells for portable systems could ship in 2005, growing to 200 million units in 2008.

Slim Screen Can Be Rolled But Not Folded. Picture of e-paper.

EarthLink Beats the 'Buffalo Spammer.'  EarthLink wins $16.4 million in a federal court judgment against a man who allegedly sent nearly a billion unsolicited commercial e-mails over EarthLink's networks.

Microsoft Pledges to Alter PC Landscape. Microsoft is hailing "life immersion" technology, featuring multimedia and other improvements, as a means of kick-starting the PC market.

Microsoft, Best Buy Accused of Scam. A Los Angeles man files a proposed class-action lawsuit against the companies, accusing them of scamming customers by charging them for online services without their knowledge.

Potassium-40 Heats up Earth’s Core. Radioactive potassium could be a significant source of heat in the Earth's core... half-life of about 1.2 billion years.

India Tests Heavy Satellite Rocket Successfully. India tested its most ambitious satellite launch rocket successfully, injecting a 1.8 ton experimental payload into an orbit.

Wednesday, 7 May 2003

EarthLink Sues 'Buffalo Spammer'. The Atlanta-based access provider wants $16 million in damages from a notorious spammer accused of sending more than 825 million unsolicited e-mails.

AMD Opteron Processors to Power Digital Cinema In Landmark Theatres. The systems, developed by Digital Cinema Solutions (DCS), will use AMD Opteron processors and Windows Media 9 Series to provide movie buffs a high-quality digital presentation in theaters.  More here.

Tree-Saving Electronic Paper Comes a Step Closer. Buying the daily newspaper will no longer be necessary because with e-paper it will be updated wirelessly or through the Internet.

Cable TV Packages Scrutinized. Key members of a Senate Committee lashed out at the cable television industry yesterday for repeatedly raising rates on service that effectively forces consumers to subscribe to dozens of channels they may never watch.

Tuesday, 6 May 2003

US IT Workforce Demand Lowest in Four Years. Hiring projections for IT workers in the US during the next year are the lowest since 2000, and more than a tenth of IT companies are looking at moving IT jobs to countries with cheaper labor.

Microsoft, HP Show Path to PC Renaissance. At WinHEC, the two partners show off 'Athens' a PC prototype intended to be an example of what bottom-up collaboration between Microsoft and PC vendors can achieve.

The Best Notebooks. Reviews of 31 notebooks.

Turner Slashes His AOL Stake. Critic of Media Firm Unloads More Than Half His Shares.

ICQ Flawed. Two serious flaws in America Online's ICQ software could allow an online attacker to take control of person's PC, according to a Boston security firm.

Microsoft Takes-on a New Project. Microsoft expects to revamp Project, its highly-profitable software for managing large and complicated corporate projects--with a fall launch expected.

Monday, 5 May 2003

Dell Recalls Nearly 20,000 Notebook Motherboards. The replacement program was introduced by Dell to remedy a bad component that could short out and render the notebook unable to power up, when turned on.

Linux Desktop Myths Exploded. "Supported versions of Linux are not free," Gartner analyst Michael Silver notes. Consumer versions of Linux are basically free, but "enterprises that require vendor support for their client OS will need to pay for it."

Remarked AMD Athlon XP Processors On the Market

Friday, 2 May 2003

Put This Tiny PC Anywhere. This system from Stealth Computer packs a 2.53-GHz P4 in a case the size of two drive bays.

Verizon Drops DSL Price. The telco cuts monthly fee to $34.95, a move that could force rivals to follow or develop new features to justify higher rates.

Red Hat Announces GinGin64: A Technology Preview of the Red Hat Linux distribution for the AMD64 platform.

Code Red for Open Source? SCO Group says copyrighted source code has made its way into Linux.

4 Students To Pay for Music File Swapping. Four college students agreed to pay as much as $17,500 each to settle lawsuits.

Microsoft to Unveil 'Athens' PC. At next week's WinHEC gathering, the software potentate plans to unveil a PC design, developed with HP, that's intended to function as a central communications console. Microsoft to Get Technical on Longhorn, 'Palladium'. Microsoft will demonstrate its much debated Next-Generation Secure Computing Base (NGSCB) security initiative for the first time next week at an event in New Orleans...

Slow Road to New Windows. Customers using Microsoft's aging NT 4 are in no rush to move to Windows Server 2003.

IBM's Nanotubes Yield Smallest Solid-state Light Emitter. IBM Research's said its carbon nanotube technology has enabled the world's smallest solid-state emitter and the first electrically-controlled single-molecule light emitter... Light-Emitting Nanotube (LEN).

Old Age's Mental Slowdown May be Reversible

Thursday, 1 May 2003

Major combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan officially declared completed.

Artisan, Microsoft Unveil First High-Definition DVD. The two-disc DVD contains one standard DVD of hit 1991 Schwarzenegger movie, "Terminator 2: Judgment Day," for playback in a normal DVD player. The second disc contains a high-definition version of the movie to be played on a computer DVD ROM drive and high-end monitors. Microsoft Moves to Own DVD Format.

Fraud Joins the Bidding Online. Law enforcement cracking-down after sharp rise in auction complaints.

VIA Sees Near $19M Loss The chipmaker attributes the loss, in part, to legal expenses.

FTC Opens Antitrust Case Against Rambus. U.S. antitrust enforcers opened their case against Rambus, telling a federal judge Rambus had used a campaign of deception to illegally monopolize key computer chip technologies.

Networld+Interop Coverage

Are There Wimps Down There?


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