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September 2002

Monday, 30 September 2002

Red Hat Releases Red hat Linux 8.0 '...designed for personal and small business computing. Red Hat Linux 8.0 combines leading-edge Linux technologies with a new graphical look called Bluecurve and feel that offers users a polished, easy-to-use operating environment.'

AMD Will Roll-out 2700+ and 2800+ XP Processors With a 333 MHz Front Side Bus Tomorrow

Friday, 27 September 2002

Intel and SiS to Launch B-version Chipsets for Hyper-Threading Support in 4Q. Intel and Silicon Integrated Systems (SiS) have decided to release B-version products for some of their chipsets in the fourth quarter to support the Hyper-Threading technology that will be introduced into the desktop processor market with the upcoming 3.06GHz Pentium 4.

AMD 333MHz-FSB Athlon Coming in October, Supply Remains Key to Company Performance. Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) is expected to expand its desktop product lines with the launch of the Athlon XP 2700+ and Athlon XP 2800+ in early October.

Sharp Develops 3D flat Screen. Sharp, Japan's largest maker of liquid-crystal displays, said Friday its researchers in Britain have developed a flat-panel display for either two- or three-dimensional viewing that does not require special glasses.

E-mail to Double by 2006. The number of e-mails sent will grow from the present level of 31 billion a day to 60 billion in just over three years.

Graphics Standard for DDR-II Expected

Microsoft VPN Flaw May Open Intranets to Attack

Thursday, 26 September 2002

FrontPage Flaw Places Servers in Jeopardy. Microsoft warns Web site administrators that a flaw in its FrontPage extensions could allow an attacker to take control of their servers or cause their computers to seize up.

The State of Linux in 2002. As 2002 draws to a close, Linux has made significant inroads into the low-end server market, where vendors can reap profits from selling hardware, software and services in conjunction with the OS. Although its success is less assured at the high end of the server sector, the operating system may have a bright future on the desktop.

MandrakeSoft Polishes Linux Desktop. The new versions of KDE and Gnome add such modern touches as translucent menus and instant previews of multimedia files... NTFS support allows Linux to access Windows disk drives.  USB 2.0...

Hopeful Signs Amid Gloom on Economy. A flurry of economic reports on Thursday helped temper fears the U.S. economy was fast losing momentum, but failed to fully dispel a cloud of gloom stemming from an ailing stock market and concerns about war.

Sony Plans TV Recording Function for PlayStation 2

Belgian Startup Supplies Kodak With 14-Megapixel CMOS Sensor

Wednesday, 25 September 2002

Red Hat Linux Drips From Web Leak. Parts of the new version of Red Hat's Linux software slip onto the Net nearly a week before the OS's official release, giving glimpses of a product with a new mainstream focus.

Linux Gains Traction Outside of PC, Server Market. Having established a firm foothold in the server market and a cult-like following among programmers, the Linux open-source operating system has set its sights on a new target: the cash register.

Prices Fall for CD-rewritable DrivesThe market for CD-RW drives is so oversaturated that prices of some models have fallen below $100. Best Buy is selling an internal 40x Sony CD-RW drive for $84.92 before a $20 mail-in rebate, as well as an internal 40x Digital Research CD-RW drive for $65.92 without a rebate...

Slowdown Forces HP to Cut 1,800 More Jobs

Tuesday, 24 September 2002

Ballmer: United, we'll stomp on Linux. CEO Steve Ballmer tells a London audience that Microsoft developers must match the passion and energy of the Linux community, as well as produce better technology.

Zero Purchase Price, But. Many companies that have made the switch to Linux rank its zero price tag as relatively low on their lists of key ROI factors. Instead, what counts most are:...

Dell to partner with Lexmark on printers
Lexmark will become Dell's 'preferred supplier' for non-Dell products.

HP Cuts Price on DVD-Rewritable Drives. The 200i is an internal drive and will now sell for $349... The price cuts bode well for eventual mass consumer acceptance of DVD-rewritable drives.

Motorola: New Chip Will Bring GPS to All. The company is unveiling a global positioning system chip it says is the first GPS device small enough and cheap enough for practical use in gadgets such as cell phones and notebooks.  $10 in volume quantities...

AMD Inroduces AMD Athlon™ XP  2000+ and 1900+ Mobile Processors

Friday, 20 September 2002

Dual Channel DDR, DDR-II, and RDRAM. The finalized DDR-II should be just around the corner, only a few small issues must be solved and everybody at JEDEC seems to agree upon the solutions.

Transparent Token is Cryptographic Key. Shining a laser through a cheap, little disc can generate an immensely powerful secret code - they could be used to secure credit cards

3Com Drops Dell As Authorized Reseller. 3Com is joining Cisco Systems in dropping Dell... "They must be selling something to somebody, but they are not going to be selling 3Com product."

AMD VP: K8 Launch Delay Caused by SOI Verification and Design Change

Linux: 100 Flavors and Counting

50,000 Atoms of Anti-hydrogen Made

Thursday, 19 September 2002

Web Ads, From Roach To Rich. ...the pop-up will inevitably metamorphose into the Internet equivalent of a roach. Once the Internet ad recession ends -- which it inevitably will -- what self-respecting advertiser is going to want to use a roach to reach customers?  They served a pop-up with the article.  Therefore, one might conclude that the Washington Post is not a "self-respecting advertiser."

Lindows Upgrades OS. Only available to users who have purchased LindowsOS computers. A general release of the software, LindowsOS 3.0, is due out later this year.

Desktop Linux Distros Blooming. Beyond Mandrake, there's Lindows, Lycoris, Xandros, and... Red Hat. In addition, at least one vendor of big-iron servers will join the fun...

Is Apple's Innovation Only Skin-Deep? Apple, like Linux, now has an opportunity to gain market share as dissatisfaction and disaffection for Microsoft continues. But to do so, the company must innovate on price and hardware openness.

Microsoft Urges Users to Patch Flaws In Its VM for Java. All Windows users should patch their software to correct the flaws, which Microsoft described as critical in a notice late Wednesday.

Microsoft Gets Serious About Business Apps. Over the next 12 months, Microsoft plans to release five new sets of business applications, adding to the bookkeeping software it already sells through its Great Plains division...

Microsoft Launches Home Networking Hardware. Microsoft plans to release new wired and wireless networking products into the crowded and hypercompetitive consumer hardware market.

Top 10 Digital Cameras

Will Evolution Leave Humanity Behind?

Wednesday, 18 September 2002

Seagate and Western Digital Follow Maxtor: Reduce the Warranty on HDDs to one year for consumer drives...

DVD Groups Agree to Disagree. The two industry groups fighting to set a rewritable DVD standard are showing no interest in working together, but technology tricks and behind-the-scenes talks could inch the sides toward a compromise.

UnitedLinux Beta Slated for Sept. 23. Formed by the SCO Group, formerly known as Caldera, as well as Turbolinux, Conectiva and SuSE Linux, UnitedLinux aims to unify their various distributions behind a single core distribution built out from the SuSE Linux Enterprise Server product.

Sun to Spotlight Desktop Linux at Show. "We have been saying that this market is really coming on because the core set of apps desktop users need are now there, like Star Office, Mozilla, and [Ximian's] Evolution. But this is also well timed because Microsoft continues to frustrate and alienate corporate users with its licensing." Sun Attempts to Dethrone Microsoft With Low-cost PC.

$199.95 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Intel Rolls Out 2GHz Celeron

Gigabyte 667MHz Boards for Sale

Cable Likely to Hold Lead in Broadband

Tuesday, 17 September 2002

Intel Unfurls Experimental 3D Transistors. The chipmaker plans to unveil more details behind its Tri-Gate transistor, an experimental circuit that could be important in the company's quest to keep up with Moore's Law.

Pioneer Warns of "Hot" DVD Drives. DVD rewritable drives can cause PCs or DVD players to overheat when recording on certain high-speed disks.

SiS, VIA Back-out From DDR400-Supporting Chipsets

Monday, 16 September 2002

Windows XP Slow to Gain Foothold. Corporate adoption of Microsoft's Windows XP operating system has been sluggish during the past year.  In the Dux Computer Digest web site statistics Windows XP, 2000, and 98 are now in about a three-way tie for the top three operating systems.

PlayStation Application Weds PC to TV.  BroadQ's QCast Tuner Enables PS2 to Play PC Video, Audio Files on TV Screen.

Intel Unveils New Mobile Processors. 11 new mobile PC processors, including the Mobile Pentium 4 Processor-M at 2.2GHz.

P2P Worm Targets Linux Apache Web Servers

West Digital Announces 200 GByte Special Edition IDE Hard Disk Drive With 8 MBytes Cache'

Friday, 13 September 2002

Ouch! Fujitsu to replace 300,000 faulty HDDs. Fujitsu may have to replace up to 300,000 faulty hard disk drives, made between September 2000 and 2001. They can be found in NEC and IBM PCs, as well as Fujitsu Siemens home-grown PCs. Crash! Dud Fujitsu HDDs All Over UK.

Could Macs Mean Business at Last? OS X could stand a better chance of challenging Windows on the desktop than Linux does, or ever did.

AMD Delays Introduction of Desktop Microprocessor. Personal desktop computers using AMD's next-generation Athlon XP microprocessor, known as Clawhammer, will now be available late in the first quarter of 2003 or early in the second quarter of 2003.  Barton, the next Athlon XP, will have a 333 MHz FSB and the cache' will double to 512K.'

DRAM Makers Seriously Hiking DDR Output Ratios. With even Intel saying that it might consider switching its servers from RDRAM to DDR, an ever-brighter DDR outlook has prompted DRAM makers worldwide, particularly in South Korea and Taiwan, to seriously pump up DDR output ratios by year-end.

P2P Worm Targets Linux Apache Web Servers

Microsoft Word, Outlook Vulnerabilities Identified

Thursday, 12 September 2002

Mintera Claims Record Optical Transmission at 40Gbit/s. Mintera announced that it has demonstrated error-free transmission of 40 channels at 40 Gbit/s over a record distance of 5,200 km of UltraWave fiber without electrical regeneration.

Wednesday, 9/11 2002

Rambus Memories Fade Into the Sunset at Intel. Officials at Intel Corp. have at last confirmed that the company is phasing out PC and workstation support of RDRAM from Rambus Inc. in favor of DDR SDRAM.

EpoX EP-8RGA+ AMD nFORCE2 Motherboard with 333 MHz FSB. Integrated network adapter and 4MX display adapter, DDR400 MHz, AGP 8X, USB 2.0.  New site, as well.

On nForce2 Based Mainboards Availability. As our sources at NVIDIA assured us, the mainboards will be available by the time Athlon XP processors with 333MHz system bus are on the market, as a result, we are not going to see nForce2 based devices in big quantities until October.

AMD Announces Technology to Enable Ten-Fold Performance Leap in Future Transistors. Research breakthrough could foster the placement of a billion transistors on the same size chip that currently holds 100 million transistors.

E-mail Eorm Uses Sept. 11 Lure. The worm has the subject line "All people" and appears to be from "main@world.com." It has an attachment titled "11September.exe."

Intel Plans Secure Microprocessors. The "virtual vault" will not only protect data against hackers but also provide anti-piracy features.

Intel showcases 4.7GHz P4 at IDF

Windows XP SP1 Irons out the Wrinkles

Win-XP Help Center Request Wipes Your HD

Monday, 9 September 2002

Maxtor Reveals Innovative Hard Disk Drives With Reduced Warranty. Maxtor slashed the warranty from three to one year...

More Manufacturers Drive DVD Recorders.  An expanding list of electronics makers are finalizing plans to start making DVD recorders, a sign that prices could drop dramatically.

HP Makes Breakthrough in Molecular Electronics. The circuit, a 64-bit memory using molecular switches as active devices, is less than one square micron in size, and has a bit density more than 10 times greater than today's silicon memory chips...

Seagate, Intel, and Silicon Image Unveil ATA Serial II. What is a Serial ATA disk drive?

Microsoft Posts XP Service PackThe 133 MB Windows XP SP1 is downloadable in its entirety from Microsoft's Web site.  "Service pack"?  The download is larger than Windows 98.  You can also order it on CD for about US$10 plus shipping and handling.  PC Makers Take Slow Foad to Windows XP Update. Don't fix it if it ain't broken...

Microsoft's Next Must-Have Operating System. Its code name is "Longhorn," and for many industry-watchers, Microsoft's next major operating system release promises some dramatic changes in the way information is organized, retrieved and displayed.

Tricks of the Light Promise Record Data Speeds. Researchers have shown that a new combination of techniques for manipulating light can increase the amount of data squeezed through the fibre optic cables laid in cities by more than 100 times.

AMD K8-core Opteron Shows-up in China. Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) displayed samples of K8-core processors at the recent CeBIT Shanghai exhibition.

Friday, 6 September 2002

Industry Group Unveils New Storage Network Standard. The new iSCSI standard allows SCSI hard disk commmands to be sent over IP networks.  It is used to rapidly transmit data over local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs) and the Internet, allowing companies to rapidly retrieve massive amounts of data stored at geographically distant locations.

Technology Exports Fall 20% in First Half of 2002. Between January and June 2002, U.S. high-tech exports totaled $82.4 billion, down from $102.5 billion in 2001.

Intel Unveils Network "System-on-a-Chip." Intel this week unveiled new chips that enable more powerful and space-efficient computers to be created for telecommunications networks.

Back to Schoolers Make Do With Old PCs. Students appear to be carrying old PCs to school, computer and microchip makers say, confirming glum expectations and stoking fears that holiday sales might also falter.

Microsoft Patches Core Cryptography Interfaces in Windows. Microsoft has released a patch that plugs a security hole in its cryptography software that allows hackers to use bogus digital certificates to hijack secure communications and forge digital signatures.

Google Mirror Beats Great Firewall of China

Wednesday, 4 September 2002

Apple Keeps x86 Torch Lit with 'Marklar'. As Apple Computer Inc. draws up its game plan for the CPUs that will power its future generations of Mac hardware, the company is holding an ace in the hole: a feature-complete version of Mac OS X running atop the x86 architecture. Sources Note Sizable Corporate Apple Stock Purchases.

AMD Barton-core Athlon XP on market in October. "Its first FSB 333MHz-supporting processor, the Athlon XP 2700+, is scheduled to be launched on October 7, but this will still adopt the Thoroughbred core with 256K cache memory."

Netscape 7.0 Brings Mozilla to the Masses. All but the Netscape name has taken a giant leap forward in Version 7.0. Just released as a free download, Netscape 7.0 packages the open-source, developer-oriented Mozilla browser into a consumer-friendly package, complete with shopping links, Net2Phone, Web radio, and integrated AIM.

Microsoft unveils Windows Media 9. Microsoft has introduced its long-awaited digital media software, Windows Media 9, in an effort to establish dominance for its operating system in distributing high-quality digital content.

Fairchild Climbs out of Slump. ...the chip industry is coming back, and many analysts believe Fairchild is poised to make a strong recovery...

Tuesday, 3 September 2002

Stocks Suffer Biggest Fall Since Sept. 11. Down 355 points.

Chip Sales See Midsummer Boost. Consumer electronics helped the global chip market achieve its first year-over-year revenue gain since early 2001, according to new figures from the Semiconductor Industry Association. Strong Chip Growth Predicted by Research Firm.

Microsoft Opens Wallet Service, Bolsters Passport Security. The free MSN Wallet service stores payment and address information to help simplify online shopping by allowing users to make purchases without having to retype information.

ICANN Threatens To Revoke VeriSign's Right To Sell Dot-Com Names. VeriSign Inc. could lose its right to sell "dot-com" domain names if it fails to address accusations that it violated its contract with global Internet addressing authorities.

Launch Date Set for XP Service Pack. Sept. 9th.

Can Apple's Jaguar Break Windows? With the release of Jaguar, the Cupertino, California company became among the largest Unix retailers in the world, and has credited Unix with its ability to add features to the OS very rapidly.  I don't know about Apple, but Unix/Linux might.  It sort of gives DOS back to the users who want it, plus many free applications.  Users are becoming more sophisticated these days.

New PCs Restrict Copying. Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard have released additional details about digital entertainment PCs coming for the holidays. But new anti-copying technology could hamper sales, say analysts and potential buyers.

16x CD-RW Retail Price in Taiwan Drops to US$38. Due to the continuous launch of faster-speed optical storage devices, lower-speed CD-RW drives are faced with inventory pressure and their retail prices have gone down below US$38.

Computer Grids Promise Leap in Computing Power. A grid is a kind of hypernetwork that links computers and data storage owned by different groups so that they can share computing power.

USA Technologies, IBM Power Web-enabled Washing Machines. USA Technologies and IBM will Web-enable 9,000 washing machines and dryers at U.S. colleges and universities, eliminating much of the hassle associated with laundry day at the dorm. e-Suds

Intel Cuts prices, Analysts Cut Q3 Estimates

It's All Over For Napster

Cockroaches Serve as Model for More Natural Robots

From Here to Infinity: Obsessing With the Magic of Primes


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