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October 2002

Thursday, 31 October 2002

Tiny Chips, Everywhere.  With petite sensors and radio transmitters, every object can have an identity and even think for itself.

Wi-Fi Alliance Takes Lead in Wireless LAN Security Features. The Wi-Fi Alliance has taken steps to boost the security of wireless LANs based on the IEEE's 802.11 standard by adding 802.1x authentication and Temporal Key Integrity Protocol (TKIP)-based encryption algorithms to its Wi-Fi Protected Access initiative.

AMD Chip Shipment Share Falls on Inventory Correction. AMD's share of shipments fell to 11.6% of the market, down from 15.6% in the second quarter and 20% in the third quarter last year.  The drop in second-quarter shipments can be attributed to AMD's decision to ship fewer processors in the third quarter to relieve a large oversupply of its processors in the channel.

Wal-Mart Expands Linux PC Push. Retail giant Wal-Mart has added the Lycoris version of Linux to its menu of budget PCs.

Flaw Leaves Windows Open to DOS Attack. A flaw in software code that implements a protocol for virtual private networks (VPN) makes Windows 2000 and Windows XP systems vulnerable to denial of service attacks...

Tuesday, 29 October 2002

NVIDIA Delivers 3D Graphics and Digital Media Technologies To HP Media Center PC.  The GeForce4 MX 420 GPU provides features for watching and recording TV, managing digital music, playing DVDs, etc.

AMD Announces Opening Of AMD Developer Center. Also, five volume set comprising the Hammer (AMD x86-64) Architecture Programmer's Manual, which provides the definitive definition of architectural details and instruction set, is available for download.

Is AMD Slipping?  Price and power long gave Athlon the edge, but performance-minded PC buyers are turning to the P4.

EpoX Factory Tour.  Pictures of people making and prototyping motherboards.

First Look: Palm's Power Play.  A significant upgrade from the Palm m515, the Palm Tungsten T is an impressive package with improvements all around.

STMicro Claims Light-emitting Silicon Breakthrough. The development allows silicon light emitters to match the efficiency of compound semiconductor materials such as gallium arsenide and could allow a number of applications in which optical and electrical functions are combined on a single silicon chip.

Consumers' Confidence Pummeled in October. Worries about jobs and a possible U.S. attack on Iraq pummeled consumer confidence to its lowest level in nine years in October.

Dell Delivers Diddy Desktop. The Optiplex SX260 weighs just 7.8lbs. Its dimensions - 3.3in wide by 9.5in deep and 9.7in high. Press release. Dell to Enter Handheld Market Next Year.

SuSE Linux to Launch Desktop Products. "One of the big features of our desktop products is that users who have licensed Microsoft Office will be able to continue using this software and thus protect their software investments."

UnitedLinux Completes Beta. First version of OS ready for release next month.

Real Offers Source Code to Build Free Media Player. RealNetworks will release the underlying software code for its open source media player, a move that should allow developers to create free versions of the player to run on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux operating systems.

The OpenOffice Experiment. Although OpenOffice's appeal may grow as Microsoft's licensing rules change and its customers threaten to abandon ship, the transition remains costly and time-consuming.

Promise of P3P Stalls as Backers Regroup. Six months after its recommendation as an Internet standard, a major privacy initiative is entering an awkward adolescence as software heavyweights adopt it and individual Web sites leave it to languish.

Cisco Exec says Standards Can Bust I/O Bottleneck. the Jedec standards organization needs to define a standard interface that delivers 1 Gbit/second or faster signaling at 1 volt or less...

Adobe Goes After Corporate E-forms. Adobe Systems this month will ship two products designed to make it easier for corporations to create and share interactive forms and documents and integrate them with data from back-end systems.

Intel Readies Hyperthreading Pentium 4. The chip maker plans to release its fastest Pentium 4 processor yet for desktops in mid-November.

Semiconductor Group Cuts 2003 Chip Demand Forecast

VIA, SiS to Launch New Chipsets in November

IBM to Open Government Technology Center Near D.C.

Wyse To Expand Thin-Client Computing To Wireless And Mira Devices



Microsoft Offers Service Providers Several New Hosting Tools

Monday, 28 October 2002

Dell Sees Big Impact From Mini-PC. The computer maker is coming out with a dictionary-sized minidesktop for businesses amid hopes that the trend toward small desktops will actually take off this time.

Study: Linux, .Net Will Dominate Server Market by 2009. Due in large part to the lower cost of operation and the increasing quality of service, Linux will make significant headway within the next three years for file and print servers, either replacing Microsoft's NT operating systems on the same box...

"Smart" Xarts on a Roll at Safeway. New in-store shopping cart technology traces shoppers' steps through its stores and flashes personalized ads at them while they're shopping.

Friday, 25 October 2002

The Secret World of Triangle Rendering Technology. Video to the Nth Degree...

AMD to Support DDR-II in Future Hammer Processors. Desktop and server Hammer processors will have up to 1Mbit of L2 on-die cache. Opteron will support up to 8Gbytes of single channel memory or 16Mbytes dual channel. A special version can support 32Gbytes memory.

Cascading Molecules Drive IBM's Smallest Computer. The system relies on atomic forces to push a handful of carbon monoxide molecules across a copper surface, nudging other molecules domino-style to perform digital logic functions.  News release.

Powerline Networking Could Hit 100 Mbit/s In 2004. One-hundred-megabit connections through ordinary AC wall sockets within two years? Quite possibly, if the HomePlug Powerline Alliance can meet its timetable.  Press release.

CPU Cooling System Debuts. Active Cool's system is based on a solid-state thermo-electric heat pump... 

ATI Debuts Radeon 9500 Series and Radeon 9700. Graphics chip designer ATI Technologies on October 24 introduced three new chips, the Radeon 9700, Radeon 9500 PRO and Radeon 9500, aimed at the medium-range mainstream market.

New York City Goes After Microsoft for Spamming City With Butterflies

Thursday, 24 October 2002

Sharp, SEL Integrate Processor Into System-on-glass Device. Integrated an 8-bit Z80 processor composed of 13,000 transistors onto a glass substrate with a liquid-crystal display...

Nvidia Chips to Make Tardy Debut. Graphics chip leader Nvidia is expected to unveil the fastest PC graphics processor yet at the Comdex trade show next month, but analysts say the new chip may be too little, too late.

NASA Prepares to Boldly Go. The agency has quietly unveiled its blueprint for the future - a space station near the Moon that will ultimately serve as a gateway to the Solar System.

More Than One Internet Attack Occurred Monday.

MSN to Halt 'Pop-Up' Ads

Wednesday, 23 October 2002

Deer 250 Watt ATX PC Power Supplies Exploding

Internet Computer Servers Hit by Powerful Attack This Week. Nine of the 13 computer servers that manage global Internet traffic were crippled by a powerful electronic attack this week. Massive DDoS Attack Hit DNS Root Servers.

Flat-panel Monitors Pick up the Pace. Revenue generated by sales of flat-panel displays is expected to outpace CRT monitors this year.

Why Pay for Your Database? smaller businesses with less complex database needs are turning to open source offerings, particularly when they need to run applications that require database management systems.

Only Nine New IE Vulnerabilities Uncovered Today

Tuesday, 22 October 2002

Penny Wise, Tons Foolish. Low-quality low cost components are flooding the consumer market and causing nightmares for OEMs.

Taiwan to Launch HD-DVD Format. A government-backed trade group in Taiwan is set to launch the world’s third High-Definition DVD (HD-DVD) format next month.

Agere Touts High-Speed Switching Chip. The new PI-40SAX chip can switch voice, data, and video signals at least four times faster than comparable chips.

DDR Memory Spot Price in North America Jumps. Spot prices for 256Mbit DDR SDRAM in North America have surged in the last week on unexpectedly strong demand.

IBM Cuts 2,800 Jobs. IBM is cutting 2,800 positions in its hard drive and Global Services businesses, the technology giant confirmed Tuesday.

What's the Name of That Tune?  Ask Captain Marvel...

Prototype Glass Sheet Computer Unveiled. A transparent computer processor has been printed on to a flat plate of glass by researchers at Sharp's Japanese laboratory. Their success suggests ultra-thin computers and televisions could in future be built entirely on a single sheet of glass.

Top 10 19-Inch Monitors

Microsoft Starts Testing New Version of Office

Asteroid Follows Earth Around Orbit

Monday, 21 October 2002

AMD's Opteron (Hammer) Processors to Power Cray Supercomputer. The supercomputer, code-named Red Storm, will contain approximately 10,000 Opteron chips and be capable of churning 40 trillion calculations per second (40 teraflops) when it becomes operational in 2004.

Wall St. Leans Toward Linux. Linux use will grow at an annual rate of 22% in the securities server market between 2002 and 2005, outpacing growth in Windows 2000, NT and Unix deployments, TowerGroup said.

IBM's 64-bit MPU is 32-bit Compatible. Although the disparate processor architectures won't necessarily compete for the same sockets, the fact that AMD and IBM are following similar paths could apply pressure on Intel Corp., whose 64-bit Itanium chips run 32-bit instructions using a slower emulation mode.

MySQL to be Included With NetWare 6. Agreement enables deployment of Web services platform, Novell says.  Novell still is trying to determine the role that Pervasive.SQL (formerly known as Btrieve), which has acted as a supporting database for NetWare.

Top 10 CD-RW Drives

More Details on the Apple OS X 10.2.2 Update

World's Fastest Data Network Approved

Bird of Prey

Startup Launches Peer-To-Peer Content Delivery Platform

Friday, 18 October 2002

Tiny Optical Disc Could Store Five Movies. Two years from now the world's smallest optical disc (3-cm) will let your cellphone store five two-hour movies, squirrel away 25,000 digital photos or hoard 48 hours of MP3 music.

Optical Recording Looks Bright. The rapid acceptance of DVD as the new standard for home video players is spurring the next growth area for this technology: recordable DVD.

Senate Passes Cyber Research Bill Unanimously. The bill authorizes hundreds of millions of dollars in funding for cybersecurity programs...

Photo Companies Focus on Wireless. The technology industry thinks it has the answer to keeping digital photography on its steep growth track--first do away with the PC, then dump the camera.

Microsoft Posts Surprisingly Strong Q1. Microsoft's new software licensing program propelled the software maker past Wall Street earnings targets Thursday.  More than 67 million copies of Windows XP have been sold.

Sun to Cut 4,400 Jobs Amid Computer Slump. 11% of its workforce.

Chip Sales Will Grow 18% Next Year, Says Research Firm

Thursday, 17 October 2002

DVD Recording Hits Higher Speeds. Many vendors are showing drives that write DVD-R and DVD-RW discs at faster speeds, but the price could pose a problem.

AMD Plans to Cut Operating Costs by $350 million.  The company hopes to reach break-even by the second quarter of 2003, and some of the cuts will come in capital expenditures. AMD also said it was pushing out the introduction of one of its new Hammer processors until the end of next year. Hammer Momentum Leaving Itanic Stranded.

New KDE Linux Desktop: Tricks and Treats. The KDE League is preparing to release the first major upgrade to its Linux desktop software since last spring, including a lot of eye candy and a raft of other tweaks and improvements.

Three More Bugs Bite Microsoft. The three latest bugs, which bring the total number of notifications this year to 61, infect Windows XP, Office and SQL Server.

Dell Takes No. 1 PC Maker Spot From HP

VIA Ups the Ante With a KT 400 Revision

Wednesday, 16 October 2002

Is Linux Really Going To Rule the Desktop? Analysts said they still expect Linux to extend its desktop reach in the next two years and beyond.

Intel Describes Billion-transistor Four-core Itanium Processor. Intel will be able to design and build a 1-billion-transistor microprocessor using 65-nanometer process technology by 2007.

Microsoft Standardizes Product Support Life Cycles. Mainstream support will be available for five years from the date of a product's general availability.

Windows Messenger is New Spam Vector

Tuesday, 15 October 2002

Microsoft, Linux Gaining Ground in Server Market. While the battle between Microsoft and the open-source software movement dominates headlines, another phenomenon is shaping the marketplace -- at least for servers used by businesses.

Processors Begin 64-bit Push. Indeed, both IBM and AMD are taking advantage of Intel's decision to create separate 32-bit and 64-bit architectures with its Pentium and Itanium lines, leaving a strategic hole for migrating desktops to 64 bits. Intel's Itanium: Before Its Time or Just in Time?

Microsoft Debuts Cable-Free Computing for Holidays. Hoping to attract holiday season shoppers, on Tuesday Microsoft will debut a $159 wireless keyboard and mouse combination, including a device that could link computers to multiple electronic devices without using cables.

AOL Hopes New Software Will Slow MSN Threat. MSN 8.0 will cost $21.95 monthly, vs. $23.90 for AOL for basic service. AOL Launches 8.0, Drops Pop-up Ads.

Gateway Leaves Office for WordPerfect. Gateway's move follows similar decisions by Hewlett-Packard, Dell Computer and Sony, which in recent months have chosen Corel's WordPerfect over Microsoft's Office for some of their consumer machines.


SiS Fights Ban of Its chipsets, Graphics ICs Into U.S. The U.S. International Trade Commission ruled that SiS had violated a semiconductor processing patent claim held by Taiwan foundry services provider United Microelectronics Corp. As part of its finding, the ITC ruled that all of SiS' chips should be excluded from the U.S. market. Motherboards containing SiS chips also were included as part of the ITC order.

IT Users Lack Loyalty to Vendors

Earth's New Center May Be The Seed Of Our Planet's Formation

Yet Another Use for Duct Tape

Monday, 14 October 2002

IBM Debuts 64-Bit Chip - Will Apple Bite? IBM has unveiled a 64-bit chip that can process data at twice the rate of current PC processors. According to published reports, the new chip may be used in Apple desktop computers and servers in the future.

Open Source: Rebels at the Gate. After years of scorn and dismissal, the communal movement is forcing Microsoft to take action to protect the Windows franchise.

Japan Tackles High-definition Storage, Transmission. Interesting DVD developments to accommodate a project called e-Japan that sets up one of the world's most sophisticated broadband networks.

Cetek Licenses Nanotube Tech for Flat Panel Display. The company claims that prototype displays demonstrate the potential of a process that could produce 60-inch panels as easily as 2.5-inch displays.  One third the manufacturing cost...

Windows XP From A to Z

Spacewoman Stuck in Orbit with Too Much Shrimp

Friday, 11 October 2002

Micron: DDR400 Only Transitional, DDRII the Real Heir. DDR400 faces bottlenecks in speed and frequency that only dual-channel DDRII will overcome.

Pentium 4 Successor Planned for 2004. Code-named Nehalem, the new processor is designed from scratch and will not have anything in common with Pentium 4.

Radio Enters Digital Era with U.S. Ruling. In a move that brings radio into the digital era, the Federal Communications Commission has approved a technology for broadcasting digital radio within current analog channels. This new technology will enable FM radio to be near-CD quality...

Henpeck Worm Cons MSN Chat Crowd. The worm used MSN's chat network to send messages containing a link to a malicious online file, called BR2002.exe...

Microsoft Warns of 'Critical' Flaw in Outlook Express

Lucent Issues Warning, to Cut More Jobs

Thursday, 10 October 2002

Maxtor Announces External Hard Drives With The Touch Of A Button. Maxtor's 5000XT, 5000DV and 5000LE external Firewire and USB 2.0 drives allow users to copy files and applications on their desktop or laptop computer with the push of its OneTouch button.

Data Recovery Services Can Give New Life to Lost or Deleted Information. Some of the DriveSavers' most fantastic cases include rescuing information on a PowerBook that sat underwater for two days and situations where laptops were crushed by moving vehicles.

Job Loss Rate Slows for U.S. High-tech Industry. The industry lost 437,000 jobs in the 18 months starting January 2001...  Only 700 high-tech jobs were lost between May and June, the smallest monthly drop in the last year and a half.

A Way to Revolutionize x86 CPU Performance

China Says Viruses Infect 80 Percent of Computers

India Moving to Linux

Wednesday, 9 October 2002

Microsoft Nixes TV Copy Protection. Microsoft has bowed to consumer pressure and pulled back from a controversial plan that would have encrypted TV shows recorded on forthcoming digital media PCs.

Microsoft Will Not Drop Windows OEM Pricing. CEO Steve Ballmer told IT executives Wednesday not to expect the software giant to drop the price of Windows to white-box builders or PC OEMs even by as little as $20.

Microsoft to Add New Web Product to Office Suite. XDocs allows users without in-depth knowledge of XML to create forms to record, store and retrieve information more efficiently.

IBM Processor Hints at Apple's 64-bit Future. IBM Corp. may give a peek next week into Apple Computer Inc.'s 64-bit future when it details a new version of its Power4 microprocessor, a PowerPC-compatible chip that will apparently support the Altivec multimedia instruction extensions defined by Apple and Motorola Inc.

New Linux Versions Follow Standard Path. Four new versions of Linux have been certified to comply with guidelines set down by the Linux Standard Base, a group trying to make it easier for software to run on different companies' versions of the Unix clone.

Tuesday, 8 October 2002

Top 10 Ink Jet Printers. "We factor in not only the purchase price but also the ink costs, which can make a cheap printer no bargain."

Intel Leaves AMD in the 'Dust' in CPU Share Race

Monday, 7 October 2002

Robots Try Humble Path to Success. Engineers at a handful of companies are finally turning out machines that promise to be useful from the ground up: smart, economically priced robots that can vacuum floors and mow lawns.

Intel Enters DDR-333 Arena With New PC Chipsets. The chip sets from Intel include the 850E, 845GE, 845PE and 845GV. All devices support the company's Hyper-Threading (HT) Technology...

Micron Demos DDR-II Platform in Taiwan. Micron said its next-generation DDR memory type is running at 533 Mbit/sec. per pin and achieves system bandwidth of 4300 MBytes/sec.

New Solar System Body Revealed. The largest object found since 1930 is half the size of Pluto, and calls that object's planetary status into question.

Chess Champion Kramnik Beats 'Deep Fritz' Computer

Friday, 4 October 2002

Wal-Mart Delivers a Sub-$200 PC. Based on the 800-MHz Via C3 processor and comes bundled with the Linux-based operating system LindowsOS 2.0.

Internet Creaks After Huge Network Crash. Millions of people who use services powered by UUNet were left with poor or dead net connections on Thursday after the company suffered a huge network failure.  Reports suggest many users experienced several hours delay in email delivery, with some messages not being delivered at all.

Thursday, 3 October 2002

AMD Anticipates Substantial Operating Loss for the Quarter. AMD lowers Q3 estimates, analysts warn of burn rate. Company may need additional financing to survive beyond mid-2003. AMD Shares Fall to 10-Year Low.

Electronic Circuits Created in a Flash. A material that turns into a conductor at the flash of a light promises to reduce the cost of large LCD displays and optical data storage.

Bugbear Virus Spreading--Worse Than Klez. MessageLabs says it intercepted more than 21,000 copies of the Bugbear virus on Thursday.

Internet Problems Tied to WorldCom's UUNet Unit. WorldCom Inc. acknowledged this morning that a network problem in its Internet backbone was tripping up Web traffic across the country.

A Rosy Outlook for Holiday E-Commerce. With only six official Christmas's under its belt, e-commerce is finally finding a place in consumer holiday shopping plans, say analysts, and despite the ailing economy, sales are expected to ring in at an all-time high.

Windows help tool has 'critical' flaw, Microsoft warns. Security flaws in the help facility of most versions of Microsoft Corp.'s Windows operating system could allow an attacker to take control of a user's PC, Microsoft warned late Wednesday.

World's Funniest Joke Revealed

Tuesday, 2 October 2002

U.S. Tech Shipments Docked. A contract dispute that left cargo stranded on West Coast freighters over the weekend and Monday is forcing Hewlett-Packard and Gateway to consider their alternatives.

nVIDIA nFORCE2 Motherboard Chipset Now in Production, So they sayReality check: the nVIDIA nForce2 hype has been going-on since about July 16th, if not longer.  I guess that's better than what VIA is doing: hype plus releasing half-baked chipsets like the KT400.  I have heard from a reliable source that nVIDIA has an arrangement with AMD where they will not release a new motherboard chipset more than once a year.  That seems like a very good idea to me: slow-down the pace and get it (chipsets, processors, memory, motherboards, documentation, testing, etc.) right before putting it in the customer's hands instead of applying band aids after the fact.  Of course, there are many positive things to be said about competition and rapid technological progress... if it is real and not hype and the old numbers game...

AMD Announces 2700+ and 2800+ XP Processors With a 333 MHz Front Side BusMore hype.  See below.

Athlon XP 2800+ and nForce 2 ReviewedWhile the introduction comes today, the Athlon XP 2700+ will only be available to OEMs in November, with the Athlon XP 2800+ available in small quantities in Q4. Volume is estimated to ramp up by the first quarter of next year.  Contrary to popular belief, the Athlon can benefit quite a bit from a FSB at 166 MHz FSB. The nForce 2 shows that an aggressively optimized chipset can push the performance of the Athlon XP up to 15% higher.

XML to Drive Office Update. Next version of Microsoft's Office productivity suite will allow developers to use Word as a development platform to create XML templates and solutions. "This would give you something like a live Web site where up-to-date information is displayed but without the Web browser."

Pioneers on Edge of Solar-sail Era


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