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May 2002

Friday, 31 May 2002

Comms Companies Seen as Next Computing Giants. "Seven years ago 90 percent of all data that was stored was being stored to be moved from processor to processor. Today 90 percent of all data is being stored to be viewed: Its goal is not to be processed but to be seen. All the Web data is there to be viewed. So we've moved from where the center of gravity for computing was data processing to where it is data delivery. As a result, the center of the computer farm is the backplane of the switch..."

IBM: Give Hard Drives the Boot? Big Blue announces a new storage technology, iBoot, that lets PCs access computer networking to designate remote disk drives as their primary repository for data. Will networked computers work this time?

Semiconductor Sales Edge Up 3.1% In April. Worldwide sales of semiconductors totaled $11.07 billion in April, a 3.1% increase from the $10.73 billion level reached in March, with all four geographic regions reporting growth for the second month in a row...

Thursday, 30 May 2002

Vendors Launch Linux Standardization Effort. Four Linux vendors today unveiled plans to pool their resources to create and sell a standardized version of Linux... UnitedLinux is Born.

The check is in the Net. Banks often take days to process electronic payments, offering little advantage over mailed checks.  And probably making money on the money while you wait, I might add.

AMD Cuts Processor Prices to Match Intel. Cuts range from 11 percent and 32 percent for desktop Athlon XP chips. Official AMD Retail Prices. You can usually get them for less if you shop around.

Online Sales Keep On Growing. Retail e-commerce sales for the first quarter of this year were an estimated $9.849 billion, up about 19 percent from the first quarter a year ago...

Dell to Use Magnesium Alloy in Cases for More Than 80% of Notebooks

Wednesday, 29 May 2002

Intel's Itanium 2 Performance Twice That of Itanium. Intel's next-generation Itanium 2 processor aimed at high-end servers and super computers performs as much as 2 times better than computers using first-generation Itanium chips.

Tuesday, 28 May 2002

Microsoft SQL Worm Crawls To Top Of Attack Charts. An Internet worm that targets insecure Microsoft databases has quickly displaced forerunners Code Red and Nimda as the top source of computer attacks...

Pentium Prices Take a Tumble. Intel slashed the price of Pentium 4 processors for desktops and notebooks over the weekend by up to 53 percent, an annual spring ritual designed to stimulate demand for its premier PC chip.

Samsung Speeds Ramp of 512-Mbit DDR-II Chips After Evaluations With IBM

Water, Water Everywhere on Mars. A huge sea of ice lies just under the surface of Mars, ready to be tapped by future explorers as a source of fuel and maybe even drinking water, scientists said.

Friday, 24 May 2002

XP Makeover Highlights Antitrust Tweaks. Microsoft is finalizing a major makeover for Windows XP that's intended to make it easier for consumers to choose third-party software over Microsoft's own products. Microsoft to Roll-out First XP Service PackMicrosoft to Let Users Disable Windows Features.

AT&T to Make Broadband Speed Uniform. AT&T Broadband is standardizing service across its high-speed cable modem network, doubling connection speeds for some customers but forcing others to wait longer to upload information from the Internet.

DRAM Prices Tumble, but 3Q Shortage Looms. Weak demand has once again sent DRAM prices plummeting, with contract prices for 128Mbit synchronous DRAM (SDRAM) dropping as much as 20% in May, following a similar pattern on the spot market.  I don't see drops in DDR memory prices.

Thursday, 23 May 2002

Microsoft Announces Security Bug in its Debugger. Guess they used the debugger to debug the debugger to get the bug out the debugger...

U.S. Takes Hard Look at Broadband Deployment

Supernova Poised to Go Off Near Earth. Chicken Little...

Wednesday, 22 May 2002

Passwords: The Weakest Link. Hackers can crack most in less than a minute, thanks to users who choose easily guessable passwords. Good read.

AMD Athlon XP and 166MHz FSB: Why Not?  Switching from 133MHz FSB to 166MHz FSB (with DDR333 memory used) the performance gain is 7%-15%.  It's a pity that AMD will never take advantage of this opportunity. And it could be of real help especially taking into account that the competition between AMD and Intel has got even tenser after Intel had introduced 533MHz bus.

Sun Releases Major Software Upgrade. Biggest software upgrade in years, a new version of its flagship Solaris operating systems, which the computer maker is trying to integrate with popular upstart Linux.

AOL Unveils Mozilla-Based Netscape 7.0

Tuesday, 21 May 2002

SQL Worm Taking Off. A new worm that targets Microsoft SQL Server software has inundated networks with thousands of scans for vulnerable database servers, system administrators said Tuesday.

Intel Plugs Hole With Integrated Graphics Chip Set...with the rollout of its 845G PC chip set with integrated graphics capabilities, and claimed the product will command a broad slice of the low-end and mainstream desktop PC markets.

Via Hammer Chipsets Give AMD Racing Room. Motherboards based on Hammer chipsets from Via and rivals Silicon Integrated Systems (SIS) and Acer Labs (ALI) are expected to be on display at the Computex Taiwan trade show starting on June 3. AMD K8-based Chipsets Ready, Related Boards Expected to be Seen at Computex Taipei

MSN Launches AOL Defection Tool. Migration is handled via a three-step Switching Tool from TrueSwitch, a Microsoft partner.

Worm Targets Kazaa Users. Unsuspecting Kazaa users could be downloading more than free music...

Naked Chicken Plan May Make Feathers Fly

Monday, 20 May 2002

First Tests Find 1.7-GHz Celeron an Iffy Chip. The 1.7-GHz Celeron system actually performed worse than older Celeron machines...

IBM Claims Carbon Nanotubes Outperform Silicon Transistors.  The researchers expect future carbon nanotube field-effect transistors (CNFETs) to outperform silicon transistors even more dramatically as their gate length and gate oxide thickness is decreased with further development.  Press release.

Big-City Broadband Growing At High Speed

2002: The Worst Year For IT Services

Microsoft to Invest $1 Billion in Xbox Live

Saturday, 18 May 2002

Internet Software Piracy Group Head Sent to Prison. The leader of "DrinkorDie," one of the oldest and largest international software piracy rings on the Internet, was sentenced on Friday to three years and eight months in prison for conspiring to commit copyright infringement...

Friday, 17 May 2002

Dux Resumes online shopping with pdf-formatted articles and the Crucial memory selector.  Plans are to add other computer-related items in the near future.  I have to do something to make some money with this site and advertising is not paying much.  Larry

Senate Panel Votes To Can Spam. The bill, passed by the Senate Commerce Committee, requires that unsolicited e-mail, or "spam," contain valid return addresses that recipients can use to opt out of receiving more unwanted e-mail.  The "CAN SPAM" act... Yeah!!!

Microsoft Says Flaws in Patch May be a New Vulnerability. A Microsoft security manager said problems reported by researchers about an Internet Explorer security patch released this week may expose a potential new vulnerability.

Are You the Klez Monster? Well, if my inbox is any kind of indicator, there is certainly a bunch of them out there... More on the Klez Worm.

Why We Love Linux. "More businesses are looking at Linux now because it's no longer considered experimental software," Andrews says. "We also resell Microsoft, but at this point, we're selling 20 Linux servers for every Windows server."

Networking Wars: Is Novell Finally Finished?

Digital Dream House

Thursday, 16 May 2002

Microsoft Plugs Six More Security Holes in IE. Including a critical flaw that could allow an attacker to run code on a client machine. The patch is intended for Internet Explorer 5.01, Internet Explorer 5.5, and Internet Explorer 6.0.  DownloadExperts Rip New Microsoft Browser Patch.

Intel, AMD Neck and Neck in Chip Costs. Both AMD and Intel proudly claim they can make chips cheaper than the other guy, but after doing the math and examining the two companies' divergent strategies, analysts conclude it's a dead heat.

Dell Earnings Slip as Spending Tightens. First-quarter earnings fell on low personal computer prices and weak corporate demand for technology, but results topped expectations.

Top 10 15-Inch LCD Monitors

NEC to Spin-off Semiconductor Operations

Wednesday, 15 May 2002

Techs Drive NASDAQ Up, Dow Rises. Technology shares gained ground for the third straight day with the NASDAQ rising 2%, as a hopeful outlook for the computer chip sector pushed the broader market higher.

Intel Introduces Celeron Processor at 1.7 GHz. 400 MHz FSB or the P4 version of the Celeron, I presume.

Microsoft Puts Final Touches on Office. News of the next version of the software titan's Office business software, which will likely include new Web services, comes as rival Sun announces its new StarOffice package.

PC Sellers Lure Shoppers With Rebates. With the early summer selling season approaching, retail PC sellers and manufacturers are stepping up their use of rebates and special offers to keep inventory moving.

Microsoft Cuts Xbox Price in U.S., Japan. Under $200.

Robot Music

Judge Orders VeriSign to Stop Advertising Campaign. Domain-name seller BulkRegister sued VeriSign in Baltimore on Monday, saying the company sent thousands of "renewal notices" to BulkRegister customers that sought to trick them into unwittingly transferring their accounts to VeriSign.  Be advised that VeriSign's $35/year for a .com domain name registration fee is the highest I've seen.  The registrar I use charges $8.95/year per domain name.  duxcw.com is a domain name (web site name). Larry

Tuesday, 14 May 2002

Stocks Jump on Surge in Retail Sales. Stocks rallied at midday on Tuesday after retail sales in April scored the biggest gain in six months and Wal-Mart Stores Inc. topped earnings expectations, boosting Wall Street's confidence in the nation's economic turnaround.

Intel Cuts Celeron Prices by Up to 13 Percent. Pricing for mobile Celerons and other Intel microprocessors remained unchanged.  Probably to clear inventory for the P4 version of the Celeron.

Monday, 13 May 2002

'New HP' Targets Dell with PCs, Servers

AMD Pits MirrorBit Against Intel StrataFlash. AMD introduces 64-Mbit flash memory that stores two bits per cell using a distinctly different technology than rival Intel. Press Release.

IBM Announces One Terabyte Tape Initiative. In May 1952, IBM introduced the Model 726 tape drive, which stored a total of 1.4 megabytes (equal to that of 1 floppy disk today) on a movie reel over 12 inches in diameter... On April 5, 2002 the first 1 TB linear tape was written in a 3590 tape form factor cartridge still small enough to fit in a jacket pocket but capable of storing 1 TB of data - or the equivalent storage capacity of more than 1500 CD's.

Credit Card Theft Thrives Online as Global Market. You may have to log into the NY Times, but it is free and is well worth the little effort that it takes.

Sears Buying Internet, Catalog Titan Lands' End

Saturday, 11 May 2002

The week in review: The HP challenge

Redesigned Celerons Coming to Market. Intel's first Celeron chips based on the architecture behind the Pentium 4 will come out next week, a move that will allow the company to cover the entire PC market with the same chip design.

The New HP: You Are What You Eat

NASA's 'Frozen Smoke' Named Lightest Solid

Friday, 10 May 2002

Klez Worm (Virus) is Infecting Computers All Over the Internet

DRAM Breaks Through US$2 Floor. Dropping over 30% since the beginning of the week and likely to continue their relentless decline through next week... Hynix has flooded the market...

IBM Plans to Cut Up to 9,500 Jobs. Faced with stagnant sales due to a technology spending slowdown, is poised for its largest work force reduction in a decade...

Microsoft Licensing Plan Not Popular. About two-thirds of its business customers have yet to sign up for a new subscription program.

Fujitsu Claims Disk Drive Breakthrough. New read/write disk head technology which will enable hard disk drive recording densities of up to 300GB per square inch.

PC Makers Jump Into House Call Business. No. 1 PC maker Dell Computer  recently launched home installation for $119 to $139. That includes hooking up a Dell PC, installing up to three peripherals such as printers or scanners, and connecting the PC to the Internet -- as long as the Internet service was bought though a Dell partner, AOL or MSN.

The PC Needs Improvement, Microsoft Exec Says

Thursday, 9 May 2002

AMD to Fight Against Intel’s P4s With New K8-core Processors. The 64-bit desktop Athlon will hit the market in October, while shipments of the Opteron server and workstation processors are expected to start in the first half of 2003. The shipment ratio of the K8-core processors should be able to exceed that of the company’s 32-bit, K7-core products as early as 2003.

High-Speed Internet Access a Boon to Business - Study. The study said 90 percent of 550 small businesses that use SBC's digital subscriber line (DSL) service said gains from increased productivity meet or exceed the monthly cost of the service.

Unchecked Buffer in MSN Chat Control Can Lead to Code Execution.  Details plus link to download fix.

CERT: DHCP Bug Could Give Attackers Control

Boeing Puts Digital Movie Systems in 23 Theaters

IBM, Startup Launch Massive 'Grid' for Online Gaming. A start-up, Butterfly.net Inc., and computing giant IBM have created a global network for online video games capable of supporting a million players or more that will be rented to major game publishers.

A Visual Rather Than Verbal Future. With all due respect to fellow computing gurus around the world, the University of Maryland's Ben Shneiderman doesn't think speech will ever become the main way people communicate with computers... Interesting.

Wednesday, 8 May 2002

Stocks Rise as Cisco Beats Estimates. Cisco, the world's No. 1 maker of gear that directs Internet traffic, more than tripled last year's soft earnings...  Dow Jones up 305 points at 15:000 EDT! Cisco's Strong Results Lead Tech Markets Up.

Microsoft Supports Intel's New 64-bit Processor After Endorsing AMD

Sony Mulls Memory Options for Next Game Machine. "Will need memory with incredibly high speed and tens-of-gigahertz bandwidth. I'm not sure that even what we have seen for DDR-II on the present (industry) memory roadmaps will be high enough performance for us."

Ultra-wideband Players Look for Global Footprint

Tuesday, 7 May 2002

Apple's Jaguar Ready To Pounce. Jobs buries OS 9 for developers and previews the next release, which has a few goodies for Windows, Unix and AOL users... and Apple's first rack mount server?

Chip Makers Say Gigabit Ethernet's Ready for Desktops. Companies including Intel Corp. and Broadcom Corp. have been pushing for Gigabit Ethernet prices to drop enough to bring the technology to the desktop, and many companies now claim that point has been reached. Yes, but are desktops ready for the Gigabit Ethernet?  Most desktops cannot go as fast as a 100 Mbps Ethernet.

HP Offers Peek at New Product Line

IBM Overtakes Oracle in Total Database Sales

From Molecular Movements To Nanoconstruction Tools. ...proteins might be shuttled from place to place in tiny chemical wheelbarrows or built upon molecular scaffolding... cell-sized ambulances that could travel to and selectively repair or destroy diseased cells in a human patient's body.

Monday, 6 May 2002

Information Technology Work Force Set to Grow. Hiring managers report they will attempt to fill 1.1 million information technology jobs in the next 12 months...

Intel Announces Reference Design For Advanced Home Media Platform. Products based on the design will provide broadband Internet access, DVD playback, personal video recording, interactive gaming, TV reception, MP3 audio, content storage, video on demand and home networking in a single device. Schematics for the Intel Media Center Reference Design will be available for download in late May.

Faster Bus, Faster Processor from Intel. For starters, Intel has upped the P4's top speed from 2.4 GHz to 2.53 GHz. More important, both the 2.53-GHz chip and the new versions of the 2.26-GHz and 2.4-GHz processors support the current 400 MHz front-side bus (FSB), in addition to the new 533–MHz FSB.

Red Hat Releases Linux 7.3. Red Hat released a new version of its Linux operating system Monday that is aimed at educators and small businesses.

Analysts: Cable Operators Avoid Regulatory Heat

Friday, 3 May 2002

Semiconductor Alert! Commentary & analysis of week's chip news, April 29-May 3. The trade association believes the chip business is recovering from its worst downturn in history, rebounding in the same way that it did back in 1986. But March semiconductor revenues were still 25.4% lower than they were in the same month a year ago... AMD admits losing share to Intel, but outlines ambitious roadmap...

H-P Closes $18.7 Billion Compaq Merger. HP closed the largest acquisition in technology industry history, ending a divisive merger battle as it bought Compaq  for $18.69 billion in HP stock.

Security Flaw Found in Flash Player. A new download of the player fixes the flaw.

DrinkOrDie Software Pirate Goes To Prison. First of many members of the "warez" organization that will be sentenced for their roles in an operation that caused millions of dollars in damages.

Thursday, 2 May 2002

Chip Sales Show Strongest Surge in March Since 1986, says SIA. Worldwide chip sales grew 7.2% to $10.75 billion in March from $10.03 billion in February.

Wednesday, 1 May 2002

Dell and AMD May Align for 64-bit Chips. Dell Computer is inching closer to bringing Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) on as a second chip supplier after the introduction of the company's 64-bit chips for PCs next year, the top executives from both companies indicated Tuesday.

AOL Users: You've Got Google. Increasingly popular search engine will be used throughout AOL starting later this year.

Cable Companies Commit to Speed Digital TV


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